Prognosis for a Marriage – Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

There are techniques that can help couples make certain that their choice in partnership will bring about a fruitful outcome. The beginnings of attractions often bring with them a euphoria that often blinds the hopefuls into a belief that their match was indeed made in heaven, only later to find out that the realities are far different that what was expected. Astrology can reveal harsh realities, and because of this, the astrologer should step lightly when it comes to telling the truth of what she or he sees in the chart comparison data. This is the case with Prince Harry of England and LA born Meghan Markle.

The reason to be ultra-cautious in a reading of the cross-ties and element comparisons between these two celebrated individuals is because a comparison of charts reveals great challenges. There are few astrological factors promising to keep them closely tied.

Here are the techniques to apply for an understanding of the potentials between any prospective partnership, whether personal or for business purposes.


Using a 1 degree orb, look for planets in one chart that are in the same degree or opposite any planet in the chart of the other. If so, there is a connection and potential for a direct relationship. An analysis of the characteristics of the planets involved, and their house position, is taken into account in the interpretation. If there is no cross-tie between the charts in this way, the two individuals will need to make a very concerted effort to establish longevity in the relationship. There will be a continuing daily necessity to reestablish the commitment to the relationship, since the planetary energies are not in a natural cross-tie to do so.

The planets of Efficiency; Mars, Venus and Mercury, in each chart, are to be compared in terms of the element compatibility of the signs where they reside. These three planets, in order to be in harmony, need to be either in the same sign or in compatible elements. Earth and water signs are compatible with each other, and the fire and air combination are harmonious with each other as the other option. Two of the three planetary positions need to be in harmonious elements and one not, for the combination to be considered an idea match. There is a need for one of the three to be inharmonious, so that there can be a stimulus to the relationship. Two in harmonious elements with one not, allows for a general compatibility with one incompatibility stressing the relationship to grow.

Compare the Sun, Moon and Ascendant in the same fashion.

Comparing the Temperament Patterns, High and Point Focus Planets, Natural Dispositions, Sharp and Loose Destinies and other Focal Determinators can assist in an understanding of possibilities, when the primary techniques lack a full understanding of potentials.


The chart cross-ties between the prince and the showgirl are virtually nonexistent. Therefore there is no natural sharing of interests that will withstand the pressures of time.

A look at the combination of elements in the charts shows that only the Ascendants share a harmonious element. Ideally, two out of the three need to work well together. Again, it is a case of having to put added effort into the partnership for it to work smoothly. The couple will experience a daily need to validate the reason to be together.

This is certainly not the best combination of factors for an ongoing and fruitful relationship. It would be my advice as an astrologer, to rethink the urgency to tie the knot. Otherwise there may be cause for regret. Taking extra time to see how the couple fare through adversity and daily routine, may give them a sense of what may realistically be in store for them in the future.

A look at the Progressed horoscope of each individual will also shed light on the connections that are and will be promised. Comparing the Progressed planets to positions in the partners’ chart can give vital hope to a continuing interrelationship. All of the Major Aspects can be brought into play for this underlying view into the marriage potentials. The event chart of the day of marriage, with its configurations in combination with each native’s chart, is also of grave import.



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