Ignorance of One

A. Ray Johnson


A  Note  on  Real/Imaginary   Mathematics


The Fundamentals

APART from metaphysical speculations, there are no more delusive

illusions than may be encountered in the field of mathematics,

ancient/modern.  In mathematics the complex of Concrete/Abstract

comes to its sharpest and also its most diffuse focus.  In mathe-

matics we have the whole field of Illusion/Reality under both

microscopic and telescopic observation.  Here we are confronted

with un-limited Fact and Fancy, with end-less fancies about facts,

with equally end-less facts about fancies.  It is no wonder that

the most fantastic books in English (the Adventures of Alice in

Mirror- and Wonder-land) were the works of a mathematician.  Fancy

is a prime fact in the structure-nature of man, and mathematics

is the most systematically abstract product of man’s fancy or

re-creative imagination.  Poetry and statistics are twins.  Tom-

toms and adding machines measure the rhythms of peace and war.

At the point where fancies and figures meet[1], history and mystery

make their throbbing appearance.  Mystics and masters of the high-

er calculus, back to back, search the heavens in opposite direc-

tions for the unified field formula.  The multiplication table,

music and the molecular structure of Form/Energy:Matter discourse

along the same course.  It is obvious that a definitive[2] answer to

the question, What is the relation of count to reality? would in-

volve a solution of the riddle of the universe.  To a fun-da-ment-

alist, that ought to be fun.


The fun begins in the recognition of the obvious fact that

figures are fancies that have no existence in nature save in the

heads of mathematicians (who may here be redefined as figure-heads).

There are no such things in earth or heaven as 1,2,3,4,5,6,7; search

high and low and you will find that figures exist nowhere but in

your mind.  In concrete nature such abstract operations as addition,

subtraction, multiplication and division are merely figures of

speech.  Two white horses times four red-headed girls, four monkeys

plus six stars, one hundred cabbages divided by ten kings, forty

oysters subtracted[3] from one bed, — such propositions are nonsens-

ical.  They are im-practical fancies; you can say them, but you

can’t really think them: they are as close to Platonic or im-material

ideas as the race will ever come.  Two bankers plus two robbers


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equals four bank-robbers, — this is a formula that can produce

nothing more tangible than a ghost or spirit.  One teacher of

mathematics plus thirty scholars equals a dull half hour and thir-

ty-one headaches, is a piece of poetry, not a piece of mathematics.

Paint the figure 15 in red on the rear end of an elephant, but it

won’t change the actual number of elephants in the circus.  There

may be fifteen elephants in the circus, but they didn’t come into

the world with the numbers 1 to 15 stamped on their foreheads.


Search nature: you will never find anything but analogues

to mathematical operations and geometrical designs.  The closest,

visible analogues to geometrical designs are the heavenly spheres

and the terrestrial crystals, but there is no tangible evidence

that abstract geometry has anything to do with the formation

of these concrete forms.  The closest analogy to numerical values

is music, but it would be difficult to prove that abstract, math-

ematical formulations enter into the construction of the nodes

in the human throat and ear.  Atomic structure and the periodic

table of the elements would seem to argue that matter embodies

mathematical harmonies, but it is obvious that there is nothing

abstract about the embodiment.  Other analogues to mathematical

operations-formulations are readily seen to be nothing but figures

of speech.  One analogue to addition is growth, and another is the

swelling of mountain streams in the course of a heavy rain storm;

you can compute mathematically the growth of a tree or the rise

in volume of a river over the spring months, but abstract addition

has nothing to do with the real processes involved[4] in the growth of

the tree and the increase in the volume of water in the river.  In

nature one analogue to multiplication is generation, but there is

nothing at all abstract about the process by which one peach be-

comes fifteen annual crops amounting to tens of thousands of peach-

  1. One male guinea pig times one female guinea pig equals hun-

dreds of guinea pigs, but that, albeit natural sense, is mathemat-

ical nonsense.  Analogues to division and subtraction[5] are decay,

disintegration, erosion and evaporation; you may also say that the

passage of clouds over the sun subtracted a number of degrees of

heat from the thermometer:  but these are all figures of speech, and

are that even if you compose very precise mathematical formulas

expounding the processes and the rates of decay, disintegration,

erosion and evaporation.  Mathematical formulas dealing with these

natural processes are practical fancies: although they leave the

actual processes really unformulated, they enable men to deal with

the phenomenal, the superficial changes wrought by the processes.


In the regenerative process, cells “add” and “divide”, but

both natural operations are biological, not mathematical.  As yet

there are no formulas reflecting the bio-electro-magnetics involved

in syngamy[6], — the penetration of the egg by the sperm, — and if

there ever are any such mathematical formulas they will prove to

be fictions about an essentially unformulated reality, — fictions

perhaps a little more practical than love stories in “explaining”

the sexual process, but not a whit more realistic.  Mathematical

fictions are useful when elements, compounds and organic tissue

are subjected to artificial analysis-synthesis, but the natural

realities thus dealt with remain essentially, or really, unform-

ulated.  Mathematical formulations provide men with a wealth of

practical information, but with no true understanding of the

structure-nature of Matter/Life.  And the general failure to real

ize this fact is of crucial significance.  Men generally mis-take

their fictitious formulas for apprehensions, — even comprehension, —


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of the realities, and in this are victims of a delusion, — a de-

lusion which, if undiscovered, could destroy the race.


Persistent and stubborn ignore-ance of the fanciful nature

of mathematics could be disastrous[7].  The subject is worthy of full

attention and thorough inquiry-research.  The fundamentals should

not be funereal.


LET us get a more detailed picture of the interplay of mathematical

fancies and natural facts.


First, let us consider the mathematical fancies that may

be in exact accord with simple, obvious, natural facts.  Of this

order are the number of eggs in the basket the number of sheep in

the fold, the number of persons in the family, the number of cit-

izens in the town, the number of soldiers in the army.  For every

unit in these classifications there may be a real, natural fact;

eggs are eggs, sheep are sheep, etc., and each one of these is a

natural integer.  This kind of mathematics is a simple arithmetic[8], —

primitive ac-counting, — and is very useful in dealing with el-

ementary commercial and communal relationships.  Even so, the

numerical fancies have little to do with the real facts, and only

the fact that each abstract Fancy can be paired, in a one-to-one

relation, with a natural, easily identifiable Fact keeps this

basic un-reality of arithmetic[9] from being immediately discerned.


Consider the superficial realities involved in the simple

counting of objects.  For example, it is possible that a man could

own three hundred sheep without being able to count them.  In a

primitive society, the reality of his ownership is not at all af-

fected by his inability to count.  As a matter of fact, learning

to count may confuse him and impair his grasp of the realities.  For

him to know how many sheep he owns, he must master a relatively

abstruse[10] system of abstractions called numbers.  To do this, he

must bring into correlated play two kinds of fancies about the

sheep that graze beneath his eyes on the hill-side. For each sheep

he must have both a Concrete image and an Abstract or numerical

image.  To use these images he must reflect twice and ultimately

thrice.  First, he must reflect subjectively each actual sheep;

second, he must reflect upon that reflection, — identify it as

separated from the general image-idea of many sheep; third, he

must mentally affix a numerical-symbolic idea or thought-form to

the first[11] two reflections.  The first reflection is immediate and

factual; every time he sees one of his sheep there is one image in

his mind of the sheep.  The second reflection is a long step away

from the concrete fact in the direction of ideal abstraction; sub-

jectively he divides his Many into two[12] artificial groups, — 1_

the one, separated sheep, and 2) the remainder.  The third reflec-

tion introduces relatively pure abstraction: he assigns a numerical

symbol to the counted sheep.  He must be able to project these

three steps in abstraction and formulate a series of them, pro-

gressively separating the groups of the counted from each other

and from the remainder.  He must avoid assigning two or more number-

fancies to one group of real sheep, and also avoid allotting[13] two or

more groups of real sheep to one number-fancy.  Though practically

useful (especially in exercising and developing the powers of im-

agination and abstraction), elementary mathematics is really very

illusive; at the primitive level, the strong man who can’t count

fingers and toes is almost certain to have a more realistic grasp


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of the sheep situation than the dreamer who can count to a thousand.


The technical con-fusion of Concrete reality and Abstract

fancy begins on the primitive range, and becomes more and more

subtly confusing as men progress in sophistication, civilization

and learned ignore-ance of their origin-s.  The more you know about

fancies the less you know about facts, and the more elaborate your

fancies for the superficial control of facts the more likely you

are to lose realistic contact with the facts.


The basically fanciful nature of all mathematics becomes

more patently evident when we consider artificial[14], not natural units.

There are no grams, centimeters, ounces, pounds, pints, quarts,

bushels, horse-power, megatons or light-years in nature.  In the

invention of such units of measurement man took a long stride for-

ward in his characteristic work-play of mixing Abstract-Concrete

cocktails.  Out in the woods and the fields there are no inches,

feet, miles, acres or sections.  These, and all such fancies, in-

cluding counties, states and nations, are pure fancies imposed on

natural reality.  They possess a secondary reality so long as their

inventors score the face of nature with these fictions and abide

by the fictions in dealing among themselves with the realities.

These fancies enable men to handle space-matter as if the fictions

did exist in natural fact.  The plastic nature of reality-matter

makes it possible for men thus to realize their fancies.  (Note

this fundamental for future reference.)


Although they love these fancies and often mistake them

for true realities, most literates of the modern world, even the

most scientifically educated, are able to understand and, under

gentle but firm pressure, admit that all the units of artificial

mensuration[15] I have just mentioned are pure fancies with no refer-

ence whatsoever to any natural realities.  This nearly universal

but sometimes un-certain and often reluctant sanity disappears,

almost totally, at the next level of abstract-concrete, systematic,

technical con-fusion.  Hardly anyone can realize the essentially

fanciful nature of the more complex practical inventions, the ones

in which mathematical imagination plays a hidden, though never

truly subdominant, role.  That houses, automobiles, airplanes,

typewriters, skyrockets, cathedrals, telephones, radio, TV, books,

H-bombs etc. are, au fond, pure though practical fictions, re-

latively un-real, is an idea that strikes most minds as having all

the earmarks of being a suspicious and probably dangerous foreign-

  1. They just “don’t get it”, and seldom can be induced to consider

it seriously, even for a second.


This point is worthy of some illustration.  Men much prefer

fanciful fabrications to natural realities, man-u-fact-ures to

living creatures.  Tell the proud owner of a Cadillac that his

shiny car is a mechanical myth that would disappear from the earth

if men did not continue to believe in it and serve it, — then

watch with cool and scientific but compassionate eye all the mys-

tical and metaphysical antics the devotee will perform, all the

absurd fairy tales he will tell, in the defense and adoration of

his sacred cow.  (Automobiles in the United States surely are as

sacred as cows in India.)  The idea that his house is not at least

as real as any of the trees that went into its construction would

strike a professor of literature as a piece of poetry, unworthy of

even such masters of linetypical[16] perversity and obscurity as T.S.

Eliot, H. W. Auden and e. e. cummings.  In truth, all the products


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of men’s arts and sciences are the practical Idols of the mystique

of technology.  Their secondary reality is unquestionable.  Never-

theless, they are masks that disguise pure fancies, the offspring

of the re-creative imagination functioning in relative ignore-ance

of prime reality, the outer children of the inner marriage in

confusion of Concrete and Abstract thought.


This note is designed to dissipate the confusion and reveal

the real facts in their right relationship, — insofar as fiction

about fact can do that.  This is a serious/humorous undertaking,

a comedy of intellection which could easily become a farce or a

tragedy if I fail to realize, at any point in the narration, that

I am exorcizing fancies with fancies, fictions with fiction.  I

may not be able to clarify your mind, but at least I should be able

to avoid confusing myself.


*                               *                            *


THE preliminary picture is far from complete.  We have yet to survey

the somewhat special field of money and the 1-2-3 levels of the

Higher Mathematics, but I pause to refocus the attention and more

clearly define the scope of observation-inquiry.


I have defined the factor in natural reality that makes it

possible for men to realize in local practice their fancies as the

Plasticity of Form/Energy:Matter.  Protyle[17] is fictile[18]Hyle[19] is

impressionable, and may be molded; it receives and to a ponderable

degree sustains-retains artificial forms.  Basically, the relation-

ship between the two, between Art and Nature, is not difficult to

observe and understand.  Men’s artificial[20] forms and formulas are no

more naturally real than the sand-castles built by children at play

on the seashore.  They are a little more practicable, a little more

durable; that is all.  The children’s hands, their pails and their

shovels are essentially identical with their elders’ mathematical

formulas and technological designs.  The work of men and the play

of children are, at bottom, the same thing, but there is a differ-

ence between the men and the children.  Children never more than

fancy that their sand castles are real castles, but men are com-

pletely deluded by their idols, and only in fits of despair or ab-

erration ever surmise that all their arts and sciences and religions

are nothing more real than day dreams.  Man’s infatuation with his

fancies is an important fact.  The realist who doesn’t realize this

is not very realistic.  Only facts can really dis-illusion, and so

to You who are now reading these words I say: Before you dis-agree

with me, make sure that it is with Me and not with your own mistak-

en idea of Me that you are dis-agreeing.


I shall not always do so, but at this point I am going to

call my next shot.  I am going to deal with the subject of Money

in a somewhat fanciful and dis-orderly fashion.


Men’s deluded worship of their idols, their absurd adora-

tion of the works of their hands directed by their re-creative im-

agination, is most easily analyzed and illustrated in a consideration

of that masterpiece of mythical-mystic mathematics, Money.  In Money

man has come as close as he ever will to manufacturing something

that is nothing.  Plato shot his im-material Idea into the Attic

air one balmy afternoon two thousand and four hundred years ago;

in that hour High Finance was born in the mind of an anonymous Greek,

who happened to overhear Plato’s im-material prattle, and has been


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going strong ever since.  Compared with the non-sensical metaphysics

of the mint and the bank, the systems of hyperspacial hocus-pocus

invented by Buddha, Saint Augustine, Saint Thomas, Swedenborg, Cal-

vin, Missus Eddy and Einstein are infantile.  When it comes to con-

verting fancies into facts, Freud and Marx and the Pope are tyros

compared to Santa Claus, the Secretary of the Treasury, and the

girl at the cash register.  If there is any matter in creation in

which “there is no life, truth, intelligence or substance”, it is

Money.  It is far more holy than holy water, and when it comes to

stimulating mass action and class consciousness, it reduces the

Communist Manifesto to muttering and imbecilic impotence; yet it

is a Thing that is next to No-thing, a some-thing like the square

of the square root of minus 1.  It is mathematics made tangible,

“in”finity made finite, pure poetry made ponderable, — the most

popular fanciful fact in the whole Pantheon of technological mys-

tification and practical meta-physics.  No one in his right mind

would exchange the real figure of a fine horse for the figure 300.

whether that number was stamped on a piece of paper or metal or not.

What is the real value of any coin, of any unit in any monetary

system?  No one has ever been able, no one will ever be able to

give any save a purely fanciful and basically nonsensical answer to

that question.  The only realities involved in the exchange of 1

penny for 1 lollipop are a childish lust for sugar and an adult

lust for counterfeit.  Money is magic, myth.  Its very nature is

that it is fiction and has no real value, unless you equate it

to the complex of greed-fear-ignorance-superstition-credulity that

is its source and substantiation.  Its hypostasis is irrational

faith, — credit.  It is the every-day religion in every land.

Currency is the bread-and-wine which ceremonious belief transforms

into body-and-blood.  It is frozen sweat, manufactured muscle, the

corporeal ghost of an incorporeal idea.  It is a vicious circle of

cyphers kept in motion by a ring of enchanted integers.  At the

highest level it is the hocus-pocus performed by the high priests

of financial theology, as insubstantial as a pen-scratch; at the low-

est level it is the sacred wafers, the Host made visibly veritable

to reassure the unenlightened and half-doubting layman, — the

government-banker’s Word made tangible coin so that incredulous

Thomases may handle it and be convinced.  It is a system of signs

designed to perform the continuous miracle of transubstantiating

labor into goods and goods back into labor.  It is the imaginative

animal’s inability to understand and control his imagination.  You

cannot eat it, drink it, wear it, or build anything of it, but un-

less you are a mere animal or an angel you can’t eat, drink, wear

or build without it.  It is materialized mirage.  The mint is the

factory that turns out the great fairy tale, Money, the most charm-

ing of all fables.  It is one with the serpent in the garden of

Eden and Balaam’s ass, and a[21] greater than any such: though inorganic,

it talks.  Money is Time, the fourth dimension.  Money is counter-

feit.  It reduces every real fact to a fancy.  It is the most ob-

vious proof that men are creatures who believe far more in Fictions

than in Reality.


In finance you can observe and study the trinity of human

ignorance, — Mathematics the ghost, Machinery the father, Money

the son, — in im-practical, religious-scientific action.  Money

is price-less and in-valuable.  It is the delusive potential of

every-thing, and you really don’t know any-thing or some-thing

until you know the no-thing-ness of money.


Men will remain highly civilized savages, very learned

idolaters[22], deluded devotees of technological animism, so long as


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they are unable to project a communion not dependent upon money,

so long as they fail to transcend faith in Fiction and come to a

realization of Reality.  It is obvious: those who really love lies

cannot really know the truth.


