If one is looking for help with a difficult issue or just seeking more knowledge and understanding about how their life fits into a network of relationships and to life as a whole, Planetary Dynamics has answers.

Ideally, each person should be learning astrology and reading their own horoscope. But that is not realistic because to be proficient in astrology one has to approach it as one would any career that may take years to develop the necessary skills. It is important to find a knowledgeable astrologer who is sensitive to the specific needs of the client, and capable of understanding the complexity of the planetary configurations that define the core issues demanding resolution in a thoughtful and timely manner.

Usually, it is thought that a one-time life reading is sufficient, but many individuals schedule an astrology reading on a yearly basis. This works well for some, however for others with serious concerns, an approach closely resembling psychotherapy sessions can be of great help. Planetary movements can be tracked and associated with events. The duration of a significant aspect can be “clocked” to give clarity to an otherwise seemingly random event. For this more earnest investigation into the life and chart, it is beneficial to be in communication with an experienced and seasoned astrologer.

Astrological information is not always sought out because of critical concerns or for problem-solving. It is also of interest to enlightened individuals seeking to discover more about themselves by looking into the mirror of the solar system’s morphogenetic field. This intelligent energy field is mapped out in the natal horoscope’s geometric planetary configurations, and these symbolic life potentials are best revealed through the use of advanced astrological techniques. Astrological analysis has the dual purpose of developing and expanding self-awareness, as well as being a vital tool in preparing for times when planets align for more urgent, upcoming life challenges.

For horoscope readings email:
Sessions are conducted in person, by Zoom, or by telephone.
Astrological consultations that explore natal chart potentials along with the dynamic Transits and Progressions are $150* for the hour. This price includes time spent in advance of the session for chart setup and evaluation. Half-hour readings are also available.

A comparison of horoscopes for relationship compatibilities, career potentials, and child development is extremely useful. To set up a chart, it is necessary to have the month, day, and year, the city, state, and country location, and the exact time of birth. However, a horoscope can be set up without the exact time of birth for a more general understanding of chart potentials.

*The cost of a reading can also be based on a sliding scale for those with economic limitations. No one is turned away because of an inability to pay. Fees vary and are based on either a one-time session or several sessions in a package. Special reduced rates are given to those who wish to purchase the package option.

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