Jane & Lily = Grace & Frankie

Actresses Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin are revolutionizing the paradigm of longtime acting. Their successful Netflix series, Grace and Frankie, sends a message to all those who are 70 + years, that there is life after “old age” and plenty of it. A delightful banter is what keeps the show interesting for best friend buddies who were previously at odds in their way of life and perspective. Now forced to live together in their mutually owned beach house, after the husbands have come out and proclaimed their gay intent to marry, they are co-dependent and loving it.

Jane was fascinated by Lily years ago and offered a part to her in the comedy Nine to Five. The concept of men verses women in the work place was a hit then, and the longtime friendship produced another great premise and example, in Grace and Frankie, of the power of women to survive in a man’s harsh world.

Now for a look at the overall comparison of two special planetary groups in partnership analysis. They are Mars, Venus, Mercury and Sun, Moon, Ascendant.

The connection  between planets in the charts of the two ladies is striking. There are few compatibilities in terms of same planet to planet comparison in the category of Efficiency; Mars, Venus and Mercury. None of the three indicators are in compatible elements. This reveals their ability to play on each other’s vast differences.

The ideal situation is when there are two harmonies and one not between the three factors in each category. Taking the Sun, Moon and Ascendant, the ladies’ Moons and Ascendants are compatible in Triplicity, and that points to what is called One Point Inharmony of Suns in the category of Vitality. A focus of disharmonious Suns equals incompatible Wills. They may differ greatly in temperament and perspective on life, but it is their “willingness to work in harness”* that facilitates the ability to manifest a message greater than each could accomplish alone. The combo of the two idiosyncratic personalities is the crux of what makes Grace and Frankie so unique in the world of girlfriend relationships. This astrological contrast and conflict of Wills fits so conveniently into their characters’ portrayal of antagonistic screen personalities.

Aspect interaction:

The planetary aspect interaction of the two charts shows that Lily’s Mercury is within one degree of Conjunction with Jane’s Moon. When there is a Conjunction or Opposition of planets between charts within one degree of arc, there is a real bonding and sharing of potentials. The quick and hilarious mind (Mercury) of Lily Tomlin buttresses harmoniously Fonda’s intense (Moon) acting style.

Progressed Contacts and Potentials:

The Tri-wheel dramatically shows, with an update of Progressed factors, the astrological reason for the present and mutual activity in the lives of the two actresses. The middle ring shows Fonda’s Natal Saturn being pleasantly activated by her own Progressed Venus. And Tomlin’s Progressed Jupiter joins the configuration to add expanded dimension and enthusiasm to their unique performing partnership.

Stimulated Saturn in Fonda’s Natal chart reveals, that the rewards (Venus) of hard work and maturity (Saturn) is so much a part of the fascinating possibilities of her late-life adventures.

*Marc Edmund Jones’ Essentials of Astrological Analysis page 331, Comparison of Horoscopes.




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Eileen McKusick – Mastering the Human Biofield with Tuning Forks

eileenMastering a subject and being an authority on its premise is shown through the 10th house of a horoscope. Anyone wishing to be an expert in their field must develop a skill that goes beyond common ability. The 10th house reveals the potentials for excellence and professionalism, and its keyword is AUTHORITY. Personal ambition and its achievement that catapult an individual into the public eye has its indications at the Midheaven.

There are several house systems to choose from when setting up a chart for analysis. The particular chart under analysis here is in the form of a Standard wheel that puts the Sun and its unique configurations at the zenith, so that it emphasizes the strong destiny involved in the life associated with it.

While speaking about astrology with Eileen McKusick at one of her Biofield Tuning workshops in San Diego, she mentioned that several astrologers had told her that “she was born for a specific purpose and that she was living it.” This statement became the focus of this astrological interpretation, and the planetary Aspects confirming this potential are analyzed here. But first, a brief explanation in my own words, as to the meaning of Biofield Tuning.

Theory has it that there is an electromagnetic field that extends approximately six feet beyond the physical body. This field is linked inextricably to the body’s aligned core of energy-vortexes stretching from the top of the head down through the center of the torso. These vortexes draw inwardly, through mind and emotional responses, environmental influences which are then assimilate by the entire bodily system. The reoriented electromagnetic state of the body is then naturally projected back out into the body’s aura with the new experiences now etched and recorded in its biofield.

Our mental, emotional and physical bodies are exposed to a myriad of outer circumstances and forces that make up the foundation of life experience. The purpose being for our growth in conscious awareness, higher understanding, and the enjoyment of life. As well as positive experiences, the life process can bring us in contact with significant stress and challenging difficulties. Both positive and negative events are marked off in time by powerful planetary Transits and Progressions to the planets in our personal birth chart portraits. The stressful periods of time, when not assimilated properly into the body’s system, are registered in the electromagnetic biofield as discordant vibrations in need of adjustment. The spherical biofield is constructed like rings of a tree revealing its age. The very outer edge of the biofield records memories of the conditions at birth, and a progression of events through the years is revealed as one moves toward the surface of the physical body – present time being closest to the skin. Disturbances in the field are picked up by Biofield Tuning’s essential tools, the tuning forks. When vibrating, they are receptive to affected frequencies at designated spots along the “rings” of the biofield’s event history.

Unweighted and weighted tuning forks are used to register and treat the locations of imbalance in the human biofield. If we are afflicted by a mental, emotional or physically disturbance, we need only look to our own aura for its cause. We can then make use of the healing art of biofield tuning for correction. When a vibrating fork encounters the discordant frequency of effected areas, the continuous striking of the fork resets the sound vibration on that spot and in turn encourages the physical body to self-correct. The healing process works through the intelligence of the body and its awareness of an existing imbalance and its need to adjust and transform.  McKusick’s refined techniques of combing and columning significantly increase the capacity for a better quality of life and well-being. There may be an immediate relief of acute or chronic symptoms as a result of treatment, or a person may be subject to a mild or severe cleansing crises before wellness occurs. For more information on the subject of Biofield Tuning, visit: BioFieldTuning.com

There are multiple layers of electromagnetic energies abounding in the atmosphere and in space. We are immersed in these energies and respond to them continuously. We project outwardly our own creative impulses as well, and that is the give and take of the universe where we live and have our being. The Natal horoscope is a planetary portrait of the soul’s progress on its path toward self-developing enlightenment. People are born at the specific time when planetary configurations work toward the objectives of the native’s particular needs. The planetary portrait is a record of an individual’s past accomplishments, and it maps the way to further development through the use of revelatory, astrological techniques. The planets continuously move in and out of relationships with each other that can be defined by a mathematical division of the 360 degree circle. The synergy of these unique configurations point the way to opportunities for personal growth. Planetary influences gain access to our earthly experience through the physical body’s energy centers known as Chakras. Each Chakra has a particular tone that reflects the intelligence of each planet in our solar system. The Chakras of the body interrelate just as planetary bodies coalesce. Both the human body and celestial spheres are a system of parts that work together toward an organized whole. And the key to the meaning of one’s life is indelibly written in the relationship of the heavenly bodies’ connection with the human experience in all its forms of self-expression. The message of the natal horoscope can be interpreted by analyzing the mathematical structures on the macro level called astrological ASPECTS, which are mirrored in earthly experiences on the micro plane.

Each individual’s time on Earth is likened to a time-release capsule of experience that is regulated and clocked by the activation of planetary Transits and Progressions. Potentials are stimulated and manifested predominantly during provocative ASPECT periods. Difficulties ensue when the soul rebels against these times of challenge for growth. The planets “speak” to us through discomfort in consciousness when we live in a way that is less than our potentials require. Conscience is assuaged when we surrender and follow the dictates of our higher, conscious awareness. Some souls are more advanced than others, and feel a duty to grow and to assist others in this process of creating character and depth of understanding. This gives more responsibility and a broader purpose in life for these advanced souls, and there are obvious signs of this potential in the horoscope under analysis.

McKusick has researched, developed and now instructs her unique method of healing to students worldwide. Her Natal horoscope reflects the potentials to pave a way for humanity to resolve some of the blocks that perpetually stand in the way of health and enjoyment of life.

This brief interpretation of McKusick’s horoscope shows a 10th house that is a powerhouse of potentials. Located there is her Natal Sun/Mercury Conjunction* with both planets within the 10 degree orb allowance from the Midheaven, making them High Focus, Focal Determinators. As previously stated, planets in the 10th house point to an active career, and when the Sun is present it is all the more indicative of a marker for success. But what makes this chart so interesting is that besides this already amplified promise of public distinction, there is yet more suggestion of excellence shown by additional supporting features.

It is especially significant when a planet is positioned within 17 minutes of exact Conjunction with the Sun. The aspect is called Cazimi, taken from the Greek term “In the Heart of the Sun.” Planets located 18 minutes and outward toward the boundary of the Sun’s 17 degree orb of influence are considered Combust. These Combust planets are overshadowed by the light, and are subordinate in their powers and take on a secondary role compared to the Sun. But as previously stated, when a planet is positioned in the Sun’s central core, within the 17 minutes of arc, the planet takes on a special meaning and is super-powered by virtue of it intimate relationship with the solar system’s central star. PURPOSE is the Sun’s keyword, and the native born with a Cazimi configuration is endowed with a certain destiny by virtue of its distinction. Any planet in Cazimi with the Sun becomes an ambassador for the reining power of Higher Will. In McKusick’s chart, Mercury is within a mere 3 minutes of applying to an exact Conjunction with the powerful solar dynamic. Mercury does orbit closely with the Sun at no more than a 28 maximum degree distance, and so Cazimi can occur fairly often.  In McKusick’s case however, the elevation of Sun/Mercury and its Conjunction with the Midheaven, make it extraordinary for channeling purposeful information from within the heart of the native.

The Sun’s electrical impulses permeate the solar system. This electrified energy-intelligence intermingles with the properties of the Sun’s satellites to create a symphony of interplay that has its influences on the person who is associated with the birth chart. Learning the meaning of the sign and house where the Sun resides, and understanding how the planets aspect and support it, leads to an unlocking of one’s personal potentials. The Sun in McKusick’s chart is in the 10th house of Honor, in the sign of Equivalence, with its significant Conjunction with Mercury in an exact Opposition to Saturn in the 4th house. Saturn is alone in its hemisphere, and is the Spout of a Funnel Temperament Type, putting it a High Focus. Its keyword when High Focus is Shrewd. The keyword for a High Focus Sun is Masterly. McKusick is the master of her own creative method of healing, that is and will perpetually be brought before the public for personal responsibility and recognition. As well as all the other favorable indications expressed so far, the Sun/Mercury position shares its space with the 23rd degree of Libra, the location of the benefic fixed star Spica, marking good fortune for scientists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians.

The Sun and Mercury are in the 23rd degree of the Sabian Symbol,  Chanticleer; a fictitious rooster in the 1390’s composition, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, by GeonatalTransitProgression3ffrey Chaucer. The story focuses on Chanticleer, the main animal character being tempted by the fox, who previously tried to manipulate the rooster’s mother and father. In the symbolism of the psyche, the fox plays the role of the ambitious human ego wishing to take credit for great things, and is jealous of others with talent, i.e., the rooster with his exquisite crowing announcing the Sun’s arrival. The human ego (the fox) commonly plays tricks on the gullible and self-absorbed lower-mind (the rooster) into showing off its talents with gusto (the morning crow). When Chanticleer is in the act of his egotistical performance, the fox snatches him from his perch. The story proceeds with Chanticleer then tricking the fox which leads to his freedom, and thereafter is not fooled by the fox – his own undisciplined ego. This is the story of learning from our ignorance, and awakening to the true value of a humble intent.