But man is the imaginative animal.  Imagination is a part

of the whole of reality, and all illusions, whether objective or

subjective, are aspects of reality-imagination.  Myths and other

lies are re-creative “truths”, which the plasticity of Imagination/-

Matter:Reality will substantiate so long as men believe in and serve

them.  The understanding and control of illusion-imagination is

the negative complement of the understanding and control of fact-re-

ality.  And one must admit that such a project is not the province

of mere poets, priests, professors of physics and politicians.


*                      *                    *


THE picture of abstract-concrete con-fusion is still far from complete.

We have yet to consider the intellectual money current in the con-

stellations of the Higher Mathematics, — in the heavens of the

whole shebang of Im-Practical Symbolism-s.  This upper world is the

realm ruled by the metaphysics of science; here we encounter the

more rarified of the systematized fancies employed by men in their

Knowledgeable/Ignore-ant endeavors to understand and control them-

selves and their environment.  In this field I define three levels

of reference, as follows: 1) the Mathematics of Form, 2) the Math-

ematics of Energy, 3) the Mathematics of Mathematics.


Geometry is the ancient-modern core of the mathematics of

form.  The simple elements of geometry are point, line, plane and

solid.  All four are meta-physical, seemingly hyperspacial, ideals

above or beyond the gross world of real, three-dimensional things.

The first three are merely imaginary, — pure abstractions, or, as

the more erudite gobblegook[23] has it, conceptions.  (Note that term,

conception, for subsequent reference.)  A point has position (+)

but no (-) dimension; it is the first positive-negative in scien-

tific mythology.  In the line the negative becomes a trifle more

positive; it has length (+) but no (-) breadth or thickness.  In

the plane the negative becomes still more positive; it has length

and breadth (+) but no (-) thickness.  In the solid, ideal ab-

straction-projection becomes perfectly positive; Imagination here

apprehends three-dimensional reality.  All four are imaginary, and

unless Imagination is operative at every point in natural Reality,

there is no place in reality, save the head of man, where these

elements of geometry may be found.  Even in man’s head they do not

exist as defined; you cannot really imagine a non-dimensional point,

a two-dimensional plane, a one-dimensional line, a solid composed

of these.  If you draw them on a three-dimensional blackboard with

a piece of three-dimensional chalk, they will be basically three-

dimensional objects.  You cannot really isolate any one of the di-

mensions from the other two, or separate all three from anything.

Subjectively, these abstractions exist in your concrete, three-di-

mensional body.  By no magic of imagination can you really trans-

cend three-dimensional reality.


At this point, Imagination and Reality, — “Mind” and “Mat-

ter”, — squarely confront each other.


At any other point in this note, from the first sentence on,

I could have engineered such a confrontation, but for two reasons

did not choose to do so.  First, in the interest of precise


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and comprehensive communication, I desired to pose this crucial

meeting of the prime poles of the field under observation-integra-

tion against an elementary, general survey of the Order of the

Whole, — against a picture in perspective of the major factors

and their relationships.  Second, I desired the inevitable confron-

tation to happen in relation to terms of such a nature as to facil-

itate[24] exclusion from the focus of your attention of the greatest

possible number of distracting associations[25].  For example, had I

precipitated the confrontation in relation to money, I would have

compelled myself to formulate my exposition in terms most heavily

charged with distracting associations.  I not only did not choose

to make money the verbal lens of focus, but, in the interest of a

strong contrast, I chose to treat money in a way both frivolous and

dis-orderly.  I trust my non-sense about the non-sense of money, —

in which I said nothing about the price of labor as correlated with

the price of eggs, and also, which is even more to the point, re-

frained from introducing the factor of symbolism, — will serve to

define more clearly the very rigorous order of discourse I am about

to indulge and divulge.  (If all that I have said thus far does not

make sense, it isn’t likely that anything I shall say from this

point on will make sense either.  So — ) …  Now —


Mind is the most general term for the subjective half, and

Matter is the most general term for the objective half of Reality-

conceived-as-an-Organic Whole.  When Mind squarely confronts Matter,

what is the first thing that happens?  Answer: Matter is reflected

in Mind.  The best way to study the results of the confrontation

is to conceive of Mind as a living mirror.  And the very best way

to illustrate this conception is to study a non-living mirror.



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Reflections and Symbols



IMAGINE a large, clear mirror on the wall of a beautiful drawing room.

Step before this mirror, and examine it systematically.  As you do

so, realize that your reflective body-mind is face to face with its

prime analogue in the relatively im-personal, objective field of

overall reality.  The mirror is full of images of the things before

it, and your body-mind is full of images of the things around it.

The mirror and your mind are similar and also dis-similar.  (Note

this Positive/Negative relationship, for it is a prime factor in

the analytic Dis/Integration of Real/Imaginary form-energy.)  Let

us consider the similarities first.


The mirror is a three-dimensional plate of glass, to the

back of which a coat of silver paint has been applied.  It is the

coat of opaque silver at the back of the glass that trans-forms

the otherwise trans-parent glass into a relatively perfect reflec-

tor of light and the objects before it illuminated by light.  The

uniform coat of silver together with the uniform transparency of

the glass make the reflective medium, a brilliant blank.  The silver

is not (-) transparent, but the glass is (+); the two opposites


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complement each other in structural union to compose a surface-depth

capable of reflecting the many different forms of the objects in

the drawing room.  The brilliant blankness, the product of a uniform

Positive in on-to-one opposition to a uniform Negative, is the

mirror’s three-dimensional zero (0), the potential of all reflections.


The first, simple facts about the Mind are that it is exact-

ly like the mirror and does exactly what the mirror does.  The mind

is the reflective function of a three-dimensional body.  The uniform

darkness of the body’s interior and the uniform sensitivity of its

exterior combine to create a reflective medium, basically neutral

or “blank”, capable, like the mirror, of receiving and reproducing

in-differently all manner of different impressions.  The mirror

faithfully reflects form-color-motion, and so does the mind; both

have a relatively opaque back, and neither one can “see” objects

that are not in front of it.


For more similarities, let us now examine the reflections

in the non-living mirror.  In the mirror are an image of yourself

and images of all the chairs, tables, rugs and other objects in

the room back of you.  As you stand facing it, the mirror is like

a pair of eyes in the back of your head.  The images you see in

the mirror are so real that, apart from your experience with mir-

rors, you might mistake them for real objects.  Indeed, in their

own system of reference they are real objects, — objects tangible

to your sense of sight.  They are actual models of yourself, the

chairs etc., models created by light reflected in-from the brilliant

blankness of a three-dimensional, silver-backed plate of glass.

They appear in true but reverse perspective.  They possess length

and breadth, and a very real illusion of the third dimension.  But

they are dead images, and have no life apart from the life of the

things they re-present.  Only to the sense of sight are they tang-

ible.  You can touch your nose with the tip of your finger, and

the image of yourself in the glass will reflect that touch, but

you cannot touch the imaginary nose in the real mirror with the tip

of a real, not a reflected finger.  If you know its powers and its

limitations, the mirror is a faithful but non-living witness.


The images in the Mind are very like those in the mirror.

Within their system of reference, they are very real; primitives

sometimes find it difficult to distinguish between dreams and ob-

jective realities, and civilized men find it all but impossible to

realize that their artifacts are projected dreams.  Mental images

or thought-forms are brain-cell patterns created in the electro-

magnetic field of your three-dimensional body by stimuli originat-

ing[26] in the world outside the body-mirror-mind.  If you are not one of

the unfortunate ones who do not have subjective visual projection,

you can close your eyes and see images of all the things around

you; just as you cannot touch the images in the wall mirror with

your actual hand, so you cannot touch the images in your mind with

your actual hand, but, just as a reflected hand will touch a re-

flected thing in the mirror, so you can touch the images in your

mind with the hands of imagination.  Provided you know their system

of reference and their limitations, the real illusions of mental

reflection are faithful models of three-dimensional realities.


These are the first, simple Facts about Fancy, — the first

Realities of Imagination, — the first Matters of Mind.  The more

complex facts about the re-creative imagination come to light in

the study of the dis-similarities that distinguish the living from

the non-living mirror.


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The dissimilarities are radical and far-reaching.  The

reflection in the mental mirror is not only a subjective impression,

but an objective projection; you see things by means of a two-in-one

reflection, — a reflection that is at once subjective and objective.

In this respect, the mind is less like a mirror and more like a

motion-picture camera, — a camera that instantaneously takes, de-

velops[27] and projects moving pictures.  The universal sensitivity

of the mirror is limited to light, but the universal sensitivity of

the body-mind is a complex of light-warmth-touch.  Moreover, the

body-mind-mirror has special organs of sense; it can reflect not

only form-color-motion, but sound, savor and odor.  It does not

merely mechanically reflect; it (un)consciously re-presents.  Unlike

the wall mirror, it can retain and recall images.  The Vital Factor

in the human body-mind transforms reflections into recreations, by

a process of conscious awareness.  This process is a vital complex

of Three orders of progressively integrated reflections: 1) you

first reflect the object, producing a subjective image; 2) you re-

flect on the image, transforming it into a subjective object, from

which you abstract properties, qualities, parts; 3) you re-reflect

on the image and the original object, a process that establishes

Identification and evolves Nomination.  These three-in-one orders

of conscious reflection amount to re-creation, — the ability to

project into the objective field not only images-models of the

things in that field, but images and models of things that have

their origin, not in the objective field of Nature, but in the sub-

jective field of Art.  The first cycle of the recreative-reflective

process ends when the Recreator projects into the objective field

an image of the image in his mind of the objective thing.  The

archetype of this end-product is the Picture.  The vital mirror in

man 1) sees, 2) reflects, 3) recreates, and 4) projects, — an

image, a picture.  And the picture, once projected, becomes a

symbol of both the objective thing and the subjective image thereof.


In all this, we discover four orders of vital reflection

or re-creative reality: 1) the reality of the objective Thing; 2)

the reality of the subjective Image; 3) the reality of the subject-

tive-objective Re-Construction; 4) the reality of the projected

image conceived of as a Symbol.  All four are interdependent, but

each is prime in its own field.  In none is there anything less or

more than three-dimensional.


These four-in-one realities are present in any ac-count of

anything.  You can’t count anything without using these four real-

ities at every point in the process of counting.  This is the Re-

creative Order of the Whole of Reality, and it is impossible to

abstract any of the four-in-one realities and treat it as an isolated

reality.  As you stand before the mirror on the drawing room wall,

all four of these realities are present in one: 1) there is the

objective whole which includes yourself and the mirror; 2) there is

the reflection in the mirror; 3) there is your reflection of the

reflection in the mirror; 4) there is your re-creation of the Order

of the Whole, which includes yourself and the mirror.  You are the

ONE that integrates the four-in-one recreation of the three-dimen-

sional, objective-subjective universe.


*                       *                       *


APART from the vital factor which empowers the mind to perform these

re-creative operations, the whole “mystery” of the relation of the

Mind, or subjective field, to the objective field, or Body, is now

cleared up.  Nowhere in either field can be found anything that


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is not embodied in some portion of three-dimensional Form/Energy:-

Matter.  Organic body and organic mind are complementary “halves”

of organic matter.  Im-materiality is un-imaginable, and all meta-

physics, religious or scientific, is absolutely anoetic[28].


In arithmetic, mathematics and geometry, as in mysticism

and theology, mis-understanding of reflections, abstractions and

symbols induces belief in ghosts, spirits, pure ideas and incorporeal

principles.  There are no bodiless entities, — no non-dimensional

points, no im-material powers.  All such are products of mirror-

land, — reflections, imaginings.  All the abstract-symbolic think-

ing in the universe takes place in concrete heads, and heads that

imagine that such no-things have any save a symbolic reference to

overall reality are very concrete indeed.  You can’t shake hands

with your image in the mirror; for this reason you will never really

see a spirit or a ghost, — an event apart from a material eventer.


The prime gimmick in religious-scientific metaphysics is

the symbol.  The fact that you can write-speak such terms as immater

ial, nondimensional and infinite might mislead you into opining

that there really is something immaterial, nondimensional and

infinite, — If you use these terms, — these verbally manu-

factured negations, in a positive way, you talk non-sense, not sense.

You can forgive the monkey for mistaking his reflection in the mir-

ror for another monkey, but you shouldn’t make the same mistake

yourself.  (In this, I am patently talking to myself, and the you

addressed is my alter-ego; as for you[29], you are free to do as you

please, of course.)[30]


However, the fact that re-creative imagination is a prime

function of the human body-mind, which is itself an integral part

of the Order of the Whole Universe, is a certain indication that

imagination-conception and abstract-symbolic design are involved

in the order of Prime Reality.  Before the end of this discourse,

I shall come to grips with this crucial fact.


There is no Form apart from Energy, no Energy apart from

Form.  Light, electricity, magnetism and imagination never mani-

fest themselves save in the three-dimensional manifold.  In-separ-

able form and energy spell matter, — ponderable, three-dimensional

some-thing.  Reality is some-thing, not no-thing, and matter is

the most familiar, general, impersonal term for that some-thing.

Matter reflects itself, both in the organic and the inorganic

systems of reference.  When you look at the moon and its reflection

in the still lake, four moons are present, one of which is the

real, objective moon, one of which is the real, objective reflection

of the moon, the other two of which are subjective reflections, one

of the moon itself, the other of its image in the still waters.


That is all that I need to say at this point about the

mathematics of form.


*                 *                  *


COME we now to consideration of the Mathematics of Energy, — to an

analysis of the abstract-symbolic models men have invented

and use for the exploitation and control of the Power in all real



The best introduction to this subdivision of real-imaginary

mathematics is a brief history of the evolution and use of abstrac-


[Begin page 12]


tions and symbols.


The first symbol was a picture.  It may have been simple

or elaborate.  It may have been drawn with a finger in moist sand

or with a charred stick on the surface of a flat rock.  It repre-

sented some object in nature, — a man or another animal.  It was

an ideal model, an outline reconstruction, and it did not exist in

the objective field until the mind-and-hand of man put it there.

Its making was accompanied by human sounds.  All of man’s arts and

sciences were involved in the making of that first picture, and

from it, by a process of progressive simplification and stylization,

have come all symbols.  Obviously it was not the real object which

it merely re-presented, and therefore, even there in the beginning,

was nothing more or less than a symbol.  And it is significant to

note how intimately related the ultimate symbols are to the first

pictures and to all form, abstract or concrete.  T was involved in

the first picture of a tree, and so was Y; M was somewhere in the

first picture of mountains; W was there in the first picture

of waves; H was part of the first plan for a house; O was the first

picture of the sun; S is still a pretty good picture of a serpent;

and I, the straight line, the universal symbol for one or first,

was in them all.  All that man, — first or last, — thinks, says

or does is immersed in reflection-abstraction-symbol.


Over the centuries, men have developed many different systems

of symbolism.  Without Something that stood for Something-else, they

would have no way to relate their reflections to reality or to com-

municate with each other[31] at any level above the basic semantics of

the brute.  To rise above the jungle vocabulary of grunts, groans,

shouts, slaps, blows, nudges, grimaces and gestures, men had to

invent articulate symbols, a higher order of elementary signs.  This

they did.  The picture was the first symbol, and the Word, for all

practical purposes, was its coeval[32].  The non-verbal picture was ac-

companied by the verbal equivalent.  All systems of symbolism are

either Verbal or Non-verbal.  For every word there is a non-verbal

reference, and for every non-verbal sign there is a verbal refer-

ence.  There are many, different systems of non-verbal symbolism,

but for every sign therein there is a word.  It is therefore accur-

ate to say that all of man’s symbolisms are Non/Verbal (another ex-

ample of the Positive/Negative complex at the base of all reflect-

ion.)  In general, the non-verbal systems of symbolic reference

consist of two, closely inter-related[33] systems, viz., the Spoken and

the Written (or printed).  Since all symbols are either words or

signs for which there are words, it follows that the one, general

sign for all human symbolisms is Word.  The Word is man’s prime

tool.  The word is a name.  All words are names, — the names of

objects, groups of objects, actions, motions, qualities, quantities,

places, relationships.  The distinction between Words and Numbers

is nominal: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are the non-verbal or mathematical

signs for words that name the imaginary-abstract operations indi-

cated.  This is equally true of all other mathematical signs.

Mathematical formulations are merely short-hand versions of verbal

exposition-narration.  It is well to remember this, whenever you

are tempted to mis-take a blackboard or a book full of mathematical]

formulas for anything other than signs for materialmental opera-

tions, — for abstractions divorced from concrete demonstrations.


From the first, numbers were more particularly associated

with and referred to power-energy.  The number of sheep in the fold,

the number of horses in the barn, the number of lamps or candles in

the house, the number of children in the family, the number of



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shekels in the bag, the number of men in the army, — these are

simple computations of obvious power.  Similar or identical ex-

amples of the elementary mathematics of Energy may be found on

virtually any page of modern newspapers, magazines and books.

Such formulations compute superficial, natural and relatively un-

organized energy.  For thousands of years the race’s interests and

needs were satisfied with nothing but Obvious Energy and the Simple

Arithmetic required for its symbolic calculation and direction.

Windmills, water-wheels and sailing ships, though crude power machines,

called for no great understanding or computation of the energies

exploited.  Neither, in the long days of their retarded development,

did levers, screws, pulleys etc.  The eolipile[34], an ancient toy

prototype of the steam engine, failed to interest primitive mathe-

maticians in speculations that might have led to the invention of

internal-power machines hundreds of years before their time.  Later,

the invention of gunpowder and the telescope kindled no minds on

record at the time to imagine ways to tap the energies hidden in

all forms-modes of matter.  It was not until a little more than a

hundred years ago that man began to investigate the inner energies

of matter, and invent ways to harness and use them.  All the math-

ematical formulations for the generation and application of steam-

power, oil-power, electrical and atomic power have been imagined

during the past century and a half.


