Crowds Coming Down the Mountain – Thich Nhat Hanh


As I write this post, Transit Mars is Stationary Direct on my Natal Sun position at 23 degrees Scorpio. Mars in Transit is rounded to 24 Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for Mars at 24 degrees is Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man.

Yesterday, I was watching Oprah Winfrey on YouTube in an interview with Thich Nhat Hanh. I had been watching YouTube videos all week about the Dalai Lama, and then decided to branch out and view other spiritual leaders. But it was when watching Thich Nhat Hanh that I wondered if Mars was in the degree mentioned above – and sure enough it was. All of my mentors throughout my life were men; Roy Masters, Ray Johnson and then Marc Edmund Jones, to name the prominent ones. In my natal chart I have Mars Conjunct Saturn and that has brought these wise men into my life. While I was watching The Dalai Lama and Thich Nhat Hanh, I felt it was synchronous with Transit Mars so close to my Sun degree and that they were manifesting my natal potentials once again. But I realize now that I am my own teacher, but it is always uplifting to have spiritual souls in my life, even if they are not in the flesh.


But what makes the Transit Mars so interesting is that Thich Nhat Hanh’s Natal Saturn degree is 24 Scorpio and Transit Mars was passing over the symbol mentioned above: Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man. Life brought this person to my attention and I can see the astrological correlations that brought it there.*  It is always a special experience when these “magical” factors arise to be witnessed and wondered about. It is like having a special relationship with the cosmos and being let in on a secret, with confirmation that there is indeed a plan and destiny at work in our lives.

Take note that Hanh’s Uranus degree is A Harvest Moon. The positive meaning of the symbol is: “Self-completion which is successful beyond any possibility of measure.” And this planet is in a loose Grand Trine (GT) with Saturn and Pluto – just 1 degree outside normal orbs for Pluto applying to Uranus. The Pluto degree is, A man before a square with a manuscript scroll before him. This is all testimony to the great potentials, from the past and into the now and future, that a Grand Trine’s presence can herald.

There is a Grand Square that puts challenge into play at every point in life. And thanks to its participation in the Grand Trine with its contact with Saturn, the Grand Square conflicts bring out the Grand Trine wisdom of the man. He stood as a beacon of Light for those who read and hear his message from his prolific manuscripts at the bottom of a mountain of knowledge.

*Some astrologers believe that the planets and life on Earth synchronize, to borrow a term from Jung, and indeed so did Marc Edmund Jones, although he called Correspondence. Others believe that the heavenly bodies dictate our fate through their irrepressible interactions and impulses of magnetic-energies. Without committing to either exclusively, I believe we live within the combined realm of the two ever-present factors. Like a remote control over a television, garage door or any other non-wired device, we dance to the tune of heavenly, tonal vibrations – just as puppets on invisible strings. And yet my daily choices allow me the freedom to obey or disobey according to the dictates of my conscience. It is all happening in mind that is in relationship to its outer projected hologram. 




Hitler/Himmler, An Unlikely Pair – Himmler/Kersten, More Potential for Good


Here you will see only one line drawn between Hitler’s and Himmler’s planets. The two were of significantly different character, and that is reflected in the exact Opposition from Himmler’s Mercury applying to Hitler’s Sun. Although they are drawn to each other as part of the dynamic of an Opposition, there is also potential for open conflict, especially when the only astrological contacts are occupying the Cardinal/active 1st and 7th houses. What they shared in common was their ideology (Fixed signs) of superiority, which polarized them at the same time as drawing them together in relationship. Himmler’s Mercury curiously spotted Hitler’s Sun as the embodiment of the Nazi movement.

I do not take into account Sextiles, Squares, Trines, minor aspects, Nodes, Parts or Ascendant and Midheaven contacts as these have no indication of mass or weight in relationship from one horoscope with another. Only planets in Conjunction and Opposition in mutual contact create stress and pressure to the degree that they can easily be felt and experienced by the natives of the horoscopes in question.

WikipediaHitlerHimmler defines remote control: “A transmitter is a light emitting diode (LED) which is built into the pointing end of the remote control handset. The infrared-light pulses and forms a pattern unique to that button. The remote receiver recognizes the pattern and causes the device to respond accordingly.”

In a similar fashion, the planets play the role of the transmitter. Their intrinsic energy and reflected light transmit into the Solar System’s neighborhood a signal, that when received by life on Earth, is given the impulse to respond. The receiver acts in accordance to the original potentials of the planetary configurations of the birth or event horoscope. The birth horoscope is a blueprint “DNA” of the inner energy system of the person born at that particular place/space and time. It is supposed, that these energies are received into the human body through invisible wheels called Chakras.

