Steven Spielberg – Oskar Schindler

Steven Spielberg’s natal chart does not contain the planet placements we would normally equate with an individual who is famous; the 9th and 10th houses are empty and the midheaven is lacking any planetary contacts to the apex location that usually indicates worldly success and notoriety. But there are other features of the chart that point to exactly the talents with which the native is so very well endowed, and those reveal extraordinary creative potentials. The Benefics in the 5th house of creative self-expression is a fortunate placement for an artist, and Saturn and Pluto in the 2nd house give resources with which to accomplish any special goal of the native’s choosing.

But the deeper interpretation starts with the use of the advanced techniques of Marc Edmond Jones, borrowed from his Essentials of Astrological Analysis. The colorful text just below Spielberg’s natal chart corresponds to the meanings of the colored lines within the boundaries of the chart itself. The Bowl Temperament Type, shown by the light turquoise half-moon shape, does have an all-important Delimiting Rim Opposition to contain and help organize his fermenting creativity, and this gives him a sharp awareness of his surroundings and their possibilities. Mars, although Conjunct the Sun that takes part in the Rim, does not overtly participate in this important configuration, because it is not within a 10-degree orb of an Opposition to Uranus. But it is pulled into the dynamic of the Opposition through a Translation of Light and its association with the Sun.

The green lines in the chart show Major Aspects between three out of the four possible Planetary Pairs. The four pairs as defined by Jones are; Sun/Moon, Jupiter/Saturn, Mars/Venus and Uranus/Neptune. In Spielberg’s case, having three of the four pairs Aspected draws, by virtue of a negative dynamic, attention to the solitary pair that is not connected by 0, 60, 90, 120 and 180 degrees with orb allowances of 10 degrees for planets, 12.30 for the Moon, and 17 degrees for the Sun. The pair not connected by Major Aspect is Mars and Venus, the planets of Efficiency, which identify the function of organizing the mundane affairs of everyday living. Spielberg’s highly noticeable attention to detail, as a factor in his movie-making process, is found here if only by Negative stress.

The effects of Negative Efficiency produce a struggle within the native in order to integrate the minor details of functioning in a material world. They are the start (Mars) and finish (Venus) of the convenience of day to day interactions with people and circumstances. not in Major Aspect, Mars and Venus cause a sense of ineptitude in one’s early years, concerning the organization of daily affairs.  But these individuals often become highly motivated to compensate for any lack they experience, and thereby become an efficiency expert in their field of interest.

The ideal, in defining the Mode of Self-Integration (MSI), the astrologer must determine which two of the four Pairs are actively in Major Aspect when the other two are either in Minor Aspect or not in Aspect at all. The graph that defines the technique of the Anatomy of Planetary Relationship is shown on page 154 of The Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Jones. With the ideal of two in Major Aspect with two not, the determination of the MSI is through the Weight of planetary energies. If all Pairs are in Major Aspect or none are, or only one of four are or one not, the decision is made through Symmetry based on configurations revealed by the Temperament Type.


In Spielberg’s chart, the determining factor is through Symmetry, using the Opposition of his Bowl Temperament. The planets playing a role in the Opposition are taken as the significators, appointing Vitality and Significance as the two categories that come into play to identify the Mode of Self-Integration. The High Focus Uranus in direct polarity with the Sun assists Spielberg in bringing all things together by virtue of Conjunctive Activity.

There is an experimentative yet disciplined genius potential found in the 12th house placement of Spielberg’s Uranus (circled in turquoise). It becomes the Cutting planet as it leads the group clockwise through the houses. The Bowl is in the naive and usual upright position with the contents still contained within. But the doggedness of a Sun Conjunct Mars in the 6th house in Opposition to the Cutting planet assures success, simply because there is no T-Cross to divert the energies elsewhere but in the manifestation of the inner vision that a High Focus Uranus would naturally produce. Because Uranus is also a Singleton in hemisphere, the testimony to the radical self-expression and ingenious presentation of the power of the subconscious, especially when dealing with fear, is brought to the public as a clearing so to speak, for all the ails that plagued the native throughout his youth.