The exploration and exploitation of non-organic energies,

of course, was accompanied by extensive and intense inquiry into

the structure and nature of organic energies, but the work in the

second field, though productive of much important information,

has led to no formulation-s for the generation and release of vital

energy.  During the past hundred and fifty years, men have learnt

more about physiological-biological fact than the race learnt dur-

ing the whole of recorded time down to the XIX Century.  Much as

that is, it is not concerned with the Vital Factor, the central

and prime reality.  The Vital Factor is utterly ignored; it is as

if the one thing that makes the difference between a pile of sand

and a professor of semantics did not exist.  (Maybe the difference

isn’t as great as I think it is.)  The difference is generally un-

observed, and so today, in the hour when the manufactured release

of atomic energy threatens to destroy the race (perhaps the plan-

et), nothing, — absolutely nothing, — is known about the power

of re-generation that was not known, in practical essence, to the

ancient Chinese.


The human race ignores the one thing it ought to be most

interested in.  For that it has one, shame-faced symbol, — sex.


*                      *                     *


ALTHOUGH seemingly better informed about the relatively non-vital

energies, men are, in reality, just as ignorant of the realities

involved here as they are of the realities involved in the field

of vital energy.  The authorities in the fields of physics and

chemistry freely confess that they do not know what really are

electricity, magnetism, gravity, — electrons, protons, photons,

neutrons, atoms and molecules.  They intimate, and often explicitly

state, that they are not interested in the What, only in the How.

And there is no denying that they have considerable know-how now,

— at least enough to blow themselves to Nirvana, if not enough

to keep from sacrificing thousands of lives annually to the Moloch

of Machinery.  Their imagined formulas for the release of real


[Begin page 14]


energy are practically very efficient, to say the least.  Elements

and compounds respond as if atoms and molecules were present there-

in according to the formulated patterns; the plasticity of matter

sustains these imaginings as surely and neatly as water takes the

exact form of any receptacle[35] from a thimble to a tank.  There are no

ohms, volts, amperes etc. in natural reality, but the Reality does

not reject these Fictions.  It is now evident that Matter, like

Mind, has depth reflection and something very analogous to vital

response.  If you poise the model of a molecule before the mirror

of Matter at the right angle, Matter will reflect that model-symbol.

Just as you can project a picture on paper or a motion-picture

screen, so you can project into the matrix of matter a dynamograph.[36]

or mathematical formula of energy, and get the pre-designed results.

Within certain limits, you can impose on Nature-Matter, rape it,

and get such bastard children from the enforced mathematical-mech-

anical nuptials as TV, the airplane and the H-bomb.  But it is not-

able that all the imaginary knowledge thus far formulated swiftly

goes beyond the limits of Nature-Matter’s tolerance, and ultimately

proves itself to be destructive.  Each new discovery, each new

masterpiece of fancy formulation, each new invention implementing

the fancy is always heralded as a boon or a potential blessing,

but without exception each has proved to be destructive of truly

human qualities, of true natural harmony, an unmitigated menace

to all life on earth.  You can imagine that the speed of light is

186,300 miles per second, and matter will reflect your formula in

a way that will deceive you into believing that the image you have

held up to the mirror of universal form-energy formulates the re-

ality, but if you persist in foisting this Fiction upon the field

of Reality, the real facts will explode the fiction and expose your

ignorance.  This is the truth, though you may not live to discover

  1. The obvious reality is that the universe is not a mathematical

machine; it may be treated as such for a brief time, with seeming

impunity, but in the end the result, invariably and inevitably, is

a highly destructive explosion of unformulated Energy.*[37]


*                      *                        *


IT is unnecessary, here, to analyze the never-never-land of mystical

geometry and mathematical metaphysics, countless bibles of which

you will find on the shelves of the most holy temples of what is

called (most solemnly) the sciences of physics, chemistry, astro-

physics and social psychology.  The vain imaginings in these volumes

are as unconsciously absurd as the speculations of Medieval mystics,

alchemists and Schoolmen, but they are far more practical and this-

worldly.  The miracles of modern machinery, manufactured from the

mundane, symbolic visions in their pages, prove that matter, though

not informed by conscious awareness, is in its way as volatile and

plastic as mind; these machines prove that if you can imagine it,

you can find a way to materialize it, whether it be heaven or hell

or an in/sane mixture of both.  One glance at the mystical mathe-

matics, the maze of symbols to be encountered on the pages of this

order of scientific anagogic[38], — one glance at these precisely di-

agrammed prayers of devoted technologists, thrown off in the throes

of intense mental effort to realize an ideal-statistical-mechanical

construction, — just one such glance overwhelms one with the sur-

`        mise that one is examining the graffiti[39] of lucid lunatics, the

rational ravings of dangerously intelligent madmen.  This surmise

is absolutely confirmed when one turns from the books to examine

the objective results of these cortex-curdling, hair-splitting and

hair-raising, almost hyperspatial[40] imaginings, — turns from these


[Begin page 15]


typographical terrors, surveys the field in which these fancies

have found objectification, and beholds the hosts of modern,

mythical-mechanical monsters, — beholds the droves of countless

chimerical constructions, the armies of fire-breathing, automatic

dragons, — the myriads of engines that now affright the air, the

earth and the sea, and devour the minds and the bodies of men,

the world around.  I repeat, you can materialize a fancy if you

fancy the matter analytically and systematically enough, but you

can’t realize reality so long as you permit reason to be the slave

of either religious or scientific symbols and illusions.  And not

the least of the monstrous illusions modern men have materialized

are the machines of social order, the totalitarian-democratic

church-states of communism, fascism and republicanism, all of them

the products of psycho-mechanics, the application of statistics to

human values, the reduction of men to the status of numbered things

in a politico-ethnic-economic equation.  The social psychologist

is the ultimate engineer of human power, the technological thau-

maturge[41] who now seeks to impose his vain Imaginings upon the Reality

of man.


It is not necessary, here, to do more than mention these

matters, for the essence of the whole matter is to be found in a

consideration of the Mathematics of Mathematics, — the mathematics

that utilizes[42] and formulates the highest mental energies generally

known to man, — terrestrial-celestial mathematics, so to speak.


At this top level, in the very heavens of the abstract,

mathematics encounters itself, mirror face to mirror face, and re-

flects upon itself in-finitely.  At this level, the basic fact,

that mathematics is a product of the imagination, ends and loses

itself in an end-less maze of count-less mirrors.  I define in this

field three levels of reference, as follows: 1) the mathematics

of space time; 2) the mathematics of number-s; 3) the mathematics

of in-finity.  I consider them in that order.


The least “pure” of the three is the first, for it is chief-

ly concerned with the nature-structure of the universe as conceived-

observed by men on Earth.  Except in the common sense of the word,

space is imaginary, an abstraction as unreal as the non-dimensional

point.  As a matter of fact, generalized space is merely an extens-

ion of the non-dimensional point, — the brilliant blankness of the

mirror conceived as not reflecting anything.  Vacuum and 0 do not

exist except as convenient symbols of general potentiality, dis-

tribution, relative quality, quantity, and composition.  Three-di-

mensional objects are not in space; they are real space: the real-

ity is an end-less but not in-finite manifold of three-dimensional

object-s.  Some of these three-dimensional portions of the universal,

three-dimensional manifold are very elastic, even diaphanous, so

to speak, but all of them, including the finest gases, are essent-

ially three-dimensional.  The universal, three-dimensional manifold

itself is a very elastic continuum, capable of in-definite but not

in-finite expansion and contraction, about which I shall have some-

thing to say in the closing pages of this discourse.  Common space,

like common time, is such a familiar reflection-conception, — one

that is so firmly fixed in the mixture of every-day, symbolic ref-

erence, — such a real illusion, — that all but all men would

find it impossible to dis-illusion themselves about it and come

to a realization of the reality.  As commonly conceived, space, time

and money have a lot in common.


Common time aside, time is a mere fancy.  Generalized time


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is a myth, the skeleton of all myths.  There are no clocks or cal-

endars in nature; the only real time anywhere in the universe is

now[43].  The fact that you can remember yesterday and anticipate to-

morrow conspires with your superstitious love of the un-known to

keep you from realizing this obvious fact, just as the fact that

you pace the ground conspires with your ignore-ant fear of the un-

known to keep you from realizing that there is no place but here[44].

Though you mounted a sunbeam and road for a year, now would still

be now and here would still be here[45]; — though beyond the blue, you

would still be you.  Common-sense is of all things the most un-com-

mon, and dis-illusionment is in-credible to the credulous victims

of illusion.  Time-space is the greatest and most imposing illusion.

It is pure mirrorland.  There is but one, real place-duration, —

the three-dimensional here-now, — the universal manifold of the

omni-present.  Obvious.  But who can realize the obvious?  Mytho-

maniacs[46] prefer religious-scientific fairy tales to the simple, im-

mediate and knowable facts.  The Evolutionist and the Seventh Day

Adventist share the same delusion, — that fictions about the past

are anything more than fiction.  The Fourth Dimension is the sci-

entist’s version-vision of heaven, but instead of a harp he fingers

a formula, and his paradisical[47] houri are the abstract skeletons of

fleshless figures.  Buddha, mounted on an absolute negation, went

Nowhere and arrived at his destination, but Einstein,

mounted on an asymptote[48] to asininity, powered by a formula of rela-

tivity, is still on his way: if the two ever meet, there will be

a headon[49] collision of Absolute Nothing and Nothing Absolute, but

nothing, — not even deified Nothing, — will happen, and the smoke

will go up the chimney just the same.


The Fourth Dimension is absolutely pure delusion-hallucin-

ation, all fool and the square root of minus 1 wide.  It has imag

inary reality, and if you can seduce yourself into imagining two

or more different present-s as existing simultaneously, you can

actually imagine formulas that really will prove exactly that what

you imagined you really did imagine.  Real time is one, indivisible;

relative time-s are imaginary, matters of memory-record or, as in

the speculations of mathematical mystics, pure fancy.  In no in-

stance has real time, which is the one here-now, ever been used

as a fourth dimension; it hasn’t been used because it couldn’t be

used: what has been used is imaginary[50], different time-s.  This

ab-use of the imagination only opens new vistas in mirrorland, only

proves what childish dreamers and pansophists[51] of physics are, only

demonstrates how desperately determined most men are to believe

any mysterious-mystifying notion, to credit anything but the obvious

facts.  It is no wonder that the Pope now says that Science is

proving the in-fallibility of the Pope.  It is, relatively speaking, of course.


There is an end to reflections in mirrors.  If you hold a

mirror to a mirror, and then back of this hold a third mirror, you

see in the second mirror a vague reflection in the reflection of

the third mirror, but such reflections go off along an arc into

the “nowhere” of the real where behind the mirrors.  There is no

such end to mental reflections; the only end to mental reflections

is the physical or mental exhaustion of the human reflector.  The

physicists are nearly physically inexhaustible and relatively ment-

ally non compos; they go on imagining the un-imaginable in-defin-

itely, though not in-finitely, — minus 1 always pops up in the

end as our dear, old friend, simple 1.  A simple soul could do this

without mirrors.  The obvious fact is that you can “have” as many

dimensions as you care to mention-imagine, — thought-forms and

symbols for their computation are end-less, — but in reality


[Begin page 17]


there are only three dimensions, and these are one-indivisible.

You can imagine any number of space-time-things, and concoct math-

ematical formulas to prove them that actually will prove them as

long as you can imagine them.  You can imagine a centaur or a chi-

mera, and you can draw on paper outline reconstructions of such

fancies that will impose on the minds of credulous morons, so that

they actually believe that such fancies really exist; and of this

nature are all the mathematics of relativity.  You can imagine

that space-time, a thing that doesn’t exist anywhere save in your

imagination, is curved, and you can imagine actual observations

the inferential[52] evidence of which will prove your fancy correct to

all those who don’t know an inference from a real fact.  You can

imagine you have measured the distance to the planet Jupiter by

observations-calculations based on inference, and then you can im-

agine-devise other observations-calculations the result of which

will inferentially[53] prove that the light reflected from Jupiter’s

moons traveled from there to here at a definite speed, so many

thousand miles per second.  You can imagine-infer such things, and

many, many others like unto them, but all you really know in any

such case is a fancy-supposition.  You can imagine almost anything,

and imagine ways of making reality seem to fit your imaginary de-

signs.  You can delude yourself with imaginary facts almost end-

lessly.  Great is the power of the imagination, and all but all

men are utterly deceived thereby.


*                     *                   *


BUT imagination is subject to a number of obvious limitations.


You can’t really imagine being anyone save yourself, or

being anywhere save where you really are right here and now.  You

can’t really imagine two or more concrete objects occupying the

same presentplace.  Not really.  You cannot imagine anything that

is not finite, that does not have the irreducible, non-multiple

three dimensions.  You cannot imagine “infinite space” or “infinite

time”.  You cannot imagine a solid that has less than four plane

surfaces.  You cannot imagine a cube that is also a sphere.  You

cannot imagine a thing that is not either One or Many one’s.  You

cannot really imagine a marble statue of a pretty girl coming to

life, — not really.  You cannot really imagine anything that you

yourself have not experienced.  You cannot really imagine either

the historic or the prehistoric past.  You cannot really imagine

what anyone save yourself is imagining, has imagined or will im-

agine.  If you can really imagine anythings other than the things

you are presently aware of, you have a more realistic imagination

than “me”.  Strange as it may seem, the imagination cannot really

go beyond reality.  Men just imagine that it can.


About 99.9999999999999999999999999 per cent. of the know-

ledge known to men on earth today is imaginary knowledge, pure

fancy, mystical malarky, scientific hocus-pocus and religious raz-

zle-dazzle (not to mention patriotic piffle), and true peace and

true science and true religion will never bless this planet until

a dominant minority of men realize this fact and consign the count-

less fiends of fancy to the countless hells of oblivion.


*                    *                     *


NOW, if you haven’t tossed these pages into the flames of righteous

indignation or those of the fireplace, I imagine you are either

very puzzled or very critical-skeptical.  On the other hand, if


[Begin page 18]


you agree with what I have been saying, it is I who might be puz-

zled or skeptical, for I have found that anyone who agrees with

me is either an X (about which the least said the better) or a Y

(about which you can’t say too much) like “me”.  There is so much

that I have seemingly ignored, and so much of what I have said is

so utterly unheard-of in the realms of King Fancy, Emperor of All

Folderol and the Isles of Sciolism[54], that I myself have been com-

pelled to write at least one mental page for each sentence in order

to make sure every sentence really reflected verbally a true facet

of the structure of thought-reality involved in the Order of the

Whole of this lengthy note.  The least I can say is that I have not

really ignored anything, but have postponed direct consideration

of certain matters as long as possible, in the hope of stimulating

and preparing you to understand aright that which I am essaying to

communicate to you in the code of English, verbal symbolism.  There

is no rational reason why you should either agree or disagree with

what I have not said.


At length the crucial node in this brief discourse has ar-

rived.  No longer can I put off saying that which I have to say

about a) the more and b) the most subtle and abstruse[55] factors in this

formulation of the simple-complex Mysteries of the Obvious.  The

central question is: What really happens when U and I geometrize-

mathematize?  What really happens when U or I account for Thing-s:-

Form-s/Energy-ies:Matter-s by what we call counting?


I dare say you imagine you know what you are doing when

you count money, count sheep, calculate interest or demonstrate

the Pythagorean theorem.  You are right; unless you are an unusual-

ly perceptive person, you only imagine that you know.  If all you know

is what you have been told or have read in the books, then all you

really know is hearsay information, a matter of faith-fancy; it

may be fairly reliable information, as far as it goes, but it is

not real knowledge.  Theory, tradition, custom and authority cannot

substitute for real knowledge.  If you really desire to know the

real facts, you must go beyond the generally accepted formulations

and explanations, — go on to do your own thinking-demonstrating-

knowing.  All real knowledge is personal and absolutely empirical.

So, with your indulgent co-operation, let us now swing the cat of

real calculus in a few antics of simple, honest, intelligent, down-

to-earth “charlatanism”, with a view to discovering the bedrock

Facts so deeply hidden in the mazes of Fiction, — the Realities

back of the symbolic Imaginings of mathematics.



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Physical Numbers and Metaphysical Sawdust


FIRST, simply look at all the Many real things in the world around

you.  You can’t really count them all.  If you undertook to do so,

you could spend the remainder of your life simply counting, and

at the end would still be far from the end of your ac-count of

all the Many.  The first, simple, general ac-count of Reality is


[Begin page 19]


seemingly no count at all.  The first, realistic, universal count

is Many, or All, or Whole, and at first glance this is no count.

However, upon realistic reflection, you will perceive that it is

a true count: no matter which of the three terms you use, the term

is one (1), and the equation implicit in your verbal account an in-

tegration.  The universe conceived as a Whole (1) is an integration

of All the Many things it contains (all the many as a whole equals

one-1).  The first realistic count is the making of One out of Many.