Without corresponding receivers from one person’s chart to another’s, there is little likelihood that a close relationship will be encountered or encouraged. It is well know that Himmler disagreed with Hitler’s policies at times and so the two were functioning in quite separate mental and emotional fields of experience. Himmler however had a very strong bond with his doctor, Felix Kersten, who although fearful of relating to Himmler at the start, began eventually to take advantage of the relationship, and asked that the lives of prisoners be saved in exchange for his services to him as his doctor. The chart below shows the one very important contact of planets between the two individuals; the head of the SS and the doctor who massaged his patient’s abdomen to relieve excruciating paiFelixKerstenn. This service ultimately led to the saving of 60,000 lives that otherwise would have succumbed to the fate that befell millions of others. The Conjunction of Pluto and Mercury (both representing mind) makes this a more intimate interaction than the Opposition aspect that Himmler had with Hitler where they tended to polarize and react to each other.

The Conjunction between Kersten’s Mercury on Himmler’s Pluto in Gemini is significant. It shows that through the doctor’s touch of hand (Mercury ruled), the contact is made to a deep and memorable part of Himmler’s psyche. Himmler found that no other doctor that could alleviate the debilitating abdominal pains from which he suffered. Himmler became obsessed (Pluto) with his doctor’s miraculous healing method, and continually promised to grant the requests of his doctor as he pleaded for the lives of non-Jews and Jews during the war years of the Third Reich.

The power in the relationship is with Himmler because his Natal Pluto applies to Kersten’s Mercury. The ever-deepening contact between them developed into an extremely private relationship shown by the aspect’s position in the 4th house – base of operations. Going deeper, it can be seen that there was a meeting of minds (Mercury=lower mind and Pluto=subconscious mind) albeit in a very strange and intimate circumstance.Himmler_Kersten

The interesting transcript below tells of a meeting that led to the saving of 60,000 Jews just before the end of WW2. Kersten influenced Himmler to make a very significant and clandestine departure from his perpetual and insidious path. Himmler is quoted by Kersten’s documentation to be at odds with Hitler’s wishes to go full force ahead in the annihilation of the Jews.

In part, it may be that the motivating force behind Himmler’s radical change of policy was inspired by his hope to negotiate with the Allies before the surrender of the German forces. Was this strictly an out-of-character move on his part, and an unexpected compassion rising to the surface of consciousness? Most likely it was a desperate act to save himself as the result of his foreknowledge that Germany was facing imminent defeat. Without a personal and honest testimony by Himmler himself, we will never know.

From link :     “Toward the end of the War, Kersten arranged a meeting between Himmler and Norbert Masur, a member of the Swedish branch of the World Jewish Congress, in Harztwalde, a few miles from Ravensbruck concentration camp. As a result, Himmler agreed to spare the lives of the remaining 60,000 Jews left in Nazi concentration camps days before their liberation by the Allies.”




Aspects at Vincent Van Gogh’s Death


Vincent Van Gogh shot himself while Progressed Mars was in Conjunction with his Natal Mercury. But more importantly, His Progressed Moon was exactly Conjunct his Natal Pluto. These aspects can have positive meanings, but in Vincent’s case we know that he was plagued by serious emotional issues, and these two Progressed indicators, in close contact with Natal planets, point to extreme mental issues that need profound solutions.  Unfortunately therapies that could have helped him at the time where not developed yet. Instead, violent emotions begot violent actions. Mars rules guns, the weapon of choice.

Both Progressed Sun and Venus embrace Natal Saturn. Here is another indication of troubling times as Saturn can indicate over-sensitivity. There must have been a year-long deep depression with the Sun still in contact with Natal Saturn, even though on its way out of the aspect. Venus on the other hand is coming toward the Conjunction, and true to her nature, she brings things to conclusion, unfortunately in Vincent’s case an unhappy one.

We can see that there were a number of Transits (blue and green lines) active on the day he shot himself. Mars again is involved here, but in this case it is in Transit Opposition to Natal Pluto. Apparently there was a compulsion to end it all – an uncontrollable force. And Pluto usually is present in situations of utter despair. In normal circumstances, and with someone more well-balance, this type of aspect could have easily indicated the start of a profound and creative period. And indeed, some of his difficult vincent_ProTransepisodes resulted in the production of glorious canvases. Not so this time.

There are several more Transits showing very dynamic pressure; the Neptune and Pluto approaching Progressed Uranus and Transit Uranus opposing Natal Mercury. Something radical was in the air and in his mind. The Transit Moon exactly opposing Natal Uranus is the clinching aspect. This shows the precise timing of a reaction to mounting planetary pressures. As with Robin Williams, an astrologer looking at these kinds of precise aspects way in advance of their occurrence, could have brought understanding and guidance to the client if only there were an adequate receptivity to qualified instruction.

Some believe that Vincent suffered from physical ills as well and psychological ones, including exposure to lead paint. It is difficult to know for certain, because Pluto doesn’t give up its secrets easily, and the true causes of physical and mental illness can remain obscure indefinitely.