Schindler’s List brought Spielberg his first Best Picture, Academy Award on March 21, 1994. A profound Sabian Symbol placement is seen in the Progressed chart’s Moon degree of A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder. The symbol speaks of the destiny that the film’s vast popularity had and brought to bear on the public and how it evolved into the worldwide project Shoah. The task of recording the stories of Holocaust survivors as well as victims of other world calamities was an opportunity to further document what many a vile soul profess to be a fiction.

Circled in pink on the left of the outer wheel is the Progression’s prophetic symbol for the Moon in the month of March 1994:
CANCER 25 A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder This is a symbol of the irrevocability of man’s obligation to the reality of which he is a part, with the emphasis on his capacities of leadership as a revelation of racial stewardship on the more personal or spiritual side. Self-expres­sion here is a release of his inner potentialities, and it becomes both an individual gratification and an expanding responsibility to all other individuals making up the social complex. The keyword is DESTINY. When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.

Two Progressed planets, Venus and the Sun show that they were active during the shooting of the movie. Still within orb of their prospective aspects, the Conjunction of Venus to the natal Sun and the Opposition of the Sun to natal Pluto highlight the chart and primes it for the award it was destined to receive.

There is one cross-tie between the two famous men; Spielberg’s Moon applying in Opposition to Schindler’s Sun. Spielberg is known to have been deeply, yet quietly, pensive and emotional throughout the filming of the story of a man who stood out in bewildering goodness within a matrix of treachery. Spielberg must have felt a mere reflection of the light emanating from the hero of 1100 men and women whose lives were spared only by an extraordinary act of mercy.

Shown circled in blue at the bottom left of the comparison chart is Spielberg’s Progressed Saturn coming to Conjunct Schindler’s Natal Jupiter during the time of the filming, and when receiving the Best Picture award in March of 1994. Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol is a stark revelation of Oskar Schindler, who exemplified remarkable goodness amid great dangers, and at the same time was characterized as a womanizer and an alcoholic.


LEO 5 Rock formations at the edge of a precipice This is a symbol of the constitution of reality in crisis, offering a challenge to man as it pyramids in ramifying involvements until action or decision becomes an immediate necessity. There is no possible sustainment of individuality without an acceptance of difficulty as significant and an accompanying realization that every shift in orientation is a demand for some enlarged self-discovery. Personality only achieves its stability at the threshold of the risks it is willing to take. The keyword is ENDUR­ANCE. When positive, the degree is man’s genius for initial aplomb and ultimate competency in the face of all danger, and when negative, pure bullheadedness.


Written at the very end of WWII, on May 8, 1945, by those who had the great fortune to have been led into Schindler’s sheltering hands, is the testimonial letter that was intended to minimize punishment for him that was surely awaiting any active members of the Nazi Party. The letter is a revealing inspiration for the film itself and its following documentary. The letter could very well have saved Schindler’s life, as the Transit of Neptune Opposite Natal Saturn, shown by the pink arrow, proposes such a challenge and threat to life. Circled in green are Transits Mars and the Moon in a Conjunction with Natal Saturn. This configuration, that was liberating for the Jews, but ruin for the Nazis, motivated the previous victims to do what was necessary to reciprocate and keep safe their destined savior. The houses are not taken into account for the lack of a birth time.

This is a letter written in 1945 by Oscar Schindler’s former workers, signed: Isaak Stern, former employee Pal. Office in Krakow, Dr. Hilfstein, Chaim Salpeter, Former President of the Zionist Executive in Krakow for Galicia and Silesia.
We, the undersigned Jews from Krakow, inmates of Plaszow concentration camp, have, since 1942, worked in Director Schindler’s business. Since Schindler took over management of the business, it was his exclusive goal to protect us from resettlement, which would have meant our ultimate liquidation. During the entire period in which we worked for Director Schindler he did everything possible to save the lives of the greatest possible number of Jews, in spite of the tremendous difficulties; especially during a time when receiving Jewish workers caused great difficulties with the authorities. Director Schindler took care of our sustenance, and as a result, during the whole period of our employment by him there was not a single case of unnatural death. All in all he employed more than 1,000 Jews in Krakow. As the Russian frontline approached and it became necessary to transfer us to a different concentration camp, Director Schindler relocated his business to Bruennlitz near Zwittau.