Now focus your attention on one of the many things, — a

desert willow, for example.  It is one tree, one part of the whole

universe.  Examining the one tree, you discern that it, like the

universe, is One whole composed of Many parts (such as leaves, blos-

soms, twigs, branches, trunk, roots).  For another example, con-

sider a book; it also is One composed of Many parts (so many pages,

so many chapters, so many paragraphs, so many words, so many letters,

so many non-verbal signs, such as commas[56], semicolons, periods etc.).

The second realistic count is the making of Many out of One.


Believe it or not, in essence that is all there is to real

mathematics, and insofar as Imaginary Mathematics refers to Reality,

it conforms to these two, the First and the Last count-s.  There

isn’t a problem in all the volumes of imaginary mathematics that

cannot be reduced to this formula, — the making of One out of Many/-

the making of Many out of One.  The simplest version of the unified

field formulation of Reality reads:

Many  :  (Whole/Part-s;Part-s/Whole)  :  One


At all times, you count Many-one-s or One-many; at all times,

in ac-counting for reality, you either think of a thing as being One

composed of Many part-s or as being a part of Many things that com-

pose a greater One.  The basic real counts are One and Many; that

is all.  The one is the many, and the many is the one, so the one

real, first and last count is OneMany.  In prime reality, you can-

not count anything but One-Many, because you can never count all

the part-s of any one thing, not even the least.  You can count the

exact number of letters on this page of print, but that doesn’t

ac-count[57] for the total reality of either this page of print or

for the least character on it considered as a real one.  To ac-count

in reality for a period (.), you would have to ac-count for the

whole universe.  The reality of all physics and all psychology, —

the reality of the whole Objective-Subjective Universe, — is in-

volved in the least part of the whole universe, — involved even in

the period that concludes this sentence.


*                      *                     *


THAT is the core of Real Mathematics, but of course there are many

other, ponderable parts of the whole to be considered and formulated,

even in a brief and simple survey of the field.  We must now ask:

What is the real relation of Imaginary Form/Energy:Number-s to

Real Form/Energy:Thing-s?


The first answer-s to that question are most obvious, and

from the first word in this discourse I have been giving them.

Imaginary number-s and geometrical abstractions are subjective re-

alities, — real reflections-creations in your psycho-somatic

mirror of apprehension-comprehension, the most general term for which

is Mind.  These real fictions enable you to mold and control the

phenomena of overall reality practically.  What true insight into


[Begin page 20]


the structure-nature of Reality these Fictions may give remains

to be discovered, and to get at that ultimate consideration we must

clearly understand what really happens when we geometrize-mathema-

tize.  We must convert geometric-mathematical Fictions into Real

operations.  W

[1] From BHL: This virtually screams for a comma.  SAH:  Done

[2] Corrected from “definitve”

[3] Corrected from “substracted”

[4] Corrected from “ivolved”

[5] Corrected from “substraction”

[6] syn·ga·my   syn·ga·my [síng gəmee] – n  –  gametic fusion: sexual reproduction through the fusion of gametes

[Early 20th century. Coined from syn- + Greek gamos “marriage.”]  -syn·gam·ic [sing gámmik], adj

-syn·ga·mous [síng gəməss], adj  [Encarta]


[7] Corrected from “distastrous”

[8] Corrected from “arithemtic”

[9] Again, corrected from “arithemtic” – do you suppose he spelled it that way on purpose?

[10] Corrected from “abstruce”

[11] From BHL: I think he erred in putting that comma there.  I say, get rid of it!  SAH:  Done.

[12] From BHL: Ditto delete comma.  SAH: Done

[13] Corrected from “alloting”

[14] Corrected from “artificail”

[15] men·su·ra·tion   men·su·ra·tion [mènsə ráysh’n, mènshə ráysh’n] – n  – 1.  mathematics working out geometric quantities: the calculation of geometric quantities such as length, area, and volume from dimensions and angles that are already known

  1. measurement: the act, process, or skill of measuring something (formal) [Late 16th century. Via late Latin from, ultimately, Latin mensura (see measure).]

[16] That is an “e” in there under a magnifying glass, but even if it were meant to be an “o” it would still be at the very least a coined word.  “Linotype” is the trademark and proper name of a typesetting machine.

[17] pro·tyle   pro·tyle – n –  imaginary substance: an imaginary substance from which the chemical elements were supposed to have been formed  [Late 19th century. Formed from proto- + Greek hulē “matter, hyle.”] [Encarta]

[18] fic·tile   fic·tile – adj – 1.  malleable: molded or capable of being molded, as, for example, clay can be for making pottery

  1. made of clay: molded in earth or clay by a potter 3.  relating to pottery making: relating to the making of earthenware or pottery  [Early 17th century. Via Latin fictilis from, ultimately, fingere “to make, shape.”] [Encarta]

[19] Please see printout “Hyle” attached.  SAH.

[20] Corrected from “artifical”

[21] From BHL: Makes better sense if dropped, but leave it in.

[22] Corrected from “idolators”

[23] This is a coined word — the common expression is “gobbledegook” or “gobbledygook”, both spellings acceptable.

[24] Corrected from “facilatate”.

[25] Corrected from “associaitions”.

[26] I added the “ing” because I believe he meant to hyphenate “originating”.

[27] Corrected from “developes”.

[28] anoetic  1. Unthinkable.  2. (Psychol) Not subject to conscious attention; having an indefinite, relatively passive, conscious being; characteristic of the “fringe” or “margin of consciousness.  Presentation considered as having an existence relatively independent of thought, may be called sentience, or anoetic consciousness.  Thought and sentience are fundamentally distinct mental functions.  G. F. Stout (freedictionary.com)

[29] I did not insert the superscript “2” since I did not know what it referred to.  We can correct that later as another footnote if it appears later in the manuscript.  SAH

[30] From BHL:  At the moment I think he meant you squared, or doubled.  Reading this aloud it would read “as for you, you too are free to do as you please.”

[31] From BHL: (change “order” to “other) I’m sure he meant “other.”  SAH: Done

[32] co·e·val   – co·e·val – adj – equal in age or duration: having the same age, duration, or date of origin (formal)  [Early 17th century. From late Latin coaevus , from Latin aevum “age,” from Greek aion (source of English eon and age).] [Encarta]

[33] Corrected from “inter-realted”

[34] ae·o·li·pile  – ae·o·li·pile – (plural ae·o·li·piles) or ae·o·li·pyle  (plural ae·o·li·pyles) or e·o·li·pile  (plural e·o·li·piles) –

n  – device showing effect of gas jet: a device used to demonstrate the effect of forces produced by a jet of gas, usually a container with angled exit pipes from which steam escapes, causing the container to rotate.

It was first developed in the first century ad.   [Mid-17th century. Via French éolipyle from Latin Aeoli pylae , literally “Aeolus’ doorway” (see aeolian harp).]  [Encarta]

[35] Corrected from “receptical”

[36] Dy`nam´o`graph – n – 1. (Physiol) A dynamometer to which is attached a device for automatically registering muscular power.  [Freedictionary.com]

[37] With this asterisk (*) he has also included a reference at the bottom of page 14, “See Note, p. 62, concluding paragraph.”

[38] From BHL: anagogic – adj [derived from] noun anagoge [or] anagogy … mystical interpretation, as of the Scriptures, intended to reveal a hidden, spiritual meaning [New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Addition]

[39] Corrected from “grafitti”

[40] Corrected from “hyperspacial”

[41] thau·ma·turge  – thau·ma·turge – (plural thau·ma·turg·es) or thau·ma·tur·gist [tháwmə tùrjist] (plural thau·ma·tur·gists)

n –  magician: somebody who performs magic or miracles  [Early 18th century. Via medieval Latin from Greek thaumatourgos , from thauma “wonder” + -ergos “working.”] [Encarta]

[42] Corrected from “ultilizes”

[43] From BHL:  How very Buddhist!

[44] From BHL:  “Here & now.”

[45] From BHL: Beautiful!

[46] myth·o·ma·ni·a   – myth·o·ma·ni·a [mìthō máynee ə] – n  – very strong tendency to lie: a very strong tendency to tell lies or exaggerate, which may be symptom of a disorder  -myth·o·ma·ni·ac, n  [Encarta]

[47] Preferred spelling: “paradisiacal” [Freedictionary.com]

[48] as·ymp·tote   as·ymp·tote [ássimp tōt, ássim tōt]  (plural as·ymp·totes) – n – line not touched by a curve: a line that draws increasingly nearer to a curve without ever meeting it  [Mid-17th century. Via modern Latin from Greek asumptōtos , literally “not adapted to fall together,” from sun- “together” + ptōtos “adapted to fall” , literally “to fall together” (see symptom).]  [Encarta]

[49] Should be hyphenated but I left it as is.

[50] Corrected from “imaginery”

[51] Possibly a created word – can’t find in either Encarta or Free dictionary  From BHL: universal, all, every  Sophist – any person practicing clever, specious reasoning.

[52] Corrected from “inferencial”

[53] Corrected from “inferencially”

[54] sci·o·lism   sci·o·lism – n – talking with pretended expertise: displays of sham learning designed to deceive or impress

[Early 19th century. From late Latin sciolus , a diminutive of scius “having knowledge,” from scire (see science).]

-sci·o·list, n  -sci·o·lis·tic

[55] Corrected from “abstruce”

[56] Corrected from “comas”

[57] Corrected from  “ac-ccount”.



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Putin and Trump – The Symbol Minded

Natal Pluto is High Focus in Vladimir Putin’s horoscope because it is elevated and conjunct the Midheaven. This position speaks of his overwhelming power as a player on the political world stage and of his tenacious, authoritarian rule.

Pluto’s position at 22 Leo 43 is hosted by the Sabian Symbol, A bareback rider. Its keyword is AUDACITY. The original symbol is, The scene is a circus crowded with spectators, and in a moment of hush a bareback rider performs extraordinarily. The internet’s ubiquitous image of Putin, “performing” on horseback, is unique in that the rider himself is bare-backed, in lieu of the horse being without saddle. Occasionally, the Sabian Symbols manifest literally, and in this case it does so with a remarkably humorous twist.

U.S. President Donald Trump is intrigued by Putin’s prowess, and a look at the cross-ties between the two leaders shows why. The two men share a zodiacal degree that is exact to the very minute, making the cross-tie a highly rare specimen in the field of synastry. Putin’s natal Saturn and Trump’s natal Jupiter are both located at precisely 17 degrees Libra and 27 minutes. Normally, a planet in one chart applies to influence the other person’s planet that is separating and responding. In this case there is a mutual interaction with neither having the upper hand by application. The Libran interrelationship reveals Trump’s Jupiter manifesting with untempered enthusiasm, and showing much inexperience in contrast with Putin’s sober and fortified Saturn.

This extraordinary cross-tie’s Sabian Symbol is, Two men placed under arrest. In Trump’s chart the conjunction falls in the 2nd house of personal finances and material assets, and in Putin’s chart the paired planets are located in the 12th house of clandestine operations. This may very well suggest secret interactions and negotiations between the two men relating to money and other possessions and advantages.

From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, p. 167:

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. “When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.”

The two men have most likely been in a competitive “embrace” for some time. They undoubtedly have shared resources of sorts, even if through third parties. The present challenge seems to be what they can accomplish together for their own advantage, that was not possible before Trump was elected.

The original symbol shines additional light on the mutual bond: Two men are placed under arrest and are taken away to give an accounting of their acts before a tribunal of society. Nations worldwide play the role of the tribunal, with the hope that the two leaders maintain a service to society, rather than enforce their powers for their own personal objectives and advantages. The negative expression of the degree, however, spells out in quite clear language that the potentials for self-aggrandizement are very real. News reports, speaking of Putin’s history of undermining the will of his people, include alleged murders of political opponents and other enemies. And Trump continually expresses inappropriate comments in outrageous and degrading ways toward American citizens of varying ethnicities, Democrats and members of his own political Party, and leaders of both friendly and unfriendly countries. Both men are under the arresting eyes of those who are awaiting the outcome of this strange camaraderie between the leaders in control of the world’s greatest nuclear arsenals. If there is a reason to believe that wrongs have been committed, that put the security of the United States at risk, the Special Council investigation, headed by Robert Mueller, will hopefully bring the perpetrators to justice.


The first official meeting between the two Presidents occurred on July 16, 2018 at the Helsinki Summit in Finland. It was a private meeting, and to this day the conversation and possible agreements made remain a mystery to all save the two men and their interpreters. There had been impromptu, brief encounters previously, usually on the sidelines of other conferences. However, the meeting on July 16th was a planned, formal tête-à-tête, that took place amid an air of trepidation from a large segment of the U.S. population, because of Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and Trump’s unsettling fascination with the Russian autocrat.

Exceptional events must have a matching counterpart in the astrological dynamics at the time they occur, and the celestial participation on the day of the Summit does not disappoint. The unique natal cross-tie already examined, has a surprising lineup of progressions that bring their combined potentials to life in an extraordinary way. Both Presidents had progressed planets synchronizing an arrival at their allied natal point on the date of the Helsinki Summit. On July 16, 2018, Putin’s progressed Moon came to 27 Libra 35 at the same time as Trump’s progressed Venus was lingering at 17 Libra 33.

Trump’s progressed Venus had been approaching his natal Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn since mid-2017. The Venus progression is of longer duration than Putin’s progressing Moon that has a 2 month activation, keeping his possibilities down to a limited window of opportunity. Putin’s progressed Moon symbolizes his emotional engagement in the aligned event, and Trump’s Venus contributed an intimacy to the fated encounter. Economics, whether personal or universal, could very well have been a topic of conversation at the meeting. These timely symbolic progressions, accompanying the natal bond, are a striking testimony to the grand scheme of things, and correspond perfectly with the event that brought the two men finally face to face.

The quad-wheel chart shows Trump’s natal horoscope in the center with his 2018 progressions in the next wheel outward. The third wheel is Putin’s natal chart encompassed by his 2018 progressions in the outermost circle of planets. The progressions as they made contact with the cross-tie are bounded in red lines for easy viewing.

Trump’s Progressed Moon in his 12th simultaneously makes friendly Sextiles to his Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn. This shows his emotional investment buttressing and intensifying the interaction at the meeting, and points to a deep psychological bond with his comrade-in-intent. The planets forming these progressions take an optimistic slant on the most part, especially while the supportive aspects are in place. However, in the winter of 2018-19, Putin’s progressed Moon will square Trump’s natal Saturn, and by 2020 his progressed Sun will conjunct Trump’s natal Moon, and soon after make an opposition to his natal Sun. These are harbingers, announcing reciprocal contacts ahead. The outlook leans toward a more polarized involvement; manifesting conflicting objectives, as well as bringing to fruition the hopes each have in the other. The caveat being, will the results benefit the average citizen in both the United States and Russia, or merely be another display of the two men placed under arresting circumstances?




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The Good Use of a Sharp Destiny and John McCain’s Literal Sabian Symbols

“Glory belongs to the act of being constant to something greater than yourself, to a cause, to your principles, to the people on whom you rely and who rely on you in return.” John McCain


Serving a cause greater than oneself was John McCain’s motto and redemption. Deep within, he felt a conscious responsibility to rise above all shortcomings to live a life based on lofty, moral standards. This is the mark of the Sharp Destiny shown in McCain’s chart by Jupiter and Saturn in Square Aspect. The characteristics of a Sharp Destiny, and how McCain made the best of its potentials is explained in the Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones, pg 125:

JUPITER AND SATURN IN A SQUARE ASPECT indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers very immediate consequences of the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continually for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience. If he does not relish the days in which he seems torn to pieces in self-uncertainty, he must discover ways to tear himself apart deliberately and in equally painful fashion on the behalf either of some cause of real significance or some conception that he can dramatize through his own being. Personal existence under this configuration can become either great opportunity or else a gradual disintegration of the soul in the very core of itself. 

Jones aptly exposes the inner workings of the heart and mind of not only John McCain, but all others who are endowed with this heightened conscious self-awareness, via the hard Aspect of Jupiter with Saturn on the celestial stage. The Square is a challenging configuration between the planets of Motivation that drives individuals to a realization that they must accomplish significant growth during their lifetime that will leave them better than where they started out in life. It builds character.

Joe Biden, in his speech at McCain’s funeral said, “Character is destiny. John had character.” When asked to explain McCain’s character to those not knowing him well, Biden further described him saying, “He lived by a code where honor, courage, integrity, duty were alive . . . . Underlying values animated everything John did, everything he was. He’d part company with you, if you lacked the basic values of decency and respect, knowing this project is bigger than yourself.”  These are all appropriate comments about the man with a Sharp Destiny. They paraphrase as they define the Square’s intent to, “fight continually for ideals . . . and to tear oneself apart on behalf of a cause of real significance.” John McCain found cause in the American ideal – something much bigger than himself.

In his search for higher guide posts, John McCain admired certain philosophical and inspiring writings. He found these in his favorite 1940’s novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, by Ernest Hemingway. The book tells a story that is reminiscent of what McCain experienced throughout the Vietnam War, and the protagonist exemplifies the heroism and self-sacrifice displayed by him while captive during his military service. The tale evoked a deep and powerful calling for the naval pilot that is expressed so poignantly in the 1624 poem by John Donne. The last line of the poem was not only chosen by Hemingway as a title for his novel, but it has been used as well by the late John McCain in reference to his own calling.

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as if a manor of thy friend’s or of thine own were; any man’s death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind, and therefore never send to know for whom the bells tolls; it tolls for thee.” John Donne

In his latest book, The Restless Wave, John McCain wrote his lengthy farewell statement that in the end gives several references to John Donne’s metaphysical poem.

