What Makes Paul Manafort the Man in Question?

Paul Manafort was Donald Trump’s Campaign Manager for a brief period of time during the 2016 presidential elections. Since then his name and reputation have been on the line, and he has been under investigation by the Robert Mueller team, who on July 26, 2017 forcefully entered Manafort’s home and confiscated files that may be evidence of wrong-doing either the time before, during or after the Trump campaign.

Looking at Manafort’s Transits and Progressions does not show obvious correlations to his natal chart, especially without knowing the birth time. However, there is significant activity in his life events at this time when relating them to both the Lunar and Solar Eclipses in August 2017. Paul Manafort’s Saturn and Pluto were touched by Conjunction by these two important eclipses; Pluto on August 7 and Saturn on August 21.

Astrologers often minimize the effects of an eclipse in chart interpretations, not intentionally, but because these Solar and Lunar events occur less often in Transits than the usual and more frequent planetary contributors.

What makes the Lunar Eclipse in Manfort’s chart serious is that Robert Mueller’s natal Sun is Conjunct Manafort’s natal Pluto. It is a cross-tie between the charts that is not to be ignore, because it gives Mueller’s Purpose in this planetary connection easy access to penetrate deeply and shine light on any possible deviant behavior that often is associated with a Pluto going rogue.

If not manifesting on the higher levels of spiritual awareness, Pluto’s influence can degenerate into underworld activities associated with money laundering, prostitution, illegal gambling, and a host of other involvements that shun the light of day. An eclipse is notorious for bringing things to sharp focus in one’s life, and both men are indelibly connected through the powerful Pluto, Saturn and Sun Conjunction stimulated for the duration of the eclipses’ influence.


On or around November 23, 2017, Transit Saturn will make an Opposition to Manafort’s natal Uranus. This may be the time of indictment if indeed the situation calls for it. Or if indited before that time, it could indicate when Manafort may be pardon by the President. There will at least be some significant issue arising at this time.

On January 31, 2018, there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse at 11 Leo 37 that is within orb of a Conjunction with Manafort’s Pluto and Mueller’s Sun. The accompanying Partial Solar Eclipse is on February 15, 2018 at 27 Aquarius 08 within orb of an Opposition with Manafort’s Saturn. The future promises more activity in reference to those most potent planets for change and retribution. If there hasn’t been a conviction or pardon as yet. This could be the time where that might happen.

From Wikipedia:

Paul John Manafort Jr. is an American lawyer, lobbyist and political consultant. He joined Donald Trump‘s presidential campaign team in March 2016 and served as campaign manager from June to August 2016. He was previously an adviser to the U.S. presidential campaigns of Republicans Gerald FordRonald ReaganGeorge H. W. Bush, and Bob Dole. In 1980 Manafort co-founded the Washington, D.C.-based lobbying firm Black, Manafort & Stone, along with principals Charles R. Black Jr., and Roger J. Stone. In 1984 it was renamed Black, Manafort, Stone and Kelly & associates, after Peter G. Kelly was recruited.

Manafort often lobbied on behalf of controversial foreign leaders such as former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, former dictator of the Philippines Ferdinand Marcos, dictator of the former Democratic Republic of the Congo Mobutu Sese Seko, and Angolan guerrilla leader Jonas Savimbi. Lobbying to serve the interests of foreign governments requires registration with the Justice Department under the Foreign Agents Registration Act; however, as of June 2, 2017, Manafort had not registered. On June 27 he retroactively registered as a foreign agent.

Manafort is under investigation by multiple federal agencies. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has reportedly had an active criminal investigation on him since 2014 regarding business dealings while he was lobbying for Ukraine. He is also a person of interest in the FBI counterintelligence probe looking into the Russian government’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.




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What Makes Mueller the Man of Integrity? It’s His Sabian Symbols

Sometimes a horoscope tells a fascinating story, and this is what we see in the chart of Robert Mueller, the man appointed as special counsel to investigate Russia’s influence in the 2016 US presidential elections. More and more is revealed almost on a daily basis, and yet the entire truth is still obscured by several missing pieces of the puzzle that will inevitably surface when the planets align to do so, and when Mueller completes his investigation.

Mueller’s chart is especially interesting, because the Sabian Symbol degrees play a compelling role when telling his personal story. There is always a difficulty when the time of birth is unknown, because the Moon degree and the positions of the planets throughout the houses are undetermined and cannot give clues in an interpretation. But there are planetary configurations, defined by Marc Edmund Jones’ 16 Point Analysis that are not dependent on the time of birth and so can yield information that is quite revealing.

The red lines in the chart point to the possible T-Cross, Focal Determinator. Its validity is questioned, because one of the prongs of the Cross is the Moon that moves swiftly through the degrees in an entire day and may or may not be in orb of an Opposition to create the possible T-Cross. But when checking the Moon’s sign and degree placement throughout the 24 hour period, it appears that the transition from August 6th to August 7th, and up to the final hour on August 7th, the Moon stays within close proximity  of its 12.5 degree orb distance to form the Opposition to Neptune and Square to Saturn.

This Focal Determinator identifies Saturn as the all-important Point Focus of the chart. Astrologers eventually learn that aside from the frustrations, delays and disappointments for which Saturn is known, it is also the planet of integrity, responsibility, maturity, conscientiousness, and suggests a host of other characteristics that represent a person of sometimes great and honorable stature. These positive positive expressions of Saturn explain why Robert Mueller is known for his stellar (pun intended) reputation.

Multiple Sabian Symbol degrees in Mueller’s chart refer to the first light of day, or the Sun in general. They are symbolic of the revelatory effects of light as it reveals hitherto unforeseen factors otherwise obscured by darkness and devious means. These references to the light overcoming darkness or storm, point to the purpose for which Mueller has dedicated his life in service of truth and lawfulness.

Listed  here are the symbols referring to the Sun’s migration in several circumstances:

Neptune at 3 degrees Libra

LIBRA 3 The dawn of a new day, everything changed This is a symbol of the illimitable potentialities to be found when it comes to any personal participation in everyday affairs, and of the thoroughness with which each individual remains the recurrent expression of his own self-consistencies. There is here the necessity for an ultimate self-dependence, and the consequent need to blaze a path of special recognition for each particular characteristic of selfhood. The keyword is INNOVATION. When positive, the degree is man’s insatiable appetite for experiment and continuing self-discovery in every possible area of human experience, and when negative, inability to catch the challenge of living in even the most trivial matters.