There were huge difficulties connected with the implementation of Director Schindler’s business, and he took great pains to introduce this plan. The fact that he attained permission to create a camp, in which not only women and men, but also families could stay together, is unique within the territory of the Reich. Special mention must be given to the fact that our resettlement to Bruennlitz was carried out by way of a list of names, put together in Krakow and approved by the Central Administration of all concentration camps in Oranienburg (a unique case). After the men had been interned in Gross-Rosen concentration camp for no more than a couple of days and the women for 3 weeks in Auschwitz concentration camp, we may claim with assertiveness that with our arrival in Bruennlitz we owe our lives solely to the efforts of Director Schindler and his humane treatment of his workers. Director Schindler took care of the improvement of our living standards by providing us with extra food and clothing. No money was spared and his one and only goal was the humanistic ideal of saving our lives from inevitable death.

It is only thanks to the ceaseless efforts and interventions of Director Schindler with the authorities in question, that we stayed in Bruennlitz, in spite of the existing danger, as, with the approaching frontline we would all have been moved away by the leaders of the camp, which would have meant our ultimate end. This we declare today, on this day of the declaration of the end of the war, as we await our official liberation and the opportunity to return to our destroyed families and homes. Here we are, a gathering of 1100 people, 800 men and 300 women.

All Jewish workers, that were inmates in the Gross-Rosen and Auschwitz concentration camps respectively declare wholeheartedly their gratitude towards Director Schindler, and we herewith state that it is exclusively due to his efforts, that we were permitted to witness this moment, the end of the war.

Concerning Director Schindler’s treatment of the Jews, one event that took place during our internment in Bruennlitz in January of this year which deserves special mention was coincidentally a transport of Jewish inmates, that had been evacuated from the Auschwitz concentration camp, Goleschow outpost, and ended up near us. This transport consisted exclusively of more than 100 sick people from a hospital which had been cleared during the liquidation of the camp. These people reached us frozen and almost unable to carry on living after having wandered for weeks. No other camp was willing to accept this transport and it was Director Schindler alone who personally took care of these people, while giving them shelter on his factory premises; even though there was not the slightest chance of them ever being employed. He gave considerable sums out of his own private funds, to enable their recovery as quick as possible. He organized medical aid and established a special hospital room for those people who were bedridden. It was only because of his personal care that it was possible to save 80 of these people from their inevitable death and to restore them to life.

We sincerely plead with you to help Director Schindler in any way possible, and especially to enable him to establish a new life, because of all he did for us both in Krakow and in Bruennlitz he sacrificed his entire fortune.

Bruennlitz, May 8, 1945.”
Translated from the original document in German
Source: The Oscar Schindler file, Department of Righteous among the Nations, Yad Vashem
YAD VASHEM, The Holocaust Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority
Schindler earned the everlasting gratitude of his Schindler jews. No matter why, no matter that he was an alcoholic and a shameless womanizer of the worst sort, no matter that he was no saint and left his wife – what matters to his Jews is that he surfaced from the chaos of madness and risked everything for them.

Generations will remember him for what he did. No matter how many businesses Schindler failed in, he was a success in life ..
Today there are more than 6,000 descendants of Schindler`s Jews living in the USA and Europe, and many in Israel. Before the Second World War, the Jewish population of Poland was 3.5 million. Today there are between 3,000 and 4,000 left.


Hitler/Himmler, An Unlikely Pair – Himmler/Kersten, More Potential for Good


Here you will see only one line drawn between Hitler’s and Himmler’s planets. The two were of significantly different character, and that is reflected in the exact Opposition from Himmler’s Mercury applying to Hitler’s Sun. Although they are drawn to each other as part of the dynamic of an Opposition, there is also potential for open conflict, especially when the only astrological contacts are occupying the Cardinal/active 1st and 7th houses. What they shared in common was their ideology (Fixed signs) of superiority, which polarized them at the same time as drawing them together in relationship. Himmler’s Mercury curiously spotted Hitler’s Sun as the embodiment of the Nazi movement.

I do not take into account Sextiles, Squares, Trines, minor aspects, Nodes, Parts or Ascendant and Midheaven contacts as these have no indication of mass or weight in relationship from one horoscope with another. Only planets in Conjunction and Opposition in mutual contact create stress and pressure to the degree that they can easily be felt and experienced by the natives of the horoscopes in question.

