Catherine, Princess of Wales and Her Astrological Condition

Having wealth and influence may shield you from many external challenges, but it cannot guard against the internal struggles posed by nature. The Princess of Wales finds herself grappling with this very issue, and astrology eerily reflects her situation.

While the average astrologer adheres to more commonly used methods, some are privy to the significance of the deeper and relatively hidden stations in secondary progressions. This is precisely the planetary activity occurring in the Princess’s progressions that relating directly to the unexpected cancer diagnosis. Progressed Mars stations to turn retrograde 42 days after birth, relating to the native’s 42nd year of life. This critical astrological event falls squarely at time of her personal crisis.

Taking several years to complete, progressed Mars is on its way to station near natal Saturn at 21 Libra 50. Going in retrograde motion may offer the Princess some respite, although Saturn’s involvement often signifies particularly grave demands.

Marc Edmund Jones explains the following concerning progressed stations (1):

Planetary Stations are established when a planet in secondary progression appears to come to a rest in the zodiac and begins to move retrograde instead of direct or vice versa . . . The phenomenon in progressions always identifies a subtle or psychological shift in the fundamental course of life such as requires a critical regrasp of experience and often proves to be an adjustment over an appreciable span of time whether marked by some single sharp event of easy identification or by a complex syndrome of changes of less obvious interrelation.

In this case, the diagnosis of cancer was marked by “a single sharp event of easy identification” as Jones explains as one of the ways to identify a time of challenge and transformation.

The Princess of Wales will undergo yet another significant progressed station as Jupiter is due to turn retrograde at age 45. Whether this brings similar concerns or presents new ones, it certainly suggests further hurdles for her to navigate.

Stationary planets are powerful in transits as well, bringing Pluto to the fore with its station at 5 Aquarius 31 minutes in May 2026. Here the station comes very close to an exact conjunction with natal Mercury. The 6th house governs the state of health and one’s needed adjustments in life style that offer a path to well-being. While no specific predictions are made here, it does warrant attention to potential future health issues. The 6th house also refers to duties to be performed under pressure. Great effort to accomplish daily responsibilities may present problems to overcome.

Astrology charts future events whether perceived as positive or negative experiences. Being aware of upcoming astrological factors allows us to adapt and make concerted efforts to understand what the planetary aspects expect from us in response. Prior awareness also provides us an opportunity to navigate challenges more gracefully rather than facing them head-on without prior preparation.

It is also important to note that these present and upcoming progressed and transit stations are not only precursors for ill health, they are also pointing to a time when the Princess will be elevated to her expected position as Queen. Aspects in astrology are neither solely good nor bad, but rather range the full spectrum of experience, and in the Princess’ case, they indeed represent an extreme of possibilities that most individuals will never be faced with in their lifetimes.



(1) From the Scope of Astrological Prediction