“What an ingrate I would be to curse the fate that concludes the blessed life I’ve led. I prefer to give thanks for those blessings, and my love to the people who blessed me with theirs. The bell tolls for me. I knew it would. So I tried, as best I could, to stay a ‘part of the main . . . .” John McCain


With the backdrop of divisiveness in Washington and in the Country, McCain’s dedication to bipartisanship stands out all the more brilliantly. He was not held back by differences of opinion or policy, and would reach across the aisle to get things done with members of both parties. McCain believed in the concept of each being part of a greater whole. McCain’s natal Sun on the 7th house cusp encouraged him to reach out to others, in the name of opportunity and cooperation for the betterment of each participant. This is the meaning of relationship, and the four planets occupying that house emphasize continual interrelationships for growth through harmonious cooperation or open confrontation. Although there was always a need for establishing relationships, McCain also had traits that repelled others. He was well-known for his biting sense of humor and his volatile temper. But far from a deterrent, on the contrary, it became the defining moment for life-long friendships and political camaraderie. And as friends and colleagues gathered after his death, to give tribute to his character and to eulogize him, each in his own way gave their account of an encounter with both his destabilizing humor and fierce passion. Testimonials of both his light and dark side poured out from his own Party and from across the aisle:

Excerpt from remarks by Rhode Island Democrat, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse – C-SPAN2, 8/28/18: John could be annoying. In Munich accepting an award for John, his beloved Cindy (McCain) said, “I love him most of the time. His temper could be explosive.” I read once about a man named for a South American volcano, because he constantly fumed and regularly erupted. And I thought of John. He loved a good fight and was eager to pile in. “A fight not joined is a fight not enjoyed,” he’d say.

Comment from Democrat Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois – C-SPAN2, 8/28/18: “. . . Typical John McCain. A volcanic temper, but an embracing, loving approach when it came to friendship.”

Senator Ben Sasse, Republican from Nebraska C-SPAN2, 8/28/18: “. . . After he was released, he wanted to make sure that he spent all of his time on big things. His impatience, his volcanic temper flowed directly from the fact that he thought that life was too short to waste on small stuff.”

These statements characterizing his temperament, and many others not referenced here, literally mirror McCain’s Neptune Sabian Symbol degree,  A volcano in eruption. Here is where the phantasmal images give truth and life to the metaphysical origin of the Sabian Symbols. In uncanny fashion, Senators and other friends, described John McCain’s temper using the word “volcanic” to describe it, just as it is stated in the visual image itself.

Neptune 16 Virgo 08
VIRGO 17 A volcano in eruption This is a symbol of that constant expansion of self and nature which constitutes reality in its most fundamental terms, emphasized here on the side of physical force and the blind urge of life to continue to be. Implicit in the wonder and destructiveness is man’s ease of self-recovery in the critical phases of his experience, often aided by the sheer violence with which he acts to meet some major issue. His irresistible outbursts may be merely the total mobilization of his deeper potentials. The keyword is EXPLOSION. When positive, the degree is creative passion as a rejection of superficiality and a genuine ordering of self, and when negative, petulance and tantrums.

THE CANCER DIAGNOSIS, July 14, 2017, the Transits and Progressions:

From the online Business Insider: McCain was scheduled for a regular physical on Friday, July 14, 2017 at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. The brain scan that McCain had undergone during  his physical had discovered something. He underwent surgery several hours later. The five-hour procedure was a minimally invasive craniotomy with eyebrow incision. ‘They cut a hole in my skull along my left eyebrow to look at my brain’s left frontal lobe and see what the trouble was,’ he wrote. It was a two-inch blood clot that they found and removed.  . . . But a few days later, it was revealed that the blood clot was a primary brain tumor.”

Chart #2, for the cancer diagnosis, shows that Progressed Saturn had been Retrograding in Opposition to natal Neptune for a period of years. Transit Neptune as well was moving into an Opposition to its own natal position. Progressed Mars was exact in Conjunction with natal Mercury which rules the brain. Transit Saturn was Retrograding toward a tight Square to its natal placement in the 1st house which rules the body, and was coming to a Station in August 2017 that intensified the pressure. And Transit Pluto was exactly Conjunct and Stationary on McCain’s Progressed Moon; this being the most telling of all astrological indicators of his fateful illness.


From the Washington Post, July 30, 2018, Peter W. Stevenson: “In the early hours of July 28, 2017, Sen. John McCain slowly walked onto the floor of the Senate. It was a vote for the GOP’s “skinny repeal” bill — a measure that would have permanently repealed the Affordable Care Act’s individual mandate, among other provisions.  . . . As McCain’s turn to vote arrived, the Senate clerk nodded at him. The Arizona Republican paused, then gave a dramatic thumbs down, eliciting gasps from the Democratic side of the chamber and grim looks of resignation from the GOP leadership that had spent the past few hours trying to get him to change his mind.”

Chart #3, for the thumbs down vote by John McCain on the Affordable Care Act’s repeal, shows Squares from Transits Saturn and Uranus being of strong influence, “pushing” him toward the negative vote. The planets in the Department of Significance; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, in addition to Transit Saturn’s Square to its natal location, are all activated on July 28, 2017. The saving of healthcare can also be seen in the Transit of Pluto in helpful Trine to natal Neptune. Emotions erupted in Congress on both sides in the early morning hours, to once again point to Neptune’s still active “volcano” in McCain’s 7th house of potential open conflict. No doubt this final vote will go down in history as the last monumental protest from the Senator toward what he viewed as a renegade Administration and Congress.

Transit Uranus was just shy of completing its 84 year cycle Return to its natal place, where an appropriate symbol of McCain’s concerns for healthcare can be viewed through its Sabian Symbol, A red cross nurse. Also in Point Focus like Jupiter, Uranus takes on a role greater than when it is not emphasized by T-Cross. Uranus being a strong player in McCain’s last year of life also correlates to his highly individualistic personality. Having two T-Crosses in the natal map (see chart #1), gives the native two outlets for personal self-expression, which often throws others off balance when they cannot anticipate which avenue of expression the native will take. It was difficult for friends or opponents to predict whether they would be meeting the Point Focus Uranian maverick head-on, or more pleasantly, the warm and enthusiastic support from the Point Focus Jupiter.

Uranus 9 Taurus 30
TAURUS 10 A red cross nurse This is a symbol of human service on the ideal or spiritual side and it emphasizes the greatest of all roads to self-realization. The steadiness of concern for the more extreme needs of others is dramatization of the most consistent opportunity for self to become momentarily a phase of all-self, and through that universal experience to become more satisfactorily whatever it wishes to be on its own account. The keyword is ENLISTMENT. When positive, the degree is a complete dedication of the self to the worth-while and enduring projects through which it can lose all sense of separateness, and when negative, a superficial pretense of humanitarianism in order to gain transient importance.


“I hope those who mourn my passing, and those who don’t, will celebrate as I celebrate a happy life lived in imperfect service to a country made of ideals, whose continued success is the hope of the world,” McCain wrote in his personal statement in his latest book. “And I wish all of you great adventures, good company, and lives as lucky as mine.”

The luck coming to John McCain was due to the generosity of fate that put Jupiter, the Greater Benefic, at the natal chart’s Midheaven – its highest point. This brings the planet into High Focus as well as Point Focus of a T-cross. Jupiter’s Conjunction on the cusp of the 10th house lends the native the authority to wield power, and blesses the individual with high position and honor for deeds well done. McCain’s heroism in never giving in to the enemy during his imprisonment at the Hanoi Hilton, and his courageous contribution to his country as a statesman and Senator is a result of his well-placed Jupiter.

In his last years of life, McCain was on the receiving end of stark criticism, with character attacks from members of his own political Party. Again, he had to withstand the onslaught of yet another type of torture from those less devotion to the values of the Country than he. Both the disapproval from some colleagues, and the final withdraw from this life itself, is shown most dramatically through the progressed station of Saturn turning Direct in his 82nd year.

The ephemeris graph shows the symbol for Saturn circled in red. It marks 82 days after birth and thus relates to his 82nd year of life. His bold rhetoric on bipartisanship, the character assassination, the hardship of illness, and his final year of life are all synchronous with this ultra-important Progressed Station. November 19, 1936 is the date of the Direct Station of Saturn that corresponds to the year 2018. Important Progressions and Transits for August 25, 2018 are shown in Chart #4.


For a nautical salute to the inner nuances of John McCain’s character, a list of a few astoundingly, literal Sabian Symbols follows:

Moon, 2 Aquarius 28 – A deserter from the navy

This one of the literal symbols reflects the maverick in McCain’s nature, and alludes to the time he was a POW. Truly not a deserter, but the symbol does describe his passionate refusal to surrender to unworthy precepts that forfeit true and lofty principles. The original version of the symbol states it in more certain terms: A deserter from the navy stands suddenly aware of the dawning truth that freedom is never the result of compromise. With fierce resistance, one shows dedication to one’s beliefs. Right or wrong, throughout his career, McCain clung to what he believed, but was the first to admit mistakes when made aware by his own conscience.

AQUARIUS 3 A deserter from the navy This is a symbol of human independence carried to a point of extreme rebellion against things as they are, here emphasized in a disregard of all consequences for the sake of an immediate liberation of the spirit. There is a demand for a more rewarding expression of individuality, and the reversed symbolism suggests that any late acceptance of full and personal responsibility for life is better than none at all. Except as man creates his own allegiances, his destiny holds no depth. The keyword is DEFIANCE. When positive, the degree is genuine psychological courage in a repudiation of all meaningless loyalties, and when negative, complete inability to follow the rules of any game..

Mars, 12 Leo 34
LEO 13 An old sea captain rocking This is a symbol of man’s great love for reliving his experiences in memory, and of his gift for achieving a mastery in advance of whatever new situations he may face by bringing all the ramifying relationships to a focus in a personal and competent grasp of their more pertinent potentialities. He fights the battles of the world in his imagination, over and over again. He knows that events repeat themselves, and so may be brought in leash. The keyword is RETROSPECT. When positive, the degree in each person’s unlimited capacity for calling up afresh the powers he has gained in his struggle toward self-fulfillment, and when negative, insensibility to present reality in a full surrender to the past.

The keyword, Retrospect for Mars, and the general explanation of the symbol, correlate with McCain’s return to Vietnam to come to terms with what had happened while in captivity. The words in the description of the symbol, “He fights the battles of the world in his imagination, over and over again,” seem to be those that reflect the actual excruciating experience of his imprisonment.

Jupiter 15 Sagittarius 06  
SAGITTARIUS 16 Sea gulls watching a ship This is a symbol of the spirit’s demand for its full share in the privileges and rewards of human society, and of the individual’s realization that his personal interests are served only as he maintains an unceasing vigilance in his own behalf. There is a continual and wholly impersonal give-and-take in every phase of life’s over-all economy, so that what loses its usefulness in one respect will gain an immediate high potentiality in another. Moreover, what man fails to claim definitely for himself is promptly surrendered to the devices of someone else. The keyword is ALERTNESS. When positive, the degree is a gift for recognizing every opportunity at hand, and when negative, aimless expectation.


VIRGO 7 A harem This is a symbol of the withdrawal from reality in one aspect as a means for regrasping in another, here dramatized by an acceptance of regimentation as a species of insulation against life’s demand for some more dynamic manifestation of the self. Implicit in the static symbolism is the necessity for using any fellowship in lesser values as a self-strengthening in a definite and renewed struggle towards the greater. An enforced conservation of energies need not encourage a surrender of basic ideals. The keyword is RESTRAINT. When positive, the degree is a courageous and complete disregard of limitation by the rejection of its terms at any cost, and when negative, self-betrayal for momentary ease.

The original symbol describes the image more meaningfully: The woman’s quarters of an Oriental palace are revealed; here are the bright and unafraid eyes of cloistered souls.

This image is reminiscent of the group of cloistered souls, his comrades-in-arms, with whom McCain spent a good portion of time at the Hanoi Hilton. John McCain will be well-remembered for the endurance he had to muster to withstand the excruciating torture he experienced as a captive during the Vietnam War. The Sun’s Sabian Symbol is not as literal as the others, and without mention of a sailor, a ship or the sea.  But in reverse interpretation, it suggests that at core was a being, who while withstanding devastating pain and confinement, found solace in right attitude, with a sincere dedication to the American experiment for which he fought so courageously to protect. His equal position within the “harem” of U.S. Senators, all working together for the Country’s good, brought to John McCain his life’s highest achievement and greatest joy.



A reading of McCain’s chart would not be complete without a look at the Transits and Progressions for October 26, 1967 when on a bombing mission, his jet fighter was shot down and he was captured by the North Vietnamese. The planetary Aspects that day, and for much time following, were profound and life changing. He would be in captivity for five and a half

Getty image – no copyright infringement is intend

years, suffering untold agony which can be seen astrologically in Chart #5 left. The most difficult Aspects that people endure, either in Transits or Progressions, are with Saturn and Pluto. John McCain had both planets, in Transit and Progression, in extremely challenging configurations to his natal planets on that fateful day. The Transit Moon, depending on the time of the event, made a Conjunction with natal Pluto and was the defining factor and indicator of the severity of the situation. Going forward, this would be the “inaugural” or event chart for tracking the progress of his long internment in captivity.

The chart shows that McCain had recently experienced his first Transit Saturn Return, and at the same time Progressed Saturn was advancing in Retrograde motion toward an Opposition to his natal Neptune. Transit Pluto, for a time, had been Opposite his natal Saturn. McCain was obviously engaged in warfare – direct and open conflict, a meaning among others, of planetary dynamics between the 1st and 7th houses in any horoscope.


McCain was released from prison March 14, 1973. Chart #5 right, shows many Aspects that are indicative of the end of confinement. Progressed Venus coming to an Opposition with natal Uranus, one of his Point Focus planets, and by that an important one, tells of the freedom long awaited had finally arrived. Progressed Mercury and Transit Pluto were both close to natal Mercury, indicating the profound good news. These two planets, being just a bit after the exact Aspect, shows that the knowledge of his release had been in the negotiating phase for some time before the actual event.

Progressed Mars was entering into its Conjunction with McCain’s natal Sun, to indicate an acceleration of activity and excitation in coming events. The Progressed Moon and Transit Saturn Opposite natal Jupiter were indicators of the principle of manifestation that all Opposition Aspects represent – in this case, the timing of the emotional release from captivity. Jupiter, activated by these two Dynamic planets, brought forth the good luck the native knew he had at root. The day of the release shows the Transit Moon once again very close to natal Pluto. And the Transit of the Sun and Venus in exact Opposition to Venus and Neptune respectively, buttressed the already very active configurations. Progressed Mars Conjunct natal Sun was initiating a new and better phase in the life of one so deserving of respect and praise for valor displayed through hardship.

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones

ACA Vote



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How Planets “Talk” to Each Other – What is an Aspect?

There are numerous branches of astrology and diverse methods of analysis in the use of astrological techniques. Those that are used on this blog are predominantly those created by Marc Edmund Jones in the early 20th century, and they are found in his Essentials of Astrological Analysis. With this approach is the use of the Major Ptolemaic Aspects*; the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The geometric arrangements between planets are derived by a division of the 360 degree circle of the zodiac by 0, 6, 4, 3 and 2 respectively. Other approaches to astrological interpretation are just as valid as the ones used here, because each approach is reflected in all other forms of interpretation.

Many clients wonder what is in a horoscope that astrologers consider when interpreting a horoscope. Besides the Major planetary Aspects there are highly sophisticated techniques that are constructed on the foundation of the five Major Aspects. It is fascinating as well as informative to reveal the mechanism on which these planetary  interrelationships perform and mirror life experience. The origin of all events on Earth and personal human experience takes its cue from planets when they contact each other through Aspect. In one of their many YouTube videos, The Thunderbolts Project attempts to explain in detail the active result of planetary interactions.

From Symbols of an Alien Sky, The Thunderbolts Project:

“In an electrical Solar System, if two planets or Moons approach each other from regions of different potential, an electrical discharge will occur, producing plasma formations stretching between the approaching bodies.

Plasma laboratory experiments can tell us what the formations might look like. The backbone is typically a column of twisted filaments, but disks and embedded cylinders also arise to evolve in spectacular ways.

The counterpart to such formations looks like ancient depictions of the cosmic thunderbolt. But what an outrageous idea that exotic formations could arise between planets in close approach! The space between the two planets lights up and is set aflame by both planets and produces a train of fire.”

These celestial events are imbued with intelligence as well as fire and light. They are like the synapses that are sparked between brain cells in order to transmit and develop thought patterns in the mind. The chakra system is involved as well. The entire Solar System and life on Earth is a closed unit and its purpose is the enlightenment of humanity. All planetary Aspects in a person’s chart are designed to bring growth and awareness to that individual. This usually is a painful process when the person is unaware of how the whole process works and its ultimate purpose.

For more about this subject visit other posts on this blog:

Planetary Aspects, the Electrical Connections of Intelligence

The Connective Electrical Planetary Powers and Human Receptors

*In astrology, the interaction between planets is called an ASPECT. They are geometric relationships that carry unique meanings that depend upon the nature of the configuration.

The five Major ASPECTS:

The Conjunction is 0 degrees and is an Aspect of emphasis and intensity.

The 60 degree separation of planets is called a Sextile, which is a harmonious interchange of energies because the discharge is not confrontational.