WikipediaHitlerHimmler defines remote control: “A transmitter is a light emitting diode (LED) which is built into the pointing end of the remote control handset. The infrared-light pulses and forms a pattern unique to that button. The remote receiver recognizes the pattern and causes the device to respond accordingly.”

In a similar fashion, the planets play the role of the transmitter. Their intrinsic energy and reflected light transmit into the Solar System’s neighborhood a signal, that when received by life on Earth, is given the impulse to respond. The receiver acts in accordance to the original potentials of the planetary configurations of the birth or event horoscope. The birth horoscope is a blueprint “DNA” of the inner energy system of the person born at that particular place/space and time. It is supposed, that these energies are received into the human body through invisible wheels called Chakras.

Without corresponding receivers from one person’s chart to another’s, there is little likelihood that a close relationship will be encountered or encouraged. It is well know that Himmler disagreed with Hitler’s policies at times and so the two were functioning in quite separate mental and emotional fields of experience. Himmler however had a very strong bond with his doctor, Felix Kersten, who although fearful of relating to Himmler at the start, began eventually to take advantage of the relationship, and asked that the lives of prisoners be saved in exchange for his services to him as his doctor. The chart below shows the one very important contact of planets between the two individuals; the head of the SS and the doctor who massaged his patient’s abdomen to relieve excruciating paiFelixKerstenn. This service ultimately led to the saving of 60,000 lives that otherwise would have succumbed to the fate that befell millions of others. The Conjunction of Pluto and Mercury (both representing mind) makes this a more intimate interaction than the Opposition aspect that Himmler had with Hitler where they tended to polarize and react to each other.

The Conjunction between Kersten’s Mercury on Himmler’s Pluto in Gemini is significant. It shows that through the doctor’s touch of hand (Mercury ruled), the contact is made to a deep and memorable part of Himmler’s psyche. Himmler found that no other doctor that could alleviate the debilitating abdominal pains from which he suffered. Himmler became obsessed (Pluto) with his doctor’s miraculous healing method, and continually promised to grant the requests of his doctor as he pleaded for the lives of non-Jews and Jews during the war years of the Third Reich.

The power in the relationship is with Himmler because his Natal Pluto applies to Kersten’s Mercury. The ever-deepening contact between them developed into an extremely private relationship shown by the aspect’s position in the 4th house – base of operations. Going deeper, it can be seen that there was a meeting of minds (Mercury=lower mind and Pluto=subconscious mind) albeit in a very strange and intimate circumstance.Himmler_Kersten

The interesting transcript below tells of a meeting that led to the saving of 60,000 Jews just before the end of WW2. Kersten influenced Himmler to make a very significant and clandestine departure from his perpetual and insidious path. Himmler is quoted by Kersten’s documentation to be at odds with Hitler’s wishes to go full force ahead in the annihilation of the Jews.

In part, it may be that the motivating force behind Himmler’s radical change of policy was inspired by his hope to negotiate with the Allies before the surrender of the German forces. Was this strictly an out-of-character move on his part, and an unexpected compassion rising to the surface of consciousness? Most likely it was a desperate act to save himself as the result of his foreknowledge that Germany was facing imminent defeat. Without a personal and honest testimony by Himmler himself, we will never know.

From link :     “Toward the end of the War, Kersten arranged a meeting between Himmler and Norbert Masur, a member of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress, in Harztwalde, a few miles from Ravensbruck concentration camp. As a result, Himmler agreed to spare the lives of the remaining 60,000 Jews left in Nazi concentration camps days before their liberation by the Allies.”




Hitler’s revealing Sabian Symbol Degrees

The Sabian Symbols developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler are a tool for researching the native’s individual character – sometimes revealing itself in literal fashion. The symbol degrees of Hitler’s Moon and Jupiter in the Natal 3rd house reveal his unfettered self-superiority.  The Natal Sun in the 7th house is in applying Trine aspect to his Natal Moon and Jupiter. Opportunities (7th) coming to the native are thus funneled with ease into 3rd house uninhibited expression and dominating communication skills. Hitler’s contact with anti-Semitic literature through specific individuals he met along the way buttressed his already latent capacity for an unhealthy sense of superior nationalism.

From the Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Cancer 7, Natal Moon: A veiled prophet of power. The keyword is SUPREMACY. When positive, the degree is unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing the efforts along any given line of accomplishment, and when negative, inability to establish true values from false.