Venus at 27 degrees Leo

LEO 27 Daybreak This is a symbol of the cycles of change as an ultimate assurance to the human heart, with an emphasis on reason as the means by which man knows the nature of his own continuance. No matter what may be the course of events in their over-all unpredictability, there is always dawn or spring­time as the promise of resurgence or a new potential in every manifestation of self and its world. Reality is ever a beginning in the sense of the immediacy it offers the individual. The keyword is GENESIS. When positive, the degree is an untiring capture and recapture of life throughout the constant and con­fusing shifts of being, and when negative, wishful thinking and satisfaction in a vague tomorrow.

The all-important Sun degree at 16 Leo

LEO 16 Sunshine just after a storm This is a symbol of per­sonal stability through man’s recuperative powers, emphasized in terms of his psychological or inner orientation. Here is na­ture’s inevitable return to enduring values as this occurs after every major issue of life, and the consequent opportunity for self to regrasp itself and to enlist every element of its environ­ment in some new effort or fresh approach to experience. Everyday stress and strain are found of high use, either as a clearance or a reconstruction in all human affairs. The key­word is RECOVERY. When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness of perspective and fidelity to individual responsibil­ity, and when negative, continual upset over petty issues.

The Sun in a chart gives the clue of the PURPOSE in a person’s life. It is Mueller’s destiny to usher in the light, in answer to infractions that have held their sway over good. This he has done valiantly in his long career as a prosecutor and public servant.

One of the most delightful Sabian degrees taking part in Mueller’s natal wheel is 7 degrees Cancer, Two fairies on a Moonlit night. This symbol interestingly brings the Moon into the picture to compliment all the references to the Sun, and it takes prominence in the chart by being Point Focus of a T-Cross.

CANCER 7 Two fairies on a moonlit night This is a symbol of nature’s illimitable potentialities on the side of the release she offers man from his physical or psychological involvement, and of the necessity that he achieve some measure of lightness in self-expression as a balance for the strain of everyday existence. Here is exaltation of fancy as a dynamic factor in all self-realization, and of the quiet moments of experience as a real opportunity for self-orientation. The magic of selfhood lies in its ability to rise above whatever may threaten its well­being. The keyword is ASCENDANCY. When positive, the degree is a transforming sensitivity or a healing imagination, and when negative, a senseless retreat to make-believe.

A study of the symbols’ definitions allows the astrologer to penetrate deep within a native’s psyche, to reveal the theme of the life on its most profound level where planet positions only give vague clues. Cancer 7 takes part in a “handful” of elfin, fairy or otherworldly degrees that are part of the Sabian Symbols’ collection of visionary potentials.

Planets on these special Sabian Symbol degrees vibrate to a higher frequency, and encourage the native to reach beyond the conventional expression of planetary energies. Robert Mueller’s chart exemplifies the rich resources the symbols have to offer, buttressed by a dignified Point Focus Saturn.

Listed here are the symbols that take part in this unique category:

Aries 16, Brownies dancing in the setting sun

Scorpio 23, A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy 

Scorpio 28, King of the fairies approaching his domain

Cancer 7, Two fairies on a moonlit night

Virgo 5, A man dreaming of fairies




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Total Solar Eclipse, the USA and War

The day of the Great American Total Solar Eclipse is the day Trump spoke for his administration’s decision to send additional American troops to Afghanistan. The Total Solar Eclipse activated Trump’s natal Mars, because the planet is within a few degrees of where the eclipse fell. Mars is High Focus when Rising and in a Conjunction with the Ascendant. In its normal function, the keyword for Mars is INITIATIVE, but when in High Focus the keyword becomes INDOMITABLE. This non-stoppable drive is something that the public has witnessed in Trump’s character for some time, but now that he is in a position of real power it can cause shock waves across the globe. Leaders of countries worldwide must take the President’s words seriously.

When initiatives are set in motion, counter-actions from resisting individuals or groups can block the direction of energies coming from the original source. This is when confrontations can escalate into full-fledged war between contending entities. Mars means war only when initiatives are frustrated. Otherwise Mars merely means, starting to put energy behind an idea. Setting things in action. 

North Korea poses a threat to its neighbors and to the United States because its nuclear initiatives bode ill in a world that wishes to keep a balance of peace among nations. From September 2nd to the 6th, 2017, transit Mars and Transit Station Mercury joined in Conjunction at 29 degrees Leo where the recently Solar Eclipse took place. In these few days the conflict with North Korea’s missile testings accelerated the rhetoric within the US that is a block to the ambitions of the young North Korean leader. Mars’ signature is written all over this potential catastrophe, in the fact of Trump’s Mars being activated by the Solar Eclipse and the Transits of Mars and “supportive” Mercury. But the likelihood of outright war is also evident in the chart of the United States.

Transit Saturn has been making an Opposition Aspect with the US natal  Mars since late December 2016 and early January 2017 when Trump was inaugurated the 45th President of the United States. At this time, Transit Saturn was making a Conjunction with the President’s natal Moon, which also Opposes his natal Sun, because of its natal Sun/Moon Opposition. This means that Trump’s Sun is in Conjunction with the US natal Mars. This configuration is a powerful stress upon the core dynamic between the two entities of the United States populace and its surrogate leader President Trump. And Transit Saturn has been prodding the promise of war especially at the time of its Station at 21:11 Sagittarius on August 26th. It is another supportive indication of imminent danger shown primarily by the Solar Eclipse that crossed the continental United States. It will be interesting to see what takes place when Transit Venus visits 29 degrees Leo on September 19th and 20th.

The group of planets circled on the left of the chart show Trump’s natal Mars eclipsed on August 21, in Opposition to the US natal Moon. The US Moon, representing the populace, is directly engaged with the indomitable actions of a president who is not shy of touting his erratic, unpredictable urges off-the-cuff, toward enemies national and international.



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A solar eclipse is a Super-New Moon. It is a time to “plant seeds” for significant change in the daily pattern of our lives. Light is not the only influence the Sun and Moon have on living things. All heavenly bodies exude an electromagnetic field, which has its influence on other heavenly spheres and life in general. These invisible energies are activated in mysterious ways through interactions of the planets, the Sun and Moon, asteroids and other significant points represented symbolically in astrological charts.

Eclipses are strongest when near or opposite a planet in the horoscope. All other influences are general and are associated with the meaning of the houses where the eclipse falls.
An eclipse can indicate the end and rebirth of behavioral patterns hidden deep within the psyche. When drawing the substance of the unconscious into the sphere of the conscious mind, through meditation or breathwork, a natural catharsis can take place that clears outmoded content. Through courageous observation of personal issues, the need for transformation can be fulfilled. The theme of the crises to be cleared is determined by which houses the solar and lunar eclipses fall in your personal horoscope.