LIBRA 23 Chanticleer This is a symbol of the soul’s ultimate self-realization through a basic integrity of its own insights or judgments, and of the unchallenged acceptance it is able to gain for its particular role in human affairs. Implicit in the symbolism are the practical rewards which come from the more effectively dramatized distinctions of everyday living, and the enduring significance which the self achieves for itself through the place in life it succeeds in making its own. The keyword is FERVOR. When positive, the degree is a fearless self-affirmation which gains a sympathetic attention and wins immediate allegiance from the hearts and minds of everybody, and when negative, ill-starred conceit and ineffective bombast.

The symbol of Chanticleer’s morning crow announces to the world a new dawn of energy-field transformation. The extremely well-organized method of healing, presented in Tuning the Human Bio-field, along with her rigorous teaching circuit, gives McKusick the essentials she needs to propagate her message worldwide.

The Temperament Type** of this chart is a Bucket without a Rim opposition, and because there is no Rim or lip to the Bucket it can also be considered a Funnel Pattern. This temperament defines a person driven by a mission to accomplish. It may have taken time to develop the focus of the mission, but once found, there is a tenacious hold on it and a dedication to it by virtue of Saturn, the High Focus Singleton planet – that is the handle of the Bucket or spout of the Funnel. The Saturn impulse develops an ever-deepening sensitivity to the overall need for correction as part of human destiny.

Saturn’s Sabian Symbol degree, 23 Aries is, A woman in pastel colors is carrying a heavy but veiled load. McKusick is carrying the responsibility of pointing to invisible (veiled) energy fields. And Saturn is in perfect balance with the Sun and Mercury in 23 degrees of the opposite sign Libra.

ARIES 23 A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load This is a symbol of the soul’s basic anchorage in the privacy of its own functioning, and of the centering of real personality in the elements of its own particular genius. Implicit in the symbolism is the ultimate unim­portance of purely superficial distinctions among various in­dividuals, and the enduring worth of any experience for which the self accepts a complete responsibility. The keyword is RETICENCE. When positive, the degree is the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells, and when negative, a disinclination to participate at all fairly in everyday living.

Understanding how planetary energies coalesce helps us to uncover our specific potentials. This is especially true for those who have a mission or objective to achieve during their lifetime. This is the mark of the Bucket or Funnel Temperament Type. When this Temperament Type has its bowl segment turned up side down, and the Handle or Spout is at the bottom of the chart in the northern hemisphere, it shows that the native is evolved to the point of needing to spill out its inner contents into the world. This shows spiritual accomplishment meant to be shared.

For a lineup of important past and future Transits and Progressions, look to the list of colored aspects at the bottom of the chart above (click chart to enlarge).

*The aspect between the Sun and Mercury is one that is called an Inferior Conjunction, because Mercury lies between the Sun and Earth and it is the closest that Mercury will ever come in proximity to the Earth. Mercury is always retrograde in an Inferior Conjunction. The Inferior Conjunction of Mercury with the Sun is much like the seed moment of a New Moon. This configuration of planets marks the beginning cycle of a message to be planted in the minds and hearts of those who hear the call from the one who is the designated sower. In this case, it is Eileen McKusick with the message of her sensitivity to the distortions that appear in the human bio-field and her knowledge of what those discords represent in the life of a client and how the sound resonating from a tuning fork works to correct these disturbances.

**Read more about Temperament Types : http://planetarydynamics.com/blog/2017/01/14/rupert-sheldrakes-morphogenetic-field-theory/




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Trump’s Twitter Accusations, Another Sign of Formidable Pluto Aspects


Donald Trump’s Progressed Moon, as of March 8, 2017 is exactly Opposite the Natal Pluto of the US Natal chart. A significant matter at hand, among other issues, is the accusation written by Trump in a tweet, that former President Obama committed a felony by “wiretapping” Trump Tower during the 2016 presidential campaign. This is coming directly from the president himself, taking his cue from Brietbart News. The heightened concern over the validity of suspicions coming from both the Democrats with their concern over Russian interference in the 2016 elections, and the Republicans now with Trump’s impetuous and outlandish* tweet is significant, because the United States is in the throes of a 248 year cycle of its Pluto Return. In order to fully understand the impact of this most ominous of Returns, it is important to understand the deepest meanings of the planet Pluto.

Pluto is the planet that was demoted from its status as a planet to a dwarf planet in 2003, for reasons that carry no weight when observing the “effects” of a Pluto Transit or Progression to any Natal or Inaugural chart. There are actually numerous “unconventional” heavenly bodies in the solar system, such as asteroids and comets to name two, that effect life on Earth. But Pluto ironically is one of the most fierce catalysts for thorough consciousness transformation than all other factors combined. Anyone who has experienced a Pluto Transit or Progression knows that it is at its minimal strength, life-changing. The exceedingly slow movement of Pluto, along with its Retrograde and Direct Stationary periods, puts added pressure on what otherwise would be considered a more bearable Aspect.


The human ego has the sense of self as separate and central to all experience. Expanding beyond this limited perspective is the spiritual path that leads to a broadened self-awareness. Enlightenment is a state of awareness that is selfless, and therefore not subject to the confinements of personal, egotistical cravings. The Kabbalah teaches that we are born with the desire to receive. In fact, to receive is what the word Kabbalah, taken from the Hebrew word Kabel, actually means. Kabbalists teach that the purpose of life is to transform the desire to receive for oneself alone, into the desire to receive in order to share. This is ultimately what the outer planets, from Saturn to Pluto regulate. They signal the times of growth in conscious self-awareness, and Pluto represents the force or energy associated with the most stark transformations possible. Going beyond the ego self to the Higher transcendent Self is the point of the seeker’s journey. If the candidate for enlightenment is ready, Saturn begins the process and Pluto completes it. Beyond Saturn are the planets that cannot be seen with the naked eye, and so they represent the ethereal realms.

In Greek and Roman mythology, Pluto is also known as Hades, the ruler of the underworld. As Hades, he abducts Persephone. In other words, the shadowy forces of the unconscious underworld pursue and allure the conscious mind into a fantasy world of illusive egoism. In order to overcome unconscious playing out of ego desire, the soul must reach beyond the senses of the physical world and hold to the dictates of higher inspiration. This is the opportunity that comes to us through the Pluto factor with its role as the transformer.

The process of transformation means that something must be left behind in order to achieve a higher and more broadened comprehension. Pluto is the planet farthest from the Sun and is the gateway to the mysterious far reaches of the galaxy. One must leave behind known egoism to embark upon the path to unknown spiritual potentials. That which is now unfamiliar will be tomorrow’s known. The breakdown of things as they are is a prerequisite to further development. The seed must burst through its shell for new life to take form, and the earthbound caterpillar must be sacrificed to bring forth the elegant butterfly. Kabbalists have given the name Kelipot to describe the shell over the human ego that blocks enlightened reason.

The universe communicates times for transformation through planetary Aspects that may cause almost unbearable physical pressure and psychological pain. The harsh and uncomfortable sensations felt during Aspects force us to pay attention to the call to transform the personal ego into the more detached and wisdom-enhanced Higher Self. Pluto commands the ultimate call, bringing an individual or group forward to the opportunity for life’s biggest advances, or its devastating failures. Both are usually involved in the process of a Pluto Transit or Progression.

Normally we try to avoid the painful pressure corresponding to planetary Aspects that ask us to be more than what we are, because to awaken to truth is a crisis in consciousness. The first stages of spiritual growth entail taking a good hard look at oneself. Here is the time we see our shortcomings and it is difficult for the ego to acknowledge wrong doing – herein lies the struggle that causes pain. Resisting truth is impossible, although we seek to assuage guilt and hide from self-awareness through unending distractions and life-threatening addictions.

As well as conflicts we experience on an individual level, there are struggles between group ideals and political parties. The more self-oriented Republican ideals clash harshly with the Democratic interest in liberalism. These are the two basic halves of human consciousness, forever locked into the dynamic of opposite points of view. This is what we are witnessing with Trump’s Progressed Moon in Opposition to America’s unconscious/conscious yearning for correctness and Probity (Pluto’s keyword in Progressions) – represented by the US Pluto Return. The surrogate leader of a country lends his/her horoscope to a nation, and thus the populous experiences the surrogate’s Transit and Progressed potentials simultaneously.

Several critical issues vie for attention and are at the crux and meaning of the long Pluto Return, and the amplified effects of the Stations are going to test the nation to its core. In 2017, Pluto will be Stationary Retrograde on April 21 and will be retrograde until its Station Direct on September 29.


Pluto was discovered on February 18, 1930. Some of the most significant events corresponding to the date of discovery are listed below, starting with a year prior, then describing the year after its discovery.

More than four million people are unemployed as a result of the Wall Street Crash. The Crash of 1929 was the greatest stock market crash in the history of the United States. It happened on the New York Stock Exchange on Tuesday October 29, 1929, now known as Black Tuesday. The crash started the Great Depression.
There is an intellectual and psychological factor relating to the meaning of Pluto. It is the supernumerary planet (higher octave) of the more personal Mercury. Pluto then refers to all things in their collective mental state, which includes the entire spectrum of what is real and true, to the projections of fantasy or lie. The Crash was instigated by a belief that one could get rich without penalty of any kind. A belief in borrowing on credit is the basis of building a house of cards. Once the foundation of the concept of credit was challenged by real events, an entire system was felled, and the Great and more realistic Depression set in for most of Americans.
February 18, 1930:
Arizona scientists reveal their newest discovery — a ninth planet they name Pluto, after the Greek God of the underworld. The discovery sparks public interest in space and inspires Walt Disney to introduce a new animated character, Pluto — Mickey Mouse’s canine companion.
Naming the newly discovered planet Pluto gives validation to its meaning as the lord of all unconscious elements of the human psyche. The figure of Disney’s dog verifies that the planet refers to instincts and inner impulses, rather than conscious and deliberate initiative.
April 1, 1930
For the first time, the 30th U.S. Census asks whether the respondents owned a radio, reflecting an increased interest in communication technology and consumer goods.
Here is another indication of Pluto’s rulership over all things metaphysical and the power to penetrate into the psyche and of daily life and experience. Pluto represents the permeability of all organic structures by unseen forces.
September 14, 1930
The Nazi party becomes the second largest political party in Germany, overtaking the Communists.
The overwhelming imposition of the German forces of Nationalism and Fascism got its foothold at the time of the discovery of Pluto. It is timed synchronistically with inauguration of the abomination known as the Holocaust and other World War II atrocities. Since those times, Pluto has been linked to extremes of life and death on an unprecedented scale. Certainly there were devastating and widespread destructive forces at play throughout history, but the discovery of Pluto put it on a worldwide platform and uppermost in the conscious mind of humankind.
January 1931
The President’s Emergency Committee for Unemployment Relief reports that 5 million Americans are unemployed. Hoover’s promise that the Depression would end quickly begins to seem hollow to the many Americans struggling to support their families.
Testimony to Pluto’s overwhelming and uncontrollable potentials, and to the capacity to bring things to utter destruction before rising again from the ashes.
May 7, 1931
Ernest Goodpasture helps advance scientific understandings of infectious disease when he publishes “The Susceptibility of the Chorio-Allantoic Membrane of Chick Embryos to Infection with Fowl-Pox Virus.” By growing viruses in chicken eggs, he facilitates the production of crucial vaccines. Goodpasture’s findings would earn him public praise and awards from the professional scientific community.
Here is shown Pluto’s ability to use the destructive elements of life to work in the end toward its ultimate good.
September 19, 1931
Britain leaves the gold standard, leading many in the U.S. to believe another stock market disaster is imminent. Over the next two months, hundreds of banks will close as Americans hastily close out their accounts.
The power of suggestion is powerful indeed. Pluto uncovers our greatest fears and as well as greatest achievements.  And in the case of Britain leaving the gold standard, the truth that humans are balancing their security on false pretenses is once again made clear. In God We Trust should be taken more literally, to offset any future belief in the false gods of money and even gold.