Capricorn 9, Natal Jupiter: An angel carrying a harp. The keyword is ATTUNEMENT. When positive, the degree is a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence, and when negative, simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority.

The symbols of the Natal Moon and Jupiter are quite revealing and give support to the words of Erich Ludendorff who had been at Hitler’s side during the Munich Putsch. He wrote to his wartime partner Hindenburg, who was then Chancellor of Germany:

By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action.”


The red line shows the Sun in a lesser degree than the Moon/Jupiter conjunction, and thus the applying planet. Hitler’s Purpose (Keyword for the Sun) is to gather information from others (7th house) and translate it into his own emotional and outspoken communication (3rd house). Taurus 1 degree is A clear mountain stream flows steadily through a rocky defile. With ongoing, uninterrupted support from everyone, Hitler surmounted all obstacles in the path of his war mongering.

Green lines show that the result of emotionally empowered communication has a regenerative effect on others (8th house). Moon/Jupiter are applying with a Trine to the Venus/Mars conjunction, too close to the 8th to ignore its indication of death (8th) to those who oppose him.

The red circle around the High Focus Uranus on the Ascendant points to Hitler’s highly irrational personal prowess, and at the same time indicates his particular brand of genius for inspiring others to support his irrational point of view. Here is the ironic 20 degrees Libra Sabian Symbol of A Jewish rabbi. Uranus is the most prominent and powerful planet in the horoscope. To be contained in that specific degree of all 360 of them can only be described as a twisted and bewildering symbolic cosmic commentary. The “humor” of it can never be justified, as it symbolizes one who was the cause of the destruction of a whole way of life, and genocide of exactly this particular ethnic group. Even more ironic is the original Sabian Symbol that has the Jewish rabbi content with self and world. Hitler was anything but content with self and world.

The original symbol: In a tiny room ridiculously cluttered with manuscripts and books sits a Jewish rabbi at ease with self and world. True, in his early days he would devour reading material. But was he jealous of a world he could not enter, even with rumors of his own Jewish ancestry?

For more on that subject visit:




Adolf Hitler Suicide


It is assumed that Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the right temple. *It is also believed that he had taken cyanide along with his new bride Eva Braun. During the period of time Hitler was presumed to have shot himself, the powerful Progressed Moon at 26 Capricorn, shown in red in the chart, was exactly squaring his Natal Mercury at 26 Aries. Aries rules the head. The Progressed Moon is also making a conjunction with his Nadir, representing the final End of the Matter.

Since the Progressed Moon is deposited by Saturn, we need to look to the aspects of both Transit and Progressed Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Here we find that Transit Saturn is in exact Opposition to Hitler’s Natal Moon. And one of the most interesting confirmations of an end by extreme pressure of circumstances is the ominous exact Square of Progressed Saturn to Natal Mars and Venus – these two planets representing the fuhrer and his new bride sharing the final struggle.

The Progressed Mars and Sun, shown in green, points to the assistance of a Sextile Hitler had with the removal their bodies after the suicides. Indeed he had several of his entourage faithfully carrying out the details of the cover-up. All the Transits and Progressions in exact Aspect are a corroboration and testimony to a very serious and stressful time and could easily match up with an event such as death.

Hitler’s Natal Venus is Retrograde and this gives testimony to the unconventional value system by which Hitler was motivated. The Progressed Venus in Square to Natal Saturn shows that the results of his unusual belief system backfired in the end.

*Quote from

“Since Hitler had known for many weeks that he was going to commit suicide, he had a plan in place. An SS doctor had instructed him that suicide by cyanide poisoning followed by a gunshot to the head was most effective. Therefore, he obtained cyanide for him and his wife and waited until the time was right. They both ingested the cyanide, and before it took effect Hitler shot himself in the head with his own pistol.”




The Beginning of the End – Operation Barbarossa – June 1941


There are numerous reasons given by historians well versed in the events of WW2 that indicating the ‘turning point” in the war where the Nazis begin to lose battles and the allies begin to triumph.

The dates given for this turn of events all suggest that 1941 is the key year. This corresponds to Operation Barbarossa when Hitler turns his back on Stalin and gives the command to invade the Soviet Union. But there are differing opinions as to which incident is the one that reveals the actual pivotal point. All suggested incidents and their dates fit into the astrological aspects Hitler was having to his Natal chart that year.