It is not an accident that the Sun and Moon are at the distances where when they are in line with the Earth that the diameter of their disks are the same size. This strategic alignment produces a powerful thrust of energy toward the Earth that motivates a comprehensive evolution of all matter. A solar eclipse occurs twice a year, along with a lunar eclipse either before or after. These are one of the most profound astronomical and astrological events that influence our lives, although there are many other significant celestial occurrences that promote great change.

The shadow of the moon travels the surface of the Earth and marks the countries and the people designated for reorientation. The current eclipse in the astrological sign of Leo represents the heart center and effects the way that we as individuals interact with others and where we express ourselves as unique beings separate from the collective. It is a time to acknowledge the shadows within that await the light of conscious day to be resolved through Love, as one of the features of spiritual enlightenment ruled by the sign Leo.

LEO 29 A mermaid This is a symbol of humanity’s insatiable appetite for experience on the side of psychological self-assurance, and of the nascent eagerness of the soul for a private and personal participation in every possible facet of self-fulfillment. There is an ineradicable purity of man’s make-up at core, and in consequence an ultimate repudiation of all the compromises which seem to be demanded in everyday relationships. The individual forever seeks and responds to the creative needs of life itself. The keyword is IMPORTUNITY. When positive, the degree is a completeness of quickening to inner instincts of the being and a real willingness to trust them, and when negative, a lack of discrimination and an awkward insensitivity.




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US Progressed Stationary Direct Mercury Happening Now

Here’s a link to HUFFPOST about Trump’s father being a member of the KKK. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/…/our-commander-in-chief-and-…

And here’s a little known fact about the astrological aspects now active in the US chart: Many astrologers know about the coming Pluto Return, but few have mentioned the present Progressed Station of Mercury! Yes, I am talking about the PROGRESSED not the present Transit Mercury that commenced on August 12, 2017. Progressed Stations are a big deal, and multiplies the forces for change that the Total Eclipse on August 21 will usher in.

Just count 241 days from July 4, 1776-1777 in the ephemeris and you will see the D standing for Direct for the Mercury of the US chart. Stations in Progressions are a profound but much overlooked source of planetary influence. And this one effects all Americans and the world. We’re in for big change, as if no one noticed.😉

The Station Direct takes place at 21 degrees Aquarius, Sabian Symbol: A woman disappointed and disillusioned. And there is plenty of that going on now in both political parties.

AQUARIUS 21 A woman disappointed and disillusioned This is a symbol of the inevitable distress of the human soul whenever it seeks any enduring entertainment from elements without anchorage in its own nature, dramatized in the negative symbolism by the futility of its attempted fulfillment through a capitalization on purely physical assets of self. The deeper potentials of the being afford the real possibilities of self-discovery, and personal frustrations are a challenge to a genuine self-realization rather than a denial of opportunity. The keyword is CLEARANCE. When positive, the degree is the self’s inherent gift for pressing on and gaining increased powers with every setback, and when negative, the acceptance of all defeat as final.




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Simon & Garfunkel Revisited

The Sound of Silence was Simon and Garfunkel’s first major hit. Looking at the development of their talents that were fused together through two-part harmony executing extraordinary lyrics brings the early 1960’s into focus. The tri-wheel chart features Paul Simon in the center wheel, Art Garfunkel in the middle, with Simon’s Progressions in the outer ring. Since Simon was the composer of the two, he has the honors of being the center focus with Artie’s (as Paul calls him) planets compared to his.

With natal to natal comparisons, and their birthdays a month apart, the slow moving planets from Jupiter to Pluto are virtually in the same positions. They are seen as a generational factor and so of lesser importance in a comparison. The major activity can be seen in Simon’s faster moving Progressions to Garfunkel’s natal wheel.

The planetary connections between the two talented musicians are shown through the planets of efficiency; Mars, Venus and Mercury in Progressions from Simon to Garfunkel.

The early 1960’s was the real start of their careers, although they had teamed up previously as Tom and Jerry in the 1950’s. The very slow but ever-increasing development and success of The Sound of Silence, written by Simon in 1961 was the cornerstone of what became the partnership under their real names as Simon and Garfunkel.  The success of those early years as a duo is dramatically seen by Simon’s 1963 Progressed Sun, Mercury, Venus and Mars in Conjunction with Garfunkel’s same but natal planets. Progressed Venus is the only Progressed Conjunction that has to travel a bit to become exact, and in this case, gives longevity to the popularity of their talents. Simon’s Progressed Moon as well makes an exact aspect with Garfunkel’s Mercury in 1963, who became the prominent and elegant voice of the two. Simon’s natal Mercury was pleasantly sandwiched between his own Progressed Sun and Moon, giving the 9th house of notoriety a chance to fulfill itself. It should be noted as well, that Simon was in the midst of the 1963, Full Moon Progressed Lunation, in the 3rd to 9th houses – this being a very significant sign for success and fame.

The Transits too play a part in the picture of how these men made an impact on their generation and generations to come. There was the always profound indication of a Station Conjunction of an outer planet to both natal charts. Neptune’s Transit last several years passing Direct and Retrograde and Stationing to add emphasis to the Transit. It did so in the early 1960’s with many passes to Garfunkel’s natal Sun and to Simon’s natal Mercury.

Saturn also made an impact on both natal charts with an 1962 Opposition to powerful Pluto at 6 degrees Leo in both charts. The creative sign of Leo is that which brought numerous talented youth to prominence in the Hippie Generation. There were several passes and Stations to Pluto’s position, making it one more testimonial to the calculated rise in importance of the artful partnership that has become an icon in American history.

Although their inspirational words and sounds soar high above the usual fare required for induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Simon and Garfunkel’s striking astrological configurations shown here, are destiny’s way of saying a work well done with the help of cosmic influences.


For more information on Simon and Garfunkel history: Hall of Fame Inductees




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Trump’s Transits and Progressions August 2017 and Forward . . .

The surrogate horoscope for the people of the United States: Donald Trump’s upcoming Progressions and Transits point the way.

Trump’s Progressed Uranus is inching toward his natal Sun. This creates an uneasiness and continuously unpredictable state of affairs for himself and the nation for which he is the leader. Progressed Uranus is also in an exact Opposition to his natal Moon where Transit Saturn is poised to make a Stationary Direct Conjunction on August 26 2017. Transit Saturn will activate his natal Moon/Sun Opposition from the other end. This tense and intense standoff of planets dominates the present political landscape, and adds to the already ominous signs of change that the Total Solar Eclipse “promises” the nation and world. Progressed Uranus urges Trump to act on his own, independent of all outside influences, while Transit Saturn obligates him to be sensitive to the people’s wishes and be responsible for the welfare of those to whom he is in charge.