The Pluto Return is an ongoing astrological event at this time, and so the suggestion would be to watch what occurs over the coming years. The US as a nation is in for a very rocky roller coaster ride, and it is certain that the truth concerning the president’s accusations about Obama will surface eventually. They are at the very least a distraction from the even greater accusations that Trump’s campaign associates had and have inappropriate connections with the Russian government. Pluto’s Return in the US chart will inevitably bring clarity, but not before more facts emerges. This takes much time and will come about through the Plutonian drive for thorough investigation.

*Trump’s Natal Jupiter degree is Two men placed under arrest. When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

Previous post on a similar topic: http://planetarydynamics.com/blog/2017/02/18/2662/




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USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return

The Mercury Progressed Station of 2017, and the Transit of Pluto from 2017 to the end of 2023 are poised to make a profoundly significant impact on the future of the United States. These two planetary events accompany the Great American Eclipse, and together usher in a unified, monumental transformation in the lives of Americans.

Astrologers caution not to purchase high ticket items or sign important contracts during a Mercury Retrograde, and so it seems disconcerting that Mercury was Retrograde on July 4, 1776, the day of the signing of the Declaration of Independence. This important factor in the US chart suggests that more attention be focused on the significance of what the Retrograde means in describing the minds and attitudes of the American people. Mercury has rulership over the thinking and decision making processes, as it oversees the personal and more narrowed perspectives and objectives of daily life. It represents documents, contracts and local environmental circumstances, and oversees that conveniences function without disruption. Mercury Retrogrades are periods of time that alter the general status quo, and in the midst of the American Revolution, circumstances of over-taxation became the trigger to redirect the course of history in the west, and the American experiment in democracy was born.

In contrast to Mercury, Pluto, the supernumerary planet of mind was also in Retrograde motion on the day of the signing of the Declaration. Pluto defines the transcendental super-conscious mind as well as the collective undercurrents that establish the ideological and universal principles of an overall society.

Interestingly, these two indicators of mind, were the only planets Retrograde in Transit, and were in Opposition Aspect with each other when the Founders of the Republic decided to finalize their decision for independence from Great Britain 241 years ago.  The Sun being allowed a wide 17 degree orb of separation to any planet also participates in the chart’s Opposition Aspect. The Sun adds power and energy to the already dynamic polarization of the two planets that mirror the severe conflict of the time, as well as representing the future potentials for cooperation between their differing planetary meanings.

The Mercury and Pluto Opposition can be seen as the contrast between the overbearing plutonian British rule, and the younger developing mercurial American colonies. Their unique configuration is the symbolic and archetypal representation of the core of the American Revolution. They document the story of that past conflict in astrological terms, and are the indicators of ongoing better possibilities of what will inevitably play out in the governing process.


Mercury and Pluto have a significant role to play in the current and upcoming developments in the American political arena; Mercury because it is in the midst of a Progressed Station Direct, and Pluto because it is approaching its all-important 248 year cycle of Return to its natal position.

Mercury has been Retrograde three times in the 241 years of US history, and is now once again completing its Retrograde period with a Stationary Direct at 20 Aquarius 04. Progressions are identified in an ephemeris by taking each day after a birth or an inaugural event, to be equal to a year in the life of a person, event or group entity. Counting 241 days from America’s birth on July 4, 1776 corresponds to the year 2017 and its now present state of affairs represented by the controversial administration of President Donald Trump. The upheaval and confusion of today’s situation is yet another unique manifestation of the natal potentials of the Mercury/Pluto Opposition. These two planets, now in Progression and Transit are the prominent catalysts for what Americans and the world are witnessing in the day by day evolution of extraordinary events. Progressed and Transit Stations mark turning points whereby there is a mandatory need for a “critical regrasp of experience.” in order to further the development of the natal or event’s positive potentials. In prediction Stations are harbingers of crises. For Progressions, events related to these periods can span a year or so before and after the planet’s Stationary period.

Mercury moving forward promises to bring out the facts that will reveal the direction best to follow in the future. Pluto’s keyword is Probity in Mundane/political astrology. The probing into truth or falsehood of Russia’s involvement and influence in the US elections, and the act of twisting of facts using tactics of denial and outright lies, is all in the jurisdiction and meaning of the planets Mercury and Pluto.

The 2017 Station of Mercury is related to the unique circumstances of the 2016 US presidential elections whereby the first non-politician won the highest office in the land. The 2016 elections can be tied to another factor of unusual import, the Stationary period included the first woman in US history to be a candidate in the race for the White House. Mercury is Stationing at 21 Aquarius in the Sabian Symbol degree of A woman disappointed and disillusioned. Hillary Clinton most certainly was disappointed and disillusioned when losing in what was a brutal election contest. However, thanks to the importance of the Station, Clinton’s campaign will stand as a source of inspiration and aspiration for future generations of American women.

For insight into the deeper meaning of Mercury’s and Pluto’s parts in the play of history and present day, the Sabian Symbol degrees offer surprising detail. From Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones:

Mercury’s Sabian Symbol degree gives a profound clue to the historical and psychological mindset of the Founding Fathers, as well as giving light on the character of leaders who followed in their footsteps. 

Mercury, 24 Cancer 18:

CANCER 25  A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder This is a symbol of the irrevocability of man’s obligation to the reality of which he is a part, with the emphasis on his capacities of leadership as a revelation of racial stewardship on the more personal or spiritual side. Self-expres­sion here is a release of his inner potentialities, and it becomes both an individual gratification and an expanding responsibility to all other individuals making up the social complex. The keyword is DESTINY. When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.

Original degree: A leader of men erect and fearless suddenly finds thrown across his right shoulder an invisible mantle of power.

Through the last two centuries, the people of the United States have witnessed this symbol to manifest in quite literal fashion. Its leadership in the world has projected a superior example of democracy for other countries, and its desire to spread that message has resulted in a global domination; not in the nature of colonization, but through diplomacy and military might.

Pluto, 27 Capricorn 34: 

CAPRICORN 28 A large aviary This is a symbol of the ramifying differentiation of interest to be found in the many areas of normal life, and of man’s gift for bringing any one special line of effort to the immediate services of any other. His wide spread of aspiration is encompassed in the over-all realization by which he has organized himself, and his everyday problems have their solution in his breadth of resources. His administration of human potentialities on this social level is his self-fulfillment. The keyword is COMMUNITY. When positive, the degree is exceptional success in making all personal concerns a matter of common welfare, and when negative, loss of all character in sheer officiousness.

Pluto’s slow movement in the heavens identifies the base-note of the overall tension between the opposing forces that resulted in the American Revolution, and thereafter defines its character when in its final state as its own independent country including present day circumstances.


Transit Pluto is heading toward its 248 year cycle of return to its natal position, known as the Pluto Return.

Pluto too, plays a big part in the monumental changes coming for the citizens of the United States. Commencing on April 21, 2017, Pluto is on its way in a seven year pilgrimage toward its 248 year cycle Return, culminating with a Station Direct on October 11, 2023. The profound effects already felt match up with the preoccupation of the investigation into the possible collusion of Trump campaign officials with Russian operatives, and interference on their part in the 2016 US elections. The overall intensity of these issues establishes this as the circumstance that matches equally with the profound planetary Transit. This makes this issue one of the most disturbing scandals ever to occur in our democracy.

There will be periods of Stationary and Retrograde motion opposite both the natal Sun and natal Mercury to add great emphasis to an already penetrating reevaluation of its founding principles.

Pluto will be exact in its Return position at 27 Capricorn 34, three times in 2022 and once in 2023 . Pluto’s keywords are OBSESSION in natal interpretation, TRANSCENDENCE when in High Focus, and PROBITY with mundane techniques. This is a mundane/political crises that demands that Pluto’s meaning and expression of Probity in the situation will be the facilitator of a higher and more fitting manifestation of what the Founding Fathers envisioned 241 years ago. The present and coming, perhaps mind-boggling turmoil, set in motion by the Progressed Mercury Station and Pluto Return, will challenge the entire country. Its governing agents, and the people who elect those representatives, will have the opportunity to transform the expected shortcomings, to an new level of understanding and desired integrity.

For now, the Probity of Pluto reveals a conflict between political parties and between truth and lies. With faith in the process of discovery, Truth and Probity will prevail.

The important times of the Pluto Return to its natal position are listed at the bottom of the chart. Click on the chart for an enlarged view.

The United States “birth” times vary and the subject has been debated fiercely over the centuries. Because the hour of inauguration is uncertain, it is safer to focus on the Aspects that are not effected by exact planetary degrees and house placements. The Moon spanned the distance of 18 Aquarius 35 to 3 Pisces 03 throughout the July 4, 1776, from 12 midnight of July 3rd to midnight on the 4th. The time used in this post refers to that chosen by Marc Edmund Jones as shown in his Sabian Symbols in Astrology.

More about the nature and meaning of Pluto and the Pluto Return: Trump’s Twitter Accusations, Another Sign of Formidable Pluto Aspects



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Edward Snowden, Updates and Predictions

BW_snowdenSaturn is creeping up on Snowden’s Neptune to make a Conjunction, and will be Opposite his Natal Sun in December. The red lines in the chart show these Transits and the dates of exact aspect are: Transit Conjunct Natal Saturn April 6, 2017 and December 15, 2017 respectively. This Transit is amplified in strength, because it is a Station of Saturn in April and will create a very sensitive situation in the psyche of the native. It will be a cause to go deeper into an understanding of his situation. Because this aspect occurs in the 7th house of open and direct relationships, cooperative or conflicting, it is likely that Snowden will have concerns or a serious order. Neptune is one of the planets of Significance, and so it hints that this will not be a superficial issue. Something in the relationship will tip toward the extremes of either dissolution or come to a more prominent and long lasting tie.

Since there is a Natal Opposition of Neptune with the Sun in the first house, there is likely to be a strong impact of this aspect on Snowden that will cause him to make some important decision about his future. This aspect does not have an outlet as it would if it were involved in a T-Cross, and so this becomes a face-it-directly sort of challenge. A T-Cross allows for a 3rd option and a way

 to escape, so to speak, from direct conflicting views. Alternatives are not part of this configuration, so there will be no avoiding a coming-to-terms commitment with the Natal potentials of 1st to 7th direct confrontations. Whether this confrontation will be between his present day partner or a direct attack from authorities to his private and personal relative freedom, is yet to be seen. It may actually result in the forming of one or several contracts that can be positive as well as negative. It remains to be seen.

