The Beginning of the End – Operation Barbarossa – June 1941


There are numerous reasons given by historians well versed in the events of WW2 that indicating the ‘turning point” in the war where the Nazis begin to lose battles and the allies begin to triumph.

The dates given for this turn of events all suggest that 1941 is the key year. This corresponds to Operation Barbarossa when Hitler turns his back on Stalin and gives the command to invade the Soviet Union. But there are differing opinions as to which incident is the one that reveals the actual pivotal point. All suggested incidents and their dates fit into the astrological aspects Hitler was having to his Natal chart that year.

A timeline of events in 1941 can be found on the internet on several websites by doing a Google search. Described below are several of the most interesting events that historians point to as being significant. Accompanying the statements are charts showing the Transits and Progressions of those important dates.

There is one thesis suggesting the critical turn-around in destiny was when Hitler gave orders to abort the attack on Moscow in favor of turning the army’s center tank division to the South to lay claim on oil resources in Lithuania. Hitler realizes later that it is important to capture Moscow before winter sets in and orders his troupes back North, but it is too late. The Wehrmacht arrives within miles of Moscow only to be bogged down by rain and mud, and later by winter’s brutal arrival.

Hitler sympathizer, David Irving, states that during the aggression, Hitler became ill and that it was his generals that took advantage of the situation and changed Hitler’s orders to surround and engulf the Soviets in order to cut them off from their supplies, to a head-on and so losing battle. There are many opinions of how the war was lost by the Germans, and the truth may never be fully known. David Irving puts a lot of trust in documents that may or may not have been true-to-facts, especially if Hitler were to be privy to what was being documented at the time. In any case, the Transit aspects show critical times when significant events took place.

Below we have the bi-wheel of Hitler’s birth horoscope in the inner wheel, and in the outer wheel we have the inaugural Operation Barbarossa invasion chart of June 22, 1941 at 3:15 am. Hitler’s chart serves as the surrogate for the German people and the history of the war years from 1933 to the final days in 1945.


Transit Pluto has been making a Square aspect with Hitler’s Natal Sun for quite some time before the assault on the Soviet Union. That reveals the mounting pressures he is under, due to his own creation by his over-extended ambitions.

Transit Mercury was Stationary going Retrograde a few days before the assault on the Soviets. It is not wise to initiate an important action at times of a Mercury Retrograde, because unforeseen obstacles reverse otherwise taken-for-granted conveniences. Although it took some time before these difficulties arose, one can point to the harsh weather conditions that developed when Hitler finally realized he was headed in the wrong direction and the convenience of warm weather was behind him. Getting stuck in the mud from rain, or having no coats for protection against the brutal cold is a typical challenging situation that is the mark of a Mercury apparently retrograding back and away from its normal and predictable behavior.

Another ominous sign of defeat that could have been forestalled by an astrologer’s keen eye was the event’s inauguration on a Moon Void-of-Course and in the very last degree of Taurus. This point in the heavens is known as a critical degree in the constellation involving the “Weeping Sisters.” It foretells a disaster. The Mercury Station Retrograde and a Void-of-Course Moon put the Nazis on a blunderous course toward the end of the war. Thank heaven for their ignorance of what the dynamics of the planets can truly suggest.

Transit Uranus coming to Conjunction with Natal Neptune synchronizes with Hitler’s radical change of attitude and strategy as he usurps control from his generals. The transiting Uranus/Moon Conjunction at the start of the operation reveal the intensity of the situation and the potential for things to get out of control.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor by the Japanese in December of 1941 also gives weight to that year’s significance in the diminishing successes of the German forces. The US officially entering the war found Hitler in a position of fighting yet another formidable foe. He is now spread thin by fighting on two fronts – something that his generals tried in vain to avoid. Transit Uranus Conjunct Natal Neptune shows that the formidable allied forces (indicated by Transit Uranus) challenged Hitler’s obligatory pressure (Natal Neptune) on his forces to fight to the death.




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