Because Saturn is disjunctive in nature, there may be a very strong desire to retreat, give up or resign because of so many complications facing him that he is not prepared to handle as an ordinary citizen. And what we see in the open with Trump, is often very different than what goes on within the private world of his own psyche. The leaked phone call transcripts in the Washington Post on August 3, 2017 to the Mexican and Australian leaders revealed that what is said for public consumption is not necessarily the truth of what Trump actually thinks and feels.

Another interesting astrological harbinger of profound activity is seen with Trump’s Progressed Moon that in six to seven months will be Conjunct his natal Pluto. This Progression takes place in the 12th house with either disputed birth hour and it will inevitably bring out some truth from the depths. The 12th house is the domain wherein we hold our most secret thoughts and Pluto has charge of the deep recesses of the unconscious. It is the “closet” where we store our “skeletons.” There are no physical laws that can restrain the revelation of jangling bones from surfacing in the life of the President on this Aspect, and an entire nation will experience the revelations to come through its surrogate – the President of the United States.* Progressed Moon aspects last for their most intense periods about two months in duration. There are three periods of emphasis; when the Aspect is 1 degree from the natal placement it is activated with an obvious event or experience; when exact in degree and minutes; and when it leaves the Aspect and is 1 degree away. Significant events take place at these three times to confirm the Aspect is active, making this another method of rectification for those interested in working with a corrected birth chart.

There will also be a Progression of Venus coming to Conjunct Trump’s natal Jupiter on June 5, 2018. One would think that the benefics being Conjunct would mean all good things for the native and the nation, however the Sabian Symbol degree tells another very surprising story, it is; Two men placed under arrest. 

The threat of indictment is the cloud Trump speaks of hanging over his White House.

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when negative, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

Trump’s base and devoted followers consider the positive of the degree to be the dominant factor among his personal capacities and makeup, and the Democrats on the most part, and a growing number of Republicans in Congress view the negative of the degree to be the norm of Trump’s mode of operations. There are many instances were the “inappropriateness of impulse and act” is witnessed by those who are supportive of the president, and they clearly see these acts and minimize them as character idiosyncrasies of little concern.

Either way, the American people are sharing these coming Progressed and Transit Aspects with our president, who for better or worse will make his mark on the history of our country. Transit Pluto will be making Opposition Aspects with natal Saturn and Venus in the near and distant future, and both Progressed and Transit Jupiter are coming to a Square with natal Venus to signal more, much more to come . . . concerning the US economy as well as Trump’s personal financial operations. Squares can be exciting, but also revealing of troublesome issues to resolve.

*Update April 7, 2018: Correlating to the Progressed Moon during the early part of 2018, shows that the Stormy Daniels case against Donald Trump has legs. Also relevant as an important event is the determination that Trump is a Subject, but not a Target of the Special Counsel’s Investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 US elections. During this important Progression, Trump called to congratulate Vladimir Putin on his winning the bogus presidential elections in Russia. It is significant to note that both Trump and Putin share the 18th degree of Libra, Two men placed under arrest which is the degree where Trump’s Venus has begun its Progression Conjunct his Natal Jupiter, and where Putin’s Saturn shares that ominous point.




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Watergate, Bob Woodward and Nixon’s Resignation

Bob Woodward, a reporter for the Washington Post in 1972, was the first to report on the Watergate scandal. Although Carl Bernstein had an equal part in the reporting of Watergate, and in the writing of the book All the President’s Men, his birth chart is not shown here because his time of birth is unknown. A chart can be analyzed without the birth time, however the Ascendant, placement of the planets in the houses, and the exact Moon degree will not be reliable.As a result, the charts posted here have the Transits of the night of the break-in as it is compared to Bob Woodward’s horoscope whose birth time is known. Woodward was first assigned the story by the editor Harry Rosenfeld, and Bernstein came on board soon after.

What we are looking for are Transit connections from the break-in event, shown in the outer wheel, to planets in Woodward’s birth horoscope in the center wheel. For significant events, there should be major planetary interactions with close if not exact Aspects. Interestingly, we don’t find close Transit ties between Woodward’s chart and the well-publicized burglary and arrests of June 17, 1972. However, much more can be seen when using the chart for May 28, 1972, which is the initial break-in date. This is seen much like an inaugural chart for an event. On May 28th, five men burglarized the Watergate building, illegally entered the headquarters of the Democratic National Committee (DNC), stole files and documents and placed a bug on the office phone.

The second break-in was on June 17th, when the men returned to the scene of the crime to fix what apparently malfunctioned with the wiretapping devise. The security guard became suspicious when he noticed tape that the burglars had placed over several door locks in the building. That prompted him to call the police, which led to the arrest of the five men when caught red-handed.

The chart for May 28th represents the Watergate scandal, because it is the first action taken to launch the clandestine plot devised by President Richard Nixon and members of his cabinet. The Aspects highly support this date, because the planets show a distinct interaction with Woodward’s horoscope. And it is through Woodward’s initial and continuing reporting, together with Carl Bernstein, that the American public first became aware of the unlawful activities of the Nixon administration.

There was a Full Moon on the night of May 28, 1972, and that was the trigger configuration that activated Woodward’s 3rd to 9th house natal Saturn/Moon Opposition – the 3rd and 9th houses = writing/reporting and publication. This vital Aspect found facilitation through The Washington Post, whereby the investigative reporters progressively uncovered the facts of the break-in fiasco.

Woodward’s Saturn Return was in full sway, and transformative Pluto was transiting his Ascendant. Pluto is slow moving and retrogrades and stations several times in its Transit to create a profound affect on the native. The Transit included an Opposition to Woodward’s natal Mercury, inspiring him to use the writing skills he himself had, as well as those of his partner Carl Bernstein, represented by Mercury’s placement on the 7th house cusp. Bernstein, the more seasoned reporter, assisted greatly in the coverage, using his experienced writing skills and daring investigative tactics.

“There was no room in the cab, but Carl, uninvited, got in anyway, piling in on top of these people (two defendants and their lawyers) as the door slammed. He ended up flying with the lawyer to New York City and came back with another piece of the puzzle. The point: Very aggressive reporting is often necessary.”  Bob Woodward, at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, April 29, 2017.

A stunning connection is shown between the Watergate, US and Bob Woodward charts. The Full Moon on May 28, 1972 ties together the three charts in the dynamic that kept them together until Nixon resigned. The Full Moon parallels the US natal Uranus with the break-in’s Transiting Saturn. Woodward’s natal Saturn and Moon are shown just outside the rim of the outer wheel. The Watergate Uranus is exactly Conjunct the US Saturn close to the US 2nd house cusp. To gain leverage and resources was a prime motivation in the initial plot against the DNC.