The Square is a 90 degree separation is indicative of struggle with the need to take action and change.

An ease of the interactions occurs with planets that are in a Trine ASPECT. It is the separation of 120 degrees. It refers to momentum and inner talents and abilities.

The 180 degree Opposition creates conscious awareness and can be combative because it is a direct confrontation of energies.

All of these geometric relationships have a 10 degree orb of allowance.



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Donald Trump & Robert Mueller, Face-off


Donald Trump and Robert Mueller share one of the 360 Sabian Symbols with the cross-tie between Mueller’s natal Venus at 26 Leo 27 applying to Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo 47. The mutual Conjunction is within a mere 20 minutes of arc, resulting in the symbol of Daybreak as the degree is rounded to Leo 27. Mueller’s Venus is the provocative, applying planet to Trump’s Mars that is separating from the Aspect to distribute the energies in somewhat antagonistic fashion most of the times. Trump is known for his fretful reactions and damaging remarks toward the unrelenting Special Counsel through his early morning (daybreak) tweets to the world.

The original Sabian Symbol of 27 Leo is more detailed; Over at the eastern edge of night the streaks of dawn appear, gradually the mounting light wipes out the stars. This is a reflection of the dramatic and imposing character of both men as they overshadow and dominate any and all other individuals or matters at hand.

Trump’s Mars is located on his Ascendant, which curiously is affiliated with the early hours of dawn. There in the east, is where all planets break into the light of day as they commence their journey through the southern hemisphere. The Sabian Symbolism is continuously validated, by innuendo or uncanny likeness, as they magically manifest from the phenomenal to the actual world.

Another cross-tie between the two charts and the two men is shown by the short magenta arrow in Trump’s 11th house. It is Mueller’s Saturn Conjunct Trump’s Mercury. Again, the planet of impetus, by virtue of application, lies in the hands of the prosecutor. The Saturnian pressure of the probe into the 2016 elections and Russia’s influence in that regard has weighed heavily on the Mercurial attitude of the President. Mueller’s Saturn represents what is often referred to as a “cloud” over the Trump White House, and its symbol at 7 degrees Cancer is Two fairies on a moonlit night. Its keyword ASCENDANCY reiterates and supports the meaning of the cross-tie we see in Daybreak and its position on Trump’s eastern horizon. Whether at dawn or in moonlight, as the elfin degree describes, the two men are inextricably tied through combined potentials.

It is Mueller’s responsibility, through his serious and penetrating Saturn impulse, to probe into the fine details of Trump’s daily interactions and communications represented by his natal Mercury at 9 degrees Cancer in the symbol of A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish. The entire symbol is given here, because the content vividly reflects the actual nuances of Trump’s thinking and attitude represented by the planet Mercury. Some are attracted to the unencumbered approach of the President in his impulsive reaching out to apprehend the unwary, and others are simply appalled by his naive and often thoughtless actions.

The first sentence of the symbol below describes Trump’s enthusiasm as he took the helm of his new administration. The second sentence corroborates the natal potentials of his Uranus/Sun Conjunction, and refers to his untethered interactions with everyone, including foreign leaders. And the positive and negative descriptions in the end, speak candidly for themselves.

CANCER 9 A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish  This is a symbol of the eternal and unsullied freshness of soul as it enters every new experience with an unabated enthusiasm and thereby both substantiates its divine estate and brings enduring significance to whatever it may touch. Here is the absolute lack of inhibition which enables man to grasp the reins of control in every realm he decides to make his own, and the unquenched and simple curiosity which virtually makes it impossible for any potentiality of being ever to escape him. The keyword is INCLINATION. When positive, the degree is ingratiating and irresistible capacity for self-expression, and when negative, continual indiscretion as a bar to any appreciable achievement.


The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 at 28 Leo 53 was Conjunct the Ascendant cross-tie between Trump and Mueller. There was also a tighter Aspect with the partial solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius 08 that was Opposite the cross-tie and on the Descendant. The eclipses from the 1st to the 7th houses of Trump’s chart, in his first year of office, intensified the impact of his personality on the lives of others and brought attention to the profound effect the Special Counsel would have on his general outlook. His natal Mars was activated by the eclipses, one a Conjunction within a few degrees and the other in almost exact Opposition to it. The stimulated initiative quickly morphed into resentment when the investigation continued in spite of the firing of then FBI Director, James Comey. Trump’s Mars impulse to lash out toward Comey backfired and created an even greater challenge to him by the more honorable and formidable Robert Mueller, who then took over the investigation as Special Counsel.

Many astrologers predicted a catastrophe would befall President Trump, because the Total Solar Eclipse fell on his Mars and Ascendant. They refer to leaders or kings that are often born or die, or are deposed from office on an eclipse. But in Trump’s case it brought intensified attention to his personal powers of coercion, and to his bigger-than-life, bombastic personality. Trump is in the news 24/7, and there is no end in sight until 2019 when there is a turning point in his Transits and Progressions, namely the momentous Progressed Lunation and Transit Pluto Opposition natal Saturn. See: Trump and the Dynamic Aspects 2019


The Special Counsel, formed on May 17, 2017, has been in progress for approximately one year. The upcoming Transits that make powerful contacts within Mueller’s natal chart mid-June 2018 may point to some type of climax in the matter. At the very least, the release of more outstanding information can be expected. When several Transits are simultaneously active, it amplifies the intensity of potentials. When there are Opposition Aspects a manifestation on the physical plane is imminent. It is a time of bringing things to fruition, much like during a Full Moon.

The Transit Aspects culminating for Robert Mueller, on or about June 17th are; Transit Saturn Opposite natal Saturn shown with the light orange arrow; Mars in Opposition to natal Pluto shown with the red arrow; and in blue, the Transit of Neptune in Opposition to natal Mars. Transit Neptune is of great interest because it Stations to go Retrograde in exact Opposition to Mars June 19th. Neptune’s Station activates Mueller’s Mars in the Sabian degree of A volcano in eruption. This ominous and powerful symbolic image anticipates an impending explosion of facts. And for even more emphasis on this overwhelming display of planetary force is the Station Retrograde of Transit Mars due on June 27th. Mars will be in exact Opposition to natal Pluto. These are formidable planetary relationships promising some grand outcome of pent-up energies.

Although these Dynamic Opposition Aspects occurring in Mueller’s chart are not affecting the cross-tied planets with Trump, they will inevitably be a cause for concern for the President.

The Special Counsel, in its quest to uncover the truth of Russia’s involvement in the US elections, and any possible cooperation by Trump’s campaign associates, should conclude with indictments of some and exoneration of others. June is a sensitive month for both the President and the Special Counsel, and should be an important turning point in the probe that has captivated minds worldwide.

*It is difficult to get a sense of what may occur when a time of birth is unknown as in the chart for Robert Mueller. Without an exact time of birth there is no clear understanding of what situations and circumstances are being stimulated by Transits and Progressions, and the basic potentials of the natal chart are not certain. But much can be gleaned, using Marc Edmund Jones techniques, in spite of not knowing the house positions of the planets.

Without the time of birth we are not privy to the Moon’s degree in the sign it occupies, which is vital when calculating Progressions. The Progressed Moon Aspects are a goldmine of information letting us know when the native is wholeheartedly involved in their own current affairs. Being engaged in circumstances in life is shown by active major Aspects of the Progressed Moon. When the Progressed Moon is not in a major Aspect the native may be in a holding pattern until its next major, applying Aspect. The Moon is the prime indication of the native’s degree of emotional connectivity with environmental circumstances and people. Planets, including the Sun are unlike the Moon, in that they represent general developments taking a greater amount of time to manifest results.



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Former First Lady, Barbara Bush – Was a Lucky Wife and Mother

Matriarch and former first lady, Barbara Bush was the wife of a US President as well as the mother of one. There is only one other dynastic incident in US history like it, and that is Abigail Adams, wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams. Barbara Bush was well-respected and sometimes criticized for her unapologetic manner of speech and unimpressive image. She spoke of herself as lucky, and her good fortune shows in her horoscope.

There is heightened planetary activity in the Progressed to natal and Transit to natal horoscope, and the graph shows Barbara Bush’s Progressed Sun was just entering into a stressful and telling Square with her natal Sun when she passed. Progressed Mars had already been stressing her vitality in December of 2017 when it was exact in its Square Aspect.

The astrological wheel shows the great fortune and luck the matriarch referred to in her life, by the beneficial placement of Jupiter next to her natal Moon in the 2nd house. The original Sabian Symbol of her Moon at 17 Capricorn is,  A mature but long repressed young woman is bathing surreptitiously in the nude and finding a release in spirit. Here is testimony to the hidden joy in feeling she experienced in spite of the need to appear outwardly mature and well-bred. The first lady’s planet of beneficence, Jupiter, has the original Sabian Symbol at 22 Sagittarius, The defeated general yields up his sword but in failure he wins for his cause a dignity that is real success. This shows us that although Barbara Bush herself did not hold office, she did indeed experience success and dignity through association – Jupiter in in close Conjunction with her natal Moon, the indicator of public interaction. Mars and Pluto Transits exactly Conjunct natal Moon and Jupiter respectively, and point to the intense pressure of the planets’ effects on her frail condition that contribute to her difficult yet graceful final days. Transit Pluto Stationing to go Retrograde within 5 minutes of arc with natal Jupiter on the day of her death speaks volumes.

The news coming after her death brought back the time of her controversial speech at Wellesley College, and the time of great sorrow from the loss of their three year old to leukemia. But she stood her ground to prove the metal of her mighty soul, and natal Jupiter Aspected by Transit Pluto will ensure that she will be remembered well, in spite of occasional rebuffs and traumas experienced on the road to her otherwise fruitful life. And Progressed Venus is seen near the time of her passing in poignant Square to natal Jupiter that is the prime “target” of the Stationary Transit Pluto. Together, with all the other Progressed and Transiting planets at the time of her death, show an impossible set of planetary pressures to overcome.

Supporting all other Aspects on the actual day of death is the Station of Saturn going Retrograde in wide but telling Opposition to natal Pluto in the 8th house of ultimate transitions. She will be missed by both Republicans and Democrats. This is the destiny of one who showed respect and concern for everyone, although with natal Mars and Pluto in the 8th house of the approval others, there are and will be challenges to her legacy as well.



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President Trump’s Progressions into 2019 – Good Fortune Abounds – But . . .

Astrological prediction is guesswork.* Based on the experience of the astrologer, he or she attempts to prove astrology’s validity by stating what they think may happen in the future. The problem with predictions, whether astrological or psychic, is that the person on the receiving end of the communication is then emotionally and mentally invested in what the astrologer or reader portends will transpire. Predictions and self-fulfilling prophecy work hand in hand. The recipient nourishes the “promise” with their own unchecked desires and the hope that good fortune will eventually befall them. And it is likely that when a portion or all of the prediction manifests, it will likely set up a condition of dependence on the astrologer or reader for more of the same temptation to know what will happen in the future. Seeing things as they really are, with the acceptance of the reality of the present moment, leaves our minds open and free from stressful anticipation, and is the conscious path to Truth.

Those qualifying statements now being established, it is then the task at hand to determine the possible eventualities for the country through an examination of the Dynamic Aspects** of the US chart simultaneously with the chart of its elected President. While he is in office, the President is the country’s surrogate representative of the people, and through his horoscope the fate of the nation can be determined as it relates to the potentials found in the Country’s natal horoscope.

Examining the US chart for future trends, we find that there is a profound astrological event currently in progress. It is the Transit of Pluto orbiting on its way to the first Return to its natal position. This significant astrological Return correlates to the present extreme polarization of the political parties and the general upheaval in the day to day administration of the White House. It is important then, after establishing the state of current Aspects in the US chart, to look to the dynamic activity in the chart of the President. In this way the details and dates of possible successes and challenges that buttress the purpose of the Pluto Return and its meaning can be determined.


The Progressions and Major Transits for the President are the keys to understanding what is expected to transpire in the coming years. Shown here, in the graph of Progressions to natal planets, is a list of Aspects ranging from 2017 to 2020. The graph shows the President’s Progressed Moon making a Conjunction to his natal Pluto from December 29, 2017 to February 18, 2018. This two month period corresponds to significant activities taking place behind the scenes, because the Conjunction of planets is in Trump’s natal 12th house. The meaning of this house placement includes clandestine events, and quite literally points to the extramarital affair with the adult-film star Stormy Daniels that now has come into the open. The Progressed Moon brings the event to the public’s attention, because the Moon, among other things, is the indicator of one’s emotional engagement with the outside world.

Corresponding to this time is another event of great import. It is the inappropriate telephone message to Vladimir Putin to congratulate him on his bogus electoral victory. The US President was strongly urged by his aides not to congratulate the Russian leader, but Trump’s unrestrained motivations offset his otherwise more judicious reasoning.

The graph shows that from 2017 through 2020, that the majority of the Dynamic activity is supported by Major Aspects of Conjunctions, Sextiles and Trines. There may be constant challenge to the current administration from Transits that beset the President, but on the most part, the Major Progressed planets create a powerful momentum for success. There are no challenging Progressed Squares or Oppositions, including from the Moon, during these years. This is extraordinary good fortune for the President and the Republican Party.

Among Trump’s favorable Progressed Aspects is the beneficent Conjunction of Venus to natal Jupiter at 17 degrees 27 minutes of Libra. This is shown in the graph by the turquoise bar with the red arrow, and in the horoscope by the green arrow at the bottom left of the chart. The Aspect commenced June 29, 2017 and that date corresponds to the first in-person meeting between Trump and Putin at the G-20 in Hamburg, Germany. The meeting was doubly significant, because Putin’s natal Saturn is in exact cross-tie Conjunction with Trump’s Jupiter in Libra. A planetary cross-tie between individuals can activate the relationship when a Progressed planet from either individual’s chart Aspects that point. In this Progression, Trump experiences the beneficial effects of Venus to natal Jupiter, and includes President Putin in the advantages and successes for the period of approximately one year. This Aspect also includes the controversy over silencing Stormy Daniels with a payoff during the campaign in 2016. Another corresponding event is the successful passing of tax legislation. These issues are related to 2nd house financial matters.

The characteristics of Trump’s Jupiter and Putin’s Saturn tell of the differences they bring to the relationship. Putin’s Saturn brings a more serious tone to their interactions by his general reserve and well-organized approach. Trump is more spontaneous and enthusiastic. The cross-tie located in Trump’s 2nd house of personal finances suggests he may have been the beneficiary of some monetary reward at some point in the past or at the least refers to the hope he had of building a Trump Tower in Moscow. Putin’s Saturn undoubtedly reflects the non-cooperation, as of yet, to fulfill Trump’s ambitions concerning this venture.

The Sabian degree shared by these two men is foreboding, and can easily be foretelling. It is, Two men placed under arrest. Taken symbolically, the men seem to be unusually tied together through some great admiration or perhaps some transactions or agreements that are not yet fully known to the public. On the other hand, there might be something for which the two may have to reconcile, either in regards to each other, or more impactful if relating to something of a political nature that may have been inappropriate, as the negative of the symbol suggests.

18 Libra is, Two men placed under arrest. 

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

For the duration of the Venus Progression, supportive Aspects can emphasis the connection between the two parties; for example, Mercury Stationed on March 23, 2018 to go Retrograde at 16 Aries 54. This was in direct Opposition to the 18th degree of Libra where the two men share their Sabian degree potentials. The Station correlates to the very date of the reelection of Vladimir Putin as President of Russia, and the congratulatory phone call from President Trump shortly after.


The Progressed Venus to natal Jupiter is approximately two years in duration, and will continue to keep these two men actively engaged. A date to watch in this regard is June 13, 2018 when the Progressed Aspect is Exact. Noteworthy manifestations correlate to the Progression when the two planets Enter into contact, are Exact, and when the Progressed planet Leaves the Aspect. However, a myriad of corresponding events may take place during or near the two year period and should be considered relevant, even if not falling on specific dates in the ephemeris.

The good-natured Venus to Jupiter benefits begin to wane after June 13th when the Aspect is complete. It then proceeds to move toward the end of the planetary interaction, as it leaves the Aspect shown on May 30, 2019. This date synchronizes closely with Trump’s Progressed Moon Aspects in 2019 and with the Pluto Station Opposite natal Saturn in his chart.


The Progressed Venus to natal Jupiter brings the probability for highly gratifying events, especially with the buttressing string of harmonious Progressed Moon Aspects continuing through 2020. There is also a helpful Progressed Mars Sextile to Pluto active through October 2019 and a gracious Venus Trine Uranus until November 2019. Then a stark turning point to this advantageous momentum in Progressed to natal planets comes with advent of Progressed to Progressed planets in 2019, as well as a powerful challenging Transit for which to take notice.

The graph listing the Progressed to Progressed planets shows an extremely challenging Aspect occurring in the horoscope of the US President in 2019. This astrological event occurs in everyone’s life, at a maximum of three times during a lifetime. It is the Progressed Lunation that completes each of the possible thirty year phases of experience. Unlike the Progressed Lunar Return that corresponds with the timing of the Saturn Return, the Progressed Lunation occurs at different times in each person’s life. The Aspect depends on the relationship of the Sun and Moon in the natal chart. The Progressed Lunation occurs when the Progressed Moon catches up with the Progressed Sun, and with that Conjunction it ends a previous cycle to make way for new seed ideas and activities to be commenced in the mind, heart and reality of daily life.