The Sabian Symbols may shine a bit more light on the issue. Neptune is in the 28th degree of Sagittarius and is: An old bridge over a beautiful stream. The original symbol may be more revealing: A splendidly built bridge, a heritage of unknown ages, still spans the beautiful and wildly primitive stream. If taken as a symbol of consciousness, it would seem that Snowden’s grasp of awareness and intelligence will be his safeguard and way to safety from any threat coming from within himself, or from without, in terms of life having control over him because of the risk he took to bring others across unrecognized and invasive probing into their lives. This done by the sinister powers that he alone believed he could admonish.23feb17_2

Although the Saturn Transit Station is a difficult one, it is spftened by the good fortune of Progressed Moon Sextiles to Natal Jupiter and Uranus in the 6th house and a Trine to to Mercury on the Ascendant not long after. What may trip him up will be the Progressed Moon Square to Natal Moon in approximately one year. This promises a somewhat emotional turning point in his process. It is stronger indication when a planet makes an aspect with itself in Progressions, and also when it is an isolated aspect that differs from the trend that surrounds it. Before and after this profound Progressed Square are supportive and relatively easy aspects that give emphasis to the sandwiched Square aspect. Look for some particularly important event coming within a year’s time of the Progressed Moon Squaring itself.

Snowden’s Sun degree, the indicator of his Purpose in life, is in the original Sabian degree: A typical American conceit is seen; A parade of bathing beauties before the judges and crowd at a seaside resort. Snowden will be fairly judged by the assets that he brings into the awareness of the public, and perhaps more harshly by those who have positions of authority to decide what is really allowed under the law.

The purple line from Progressed Moon to Progressed Sun shows that Snowden is at the Progressed Full Moon flowering stage of the seed that was planted at the Progressed New Moon cycle approximately 15 years ago.




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Is It True? Pluto = Probity – There are Levels of Truth


Planets are like appendages of the Sun. They are like the colors of the spectrum as light is broken into its more elementary characteristics. The Sun and planets work together as a cohesive whole. Each planet is representative of its own special vibration and frequency of intelligence. Each planet represents a unique domain of influence and it is mirrored in the bio-field of the human body. Planets are the materialized portion of the Sun’s magnetic field as it vibrates outwardly into space. They pulsate to the dictates of the Sun’s source of power and they are the visible portion of the Sun’s influence in the realm of the unseen. Planets represent the individualized attributes of living beings, and they regulate processes in the development of life on its path toward enlightenment through experiences on Earth.

Imagine the magnetic field of the Sun penetrating through the territory of its satellites reaching far out and encompassing the planet Pluto, the last of the know planets in our Solar System. The planets are an intermingling of configurations  that make and break ties between their vibratory rates. A synastry of endless possibilities develops in the macrocosm and is reflected instantaneously in the microcosm of our local biosphere. The meaning of life is wrapped up in this partnership of macrocosm and microcosm. Each separate living being has unique experiences and the development of potentials is charted through ongoing Transits and Progressions as they relate to the Natal horoscopic Gestalt.

The Sun initiates and Pluto draws conclusions. If you are wondering why it is hard to tell the truth from a lie these days, it is because it is all true, but still hard to believe. When the President of the United States claims that what you are seeing is not true, in the case of crowd size at his inauguration, that in fact he drew the largest crowds ever, he is making it true in virtual reality. But then, how true is virtual reality? And where are the really true facts. How can we uncover them. This is the difficulty with so many situations when the planet Pluto is involve.

We can send a Hubble telescope into space to photograph the stars, but we are still only getting a closer picture. What the truth of the stars and planets really is is an ongoing process into ever closer and closer looks at the very large and very small. Not talking about crowd size at this point, just stating the truth, that the truth will never be known with proof that is absolutely unquestioned. That is the nature of the mysterious universe. Everything is an illusion, and can be seen in so many differing perspectives. Alternative facts are actually just another way of looking at something that someone else sees in a different way.

Pluto is the planet that brings this issue into the forefront of attention. Be puzzled, because the puzzle is the purpose of it all. Truths can be uncovered and then refuted, so that nothing is ever completely understood and finalized. It is an ongoing process of learning. And the end result is a personal paradigm. Seven Arrows stated it well. A feather in the midst of a group of individuals looking at it sees it as unique to themselves. No one sees it exactly like any other person in the group. And so it is with what happens in our daily lives. It is all a blur and mixture of truth and lie. All words are symbols and therefore cannot represent the activity behind the actual experience. Stop looking for truth and you will arrive at the crux of life between the two. Like right and left hands and all opposites in the universe, truth and lies cannot exist without the other.

But, and this is a big BUT; it is important to get to the bottom of the story if one wants to have a healthy outlook on the future of life on Earth. Getting to the bottom of the story is the process of Pluto. When the planet makes an aspect in your chart or the chart you are researching, this whole scenario described above comes to life. Pluto is the planet at this point in time that is the farthest from the Sun in our solar system. It takes 248 years to orbit the Sun and it is now in the midst of its own validity as to whether it is a planet or simply another meaningless asteroid.

Look for an Aspect in your chart from Pluto and if you can chart one, you will know by personal experience the answer to the question, does it have the powers that the other planets in orbit of our Sun have, or is it not having any effect on your life at all. I challenge anyone to this, by saying that if you have a Pluto aspect you will experience the biggest changes and challenges of your lifetime. That is how strong an influence is coming from the presence of this very small and very slow moving sphere in the outer regions of our solar system.

There are three keywords for Pluto. In Natal horoscopy it is OBSESSION. In High Focus it is TRANSCENDENCE. In Transits and Progressions it is PROBITY. Keywords are the mechanism that opens the door to deeper meanings. All three of these keywords promise profound meaning beyond the threshold that one word can reveal.




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The Bromance of Trump and Putin – and the Phone Call, Jan. 28, 2017


There definitely is a strong connection from Donald Trump’s Natal chart to the Natal chart of Vladimir Putin. They have a Conjunction together that is exact to the minute! Shown circled in red in the chart is Trump’s Jupiter at 17 Libra 27, and Putin’s Saturn at 17 Libra 27′.  The Sabian Symbol of this degree is quite astonishing as well, it is 18 degrees Libra, Two men placed under arrest. The original symbol is: Two men are placed under arrest and taken away to give an accounting for their acts before a tribunal of society.  TRUMP_PUTIN2

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when nega­tive, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

For Trump, Putin’s Saturn on his Jupiter stimulates his personal resources. The planet is in the sign Libra in the 2nd house of personal resources, and it is retrograde. This keeps the details of his financial interactions with others a very subjective matter. He is not inclined to be as forthcoming as Jupiter usually is known for. The planet does make a Trine to his Sun in the 10th and very near the 11th cusp to give testimony to great potentials for being able to persoTRUMPputinJan28nally benefit in his position in life in terms of career, and also benefit tremendously in connection with his own peer group.

Trump is often making the statement that it would be nice to get along with Russia. That seems to go well with his stimulated Jupiter by the leader of a communist country. However, it has raised the question of whether there already is or has been a connection between these two men and the two countries. With Saturn being the planet identifying Putin, it would seem that there are very particular requirements that may be made in the relationship – as Saturn is more withholding than the normally outgoing and often over-enthusiastic nature of Jupiter would have it. But Putin’s Saturn can be stabilizing to Trump’s Jupiter, and may give a definite focus of where the energies are pointing in the Bromance between the two.

On January 28, 2017, there was a phone conversation between Trump and Putin, and Michael Flynn was also on the conference call.  The chart #2 shows Transiting Jupiter setting off Trump’s Natal Square between the planetary pair of Motivation and conscience, Jupiter and Saturn. These two planets in Square aspect in a Natal chart create a situation where the native is constantly under scrutiny. In Conjunction, Square and Opposition in a Natal chart, they indicate a Sharp Destiny*, where the native must conscientiously live up to a dignified moral behavior or be called on the carpet continually to draw his or her consciousness to an understanding of higher levels of conduct.

Apparently the rumors of an unlawful exchange of dialogue between Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the United States over sanctions had Trump concerned enough to contact the Russian leader Vladimir Putin.TrumpPutin

That very day, the Transit Sun was exactly Opposite Trump’s Natal Pluto in the 12th house. The conversation was behind the scenes as the 12th house would indicate. The conversation must have been delving quite deeply in the issue of something preoccupying the three participants of the call, as Pluto is the planet with the keyword of Obsession or preoccupation with matters that are beyond one’s personal control. The intrigue and suspicion engendered by the entire election hacking scenario has everyone waiting to see more information surface, most likely that will be in early March when Trump’s Progressed Moon opposes the US Natal Pluto.

Transit Saturn was creeping up in orb of Conjunction with Putin’s Natal Mars around the time of the call, which is in a convenient Trine aspect with the Natal Mars in Trump’s chart. The aspect is exact around February 18th.

This is the beginning of at least a fPutinTrumpour year run with Trump as President of the United States. Will Putin have something to do with Trump’s reelection in four years when his Progressed Sun comes to rest opposite Trump’s Natal Sun? See chart #3 and the red line pointing to both a Conjunction of Putin’s Progressed Sun coming to Trump’s Natal Moon in three years, and then to the Opposition to Trump’s Sun shortly after. What could this Solar exchange indicate for the future? Perhaps we will be getting a feel for what it means as things develop – we are just getting started. In this chart we also see that Putin’s Progressed Moon will be making a Conjunction with Trump’s Neptune in approximately five months. Then in about a year and a half, Putin’s Progressed Moon will be Conjunct Trump’s Natal Jupiter and it will set off the Bromance Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction between the two leaders.

To bring things to even more interesting focus, Trump’s Progressed Venus, shown in chart #4, comes to Conjunct the same Jupiter/Saturn Two men placed under arrest mutual zodiacal point at approximately the same time as Putin’s Progressed Moon, shown in chart #3, approaches the ominous or auspicious degree.


“Jupiter and Saturn in square aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers very immediate consequences of even the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continuously for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience. . . . . Personal existence under this configuration can become either a great opportunity or else a gradual disintegration of the soul in the very core of itself.” (page 124, Essentials of Astrological Analysis)



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Trump’s Progressed Moon Opposite US Natal Pluto and its 248 Year Return

The United States birth chart acts as the template for the potentials and destiny of its people. The chart of the president of the nation also maps its potentials through forecasting events, policies and their outcomes through Transits and Progressions to the president’s natal planetary positions. President Trump is the present surrogate leader of the country, and therefore lends his natal chart to the populous. The chart shown here has Trump’s natal planets in the center wheel, his progressions in the middle wheel and the US natal configurations in the outer wheel.  It is important to simultaneously research each individual chart; Trump’s Natal and the US Natal, for Transit and Progressed aspects and eclipses. Although these charts can be examined separately, multiple levels of interacting configurations often reveal nuances otherwise difficult to pinpoint from only one chart on its own. A cross-comparison of charts is one of the subjects of this post. (For an examination of the presidential inaugural horoscope see post: US Inaugural Chart January 20, 2017.)