The chart below takes a look at the planetary energies during the final days leading up to Nixon’s resignation in August of 1974. Nixon’s chart, in the center wheel, was receiving a slow moving Square of long duration from Transit Uranus to his natal Neptune. This put great pressure on the point that Nixon’s chart shared in common with the US natal Mercury, which was also receiving the transitional Square.

Transit Pluto was also in a transitional Square with the US Jupiter, but another very powerful indicator, aside from the Progressed Station and Transit Squares from Pluto and Uranus is the Transit Saturn Conjunction with the US natal Sun when Nixon finally resigned from office. Other supportive but less intense signals of the end were Transit Venus coming to Conjunct the US Mercury and Nixon’s Neptune, as Venus reveals when and how things are brought to conclusion.

Nixon’s Progressed Sun Squares the US natal Mars, showing how he himself angered an entire nation, putting a bi-partisan Congress into action against him. And his Progressed Jupiter was in Opposition to the US Sun to indicate the direct imposition his inflated ego had on the country’s population – represented by the Sun.

Nixon’s natal Pluto/Mars Opposition is activated by the Progressed Station of Pluto, shown circled in red at the midheaven. This is by far the most important Aspect to take note of in the general array of planetary interactions. A Pluto Station in Progressions is one of the most powerful Aspects for change that a chart and life related to it can encounter. During this Pluto Station on his midheaven, Nixon brought his embarrassing downfall into the full view of an entire world.

Nixon’s parting words seem tinged with conscience: “Always remember; others may hate you, but those who hate you don’t win, unless you hate them – and then you destroy yourself.”

Nixon’s natal Mars at 30 degrees Sagittarius is the Sabian Symbol The Pope. Here is where the ego blatantly shows itself, full bloom, in its superiority complex.

SAGITTARIUS 30 The Pope This is a symbol of human excellence on the side of the special values exalted in the various social and political hierarchies of modern civilization, and of man’s ambition as entirely inadequate except as he is able to meet some exceptional need of everyday experience and so proceed to dramatize whatever abilities he may have developed in climbing to the position in which he finds himself. A person is strengthened within himself by the appreciation he succeeds in winning from his fellows. The keyword is SANCTITY. When positive, the degree is an effective and spectacular sacrifice of self in some enduring service to the race at large, and when negative, inordinate love of self-display and surrender to a lust for power.

“I’d say this question of “what is news” becomes even more relevant and essential when we are covering the President of the United States. Richard Nixon tried to make the conduct of the press the issue in Watergate instead of the conduct of the president and his men.”  Carl Bernstein

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The United States, Nixon and Trump – Compared

In US news reports the Trump administration has been compared to that of Nixon’s administration and Watergate. It would be interesting to compare the horoscopes of the two presidents to see if they have something in common astrologically. An examination of charts with synastry techniques includes locating planets that are either in the same degree or opposite each other across the wheel within no more than 2 degrees orb of separation. The charts of organizations and nations can also be compared with the charts of individuals.

The tri-wheel chart here shows Trump’s planets in the inner wheel, Nixon’s in the middle wheel and the US chart in the outer wheel. The connecting Aspect that the three charts share in common is an exact Conjunction of Nixon’s Neptune with the US Mercury, and both of these “sandwiched” between Trump’s Venus and Saturn. Nixon’s Neptune and the US Mercury are in the same Sabian Symbol degree that has been discussed elsewhere on this blog, but for convenience sake and because this particular degree is significant in its reference to leadership and power, it is shown here as well.

CANCER 25 A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder This is a symbol of the irrevocability of man’s obligation to the reality of which he is a part, with the emphasis on his capacities of leadership as a revelation of racial stewardship on the more personal or spiritual side. Self-expression here is a release of his inner potentialities, and it becomes both an individual gratification and an expanding responsibility to all other individuals making up the social complex. The keyword is DESTINY. When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.

Capacities of leadership and a manifestation of genius, as stated in the symbol’s description, is literal in that Nixon rose to the most powerful position in the United States and the world. Yet a rather “dark shadow” was cast over nation and its people because of the clandestine operation headed by Nixon himself, in what was called Watergate. 25 degrees Cancer shows the potentials to do great good, or to display the opposite tendency with “unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.” Nixon did both; he ended the catastrophic Vietnam War, but all along was plotting underhandedly against the Democratic Party in his desperate hold on power.

The mutual Conjunction between the US, Nixon and Trump is activated by a very special astrological event taking place in the US horoscope.  

The Progressed US Mercury is presently Station Direct. This Station in the US Progressions amplifies the shared Conjunction these two presidents and the US have in common. A Progressed Station is described by Marc Edmund Jones as a time of “a critical regrasp of experience.” We see this now in the turmoil over the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, and also in the struggles in congress over the Republican promise to “repeal and replace” Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare. A critical regrasp of all features of the old and new plan is necessary for the nation to get hold of the reins of diverse factors and factions that in the end will facilitate the Station’s mandate for reorientation and reestablishment.

A transformation of sorts is necessary in the life of a person or nation with any planetary Station event. And it matters not whether the planet is going Direct or Retrograde, and whether it is in the Transits or Progressions. With Transits, the planet must be in either a Conjunction or Opposition with a natal planet within 2 degrees of orb. In Progressions the Station itself is significant regardless of its having contact with a natal planet. On the whole, the Progressed Stations are far more powerful for change than the Transit Stations, but both foretell vital developments in the life, corresponding to the dates they take place.

An emphasis for significant change is also coming from the opposite point of the triple Conjunction in the synastry of the charts. Transit Pluto is moving slowly toward an Opposition Aspect with the planets in the three charts at 24, 25 and 26 Cancer, shown circled in red. Pluto will Station several times as it approaches its Pluto Return at 28 degrees Capricorn in the chart of the United States. This will bring continuous controversies and direct challenges over policies to Congress, President Trump, but not to Richard Nixon.