A Progressed Lunation has the approximate duration of three years. One and a half years before the Exact Conjunction of Sun and Moon will define the period when experiences from the previous thirty year cycle begin to wane. It is the time when present attitudes and involvements gradually move toward closure. Often in the midst of the waning process, the native experiences sadness as one senses an impending finalization without the knowledge of what the future will bring.

Just like the seed that is planted in the ground that has no apparent existence until time and nourishment call forth new life to the light of day, so too the new cycle of experience remains hidden until the appropriate hour of revelation. President Trump, and the US population will have to accept and surrender to the changes that are inevitable in 2019 through the President’s Progressed Lunation.


The Transits just before the Lunation are profound. They are Transit Pluto and Transit Saturn Opposite President Trump’s natal Saturn. He’ll be half way into his third Saturn Return and the whole astrological scenario will be amplified by the presence of Pluto joining in on the powerful Opposition of Transits. On April 25, 2019, the Transit Moon will be briefly stimulating the astrological event. Transit Mars is quickly going to Conjunct natal Uranus also, so there should be some significant manifestation of events during this time.

Along with the Transit Oppositions, and before the Progressed Lunation, Trump’s Progressed Moon will Conjunct natal Mars – the point of his indomitable initiative. Shortly after that, the Progressed Moon will Conjunct his Ascendant. This it does as it comes out of the obscurity of the 12th house where all fears and psychological maladjustments have lingered. On the Ascendant, the Moon will bring to life a new perspective on things, as well as bring about new skills to officiate new circumstances. A few months later, the Progressed Moon finally comes to the climactic Conjunction with Trump’s Progressed Sun at 3 degrees Virgo. This is the Progressed Lunation. The degree is, Two angels bringing protection. This symbol promises a favorable influence, and is in stark contrast to the more ominous degree of Trump’s Jupiter, Two men placed under arrest. It is likely that through thick and thin, Trump will come out smelling like a rose to his supporters who see him as angelic, and to those who feel he needs to be curtailed, he will remain a thorn in the side of democracy. Two angels may indeed trump two men constrained.

The Progressed Moon begins its Conjunction with Trump’s Progressed Sun on August 19, 2019. It is Exact on September 16, 2019, and Leaves the Aspect on October 15, 2019. Although the Aspect is two months in duration, it is actually felt a year and a half before Exact and a year and a half after. The potentials during this time will emphasize both the positive and negative definitions of the Sabian Symbol.

Virgo 3 Two angels bringing protection This is a symbol of the absolute certainty which any individual may develop in the terms of his conscious faith, and of the power in human character which becomes the hallmark of his spiritual orientation. There are the traditional legions of heavenly forces which ever move to sustain the soul in its outreaching to eternal values, facilitating the simple and consistent convergence of all good things toward their own kind. High-mindedness here pays very pleasant dividends. The keyword is SECURITY. When positive, the degree is a sure conviction which enables man to proceed to an effective fulfillment of his dreams, and when negative, vain pretense and self-importance.

Progressed Lunations are a time of great change in a person’s life, where they leave behind current involvements to nourish the seed of future experience yet to be determined. It is likely that Trump will either not run for a second term, or he will be voted out of office.

*The purpose of this post, and all others on this blog, are not necessarily to predict events, but to point to the astrological coordinates that synchronize with the realities that have and will inevitably play out in the daily developments of life on Earth. Profound astrological Aspects always reveal the times when there are significant potentials uncovered, whether for good or evil, and astrologers are notorious for making wrong assumptions, although they are always aware that the signs mean something, they rarely are able to predict ahead of time what those signs truly represent. The Solar System is a mechanism of how things manifest in the universe, but mystery always prevails.

** Dynamic: The Progressed and Transit planetary activity.



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Remembering Martin Luther King Jr. – The Assassination

Martin Luther King was assassinated on April 4, 1968. His progressed Mars was exactly opposite his High Focus natal Saturn at 25 Sag 21.

26 Sag: A flag-bearer. Original symbol, The scene is an old-fashioned battle; in the hot hand-to-hand fighting a flag bearer distinguishes himself.

Below are a few stunning highlights from Marc Edmund Jones’ description in The Sabian Symbols in Astrology:

” . . . Implicit in the symbolism is the call for a high self-sacrifice, and for the development of such new dimensions of experience as will permit the self to realize its transcendental aspirations. Every resource of normal life is commandeered for the greater potentiality. The keyword is NOBILITY. When positive, the degree is spiritual exaltation through some dramatic or vital service to all. . . ”


Although Lois Rodden gives the time of birth for King to be an A rating, the Moon is always in question with a birth time of 12 noon. Transit Pluto may or may not have been Opposite natal Moon, but if the birth time is correct, that Transit is a definite sign of profound pressure leading to the ultimate transformation – not always, but certainly when it shows itself to be present in such cases, it is no surprise. And by the end of May 1968, Pluto would be Stationary Direct at 20 Virgo 10. Transit Pluto was in the process of a turnaround even two months earlier than the exact Station, because the planet moves so slowly.

The emotional depth and intensity of King’s last and most prophetic speech, “I’ve been to the Mountaintop” is unmistakably the mark of a Pluto influencing the Moon. Improvised and straight from the heart, that speech is as powerful an event to coincide with the dynamic planetary pressures that also brought the gunman to memorialize and martyr the man for all eternity.



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The Beauty That is More than Skin Deep – Princess Diana

Planetary configurations in the birth chart of the Princess of Wales confirm the spell she had, and still has, on all people everywhere, no matter their gender, race or circumstances in life. The charts of other individuals born at the same time, may share symbolically, the potentials that only she in her advantageous circumstance could bring to fruition in a lifetime. 


Diana’s Moon/Uranus Opposition in the Leo and Aquarius polarity, shows that she has a Fixed Natural Disposition. This means that she is interested in the meaning of life and its ideals and principles – encouraging ethics to take precedence over self-gratification, or the fulfillment of others’ needs above one’s own. Preoccupation of self is the mark of a Cardinal Disposition, and the dedication to the welfare of others is a Mutable Disposition’s characteristic.

In her emotional battles with the royal family, it has been shown that she made her most important life decisions with the thought of how they would play out in the Fixed, abstract realm of right and wrong. And the challenge of the ubiquitous presence of her husband’s lover, forced her to take a traditional and moral attitude in regards to the institution of marriage. It was neither for her own nor her husband’s benefit that she had a mind to satisfy, but instead, it was her adherence to principle that moved her finally to acquiesce to separation and ultimately divorce. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in her 7th house, the Princess’ drive in life was focused toward finding a mate, sharing experience, and to hold family and relationships sacred. This was sadly, never to be fulfilled.

The Princess’ Temperament Type is a bit difficult to define, because the spread of the planets does not fit ideally into any of the seven typical patterns. At first view, it seems possibly that the pattern is a Splash, with the planets spread evenly around the wheel. However, there are six empty houses where there should only be three for the ideal of this typing. The possible See-Saw is ruled out because of the lack of a Core Opposition, and neither of the two segments is formed with a delimiting Opposition. A Splay may seem appropriate, but there are four instead of three segments of planets that normally signify the Type.

In the final analysis, the Splay Temperament is chosen over the other six possibilities, since with some effort on the native’s part, the Moon can be pulled into a Grand Trine with Neptune and the Sun. The Splay is based on the triangulation of the chart, and the Moon’s normal orb is 12.30 degrees and in the Princess’ case, it is a mere 30 minutes of arc over accepted orb. The validity of this choice of pattern is seen in the native’s avoidance of mediocrity and commonplace lifestyle. The Splay, with its pyramiding ease of self-making, motivates a native to blossom into a personage that can have a very real impact on the lives of others who witness their special brand of genius. The Princess was indeed a personage whose stature soared above the norm, giving confirmation of the benefit of the Splay’s Grand Trine potentials. Given time to progressively develop into a model of goodness and grace, the Grand Trine inevitably led the Princess to worldwide attention and homage.

But it is not the Temperament Type alone, nor any of the other myriad of planetary characteristics that made Diana into the overwhelmingly beloved personality. As inferred above, there is always the factor of heredity and environment to take into account and to integrate into a thorough reading of any horoscope, whether it be a celebrated individual or of an average citizen from any walk of life. In Diana’s case, it was her juxtaposition to power that gave her an advantage to influence millions. And this might not have been accomplished, had she not married a Prince, the heir to the throne of England. The Princess’ potentials were magnified by her own pedigree as well, but the marriage set those potentials into motion, even more so after the unfortunate divorce when she was literally on her own. This gave her the sympathy of the masses, seen astrologically in the well-occupied 8th house of other people’s approval.

Diana had a Sharp Destiny, which is testimony to the rigid limitations and controversies with which she endured throughout her too short life. But a Sharp Destiny often propels an individual beyond normal achievement, even when at the same time there are forces at play challenging the native at every turn. A Sharp Destiny is defined by the stress of a Conjunction, Square or Opposition of the Planetary Pair of Motivation; Jupiter and Saturn. In the case of the Princess, it is the Conjunction of the Pair in the 2nd house of personal resources, that when using them in service to principles of right and wrong, it gave to others, represented by the 8th house, the encouragement to do likewise.

There is a powerful T-Cross in Fixed signs in the chart showing Venus to be in Point Focus as a Focal Determinator for self- expression.  Her earthly beauty was matched by her heartfelt concern for others in a down-to-earth manner signified by the sign of Taurus.  In the 5th house, it reveals the demonstrative attention she always paid to her two boys, first and foremost. Her love, in terms of romantic entanglements is also a 5th house preoccupation, and like every other woman, personal love was for her a primary focus. Uniquely, in the Princess’ case, the Point Focus nature of Venus in the 5th, threw her relentlessly in front of the press and paparazzi, and ultimately into the face of constant public scrutiny. She was, because of Venus in Point Focus, gracious to others because of her own sensibilities. Venus’ keywords very clearly define her. Acquisitive is the basic keyword for Venus and its meaning points to the desires that drive a person to achieve their aims – this she did rather well. In Progressions, Venus is described by the word Sensitivity. Diana’s capacity for tender intimacy is also paramount, and is one of the reasons she will not be forgotten by average people who understand the importance of sincere caring; the trademark of a Venus reaching beyond normal expectations.

She didn’t think like those around her, being born with Mercury in Retrograde motion. And because of that the world had the “pleasure” of witnessing her battles with her own identity. She wasn’t going to be pigeonholed at any cost, and that may have contributed to her rejection of being a mere figurehead in royal life.

The groupings of the planets around the wheel are a series of Conjunctions that gave her the power to intensely impress her ideas and attitudes upon others – each planet giving the ones it stands next to more emphasis to influence outer circumstances.


The Sabian Symbols give penetrating insight into the mind, heart and purpose of the Princess’ life.
One particular symbol standing out above the rest is Diana’s important Point Focus Venus degree at 25 Taurus, A large well-kept public park. But the true glory of the symbol is seen in its original form, A magnificent public park spreads its charm before the eye in a vista that awes the loftiest spirit. Here in a sentence is the essence of Princess Diana, who can be described herself as a possession of the public in awe of the soul who humbly embraced even the lowliest among us.

Marc Jones’ refinement of definition literally tells the story of Diana’s dedication to society’s commoners. And high-lighted in bold below, is the positive expression of the purpose of her incarnation, as brought to the forefront through the all-important placement of Venus in this one of 360 Sabian Symbol degrees.

TAURUS 25 A large well-kept public park This is a symbol of the everyday integrity of society at large, and of the community divisions of labor through which each person gains the resources for well-being and self-enjoyment which obviously he could never create for himself through his own isolated efforts. There is here an emphasis on the common experience of mankind as the setting for an individual’s worth and achievement in their more characteristic lineaments, and for his consequent self-discovery and self-realization. The keyword is RECREATION. When positive, the degree is a high devotion to the practical welfare of all people collectively, and when negative, a complete surrender of personality to mass judgments and transient superficiality. 


The chart shows Progressions and Transits for August 31, 1997. The 8th house is framed in a pink square and shows the 7th house birth Sun and Mercury now Progressing through the 8th house of the ultimate transition. Very close to the time of death the Transit Moon was Conjunct the Progressed Sun, and the Transits of the Sun and Mercury were just moving away from their Conjunction with natal Pluto in the 8th. All this is a powerful emphasis of 8th house activity.

Diana’s all-important natal Venus Progressed to an exact Conjunction with her natal Mercury at her death, and this correlates to the close tie she had with Dodi Fayed and their recent engagement. Progressed Mars shown with the green arrow, is making a Trine with natal Venus for supportive Aspects that mirror the same intimacy potentials at the time.

Transits too had a significant impact on the challenge and intensity of the situation. All three of the outer planets were in tight association with natal planets. Transit Uranus and Neptune, shown by the two short red arrows at the bottom left, were respectively Conjunct Saturn and Jupiter, the planets identifying Diana’s Sharp Destiny. And Transit Pluto, indicated by the horizontal blue arrow, was in Square Aspect with natal Mars positioned in the ominous 8th house. Transit Pluto on the cusp of the 12th house reveals the dark cloud over the affair in both literal terms and of the matter of the conspiracy theory that the death was planned by the royal family.

For whatever the cause, the world lost a great soul on that tragic night in Paris. Had Mercury not been Retrograde on that fateful day, seat belts may have been used and could have diverted the tragedy. It is interesting to take note of the disturbing quality of the Sabian degree of Mercury Station Retrograde at 17 Virgo, A volcano in eruption, with its keyword EXPLOSION. And the Station Direct at 3 Virgo, Two angels bringing protection is sadly ironic – its keyword, SECURITY.



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Prognosis for a Marriage – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There are techniques that can help couples make certain that their choice in partnership will bring about a fruitful outcome. The beginnings of attractions often bring with them a euphoria that often blinds the hopefuls into a belief that their match was indeed made in heaven, only later to find out that the realities are far different than what was expected. Astrology can reveal harsh realities, and because of this, the astrologer should step lightly when it comes to telling the truth of what she or he sees in the chart comparison data. This is the case with Prince Harry of England and LA born Meghan Markle.

The reason to be ultra-cautious in a reading of the cross-ties and element comparisons between these two celebrated individuals is because a comparison of their charts reveals great challenges. There is a lack of astrological factors promising to keep them closely tied.

Here are the techniques to apply when seeking an understanding of the potentials between any prospective partnership, whether personal or for business purposes.


Using a 1 degree orb, look for planets in one chart that are in the same degree or opposite any planet in the chart of the other. If there are planets in the same sign and degree or opposite, it is safe to say that the connection between the couple is potentially positive for a continuing and fruitful relationship with little struggle toward that end. An analysis of the house positions and characteristics of the planets involved is taken into account in the interpretation.

If there is no cross-tie between the charts, the two individuals will need to make a very concerted effort to establish and maintain the deep inner connectivity that promotes a life time of fulfillment. With a lack of Conjunctions and/or Oppositions between the charts, the parties concerned will be caught up in a daily struggle to reestablish the commitment to the relationship, coupled with a marked necessity to adjust to the other’s personal differences. On the other hand, charts with shared cross-tie energies are in a natural state to harmoniously enhance the potentials between them.

The planets of Efficiency; Mars, Venus and Mercury in one chart are compared with the other’s same planet in terms of the element compatibility of the signs where they reside. If for example Mars in one chart is in an earth sign, to be compatible with the other chart, the Mars must be in an earth sign as well or in a water sign. Earth and water signs are compatible with each other, and the fire and air combination are harmonious with each other as the other possibility. This is an examination of Mars to Mars, Venus to Venus and Mercury to Mercury between the two charts.

The ideal potential is when two of the three planets of Efficiency are in harmonious elements and one is not. Two pairs in harmonious elements allows for establishing a general compatibility, leaving one pair stressed to stimulate growth and development in the relationship. Compare the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the same fashion.

Comparing the Temperament Type, High and Point Focus Planets, Natural Dispositions, Sharp and Loose Destinies and other Focal Determinators between the two charts can reveal hopeful possibilities when the primary techniques explained above lack interactive cross-ties and similar elements.

The chart cross-ties between the prince and the showgirl are virtually nonexistent. Their only harmonious  elements compared are between their Ascendants in earth and water signs. This means they can give attention to their shared perspectives on life, and depend on the skills they have in common to focus their lives toward a meaningful purpose. Each has a history of humanitarian interest, and they bring this to the relationship to combine their mutual dedication to public service. Their partnership as seen by the public can be an example of unselfish giving, and may be the foundation established to carry them successfully into the future. This is afforded to them via compatible Ascendants.

A look at the Progressed horoscope of each individual will also shed light on the connections that are and will be promised. Comparing the Progressed planets to positions in the partner’s natal chart can give vital promise to a continuing interrelationship. All of the Major Aspects can be brought into play for this underlying view into the marriage potentials. The event chart of the day of marriage, with its configurations in combination with each native’s chart, is also of import.



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Solar System; The Seat of Consciousness

Modern day physicists are exploring the great and the small realms in the universal manifold that the ancients referred to by the axiom “As above, so below.” Yet most are ignoring the mechanics an attributes of the Solar System with its planetary cycles and their “effects” on human life on Earth. Astrology is an ancient study mostly ignored by science. Fortunately the everyday citizen has a grasp of the importance of astrology for offering them a view of what may come ahead for them in life, and also for an understanding of their life potentials shown in their astrological charts. These individuals have left behind the over-simplified newspaper astrological fortune-telling, and have gone on where scientists fear to tread.