There are planetary Aspects currently active between the two charts mentioned above. The very intense and tense situation between US political parties is laid bare by these very significant Aspects. Shown with a red line from the middle wheel to the outer:  Trump’s Progressed Moon at 26 Cancer 34, that will make an exact Opposition aspect to the US Natal Pluto on or about March 8, 2017. However, Aspects are not only in effect at the time they are exact, they are also in effect in advance, and for a period of time after. In the case of a Progressed Moon, one can track the events approximately one month before and after the exact Aspect. This means that as of February 8, or thereabouts, some significant issue/s can be paired with this Progression of short duration.

Below is a list of the Executive Orders that were signed at the beginning of the Moon Progression that could be significant and in the news during or around the exact Aspect:

Feb 9 – Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety
Feb 9 – Preventing Violence Against Federal, State, Tribal, and Local Law Enforcement Officers
Feb 9 – Enforcing Federal Law With Respect to Transnational Criminal Organizations and Preventing International Trafficking
Feb 9 – Providing an Order of Succession Within the Department of Justice

Below is a list of a few of the events surfacing around February 8 concerning Flynn’s connection with the Russian Ambassador to the US:

Feb. 8 – Mr. Trump and Mr. Putin conduct an hour-long telephone call, attended by Mr. Flynn.
Feb. 9 – Mr. Flynn denies discussing sanctions with Mr. Kislyak in an interview with The Washington Post.
Feb. 9 – The Washington Post and The New York Times report that Mr. Flynn discussed American sanctions against Russia with Mr. Kislyak, contradicting previous statements about the phone call.
Feb. 10 – Mr. Flynn tells The Washington Post  that “while he had no recollection of discussing sanctions, he couldn’t be certain that the topic never came up.”
Feb 13 – Mr. Flynn resigns as national security adviser. (Actually asked to resign by Trump.)

The connection of Trump with Putin and his aids, officials and advisers allegedly in contact with Russia during and after the Trump campaign gives rise to the notion that this particular series of events could actually be the one to watch in regards to the important Trump Progressed Moon Opposite the US chart’s Natal Pluto. Perhaps the gathering interest in Congress to probe the details of this concern will be brought to a head at the exact aspect around March 8 or 9.

Pluto’s keyword in Progressions is PROBITY, the definition being, “The quality of having strong moral principles; honesty, decency and integrity.” Many Democrats, and some Republicans believe the push-back to the administration’s policies is caused by a question of such qualities of character to be lacking in the President’s demeanor and of those in positions of influence around him. In time the true nature of the administration’s members will be revealed.

ADDITIONAL ASPECTS and their definitions:

Circled in red at the top of the chart is Uranus in Trump’s progressions making a Conjunction with the US Natal Mars. This is perhaps one of the strongest indications for the Excitation (Mars’ keyword) induced by Trump’s rhetoric for the people of the US who believe he will be the answer to their needs. It is also the aspect that creates antagonism with those who are opposed to his policies. Mars points to initiative and excitation, but when frustrated it calls out anger and resistance.

Trump’s consistent erratic statements and actions correspond to the very longtime Progressed Uranus Conjunct Natal Sun. Trump’s Natal Uranus is the Leading Planet in his Temperament Type, showing him to be eccentric and experimentative in nature. This is also an indication of genius, although in this case not a very obvious manifestation. It most likely shows him a maverick and an iconoclast, rather than the heroic individual Uranus more pleasantly exemplifies.

It can be seen in the chart with the blue circles and lines that during the month of November 2016, Trump’s Progressed Moon was Conjunct his Natal Venus. As well, Trump’s Progressed Sun came out of hiding from the 12th house to Conjunct his Natal Ascendant. These two aspects correspond to his good fortune in being elected to office.

Shown in red circles and lines is Progressed Moon Opposite US Natal Pluto. As mentioned earlier it corresponds to the public’s concern over possible collusion with Russia during the Trump campaign period. Exaggerations of unlawful events perpetrated by the democratic candidate could easily have been instigated by underhanded means for which Pluto is notorious.

Circled in purple and connected with a line is the Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (not shown in the chart), coming to Conjunct Trump’s Natal Mars as it Opposes the US Natal Moon. The eclipse is at 28 Leo 53, and within the allowable orb of 5 degrees. Trump’s Natal Mars is Opposed by the US Natal Moon. The public (Moon) will always be scrutinizing Trump’s actions (Mars). The Eclipse will most definitely drop something from the political agenda, if not being a threat to the presidency itself.

Circled in green in the 2nd house is Trump’s Progressed Venus coming to Conjunct his Natal Jupiter in 2019-20. This indicates that we may see a revelation in terms of Trump’s financials at that time. There is often good fortune attached to indications involving the benefics in Progression. With the US Natal Saturn always close by Trump’s Jupiter, the situation may always remain a bit stressed. The pressure to reveal his tax returns may always cloud the dynamic between the populous and Trump in regards to his personal income and possible business holdings with Russian officials or private nationals.

ASPECT UPDATE March 4 – four days before the exact Moon Progressed Opposition:

  1. Trump accuses Obama of wiretapping Trump Tower
  2. Troupes on the ground in Syria




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JOBAMA – The Bromance of Barak Obama and Joe Biden


Why are Barak Obama and Joe Biden attracted to one another? It’s chemistry! And it can be seen with a comparison of their horoscopes. When planets in one horoscope makes contact aspects with the planets in another chart, it facilitates relationship potentials. This does not guarantee that the relationship will be long-lasting or even that there will be a relationship at all. It simply means that if there is an interest in developing connections between two people, the planet’s characteristics and meanings become indicative of the interaction that will develop. Bromance4

Here is what to look for between two charts being analysed: One planet or more in Conjunction with a planet in the related chart within 1 degree of orb. And/or, one planet or more in Opposition to a planet in the related chart within 1 degree of orb.

In Chart 1, Biden’s Uranus is making a Conjunction aspect with Obama’s Moon. This helps Obama absorb, through his feelings, the unique and intelligent contribution of Biden’s advice. Biden’s Jupiter makes an Opposition to Obama’s Saturn, which receives the older man’s direction in a mature and sensitive manner. It is rather obvious by these aspects that Obama depended quite heavily on his second-in-command, for information and guidance. And Biden experienced much gratification in being Obama’s right-hand-man, shown by the personally gratifying presence of Jupiter stimulated and being stimulated by an Opposition between charts.

In the reverse, showing Joe Biden in the inner wheejo_barak2l and Obama’s chart in the outer of Chart 2, we see that Obama’s Moon lies directly on Biden’s 7th house cusp. Here is a delightful indication of an emotionally reciprocal appreciation for the partnership, as the 7th house is the place of partnership. Biden’s Uranus Conjunct his own Descendant shows that the native draws unique and unusual partners. Obama’s Moon, meaning his feelings, are inspired by Biden’s special brand of genius – represented by Uranus.

The blue lines in chart 2 show a very unique configuration. Biden’s Progressed Sun has come to make an Opposition to Obama’s Natal Sun. Often it is seen that an active relationship occurs when an individual’s Progressed planet moves to make an aspect with another individual’s Natal planet. It is especially powerful when it is the same planet and when it is the Opposition aspect. The Conjunction aspect is strong when people are together, but the Opposition aspectBromance copy actually has the energy to draw and keep together the dynamic between the two parties involved.

Here in chart 3 and also in the ephemeris graph, we see that Obama’s Progressed Jupiter is slowing down to make a slightly wide orb Opposition to Joe Biden’s Natal Jupiter. Here is the Progression that has been in effect over the years they spent together in the White House. A mutual planet is at play again between these individuals, and again it is the Opposition aspect that attracts and holds the relationship in balance. And this is great testimony to the Jupiterian good fortune bestowed upon them by the mysterious maneuvers revealed through the dynamic progressions. It is a overt give-and-take, sharing of potentials, made possible through the outreaching Greater Benefic Jupiter.

The ephemeris graph shows Jupiter Stationary Direct in correspondence to Barak Obama’s reelection year at the age of 52. Again true-to-form, Jupiter’s good fortune presented the pair with a second term of office as President and Vice President of the United States of America. Stations in Progression are always a sign of great adjustment and change. In this case it was not so much change, but a great boost in morale for the team of two. This gave Obama the confidence that he had the support of the nation behind1961ephemeris him, and he could now go forward with assurance, synchronous with Jupiter’s going Direct, to continue bringing benefits when and where he could, to those to whom he was in service – the American people.







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US Inauguration Chart – January 20, 2017

Donald Trump takes the oath of office as his wife Melania holds a bible during his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

Donald Trump takes the oath of office as his wife Melania holds a bible during his inauguration as the 45th president of the United States on the West front of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2017. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson

A side note first: Take a look at Trump’s right hand which indicates the conscious mind and outward interaction with others in hand analysis. When the fingers are held closely together, there is a tendency to keep one’s own council and to hold one’s true thoughts and feelings private. It also reveals one who does not let money flow easily through his hands. The little finger or “pinky” positioned away from the others denotes one who acts independently of environmental pressures. It’s a person wanting to run with the ball and not be caught-up with pleasing the needs and desires of others.

An event that marks the beginning of affairs in the life of a person or nation is described by the potentials of its corresponding horoscope until the entity is dissolved. As well, the chart of an individual who is appointed as the head of an organization or government, lends, so to speak, their horoscope to that entity as a surrogate leader. In the case of the 45th President of the United States, we will need to follow the actions of that leading individual, and track those actions, point by point, with the planetary aspects of his natal chart that correspond to events throughout his term of office. We will follow the dynamic features of the Inaugural chart as well, and take note of the auspicious signs of change that can be charted through significant Transits and Progressions. innaguration2

First we will discuss the potentials of the 2017 US inauguration chart which shows very interesting promise. There is a powerful T-cross that brings forward a Point Focus Pluto that will be slowing to Station Retrograde on April 21, 2017 at 19:24 Capricorn in the Sabian degree of;  A hidden choir singing.* On September 29 of this year, Pluto will Station to go Direct at 16:51 Capricorn in a 4 degree orb of Opposition with the US natal Sun. At the same time, it will complete a T-cross by forming a Square to the US natal Saturn in the 2nd house. The Sabian degree is 15 Libra, Circular Paths.**

Pluto in Point Focus of a T-cross creates a situation that is almost out of control of those who are in control. Pluto is a planet that rules all the isms and collective accumulation of knowledge and experience. It rules all things that are below the level of the conscious mind as well as all things that transcend the conditioned mind. Extremes are its typical self-expression, and this can be seen in the total dedication to their own perspectives, of all who are on either side of the political aisle. The nation is polarized, because of a matter of the division of beliefs and ideals. The pompous name-calling and verbal degradation handed out by the new president in order to get votes has created the massive backlash seen in the protests that took place worldwide the day after his inauguration.

There are already reversals, which is a Pluto type of behavior, in the promises made during the Trump campaign. For example: instead of keeping the Clintons at a distance at the inaugural luncheon, which would be keeping in line with his promise to initiate an investigation into Hillary’s alleged email mishandlings, there was actually praising and considerations given to them as a gesture of comradery, as if none of the threats and rantings in the campaign matter now that he’s reached his goal. This is typical Pluto behavior, inspite of the Keyword Probity for a heightened meaning of the planet in Progressions. At this point we are discussing a Transit, but the meanings can overlap when convenient. Watching the coming Transits will be very captivating entertainment indeed. However, the real point in any definition of Pluto is getting to the bottom of truth. Be it the truth found in the facts of general experience, or truth as it relates to the integrity of moral and transcendental character.