The United States, experiencing these two momentous Aspects at relatively the same time; the Mercury Progressed Station Direct and the Transit Pluto Return, will turn this country around. The changes anticipated will continue well into the year 2023 when Pluto completes its Return. There will not only be numerous changes in policies as can already be seen happening at this time, but there will be an end to the ways and methods of the past, leaving an uncharted road ahead, much as it was in the days of Watergate. Read more about the Pluto Return at: USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return

Nixon’s Progressed Pluto was gradually coming into a Station in his 10th house at the time of Watergate, and this points to the rise to an elevated position, with the subsequent fall from a great height. The ephemeris below shows that Pluto was just entering the degree in which it would Station at the time Nixon resigned from his presidency. Pluto was 28 Gemini 39 Retrograde at his birth and the Station began when he was age 61. Shown circled in light grey is March 10, 1913, 61 days after birth, corresponding as it does in Progressions to his 61st year of life. The great fall from power is the significant event synchronous with the profound Pluto Station in Progressions. Read more about Nixon’s resignation at:  Watergate, Bob Woodward and Nixon’s Resignation

Planetary Aspects, whether in Transit or Progression, with or without Stationary events, have not had enough time to mature to predict possible outcomes in Donald Trump’s administration. However, an analysis of dynamic Transits and Progressions that show opportunities for great change and challenge are outlined in the post titled, August 21st Total Eclipse & US Destiny – a Prognosis 




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Comey Testifies Before the Senate – How Trump Fits into the Picture

The world is watching, or at least Americans will be, as James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, June 8, 2017. It is certain he will be quite candid and divulge more than others witnesses have recently, because there are several planetary aspects to his natal horoscope that suggest it will be a dynamic morning. It will be interesting to know what other shoes will drop from the centipede Donald Trump nurtures every day on Twitter and behind the scenes in the Oval Office.

Comey’s birth time is unknown so the chart below is set up for noon December 14, 1960 and is in the middle wheel. Donald Trump’s chart has a correct birth time and so his chart is in the center wheel. It is best to put the chart with the correct time in the center so that at least one chart sets the location of the houses for the others outside that to be placed in their adjoining spaces. The outer and 3rd wheel shows the Transits.

For Comey it is the Transit of Saturn that stands out as the most important factor in the dynamic chart. It is also important for Trump as well because in a comparison of horoscopes, the two men have their natal Suns in exact Opposition. This is very revealing as it shows that potential for the two to be drawn together as in opposite attracting, but on the other hand it shows where all the direct conflict is coming from. This places Transit Saturn both in Conjunction with Comey’s Sun, and in Opposition to Trump’s natal Sun.

Saturn is the great timer of events and the Transit to the two Suns explains why this controversy is happening at the this time. The facts coming out now show that the two men are diametrically opposed to each other’s Purpose, which is the keyword for the Sun, and this produces a battle of Wills. Comey’s purpose is to get to investigate the allegations of collusion with the Russians and Trump’s reaction has him tweeting that his administration is a victim of a witch hunt.

Shown with the purple circle is another and even more underlying and powerful Transit is Pluto making a Conjunction with Comey’s natal Saturn, which has been passing back and forth over Saturn for several years. This is a particularly difficult Aspect because of the nature of the two planets separately and when they join forces they become even more powerful and sensitive. Pluto is associated with intrigue and the probe into the reality behind the accusations that campaign members colluded with Russian oligarchs. Two purple lines point to Comey’s Saturn and Transit Pluto that both make a Square Aspect to Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 2nd house referring to his personal finances and holdings. Trump’s natal Jupiter is exactly Conjunct Putin’s natal Saturn and so the probe may very well penetrate into an investigation of the financial dealings the two leaders had before Trump was President.

The purple lines at the left of the chart point to Transits coming in August which supports other indications that August will be a very active month in regards to these political issues. In this chart is the upcoming Mars Return for Trump and the activation of Comey’s Uranus from Transit Mars about the same time. There is also a brief Transit of the Sun and Mercury over Comey’s Pluto. Although Comey no longer is FBI Director, he is still involved because of his previous participation in the investigation.

One of the very interesting configurations aside from the comparison of horoscopes is Trump’s Progressed Uranus, shown at the top of the chart with a red line, in an exact Progressed Opposition with his natal Moon. And although Progressed Uranus will not make an exact Conjunction with Trump’s natal Sun, it is within orb of a bit more than one degree. The exact Opposition of Uranus to his Moon and the close Conjunction of his Sun gives testimony to why he is so emotionally sensitive and unpredictable. He expresses erratic tendencies that are normal with Uranus, but when the native is highly disciplined, there can be spurts of genius. What we are more likely to witness is a continual disregard of counsel other than his own, which is often proven by his Tweets, even at the risk of perjuring himself. He has always had the potential for this ultra-independent behavior, because he was born with a natal Sun/Uranus Conjunction Opposite his Moon. And Comey is caught up with Trump’s radical potentials, because his Sun position is strategically aligned within Trump’s natal Aspects.

The Sabian Symbol for Trump’s Moon is A Chinese Laundry. His Uranus is Two Chinese men talking Chinese. Is this repeated theme symbolic of a real foreign involvement? Could the word Chinese be substituted by the word Russian? Or will this symbol mean continuing negotiations with China because of their association with North Korea who is now in a position to threaten even the US with its growing nuclear power?

The Moon’s Sabian degree may very well refer to money being laundered instead of dirty clothes. This is a whimsical take on the symbols, however, reading the entirety of the two degrees may shed more light on the striking similarities with the real life drama of the Trump administration, whether it be with relations with Russia or China.

SAGITTARIUS 22 A Chinese laundry This is a symbol of complete self-refinement through the unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities of the community, and of a consummation of the being through specialized interests which may tend to deny man his more superficial communion with his fellows. A richness of living comes from a concentration on goals with remote reward, and from an association in spirit with souls of very high achievement. Here is imaginative self-sustainment through unremitting hard labor. The keyword is SECLUSION. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation, and when negative, unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority.

GEMINI i8 Two Chinese men talking Chinese This is a symbol of an everyday exclusiveness on the intellectual side of experience, the individual strengthened not as much by actual distinctiveness as by a continual co-operation with fellow enthusiasts in various special areas of interest. A species of uniqueness is idealized as a corrective for self-diffusion. There are here the potentials of high erudition and of an exceptional refinement of the personality along original or unusual lines. The keyword is DIFFERENCE. When positive, the degree is the effective mobilization of self and others for life’s more specialized objectives, and when negative, a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

More posts on the important August Aspects: August 21st Total Eclipse & US Destiny – a Prognosis

More Comey posts: Trump & Comey, a Failed Bromance




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August 21st Total Eclipse & US Destiny – a Prognosis

A horoscope set up for the time of the inauguration of a nation will define its underlying potentials and characteristics. The Transits and Progressions to that chart track the ongoing developments of the psyche of the populous identified with that nation.

The chart of the leader of a country is also taken into account, with the Transits, Progressions and Eclipses pointing to the issues of current concern for the people. The leader or president of a country is the surrogate of the people and in that way the citizens of that country experience the benefits and challenges that are marked off in the leader’s horoscope and its dynamic aspects.

August 21st, 26th and 31st are game-changing dates astrologically for the United States because of Aspects coming to fruition in The US chart and that of the chart of its president, Donald Trump. The four to eight years an individual spends as a country’s leader work together with the intricacies of the nation’s chart. Aspects active in both the surrogate and the nation’s charts are powerful indicators of the challenges and developments the country must experience for its ongoing sustainability. There are several upcoming planetary influences to consider as agents of the molding of America.