A timeline of events in 1941 can be found on the internet on several websites by doing a Google search. Described below are several of the most interesting events that historians point to as being significant. Accompanying the statements are charts showing the Transits and Progressions of those important dates.

There is one thesis suggesting the critical turn-around in destiny was when Hitler gave orders to abort the attack on Moscow in favor of turning the army’s center tank division to the South to lay claim on oil resources in Lithuania. Hitler realizes later that it is important to capture Moscow before winter sets in and orders his troupes back North, but it is too late. The Wehrmacht arrives within miles of Moscow only to be bogged down by rain and mud, and later by winter’s brutal arrival.

Hitler sympathizer, David Irving, states that during the aggression, Hitler became ill and that it was his generals that took advantage of the situation and changed Hitler’s orders to surround and engulf the Soviets in order to cut them off from their supplies, to a head-on and so losing battle. There are many opinions of how the war was lost by the Germans, and the truth may never be fully known. David Irving puts a lot of trust in documents that may or may not have been true-to-facts, especially if Hitler were to be privy to what was being documented at the time. In any case, the Transit aspects show critical times when significant events took place.

Below we have the bi-wheel of Hitler’s birth horoscope in the inner wheel, and in the outer wheel we have the inaugural Operation Barbarossa invasion chart of June 22, 1941 at 3:15 am. Hitler’s chart serves as the surrogate for the German people and the history of the war years from 1933 to the final days in 1945.


Transit Pluto has been making a Square aspect with Hitler’s Natal Sun for quite some time before the assault on the Soviet Union. That reveals the mounting pressures he is under, due to his own creation by his over-extended ambitions.

Transit Mercury was Stationary going Retrograde a few days before the assault on the Soviets. It is not wise to initiate an important action at times of a Mercury Retrograde, because unforeseen obstacles reverse otherwise taken-for-granted conveniences. Although it took some time before these difficulties arose, one can point to the harsh weather conditions that developed when Hitler finally realized he was headed in the wrong direction and the convenience of warm weather was behind him. Getting stuck in the mud from rain, or having no coats for protection against the brutal cold is a typical challenging situation that is the mark of a Mercury apparently retrograding back and away from its normal and predictable behavior.

Another ominous sign of defeat that could have been forestalled by an astrologer’s keen eye was the event’s inauguration on a Moon Void-of-Course and in the very last degree of Taurus. This point in the heavens is known as a critical degree in the constellation involving the “Weeping Sisters.” It foretells a disaster. The Mercury Station Retrograde and a Void-of-Course Moon put the Nazis on a blunderous course toward the end of the war. Thank heaven for their ignorance of what the dynamics of the planets can truly suggest.

Transit Uranus coming to Conjunction with Natal Neptune synchronizes with Hitler’s radical change of attitude and strategy as he usurps control from his generals. The transiting Uranus/Moon Conjunction at the start of the operation reveal the intensity of the situation and the potential for things to get out of control.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in December of 1941 also gives weight to that year’s significance in the diminishing successes of the German forces. The US officially entering the war found Hitler in a position of fighting yet another formidable foe. He is now spread thin by fighting on two fronts – something that his generals tried in vain to avoid. Transit Uranus Conjunct Natal Neptune shows that the formidable allied forces (indicated by Transit Uranus) challenged Hitler’s obligatory pressure (Natal Neptune) on his forces to fight to the death.




Hitler’s Progressions at the time of appointment as Chancellor

1933: Adolf Hitler (1889 - 1945), chancellor of Germany, is welcomed by supporters at Nuremberg. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

1933: Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany and is welcomed by supporters at Nuremberg. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Conjunction of Hitler’s Progressed Moon directly on the midheaven is an interesting feature of the 6:30 pm birth chart. This rectified horoscope has Natal High Focus Uranus only a few degrees from the ascendant which makes for another strong possibility for accuracy. Without an absolute certainty of the correct birth time, there can only be an assumption of possible house cusp indications. But there is a definite effectual Conjunction of Progressed Jupiter on Natal Moon at the time of appointment as Chancellor. An apparent good fortune which later turns radically negative. The Natal Moon is also receiving a helpful Trine from Progressed Venus; another graceful aspect bringing a fleeting and illusory peace and prosperity.