The Grand Sextile, shown by the faint green lines, as well as the T-cross in the chart shows that there is the potential for forward moving and supported ease in getting things done for this new administration. Venus, the ruler of the ascendant is in Sexile with the ascendant, as well as in Sextile to Point Focus Pluto. Then there is the Sextile from Pluto to the Moon, which makes Trines to Neptune and Venus. These two Focal Determinators, the T-cross and Grand Sextile, define a complex of planetary cooperation in the whiplash of release of potentials of the first mentioned, that ultimately leads to a chain-linked efficiency in carrying out of plans.

The Moon makes no challenging Oppositions to other planets, but the Sun does make a Square to the Moon’s position in the 6th house of troublesome concerns and the accompanying extreme effort needed to get things accomplished. There is an equal balance between the “sweet” aspects and the harsh. And although the planets of moral character, Jupiter and Saturn, are in Sextile in this event chart of January 20th, both Trump and the US charts are under the influence of a Sharp Destiny because this pair is in Square in their natal wheels.

The consciousness sustains itself in one of two principle forms. Either by a life with its determination already set on or before birth indicating a SHARP DESTINY or the LOOSE DESTINY where there is little predestined in its development. The Conjunction, Square and Opposition of the pair of Motivation, Jupiter and Saturn, are a sharp destiny. The Sextile and Trine of the two planets point to a loose destiny.

Here is what Marc Jones has to say about the Sharp Destiny when the pair are in Square aspect, as in Trump’s and the US charts:

“Jupiter and Saturn in square aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers very immediate consequences of even the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continuously for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience. . . . . Personal existence under this configuration can become either a great opportunity or else a gradual disintegration of the soul in the very core of itself.” (page 124, Essentials of Astrological Analysis)

Other posts on the subject of Sharp Destiny can be found through placing Sharp Destiny in the search on this blog.

Now for a look at the horoscope with the 4 wheels of the Trump, US, Trump Progressions and Inaugural Transit charts. The most outstanding feature of this conglomerate is the Progression of Trump’s Uranus making a Conjunction with the Mars in the US chart. It also activates his own chart with a Progressed Opposition to his Natal Moon and a Conjunction with his Natal Sun. Basically this Uranus Transit stimulates the potentials of his Natal Sun/Moon Opposition. The planets of Vitality are at odds with each other and this manifests in inner conflict as to where to put one’s energies to work. Although it may seem that Trump has a handle on his daily affairs, in reality, there is a constant struggle going on internally that is most often not apparent to the casual observer.
Here is what Marc Jones has to say about the Opposition of the Lights:

“. . . . . an inherent over-conscientiousness of self tends to defeat the native in everything he attempts. This is due primarily to a vacillation between conflicting requirements of his will or purpose on the one side, and his feelings or more immediate and transient inclinations on the other.” (page 116, Essentials of Astrological Analysis)

As well, Uranus in Trump’s horoscope is in High Focus and so this Progression is all the more important. Since Uranus is a slow moving planet this is a circumstance and stress that will remain throughout his term and beyond.

The Mars, as well as all the other planets in the US chart represent the American people. Their initiative (Mars) and their concern and reaction to crises is found in its position in the interrelating wheels, and that is that it is at the crux of Trump’s natal and Progressed dynamic. It is not surprising that with Trump’s unusual (Uranus) behavior prior to election, that the masses (Point Focus Pluto in the Inaugural chart) have come to protest in anger (Mar) his policy promises. His basic core self indicated by the Sun that is catching all the simulation from the Moon Opposite to the US Mars and Progressed Uranus, is in 23 degrees of Gemini with a Sabian Symbol of, Three fledglings in a nest high in a tree. The original symbol seen by Elsie Wheeler is, Three fledglings, secure in their nest high in the tree, already reveal the deep pride of their heritage. Sounds a bit more exclusive and truly representative of Trump’s high class life style than the edited Marc Jones version.

The symbol’s keyword is ELEVATION. Its positive expression is, “an unconditioned creativity exalted to the point of complete freedom from any immediate involvement.” Its negative expression is,  “psychological witlessness and a false sense of release of responsibility.” These positive and negative expressions show clearly that Trump does not feel the necessity to live by the rules other citizens of the US are subject to. This, because of his privileged upbringing that had him up a tree since birth. It remains to be seen if he will reveal his tax returns as other presidents in the past were compelled to do. Here is the power and insight that can be gleaned through the use of the Sabian Symbols integrated with the other essential components of the horoscope.

Shown with the faint red lines, and as mentioned above, the Transit of Pluto in wide orb of Opposition to the US Sun degree and Squaring its Natal Saturn puts an emphasis on the Purpose of the American people (Sun) as well as a serious look at its own moral standing in the eyes of the world at large. This is indicated by the US Saturn that has become temporarily in Point Focus while Pluto makes its important Transit Squaring it. The Saturn Sabian Symbol degree becomes front and center for a time, and its degree is Libra 15, Circular paths. The symbol in its entirety can be read below. The symbol’s reference to, Man and his world may seem completely at variance with each other at some point of crisis, but inevitably everything falls into place., shows that in spite of difficulties that will constantly be a part of Trump’s administration, there is hope that all will turn out well. The general public and their concerns, as the US Saturn represents in the chart, will keep its eye on developments. The promise to do so came forth through the masses’ nationwide message sent out to all on the day after Trump officially took office. That message was synchronous with the event’s Point Focus Pluto. Trump’s followers and loyals have only to wait and see if the man they have empowered is the man that will come through in the end.

*CAPRICORN 20 A hidden choir singing This is a symbol of the eternal music of the spheres, and is an emphasis on the ideality of experience as at root a symphony of cosmic recon­ciliations. The differences of individual character which have contributed to a person’s initiative and a conscious selfhood are here brought to their point of ultimate and single source in an over-all existence, and each and every element of inharmony is reordered as a participating distinctiveness of the whole. All men are at one in the universal pattern. The key­word is WORSHIP. When positive, the degree is a unique gift for establishing a common interest and making it a power for the good of all, and when negative, personal aloofness and lukewarm loyalties.

**LIBRA 15 Circular paths This is a symbol of subjective ful­fillment through a thoroughness of participation in experience, here dramatized by every individual’s gift for remaining true to himself at center. There are interminable repetitions in the events of personal life, but the consciousness ever holds to its orbit and the realization must remain constant. Man and his world may seem completely at variance with each other at some point of crisis, but inevitably everything falls into place. The keyword is CONGRUITY. When positive, the degree is a rather extraordinary facility in self-adjustment or practical reorienta­tion, and when negative, a tendency to think in circles and to lose all perspective in inconsequentialities.




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Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field Theory as it Relates to Planetary Patterns


Planetary Patterns form as planets aggregate in unique groupings while orbiting the Sun. Seen from the Earth’s perspective, these seven recognizable shapes are the matrix for the five major aspects in astrology; the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The patterns are in constant flux, due to the varying speeds of the planets themselves. The three very slow-moving outer planets, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, represent the base notes of the solar system so to speak, and they chart the gradual development of evolving life on Earth. They identify the nature of humanity’s group orientations, as they transform from religious and culturally cloistered pockets of activity which Jupiter and Saturn represent, to a broader and more universal and all-inclusive conscious self-awareness. In some respects, they are the unconscious motivating forces at work in humanity’s evolution from darkness to Light. But for the seeker of life’s meaning, they encourage an upward movement from subterranean levels of autonomic behavior to elevated and refined states of conscious being.

The outer planets are the harbingers of consciousness transformation, which then becomes the stable foundation of Universal Mind. In contrast, the swifter moving planets are associated with the more personal attributes of human character, and point to habits of daily living and convenience. The diagram above shows examples of the ideal formations of the seven Planetary Patterns. SS

These seven basic Planetary Patterns represent humanity’s diverse modes of responding to life as a whole. That is why they are also called Temperament Types. They refer to human emotional and behavioral responses to local environmental stimulus, and to the world and universe in general. To identify the way in which an individual is prone to view and respond to outer conditions, one must identify the pattern of the planets in their particular horoscope. This can be challenging at times when the planetary groupings take on a kaleidoscopic imagery as they move out of and into succeeding patterns. The mass of humanity does not wait for an ideal pattern to form in the solar system when they incarnate. But with a bit of analytical work on the chart, the Temperament Type can be identified and used as a tool to decipher potentialities.

The simplest transition from one pattern to another can be seen in regards to the Bowl shape as it morphs into the Bucket pattern. The Moon is the swiftest of the moving bodies in the astrological solar system. It cycles the Signs of the Year (zodiac) once a month, and it plays the role of the Handle of a Bucket pattern when opposite the Bowl segment. It becomes the Bowl Temperament once again when it moves back into the more populated half circle. The challenge in defining this Temperament comes when the Moon as a Handle is not quite perpendicular to the center of the Bowl. Further analysis brings into play the nuances of the Temperament. The chapter on the Temperament Types in The Essentials of Astrological Analysis will assist in understanding the fine details of the seven Types.

How do the planets and their electromagnetic fields relate to the morphogenetic field? The answer to this question is: They relate in every way. It is an ancient concept that energy fields influence organic life on Earth. This topic is now being revisited by Rupert Sheldrake, the controversial biologist who bravely goes where conventional science fears to tread. Sheldrake professes that there is an ethereal and intelligent, unseen unified field that gives rise to visible form. As an astrologer, I would like to point out that it is the Sun, Moon and planetary fields that are the morphogenetic source and matrix itself, and the colorful graph of orbiting planets suggests how those individual fields might overlap and synergize. The field, or plasma, acts as an ever-developing potential; a molecular/chemical “instruction” for life on Earth. Observing life events and experiences, in correspondence to planetary movements in a horoscope, reveals the binding relationship between the two factors.

Our physical bodies resonate to the morphing solar system’s fields. They do so through our central energy system known by the Sanskrit term Chakras. The Chakras are circular and spiraling vortexes that have specific vibratory frequencies that instantaneously, through the ether or plasma, give substance to conscious mind – also known as consciousness or conscious self-awareness. These are the Macro and Micro elements of life in coalescence. All things vibrate with life energy and magnetism. And the human body too, exudes electromagnetic frequencies to take part in the complex play of forces in which we live and have our being.

Since we are discussing Planetary Patterns and how they give substance and nuance to the morphogenetic field, it would be convenient to use the example of Rupert Sheldrake’s chart to identify one of the Temperament Types. Sheldrake’s horoscope is a Bucket pattern that deviates slightly from the ideal or norm. There is the necessary single planet srupert-sheldrakeet off by itself that becomes the High Focus Handle of the chart, but the Bowl segment does not have a Delimiting Rim Opposition to make it ideal. Although Marc Edmund Jones considers the Bucket Temperament Type to include those shapes where the bowl segment has no delimiting Rim, this departure from the ideal has lead to the alternative title Funnel Temperament. This term facilitates a more literal expression of the way in which this Temperament functions without a Rim. The term Funnel was made popular by the Humanistic branch of Astrology during the 1970’s. When there is no Rim Opposition, the contents of the bowl are not stymied on there way to self-expression, and the unencumbered energies are funneled directly to and through the nature of the Handle or Spout planet (see chart #1). This High Focus single planet, with its sign and house placement, is considered the point of release of talents that assists the native in the manifestation of his potentials. Here is where he develops a “handle” on the entirety of his personal gifts and accomplishments, and thus has a focused outlet for his purpose in life.