The shadow of the Total Solar Eclipse of August 11, 1999 darkened a path through Europe and Asia and the effects for Europe was the adoption of the Euro to tie the countries together monetarily. The Euro that now links those previously independent countries has an ease of more than open borders, but with common currency as well. The coming August 21, 2017 Total Solar Eclipse will send a shadow across the United States from the Northern Pacific to the coast of South Carolina. The question is, what will be the effects on mainland USA? Unlike Europe, can we expect that the United States as we know it will break up into separate States, since it is already united? Actually, the country is already divided in political terms, as the two major parties are at extreme odds with each other. Will the Republicans and Democrats join forces and coalesce to support what now appears a shaky administration? Or will we continue down the partisan trail toward ultimate self-destruction? The eclipse of August 21 will force these issues to a point of recognition and resolution, because the eclipse traverses the entire mainland USA.

What does the eclipse have to offer its people through the chart of its surrogate leader Donald Trump?

The congressional and independent council investigations continue to probe into the facts surrounding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 US presidential election. There is the question of the validity of collusion with Russia and campaign associates to effect a favorable outcome for Trump, and although information is dripping steadily out for public consumption, there is still the Total Solar Eclipse waiting in the August wings to take the stage and reveal more truth.

A solar eclipse has its greatest effects on an individual or nation when it conjoins a sensitive point such as a planet, node or meridian of a horoscope. In the surrogate horoscope of Donald Trump, the total eclipse, exact at 28 Leo 50 on August 21, 2017, will be positioned directly on his Ascendant if using his chart time of 10:54 am. If that time is not correct, the eclipse still has a powerful Conjunct with Trump’s natal Mars. An eclipse has a 5 degree allowable orb.

The Ascendant is the indicator of one’s physical stamina, specifically the head and the heart when Mars is in Leo. It also points to one’s personal horizon or perspective on life with a selective view toward all issues in general. Trump is at ease when allowed to express himself without restraint, which is a Leo trait. There are no Squares or Oppositions to natal Mars, so he finds no inner conflict to his own Indomitable approach, and very little direct confrontation from others concerning it. Leo is the sign of Assurance, and that can manifest as self-confidence to a fault. Trump’s dominating attitude overpowers any assault from without, and the controversy he deals with comes from indirect innuendo or statements through intermediaries. A strong Mars on the Ascendant then, protects his personal opinions and solipsistic approach to issues. Buttressed by a Sextile of the Sun and a Trine from natal Moon, it is likely he will fare well under most challenges to any hypocrisy or aggression he may display.

A mere 10 days after the eclipse, August 31, 2017, Trump will experience a Mars Return at 26 Leo 47. Natal planets on one’s Ascendant become High Focus and this changes the keyword for Mars from INITIATIVE to INDOMITABLE. What normally would indicate a person intent on just pushing ahead, has escalated their action into an unstoppable force. This is well understood by those who attempt to influence Trump in regards to his sometimes controversial behavior, activities and policies. The Mars Return could set off some sparks in a personal way days before and after.

There are some Achilles heels in the horoscope however, and he cannot escape the often conflicting inner drives set off by the Sun/Moon Opposition which has no planet in Square to the two to create a Point Focus of a T-Cross that would lead to a way out of constant conflict and inner turmoil. And then there is the important Jupiter/Saturn Square creating a Sharp Destiny* which leaves him ever subject to the public’s stark scrutiny over any hint of the least wrongdoing.

Besides the powerful eclipse, there is Transiting Saturn, shown at the bottom of the chart circled in red, in Conjunction with Trump’s natal Moon, and the red line pointing to the Opposition Saturn will be making with his Sun at the same time. These Transit Aspects foretell great emotional stress. Trump and others often refer to there being a cloud over the White House, and indeed Saturn is associated with feelings of overshadowing gloom and doom and dark depression. Saturn will also Station at those planetary positions as well, amplifying the factors associated with the Transit. These are physical and emotional sensitive points that promise to bring a crescendo to the long developing controversies plaguing the Trump administration caused by his own doing.

While Trump, as the US surrogate, is experiencing a very active chart during the month of August, it is important to take note of the extremely powerful US Mercury Progressed Direct Station, and the US natal Pluto Return. These two factors prophesize a transformation in the policies and culture of the United States on an epic proportion. The Progressed Mercury Station is currently active and the natal Pluto Return will be ongoing through 2023.  Taking the US and Trump charts together, shows that this is an extremely important time in the history of the United States. It will be known as a transitional period and one that will teach the nation many lessons on governing.

Venus will be Transiting the US natal Mercury on the day of the eclipse. Venus rules money and Mercury in the US Progressions is in the midst of a Station going Direct.  The “critical regrasp” may be revelatory during the Venus Transit.

If Russia has been financing anyone or anything for any reason, and it pours over into US politics, it can be used against us in terms of blackmail, much like the concern Sally Yates posed about Michael Flynn’s clandestine involvements with Russia. We know that ultimately led to his firing/resignation in April 2017. And it does seems rather benign for Trump to ask that good relations develop with Russia so that we can fight terrorism together, but truth is the Russian government under Putin has proven to promote terrorist tactics itself. And the question is, why doesn’t the Trump administration recognize this fact? He need only look at the degradation in Syria and Russia’s part in it. And the recent protests in Russia by its citizens revolting over its leadership. And then there is the annexation of Crimea and the continuing border disputes over Lithuania.

More about US Transits and Progressions: USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return

*From the Essentials of Astrological Analysis: “Jupiter and Saturn in a Square Aspect indicate an ordering of the life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers immediate consequences of even the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continually for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience.” 

Example: Early 20th century news commentator Walter Winchell (an American newspaper and radio gossip commentator, famous for attempting to destroy the careers of people both private and public whom he disliked.) Marc Edmund Jones statement about Winchell’s Jupiter/Saturn Square:  “. . . . whose career has been marked from the beginning by endless controversy and bitter indictment of his personality.” 




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Why So Famous? Michael Jackson

Corresponding to the overdose of “medicines” to assist him to sleep, was the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction from the 12th house of hidden procedures, in Transit Opposite Michael Jackson’s natal Retrograde Mercury, shown by the red lines in the chart. Also blurring his awareness is the natal Sun/Moon Opposition especially when the Moon is Conjunct the Ascendant. Moon on the Ascendant shows that his perspective is caught up in his own and very limited scope of experience. The Moon needs to be further through the houses to show a sense of having been through enough to make decisions based on previous consequences. 