Quote from Wilhelm Wulff, the German astrologer who rectified Hitler’s birth time to 6:03:27 pm. In early 1923, Wulff used this chart to progressedChancelloraccurately predict the 8-9 November 1923 Beer Hall Putsch:

Particularly unfavorable planetary combinations, and for the autumn of 1923 Hitler’s ascendant revealed a malefic conjunction of Saturn and Mars. For about twenty-four hours on or about November 8-9, Mars and Saturn were particularly threatening. There were indications of violence with a disastrous outcome.”




Rudolf Hess’ Flight to Scotland – Bad Timing


Apparently Hess was aiming for someone in authority (Natal Mercury in the 10th aspected by P. Moon), to contact as a result of his notorious flight to Scotland on May 10, 1941, with takeoff from Augsburg, Germany at 5:45 pm.

The Progressed Moon is in exact Opposition with his Natal Mercury. Oppositions materialize objectives, however in this case there is a great conflict of interest with a direct confrontation with the enemy. The untimely action led to his arrest and subsequent incarceration for the remainder of his life.hess
Progressed Mercury is making an exact Square to Natal Mercury, revealing his internal struggle over his projected personal point of view (P Mercury conjunct the ascendant) that challenged those above him, namely Adolf Hitler (Mercury in the 10th). This gives testimony to the misguided advice encouraged by the astrologer Hess consulted.

The Progressed Moon and Progressed Mercury create a Grand Cross with Natal Mercury and Natal Moon; an interesting configuration to say the least. Here is where the dissipating potentials of a temporary Grand Cross correspond to the reality of a case where the dynamic urge thessFlight2o make change, with the presence of Squares, meets with disappointment and disillusionment. The mind and emotions are at odds with each other and the outcome was the opposite of what Hess’ astrological adviser “promised.”

The Progressed Moon came to an uncomfortable Square with Natal Moon in the 7th house approximately 3 months after parachuting into Scotland. And the Progressed Moon making a conjunction with Natal Saturn in the 4th house 4 months later, tells of the severe emotional stress and tragic end to Hess’ career as the Deputy Leader of the German people.



A Timeline of Aspects – The Death of Hitler’s Mother

Klara_HitlerThe transits at the time Hitler’s mother died are transit Jupiter conjunct natal Saturn. Both Saturn and Jupiter can be active at the point of death. The 10th house rules the mother, boss, or guardian. It also identifies the authority we have over others. The 10th house reveals the professional career and when we have mastered a specific subject.

The death of Hitler’s mother is significant because it is a pivotal turning point in his life when he was released from the responsibilities of caring for her. He was then free to move to Vienna where he experienced his first traumatic failures, and where he was introduced to political life and antisemitism.

Transit Neptune, shown by the broken red line, will eventually station to go direct, and slowly move into a square with natal Uranus. Although Hitler does not have the planets of Significance, Uranus and Neptune, in a major aspect in his natal chart, the coming transiting square finally encourages him to set his sights on broader horizons. Natal Uranus on the Ascendant, by itself as a Rising High Focus planet, catapults his freewheeling, experimentative propensities to maximum potential.

Hitler’s extraordinary personal, persuasive powers are brought into function through his intense grasp of the use of words in oratory. His animated gestureMothersDeaths are a manifestation of the combined “influence” of the natal Moon-Jupiter trine Mars. His unusual and disturbing charm of personality coupled with his fluent use of the German language gives testimony to his impact on others that the multiple conjunctions promise. Words and ideas and their use are a third house matter. The leader/guru, Jupiter, conjunct the natal Moon facilitates his outreach to the public. He personified the masses’ need for leadership. In the end, all his intentions backfired as a result of the Significant planets not in a major aspect. Had Uranus and Neptune been in one of the five major aspects it would have given him a more comprehensive vision with a grasp on grander possibilities. There also is a lack of a major aspect between the personal pair of Jupiter and Saturn. This reveals his lack of moral conscience.

The Moon/Jupiter conjunction in the 3rd house makes for wide public approval through the power of speech and propaganda. Through the manipulation of words (3rd house), Hitler was able to gain the intense public response and support that put him in power.