Bob Dylan & Joan Baez – Political Protest Singers from the 60s

It is known that Bob Dylan and Joan Baez were very attracted to each other for various reasons, including their political views and activism as well as having a personal relationship that fell just short of a legal tie in marriage.

There are a few Astrofacts that show the astrological reasons for their attraction, and here listed are what could be considered the major aspects that are the cosmic influence on them, as aspects manifest in the lives of so many other celebrity couples, such as Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Kathreen Hepburn and Spencer Tracy, to name just a few.

The most powerful magnetic factor in the chart is identified by their exact Sun/Moon conjunction. Here is where the tie has its most emotional response and the one that draws the couple to feel and believe they have a destiny together, or that they are continuing a purpose that was founded in perhaps a previous life cycle.

They loved each other’s ideas, shown in the close dynamic between Dylan’s Mercury (mentality) and Baez’s appreciative Venus near his ascendant. Baez’s Mars is opposite Dylan’s Sun and this profoundly stimulates the Sun/Moon conjunction all the more, and definitely adds kick to their chemistry, with an extra dose of physical passion.

Baez’s Uranus in close contact with Dylan’s Moon ties them together, but still in a detached manner. Dylan received emotional support from Baez, through her obviously liberated spirit as a feminist. Uranus brought spontaneity and unpredictability to their interactions, which was the substance that nurtured the emotional side of Dylan. They both had to maintain their composure throughout the push and pull of on again off again emotional swings, that the contradictory natures of the Moon and Uranus represent with one so involved, and the other detached. Trading these tendencies, first one, then the other. Dylan has no oppositions in his horoscope, leaving him with a reputation of one who is extremely private and hard to approach. However, with so many cross-tied planets between them, either through conjunction or opposition, Dylan was able to experience the engagement that normally comes with oppositions in a natal chart, but that he so unfortunately lacks.

One Sabian Symbol to take note of in the natal chart of Bob Dylan is Venus, the planet-indicator of the arts, at 13 Gemini, A great musician at his piano. Although Bob started out strumming a guitar, he is proficient on the piano, which is how he facilitates his songs in the 21st century. Obviously Dylan has accomplished all that the keyword and positive interpretation that the Symbol describes.

GEMINI 13 A great musician at his piano This is a symbol of individual artistry as the property of all, with its expression both its strength and the means whereby others are encouraged to like accomplishment. Here is experience at a climax on the side of self-refinement in skills and talent, and at a peak in its gratification and its promise of continuing effort and sharing of rewards. A continually expanded dimension of being becomes the constant revelation of man’s true estate. The keyword is ACHIEVEMENT. When positive, the degree is the creative assurance that contributes enduring overtones to human understanding, and when negative, self-defeat through a delight in momentary attention or superficial adulation.

Joan Baez has an equally revealing Sabian Symbol. Her Sun degree is Capricorn 20, A hidden choir singing. Her voice is her gift, and the positive description in this one of the many Symbols in her chart betrays any desire on her part to keep her talent, goodwill and benefit to herself alone. At a young age, Baez was concerned for the good of all mankind. her natal opposition in mutable signs gives her a Natural Disposition that puts the welfare of others above her own needs. It is the mark of a humanitarian.

CAPRICORN 20 A hidden choir singing This is a symbol of the eternal music of the spheres, and is an emphasis on the ideality of experience as at root a symphony of cosmic reconciliations. The differences of individual character which have contributed to a person’s initiative and a conscious selfhood are here brought to their point of ultimate and single source in an overall existence, and each and every element of inharmony is reordered as a participating distinctiveness of the whole. All men are at one in the universal pattern. The keyword is WORSHIP. When positive, the degree is a unique gift for establishing a common interest and making it a power for the good of all, and when negative, personal aloofness and lukewarm loyalties.