Sheldrake’s High Focus Moon is in the 2nd house of personal resources and in the sign of Discrimination. The Moon gathers and channels his highly selective discoveries into the domain of his own personal psyche. Then with the facilitating exact Opposition to the Sun in the 8th house of other people’s resources and approval, he manages to share the contents of his otherwise private worldview. And as Oppositions often show, there will be times when his shared knowledge receives approval, contrasted with times of rejection from those who find it hard to comprehend the illusive nature of Sheldrake’s mission and message.

Note that Venus and Neptune, buttress the funnel’s contents with a Trine over the line of the sign. This allows the free-flowing nature of the 120 degree aspect to easily empty its contents RupertShaeldraketoward the High Focus Moon Spout, with its keyword INTENSE. The Core Opposition, shown with red lines, thus becomes more prominent in an interpretation, because of the lack of distracting and challenging co-aspects. The Bucket or Funnel Pattern identifies a person with an profound objective; on a definitive mission to accomplish. And Sheldrake is certainly an example of one with a overwhelming drive to carry his cause to its final destination of public awareness of unseen forces. And he accomplishes his mission, through his revealing demonstrations of the subtle powers of receptivity that the Moon so well represents.

See Sheldrake’s demonstrations at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XIozVT-IM14

The Temperament Type Graph below with the red and green lines shows that the Bundle has the possibility of a Trigger Square Focal Determinator and a High Focus Leading planet, shown with the red circle. The See-Saw ideally has both core and rim Oppositions and a High Focus Leading or Cutting planet. The Bowl has the potential for a T-cross Focal Determinator and has a High Focus Leading planet. The hemisphere occupation of planets also determines the degree of the Temperament’s personal development. The Bucket has the potential for both a Grand Cross and Grand Trine, with core and rim Oppositions – its Handle planet becoming Point Focus. The Locomotive has the possibility of a Grand Trine, a core Opposition and High Focus Leading planet. The Splay is based on the Grand Trine, but can have a T-cross and High Focus Reins planet when there is only one planet in one of the three segments. The Splash has the possibility of having all quadratures represented by as many as 5 Oppositions. There can be a Grand Trine, Grand Cross, T-cross, but no Leading planet. For more detailed information on Temperament Types, read The Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones.




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The 27 Club’s Most Known Members – old and new – Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Amy Winehouse.

Wikipedia: “The 27 Club is a term that refers to the belief that an unusually high number of popular musicians and other artists have died at age 27, often as a result of drug and alcohol abuse, or violent means such as homicide or suicide.”

Mandatory Credit: Photo by MARC SHARRATT / Rex Features (16987c) The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Jimi Hendrix at the Marquee Club, London Various - 1967

We will explore the horoscopes of some of the 60 known deaths of the members of that notorious club; Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Amy Winehouse.

The Progressed Moon in any person’s horoscope returns to its Natal position in about 27 years after birth. We will look at this Progression in each of the 5 horoscopes analyzed and see if there is a common thread that is tied to this first cycle of the Moon in nativities.

Jimi Hendrix was known as the most innovative guitarist of the 1960s. He has Natal Uranus in exact Opposition to Natal Mercury. His unusual (Uranus) fingering (Mercury) of the strings of the guitar brought him to the height of the mountain of talented musicians of the hippy generation. The red lines in the charts show the Progressed Lunar Return. The blue lines point out the other Progressed aspects of interest, and the green lines show significant Transits.

The red line shows that Jimi’s death is still within orb of the time of the Progressed Lunar Return. A period of 6 months before and 6 months after the exact Conjunction is the sphere of influence. It is a most intense time in the life, because the Moon is the indicator of the emotional field of experience. This is tied to the mental constructs leading ultimately to the individual’s actions, whether for good or otherwise.

In Jimi’s case, there are Transits of Uranus and Pluto to show the gravity of the situation surrounding his death. Shown in short green lines at the top of the chart is T. Uranus that has been making contact with Jimi’s Natal Neptune for some time prior to his death. T. Pluto is also shown with a short green line to point out the slowly approaching Conjunction with N. Neptune. The seriousness of “playing” with drugs during this time is indicated by these two profound Transits.

Jimi’s rise to fame jimihandrixis noted in this 9th house situation and T. Uranus gives Neptune its burst of sudden notoriety in the field of music, and also shows the exposure to the mass drug culture of the times. Several of these hard aspects in Transit indicate that there had been prior troubles in Jimi’s life, but the Progressed Saturn in exact Opposition to Natal Venus from the 6th to the 12th house is the real indicator of the difficulty in passing through this trying time unscathed.

The T. Moon position is shown by the long green lines from the bottom of the chart. The true position of the T. Moon is not certain as the exact time of death is an estimate. But one can surmise that the T. Moon did make an Opposition aspect with N. Mars and a Conjunction with T. Saturn shortly before, at the time of, and shortly after the event of his death. Often it can be seen that the major Transits and Progressions show the development of a grave issue, and the T. Moon kicks off the potential tragedy at the most poignant hour. More on the Transit Moon in a horoscope visit: Robin Williams – a suicide to prevent.

THE NATAL CHART – A brief look.

The nativity features are a Bowl Temperament Type, with the Mutable Disposition delimiting the Bowl (Venus/Saturn Opposition in Mutable signs). This Type points to a desire to please people, and the upturned Bowl shows the impulse to pour out the contents of his talents without restraint. There is no Point Focus planet to form a T-Cross with the Opposition which would allow a necessary positive direction for his tensions. His musical abilities instead are his manner of self-expression and release.

The Sun/Moon pair are in Trine along with the Trine of the planets of Significance, Uranus/Neptune. Mars/Venus and Jupiter/Saturn pairs are not in major aspect with themselves. This leaves the Sun/Moon and Uranus/Neptune to decide the Self-determination which is Subjective Function. This “proves” that it would be difficult to assist Jimi in handling his problems as he is highly motivated through following his own council. Objective Function could have allowed him to make major decisions based on input from sources appealing to him from his environment.

The Bowl Type is led through the houses by Uranus, which is then considered in High Focus in Jimi’s 5th house of unrestrained self-expression, inventive character and unconventional behavior. It is the indicator of his highly unique and individualized mode of musical performance and the keyword becomes Experimentative – which is precisely what brought his style to such heightened popularity.

His Leading Uranus Sabian Symbol degree is revealing:

GEMINI 3 The garden of the Tuileries  This is a symbol of the self-confidence and authority which come to man through social position and wealth, and of his ability to bring all his capabilities to some graceful and exquisite self-expression. Here are the more exalted or immortal constants of everyday values, evident as they are given a solid foundation in human achievement or are preserved through a concern for them by people in general. The keyword is LUXURY. When positive, the degree is the creative stability which enables each individual to participate in the full gamut of satisfactions developed and cherished by his fellows as well as himself, and when negative, complete selfishness and a joy in lording it over others.

Jimi Hendrix photo by MARC SHARRATT  – 1967


Janis Joplin showed an immense talent for singing, just as Jimi Hendrix showed for his guitar performance. Janis had come out of an obscurity in youth, to the height of popularity which surprised her as much as her fans. She was unpopular as a student in her early days in Port Arthur, and took incredible pride in herself when returning at one point in her career to visit again those who previously marginalized her.janis-joplin2

The red line shows the Progressed Moon just a few months beyond its Lunation Return, and so very much a sign of the emotional intensity and upheaval of the times. But the chart shows that it is mostly Transits that “encouraged” the mounting stress on her life style, and those Transits include Neptune that brings the misuse of drugs once again into the picture. At the time of her death, Transit Neptune was approaching an Opposition to her Natal Uranus, and the Transit Moon close by indicates its “kickoff effect” of the more major Transit aspect in action.

Uranus, as well as being aspected by an Opposition by the transiting Moon, somewhere in the vicinity of the time of death, is making in Transit a Square to Natal Moon. This is a reciprocal planetary exchange bringing more force and importance to the configurations.  janisjoplin2

All the significant Transits are shown in green, and the faint lines show the supportive yet powerful indications of the entire Gestalt. Transit Jupiter does make an exact Square to important Natal Mercury, but the more profound undercurrent is provided by Transit Pluto and its approaching Conjunction with Natal Neptune. This is the bass note factor of a mounting stress upon the native.

There is one feature of the Progressed chart not to be ignored, and that is the Progressed Sun reaching the ascendant and just into the first house. The Sun finally coming out of hiding with its 30 year journey through the 12th house is shown by the blue circle on the left of the chart. Just when things might have looked brighter, the rest of the horoscope proved to be too much of a challenge to withstand.

A brief look at the NATAL HOROSCOPE

The Temperament Type is a See-Saw and shows the native’s capacity for communication across divided lines of thinking. She was a spokesperson in a sense with song for her generation, and drew attention from conventional singers, like Tom Jones in 1969, who introduced her to audiences that resulted in an expanded exposure to those with more traditional cultural tastes. Natal Pluto in Opposition to Natal Mercury is the Core Opposition of the See-Saw that drew some criticism by Jones who commented that their singing together was more of a screaming match then two unique artists sharing styles.

Born with a preponderance of retrograde planets proved her to be caught up most tightly in her own brand of thinking and behavior. Being born just days after Mercury Stationed puts her mind, attitude and demeanor into High Focus. Natal Mercury is Conjunct Venus in the 12th, and although grating to the ears at times because in the the sign of Uranus’ Aquarius, still her voice proved to be the ultimate sounding board of an entire 60’s generation.

Janis’ Natal Mercury definitely stands out in several ways, not the least in its Sabian Symbol of A popularity that proves ephemeral. This points more to her lifespan in years rather than an indication of her career being forgotten. She truly has become a legend in her field, and she will remain on the minds and hearts of those who adored her for some time to come.

The entire symbol:

AQUARIUS 10 A popularity that proves ephemeral This is a symbol of the eternal challenge which comes to an individual at every point of climax in his experience, and of the swing of the pendulum between an endorsement and a repudiation of his efforts by his social group. He must learn to accept the applause as encouragement in his self-strengthening, but to look for any continued sustainment from his own stability of being. A courageous self-confidence and an unflagging faith are worthy of recognition, but only in their moment of significance. The keyword is APPROBATION. When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing the issues of life to a dramatic consummation at a time of crisis, and when negative, prodigal opportunism.

The symbol indicates that the challenge was to find stability within the self, and the potentials were there with three planets including the purposeful Sun in the 12th house of Subjective Self-sustainment. With better guidance in her early years on how to keep her Cardinal Sun and Moon under control, it could have curtailed its at times exaggerated attention on the personal self and there might have been a very different outcome in the life.



There was the promise of fame for years to come, but Amy Winehouse was caught in a cycle of destruction that took her life on July 23, 2011. UnfortunatetriChartly she was the victim of divorced parents that were both too detached and oblivious to what a marriage fallen apart can do to a young and vulnerable .