There are modern scientific theories that have given credence to an understanding of an all-pervading intelligence in the universe. Some find it in what they call the morphogenetic field, others find a source of life and intelligence in oscillating water molecules and their geometric patterning. And there are many other theories that pervade the scientific world. But these and others are lacking an awareness of the vibratory factors and intelligence in the rate of the rotation of the planets on their axis in combination with their orbital cycles defined by numerical tones. The source of the universe, consciousness and life may always remain a mystery, but as the notable physicist Richard Faynman once said, “It does no harm to the mystery to know a little bit about it.”

The Sun enlightens by the power of its electrical fire, and pulls, through its magnetic properties, the planets through the galaxy in a spiraling motion. Where is it all heading?; in a circle – a spiraling circle that evolves and gathers more to the story of life, and then fades into yet another eternal theme, based on the mastermind’s purpose of the universe itself, ever leaving humankind in wonderment of the meaning and truth to life.

The planets not only define their meaning through their dual spinning cyclic nature, but by the effects they have on one another as they make and break mathematical/geometric relationships with each other’s energy fields in motion. Our emotions are essential for conducting the messages from these “gods” of the hierarchy of meaning. We reflect their natures in and by several mysterious ways. We are connected through the manifold energy/intelligence in all space, and we interpret its importance and meaning through the sieve of our own personal experience. Each of us is born into a culture that molds and programs our perception of life, and this can keep us locked into step with a whole generation of minds held back because of the fear of taking steps forward in wholeness and global and universal awareness. Acknowledging the powers innate in the planets of our Solar System is a giant step toward understanding how the Solar System and our life on Earth interrelate.

From the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones:

LEO 7 The constellations in the sky This is a symbol of the infinite regression in all universal reality, not as a fact of some unreachable end in knowledge but rather as a demonstration that any abandonment of the known for the sake of the unknown is fruitless. The cosmos is illimitable in the sense that man’s questing may ramify in time and space to the extent of any given pertinence, but his assurance lies within his own being and experience. The stars are his confirmation, never his explanation. The keyword is SURETY. When positive, the degree is consistent effectiveness in understanding and self-ordering, and when negative, a loss of all present integrity through an unnecessary retreat to the remote or mysterious.



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Alina Zagitova – Olympic Gold Metal Winner 2018 – Figure Skating


Alina at 15 years old captured the gold! A beautiful girl, and a gorgeous performance. Here are a few of the planetary Aspects to her natal chart from progressions and the Transits of the evening she skated her best. In the chart it is shown through the literally expressed Sabian Symbol of Mars, that Alina was destined to be on ice. Mars at 23Gem17, which rounds out to 24 Gemini is Children skating on ice.

GEMINI 24 Children skating on ice This is a symbol of the persisting imminence of adventure in experience, and of the constant danger to self in failing to sustain or order the complex of things as they are. Implicit in the symbolism is the value of an established reality as a foundation for further refinement of personal capacity and skill. The satisfaction of a successful self-expression always must remain a dynamic impetus to further achievement, and so never become a static aplomb or a surrender to self as it stands. The keyword is FUN. When positive, the degree is soul-satisfying experiment in the infinitely varying channels of possible self-discovery, and when negative, a tendency to live for momentary excitement.

Since Mars is the planet that tells the story in imagery, we can see that on the night Alina won her place as a champion, that very planet was Transiting in exact Conjunction with her important leading planet Pluto on the cusp of the 5th house of self-expression through sport. Pluto is in an Opposition Aspect with Saturn and shows the precision with which she executes her skills and the rigorous training she needed to accomplish her goals.

Other Aspects are supportive; Transit Neptune is in Trine to natal Jupiter. Although Alina’s time of birth is not presently known, it is interesting that in this solar chart, the Progressed Moon makes a Trine to Jupiter as well.

An interesting feature of Alina’s natal horoscope shows the three outer planets on one side of the chart, with all other faster moving planets on the other. Her Mercury in Retrograde shows a Sabian Symbol of An airplane falling. This she challenges each time, when she takes to the air with profound expertise and lands her jumps with ease.




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Saturn & Pluto, Partners in Crime and Salvation

While Pluto shines light on our obsessive thinking, Saturn shows us the way to freedom from preoccupying thought through mindfulness. Meditation, governed by Saturn, refers to the training of the mind to concentrate on positive, present awareness, rather than the imagery that takes hold of the attention through an emotional need. Emotions take part in the threefold process of experience; stimulus, response, reaction. These correspond to the mental and emotional mirroring of outside stimulation that leads to a resulting reaction. There are two modes of response; positive/constructive and negative/destructive. If the personal ego feels a threat from the environment the emotional response is then recorded in the mental substance of memory. As these reactions accumulate, so does the build up of negative energy that remains unnoticed by the conscious Will. The experience is then etched into the unconscious and emanates out into the ectoplasm of the human aura. The process can be described in another way: A physical reaction to unwanted stress is a rejection of the experience, and is propelled by the emotion of anger. Anger is the ego’s way of separating from threat, discomfort and pain.

Pluto rules the “underworld” or in modern terms the unconscious. Saturn rules self-consciousness, the conscious mind and conscience. Saturn’s process is one of selectivity. With the help of the meditative process, the conscious mind can examine the content of the unconscious. Thoughts rise up from the subconscious to be observed by conscious awareness for their value to the individual. Thoughts can be dispelled when deemed distractions, or preserved when positive and useful. Saturn is synonymous with concentration; the ability to focus the mind at a desired point of attention. It does this through practicing to concentrate on one point, such as the breath, the flame of a candle or a part of the body like the hand and fingers. Its process is disjunctive; it has the power to evaluate and compare right and wrong, and drop from existence thoughts too low in standard for acceptance. Self-evaluation is its purpose.


Pluto is like the hard-drive of the mind that stores information to be recalled when needed, and Saturn views and evaluates this data. Meditation has long been closely identified with the planet Saturn, because personal growth depends upon awareness and accountability for one’s actions and attitude. Saturn’s identification with meditation is the process of concentrating on an object or the breath, and through this passive activity the content of the unconscious rises to the level of enlightening recognition. If we are not aware of the root content of our thoughts and the need to correct negative motivation when it arises, we cannot be transformed. Self-awareness is the core of positive living, and is the ever-present guidance from within.

Meditation is simply a method of quieting the body so that the content of the mind can more easily be accessed. In this way we can view what the problems are as they rise to the conscious mind from the depths of the unconscious. When we react to stressful situations, it is an emotional response. Emotions are recorded in the mind and the body’s biofield.

The planets during Transits and Progressions draw situations and individuals into our lives to represent parts of ourselves needing fulfillment and/or transformation. This process works through the stress that others cause in our lives. For example, if a person demands something from us, we tend to blame them for the stress we feel when we cannot deliver. It is really our own inadequacy that we need to address, and then we can see that the stimulus of the other person is not the cause, but in reality is life’s method of showing us what is lacking in ourselves to maturely address the problem. People and situations are doing us a favor of playing the part that brings out our weaknesses. To avoid these situations is not the answer, and to be combative is equally inadequate. What is needed, is to realize that we are all here for the purpose of expanding awareness, and adversity is the key and prodding to advance us along the way.


It is important to restrain desire from too much indulgence. Nothing can be achieved without the desire to advance, but nothing can be enjoyed without a sense of boundaries and the peace of mind restraint can bring. To entertain both ambition and limitation, one must work toward balance throughout a lifetime, and meditation and concentration is essential for its manifestation. The dualistic mind: we think subjectively in terms of the self, and objectively in terms of environmental factors. But to keep these dual aspects of life functioning in a healthy manner, one must keep mindful of the present moment where the two features of mind take place. The method to assure a balance is through the practice of concentrating on the breath, the hand, a mandala or candle flame or any other object.  This is how the attention can be directed by the Will aspect of mentality. To be preoccupied by thought is a sign of not being in control of it. Learning to shift the attention from obsessive thoughts to a neutral object helps to interrupt the hold the obsessive thoughts have over the mind. Consolidating the direction of thought is governed by the planet Saturn. In contrast, the broadest range of thought is governed by Pluto. Integrating the two vibratory energies into a working coalescence is necessary for a productive life and peacefulness.

The distinct differences of Saturn and Pluto can coexist, just as all the planets have working relationships with one another in the Solar System. Look to the relationship of Saturn to Pluto in a horoscope and how it fits into the Gestalt; whether the two are in major or minor Aspect, or are not in a definitive aspect at all. These relationships reveal deep meaning, and are guides to help us understand our unique and individual destiny and purpose in life.

The positive and negative meanings of Pluto:

P: Transcendence, broadened awareness, equality, cosmic consciousness, spiritual power, truth and probity.  N: Intrigue, political manipulation, confusion and contrast between truth and lies, investigations for truth finding, criminality, mob and gang rule, hidden motives, hypnotic and compulsive activity.

The positive and negative meanings of Saturn:

P: Conscience, concentration, sensitiveness, maturity, wisdom, conservative, integrity, disjunctive analysis, endurance, patience, discernment. N: Frustration, guilt, fear, anxiety, sadness, self-destructive, isolationism, discrimination.  

To learn a method of overcoming the stresses of life with calmness, visit: http://www.15minutemeditator.com



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Oprah Winfrey – Award at the Golden Globes and Life in General

Photo Credit, Jordan Strauss

Oprah Winfrey came from obscure and impoverished roots, but she worked her way to the top through sheer and dogged self-effort. Configurations in her horoscope are testimony to her gifts, stamina and all-around destined good fortune. Her chart also reflects, through strong Oppositions and Squares, the stresses and personal struggles that were her fate to overcome, so that she might manifest the wonder of her potentials “written in her stars.”


Defined by the Mercury/Pluto and Moon/Jupiter Oppositions.

Oprah’s horoscope forms ideal planetary configurations in several ways. There is the presence of both Fixed and Mutable Oppositions which causes a dueling demand for attention between the differing interests defined by the two triplicities of the Fixed and Mutable signs. To resolve the dilemma of warring interests the one Triplicity that does not appear though an Opposition Aspect, defines the Natural Disposition, or what the native of the chart should be inclined to make their most important interest in life. For Oprah, it is the missing Cardinal Triplicity of planets that points the way for her to be interested in promoting herself as a personality, and to be politically minded with an interested in solving problems and crises she herself experiences and also to assist others in means and ways of resolving difficulties.

The Mutable Natural Disposition defines a person with an interest in the welfare of others above oneself. The Fixed Disposition inclines a person to rise above both the interest in oneself first or the cares and needs of others, to bring them to an interest in ideas and the meaning of life through a study of principles.


Defined by the geometric patterns the planets form from the Earth’s perspective.

There is a distinct and highly developed Splay Temperament Type in Oprah’s chart and a Grand Trine that connects the three segments of her pyramiding personality represented by the more evolved Splay pattern. The personality builds with a continuous momentum toward a profound and highly unique self-expression. In Oprah’s case it is an air Grand Trine that moves her in the direction of intellect with a desire to share ideas of great import.


Defined by two out of four Planetary Pairs in Major Aspect.

Oprah’s Mode of Self-Integration is Conjunctive Activity, shown by the Sun/Moon and Uranus/Neptune major aspects. Mars/Venus and Uranus/Neptune These allow her to bring all the vastly wide experiences she encounters together to lead her life story.



Oprah’s vital T-Cross has Mars in Point Focus in the Sabian Degree of Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man – this being a most literal expression of what has transpired throughout her career.

SCORPIO 24 Crowds coming down the mountain to listen to one man This is a symbol of recognition for intellectual attainment, and of the supremacy of spiritual over other and more tangible forms of authority among men. There is here an emphasis on the fact that any higher realization must be brought to earth both for its initial confirmation and its ultimate sharing among the many, and that aspiration is meaningless until it achieves some practical focus in those realms and events with which people in general are familiar. The keyword is APPEAL. When positive, the degree is an almost spectacular ability to enlist the higher potentialities of everyone for some practical need of the moment, and when negative, indiscriminate and carefree gullibility.


The many Squares in the chart, shown by the red lines and the T-Cross with Mars reveal the chart’s propensity to make use of emotional and physical struggle as way of moving the native toward self-development. In her youth, Oprah experienced abuse of several kinds, that only encouraged her to overcome all the blocks that normally are set-backs to others less endowed with advanced features that Oprah’s natal horoscope exemplifies.


No planets in earth signs creates the need to find a security in one’s self.

Oprah’s life reveals that the potentials given to a person from the horoscope at birth can indeed be fulfilled. Many charts have profound configurations, but there often can be less ability on the part of an individual to manifest good results. In Oprah’s case, her life efforts have been a match for extraordinary features her chart represents.



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P.T. Barnum, The Greatest Showman and the Sabian Symbols

Throughout P. T. Barnum’s formative years, Pluto had not yet been discovered. A look at Barnum’s chart after its discovery in 1930 reveals that Pluto had been in the prominent position of High Focus as the handle of a Bucket Temperament from birth. From the beginning, Pluto was the covert force behind the gathering of human oddities and animal acts brought to the imagination of world audiences. Pluto’s characteristics include a compulsion to make an impact on present and future generations. It is fitting that the start of Barnum’s enterprise was represented by the collection of societies outcasts that lead toward what would ultimately be known as the greatest show on earth.

And it is noteworthy to mention that Barnum made no bones about declaring his intent to make a profit from the attractions that he gathered in the beginnings of his career as Ring Master par excellence and creator of the P. T. Barnum Circus, initially Barnum’s Grand Scientific and Musical Theater.

Actor, Hugh Jackman plays the role of Barnum in the spectacularly competence 2017 film, The Greatest Showman. The plot follows the general guidelines of real life events, and the movie simulates, on the limited screen, the awesomeness of the grand and lavish performances that were even far more compelling in real life. What started as a bazaar conglomerate of exhibitionists, eventually evolved into the traveling three-ring circus for which the showman was ultimately known. Although there are those who criticize Barnum’s audaciousness in exploiting the handicapped and disfigured, he did give them work and credibility at a time where society was extremely harsh to those unfortunate types. This again is defined by a High Focus Pluto.  

The movie debut on December 8, 2017 pays tribute to a special time in history, and validates a good look into the chart of the man that is known for more than show, but is the icon of the creative American spirit of entertainment and success. This success is represented in the chart by a Grand Trine, shown in pink, that includes the High Focus Pluto in Pisces, and that gathers up the energies of the highly unusual, represented by Uranus in Scorpio, and that completes the momentum with the power of the Sun in Cancer, the sign of Expansion. There is a T-Cross, shown in green, coupled with the Grand Trine that puts Pluto in Point Focus as well as High Focus. This super-powers the meaning of the planet that testifies to the long-lasting impression the man and his ideas has in the field of entertainment.

At birth the chart was the Bowl Temperament Type that was more suited to the person who had to think things through, time and again, before taking action. But with the discovery of Pluto, the chart becomes the revelation of the Bucket Temperament and elevates the dynamic to a  more direct display of compulsively driven ambition, with a touch of compassion, because of the influence of Pluto’s placement in the sign of Pisces. With or without Pluto, the chart’s Natural Disposition is Mutable. So in spite of the accusations of abuse and misuse of others, because of a dependency on their talents for his success, Barnum was at heart a humanitarian, interested in other people’s welfare and well-being.

The chart’s dynamics include the Progression of Mercury, shown with the long orange arrow Opposite Natal Venus throughout the filming of the modern movie. We often see historical figures having aspects in the present, when there are developing activities associated with their lives. The original Sabian Symbol for Venus is, Japanese lanterns, music from a string ensemble, and an animated interweaving of colorful figures mark a garden party. Here is where we begin to see that the “variety show” potentials were well defined in the natal chart itself, and are brought into focus with modern documentation with the release of the celebrated movie.

But the Sabian Symbols play an even more fascinating part in mirroring the characteristics of this particular life, with the symbol of the all-important High and Point Focus Pluto in the degree of, A gigantic tent. The circus tent concept was an afterthought, brought into being because of several devastation fires causing an economic crisis in the show’s production. Its astounding literal confirmation in the chart testifies once again to the magic of the Sabian Symbols and their importance in a thorough study of astrology. 

PISCES 18 A gigantic tent This is a symbol of the completeness with which man is able to see his experience both steadily and whole, dramatized here by the circus as representing an utterly naïve intensification of self-consciousness. The totality of life is brought to some single center in every moment of true excitement or total sharing of skills and risks, and each individual at such times has a renewed insight into his capacity for putting his world in order for his ultimate on-going as well as for his immediate entertainment. The keyword is APPORTIONMENT. When positive, the degree is a genius for organizing divergent capabilities in a common cause, and when negative, delusions of grandeur and unamusing bombast.

It is unlikely that the exact time of birth would be known in 1890, and so the houses and positions of the Moon in the Natal and Progressed charts are not taken into account.

There is a Transit by Venus however, shown at the bottom of the chart with a short orange arrow, that does stand out as significant, by its Conjunction with Natal Saturn at the time of the release of The Greatest Showman into public movie houses in late 2017. The Sabian Symbol is, A golden haired goddess of opportunity, and it speaks for itself. Fast moving planets in Transits are relatively short-lived, but in this case Transit Venus does support the potentials of the natural good fortune available to the native through Saturn’s sensitivity to all possibilities at hand.

Venus is circled in orange to draw attention to the coming Lunar Eclipse on 12 Leo, that may likely bring an Academy Award in early 2018 for the skillfully developed and highly entertaining production.



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