The tumultuous relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil was in a sense what gave her a very deceptive security that had been lacking due to the absent father.  Not shown here is the comparison of charts between the unfortunate couple. Amy’s Natal Pluto in needy Libra was exact to the degree in Opposition to Blake’s Sun in in impulsive Aries. Pluto opened up Amy’s psyche to a most vulnerable state possible and in times when he was not present she fell apart. With a stable family relationship and some loving discipline that was so needed, she might have been able to weather the inevitable storms that unfortunately became her downfall. Having no inner strength to rely on, and co-dependent, it became impossible for her to find strike a balance when fame finally took hold. Drugs and alcohol had long been a substitute for that inner balance, and when those elements became toxic, her body gave way and she joined the 27 Club.

The purple circle shows Amy’s Progressed Moon just entering her 8th house accompanied by Transit Pluto that always brings closer the shadow of death and rebirth. She was 5 months passed her Progressed Lunar Return and Transit Pluto tracking along with the Moon is enough to know that the astrological factors were very much in place to leave her susceptible to drug abuse and out-of-control emotions that a bit of spiritual light would have resulted in a happier outcome.

A feature of her horoscope that shows the weakness she had to deal with is the lack of an Opposition of planets that could have given her an anchor in the outside world. A genuine awareness was lacking from a too subjective point of view.

The multiple Conjunctions throughout her chart shows an exaggeration of energies that always amplifies its effects on others. The Bundle Temperament Type shows specialization rather than versatility and this in Amy’s case was a total dedication to her art and the man she was obsessed with. Mars is the Leading planet in her Bundle, and therefore in High Focus in the sign of Assurance, especially it comes to performing. The otherwise Initiative as the keyword takes on an Indomitable flare when it is a planet of focal determination. And she becomes unstoppable when acting out through the Sabian Symbol degree of, Chickens intoxicated. With this symbol in High Focus it is no wonder that she literally battled with drugs and alcohol.




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The Discovery of LSD and its First Explorer Albert Hoffman

** FILE ** In this undated file photo, Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann is seen in his garden in Burg, Switzerland. Hofmann, the discoverer of LSD, has died aged 102, officials of the town of Burg, Switzerland, confirmed. (AP Photo/Keystone, Niklaus Stauss) ** NO SALES NO ARCHIVES ONE TIME USE ONLY **

Albert ahoffmanHoffman was the man responsible for the LSD generation in the United States, although he felt that it was a misuse of the drug, and that its primary useful purpose was in the field of psychiatry.

Hoffman accidentally ingested a small amount of the chemical on November 16, 1938 when he was employed by Sandos laboratory in Switzerland. The green line in the chart shows Hoffman’s Progressed Uranus was making an Opposition aspect to his Natal Neptune at the time. Neptune is associated with the imagination in its normal conscious activity as well as when the imagination is stimulated through the catalyst of a chemical substance such as Lysergic acid diethylamide. The unusual experience that resulted from the accidental dose was similar to the subconscious journeys encountered through natural psychotropic plants found worldwide and used for exploratory purposes by shamans in a diversity of cultures.

hoffman02450LSD was unleashed on the public at large and caused a movement and advancement in consciousness that was to bring new age practices to a world hitherto unprepared. There was a schism produced between the establishment in general and the hippies who were en-mass being enlightened if only superficially.

The red lines show that the Progressed Sun and Venus were just passing over the Moon’s South Node and Opposite the North Node. The blue line shows that Transit Jupiter was also involved in the configuration. Jupiter and Venus being involved in the aspect show that it was a pleasant experience for Hoffman, and that its discovery would bring much reward for him as well as all others in search of a deeper journey into the realm of the human psyche that the Nodes represent.




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What is Happening within the Republican Party?

republican1If anyone is wondering what is happening in the “stars” for the US Republican Party, it is all here in their Natal chart. The main dynamic feature is Transit Pluto Opposite the Party’s Natal Sun at 15 degrees Cancer, shown in the chart by the orange arrow pointing to the Sun in the center wheel’s 9th house. While Transit Pluto was Stationing in the latter part of September 2016, the Party took on a bizarre turn in their self-expression through the medium of its presidential candidate, Donald Trump.

Absurdities surrounded and haunted the candidate and culminated with the broadcast of a rather vulgar incident that caught Trump unexpectedly on tape with a hot mic in a studio tour bus in 2005. To defuse the outrage the candidate referred to his dialogue on the bus as normal “locker room” banter – in spite of the fact that several known athletes came forward to protest and state that this was not routine or exceptable behavior.

An Opposition from Transit Pluto to any planet in a Natal horoscope is a profound challenge to dignity and Probity (keyword for Pluto in the dynamic chart). However, the chart of the Party shows Progressions in the middle wheel and Transits on the outer wheel that exacerbate the overshadowing Pluto transit. The challen5ging Opposition aspects’ positive outcome would be to transform and clearly define the Purpose (keyword for the Sun) of the Party, and this is undoubtedly happening behind the scenes. Between October 18th and the 21st, Transit Mars and Moon will be Conjunct Transit Pluto in Opposition to the Party’s Natal Sun. We will be experiencing more of the polarizing effects during those days before the election. It is shown in the chart with Mars’ arrow moving toward Pluto in the outer wheel at the bottom of the chart.

With two major Oppositions from the Progressed planets, and two major Transit Oppositions, it is apparent that something big is in the works for the Republican Party in the election of 2016. This is confirmed by the Party’s Conjunction of its Natal Sun with the Natal Sun of the United States. They have always had a mutual Conjunction, but what makes the difference now, and what makes it so significant, is the Transit of Pluto in Opposition to both their Natal Suns. Here is a manifestation of power coming into the hands of the Republicans, and a continuation of it can be predicted because of Transit Pluto’s eventual Conjunction with the Party’s Progressed Mars at 20 degrees Capricorn shown at the bottom of the chart in the middle wheel.

What draws Trump into the picture is the Party’s Progressed Sun having made an Opposition to his Natal Sun over the past year – magnetically polarizing the candidate to the party. This is shown in the middle wheel of the chart below by the orange line connecting the Party’s Progressed Sun pointing to Trump’s Natal Sun in the outer wheel’s 9th house. As well, the Party’s Progressed Sun passed over the Natal Moon in Trump’s chart, emotionally energizing him, albeit in often negative fashion. This is shown by the short purple arrow at the bottom of the chart.

It is the Natal Moon/Sun Opposition in Trump’s chart that draws most of the conflict and controversy into his life and the life of the Party. This is because when the Sun and Moon are opposite each other in a Natal chart, the native often goes in a direction (Moon) contrary to the true Purpos3-5e (Sun) of the given life. This results in an inner conflict to contend with. It is interesting to note as well, that the Transiting Moon was Opposite Trump’s Sun in the early hours of the morning of October 7 when the scandalous video mentioned above broke out in the news. That provocative Moon Transit is not shown in either of the charts in this post.

The chart below shows a purple line connecting Trump’s Natal Pluto Conjunct the Party’s Natal Mercury. This indicates the profound and overwhelming effect that Trump has on the basic tenets of the right wing. This can cause an almost dictatorial attitude in communications with the Party, with a resulting sense of being overwhelmed by impossible demands.

The fuchsia line, starting in the 2nd house outer wheel of the chart above shows Saturn has been Transiting in Opposition to its own Natal position. This points to a culmination in full self-realization, and to a time of completion of an adolescent period that moves toward a coming of age. Saturn revolves around the Sun in a 29.5 year cycle. At the Opposition point, at around 14 to 15 years, it becomes equivalent to the time of puberty in the life of an individual. In other words, for the Republican Party, here is the indication of a need to grow and go forward, ready to proliferate with a more mature state of awareness.

Another very strong indication of conflict and direct challenge is shown with the Party’s Progressed Moon in direct Opposition with its Natal Pluto shown by the green line in the chart above. This aspect also reveals the coming to power of this Party at this time.




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Linklater’s Fairy-tale Trilogy – The Before Series


Richard Linklater, Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke are director and actors who have created a cult image in the Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight trilogy, comparable to the captivating and long-standing cult film Dirty DancingIt begins with a study of the magnetic dynamic between two lone travelers on a train that ultimately draws, in the same hypnotic fashion, an unsuspecting audience into the vicarious fascination of foreplay between spellbound lovers. Often these types of keyhole views on human love and attraction are only a pleasant diversion that is designed to compliment the main and more serious theme in a film. But Richard Linklater cut out the unnecessary periphery, and sacrificed any complicated and compelling plot to put the center of attention on the subjects as they do their romantic dance through the glorious streets and parks of Vienna. That is how they captured our hearts in the first of the three fascinating glimpses into the lives of these fictional heroes of personal love.

One might expect to see extremely overt interconnections between the three Natal charts, but that is not the case on a superficial first look. So let’s look deeper. linklater_hawke_delpy2

Julie Delpy’s horoscope is in the middle wheel because it is the only one of the three whose birth time is known. This puts her at center stage as the planets of the others are dropped into her chart’s houses.

There is a powerful connection between Linklater’s Pluto and Delpy’s Mars. It is an exact contact that has Delpy’s Mars making the aspect. She represents Linklater’s subconscious projection of almost ideal and fairly-like creatures that portray his private vision of the magical world of  the lovers’ characteristic and continual juxtaposing.

Delpy’s Mars creates a spark of classic Botticelli beauty which supports the dream-like romantic point of the film. Linklater’s Natal Pluto degree is A man dreaming of fairies. It is one of the handful of elfin degrees that reveals a person in touch with higher and sutler forces than most. All of his film projections stem from this undercurrent of an otherworldly imagination.

These three creative individuals had the vision to take their audience through three stages of normal relationship, but in a way that is vicariously compelling. We develop our hopes in them to reward us with a reason to believe in personal love.

The personal rendition in film is mirrored in Hawke’s Mars very close to Delpy’s Uranus. The story has her always just a little bit distant (Uranus) with him always on the gentle pursuit (Mars). The conjunction is appropriately in the sign of Libra, pointing to a linking with others in a one-on-one relationship.


Linklater’s Sun Sextile’s Delpy’s Uranus so that he is brought into the picture. And the three become a manifestation of Delpy’s Uranus degree of Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. The original symbol is Three old masters hang together in an art gallery; they have a room to themselves and seem to hold converse. In an interview with the three, they speak proudly of having to meet together in their private rooms to create the story line. This is a fascinating connection between the symbolic world of a Sabian Symbol and its real life manifestation.

Here is the entire symbol:

Libra 9 Three old masters hanging in an art gallery This is a symbol of man’s capacity for embracing a universal reality within his own personal experience. Here is representation of the fundamental faculties of self-expression as they may be established in effective alignment with each other, thereby furthering every pertinent aspect of human potentiality. Implicit is the concept of the past and the present as irrevocably in partnership, every individual’s heritage providing him with a foundation for the achievement he desires. The keyword is ACCORD. When positive, the degree is a gift for bringing people and events together in high appreciation of the greater values of life, and when negative, idle worship of tradition and destructive self-contemplation.

The words highlighted in red above mirror the continuing trilogy from the past to present conveniently. In Hawke’s Mars is the reflective symbol of not only the first scene in Before Sunset, but shows a reflection of the actor’s real life as a writer. It also literally points to his first acting role in Dead Poets Society. The symbol for Mars in 11 Libra is: A kindly old professor from his battered desk peers over his eyeglasses at a class eagerly awaiting his words.




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