The Opposition of the Lights indicates inner conflict concerning being true to himself as opposed to his need to fulfill the public demands on him. The Sun is the self’s Purpose, which is its keyword and the Moon represents his Feelings towards others in general. The T-Cross to a High Focus Saturn on the midheaven gives testimony to the influence of the father in terms of his connection to the outside world and career, and is virtually why he was catapulted into the public eye. Having a Conjunction of a planet with the Midheaven brings it into High Focus, and that planet being Point Focus of a T-Cross as well is a striking Aspect leaning toward potentials for fame.

The natal Sun Conjunct Pluto, shown circled in orange, is another indicator of profound influence on others. The a Sun/Pluto Conjunction stands for the King Complex and in Michael’s case he was literally the King of Pop. Elvis, the King of Rock n’ Roll has the power of the Sun/Pluto Opposition as another variation of the King Complex and its ability to influence a generation. The power of Pluto is shown in that Mercury and Venus are prodding the planet as well. 

There are multiple Conjunctions of planets around the wheel in Michael’s chart and some in Elvis’ chart also. This emphasizes the ultra strength of combined planetary energies as directed outward to impress upon others the native’s potentials. In both cases, the performers influence penetrated deep into the public’s psyche and on a global scale.

The Stellium of planets in the 6th house in Michael’s chart shows that there is more effort than usual needed to achieve his potentials, with continual adjustments in self required while finding his place in the background scheme of things. Planets in the 6th house require the native to carve out a place in life through plain and simple hard work. For Michael, the 6th also points to misfit idiosyncrasies and unusual illnesses and accidents that followed him throughout his climb to success, and this includes his failure to sustain the rigorous routine that led ultimately to his untimely end through drug addiction.

The Progressed Moon just leaving a two month Square to natal Jupiter in the 8th house of ultimate transitions, is the indicator of the inner stress and outer excess the singer endured in the months leading up to his death.




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Hillary Reemerges – Code Conference 2017

Hillary Clinton emerged for the 2017 Code Conference in Palos Verdes, California to open up and speak about how she’s feeling six months after losing the US presidential campaign to Donald Trump. The chart shows the planetary Transits of the conference day and her Progressions as they affected her natal horoscope and brought her once again into the public arena.

Transiting Saturn (red arrow in chart) was exactly opposite Hillary’s natal Uranus on the day of the conference. The Sabian Symbol for Uranus at 26 degrees Gemini is, Winter frost in the woods. She made her unexpected (Uranus) appearance precisely when the time-keeper Saturn designated. Finally, her sense of integrity (Saturn) had an outlet for expression when the Opposition gave her the opportunity. It was her chance to express her views in direct contradiction to the radical and damaging accusations cast upon her during the campaign, shown by an unruly Natal Uranus in the 8th house of social acceptance. She has had time to reorient herself as the planet and Sabian Symbol’s positive point suggests (shown in blue). And as a result, she was able to materialize her perspective that is often projected into the world during times of polarizing, Transit Oppositions.

GEMINI 26  Winter frost in the woods  This is a symbol of the cosmic significance in any momentary cancellation of the more immediate interests and private concerns, and the em­phasis is on the supremacy of the needs and powers of nature over the aspirations and conveniences of man. Implicit in the static symbolism is the call for a reorientation in the individual’s point of view, and for some further discovery of the self’s potentials. Normal life is brought to a point of sharp suspension so that the larger magic may be manifest. The keyword is SPLENDOR. When positive, the degree is the creative transformation by which older cycles give way to newer ones, and when negative, a reduction of the useless to a total annihilation.

Also exact in Aspect (green arrow) is Hillary’s Progressed Moon making a supportive Sextile to her 9th house natal Saturn in the Sabian Symbol of A carrier pigeon. Here we see, in the symbol interpretation, the intelligence we know her to possess. But having no Natal Opposition potentials in her chart started her off in life with disabling mental blocks to the challenges she’d face throughout her career. She is doggedly going about following her intuition as the symbol below points out, but lacking an Opposition she’s missing the firm anchor in the outer world to stabilize her, and this weakens her ability to project and sustain her vision. This causes the negative of the symbol, highlighted in green below, to manifest a bit too often for her own good. Examples are the health care debacle of the 90’s, the issue of her vote to go to war in Iraq in 2002, and more recently in 2016, the controversy over sending classified information through her private email server.

LEO 22  A carrier pigeon This is a symbol of the unlimited service of life at large to the special requirements of an individual’s intelligence or understanding. Implicit in the symbolism is the extraordinary extent to which man may Count on learning whatever he may need to know whenever he faces any unfamiliar or critical issue. Here is a universal sensitiveness of mind which in a sense commands all-knowledge, and receives messages of immediate pertinence through sheer intuition whenever its rational capacity has been developed. The keyword is ENLIGHTENMENT. When positive, the degree is a complete mastery of all things through the normal processes of thought, and when negative, a lack of simple good sense.

To comment on Hillary’s Natal chart, we can easily see that her Temperament Type* is a SPLAY. There are the three distinct and required segments, with the Moon set off by itself becoming the High Focus Reins planet in the 4th house of overall inner consolidation. The Moon’s Sabian Symbol is 23 Pisces.

PISCES 23  Spiritist phenomena This is a symbol of the organic integrity of the world at large, evident here in man’s facility for actual and conscious co-operation with the potentials of an immortal reality. Implicit in the symbolism is the fact that the individual will be conditioned increasingly by the caprice of his ideas and the mishaps of his experience unless he gives continual attention to the realms of reality he has thought to make particularly his own. He achieves as he holds a clear picture of the end results he desires. The keyword is SENSITIVITY. When positive, the degree is exceptional ability in shaping every immediate aspect of life to a personal convenience, and when negative, instability and confused perspective.

There is no Grand Trine to create a grove in activity for the momentum needed to easily arrive at the ultimate position she’s longed for over the years. And there are no planets in the 10th house of professional standing, which again leaves her at a disadvantage and stumbling. Also lacking are other chart features that would otherwise help to reach the place in life she covets. Although a courageous public servant, Hillary’s highest points in her career were virtually given to her first by her husband’s powers of administration while president of the US, and second through the appointment as Secretary of State by Barak Obama. By her own efforts she was voted a Senator for New York State, but not until after proving her abilities from previous assisted accomplishments. The Splay can produce a complex and inwardly stable potential, and Hillary’s physical and emotional stamina certainly owes much to this particular Temperament Type. But the negative of the Moon’s symbol shown in blue, is an ever-challenging threat to the Splay’s stabilizing potentials. Another challenge comes from the sometimes self-sabotaging feature of a Sun in the constraining 12th house, which is also the clue to her dependence on the initiative of others for support and direction.

By the end of 2018, we’ll see Transit Uranus make an Opposition to Hillary’s Natal Sun. This will undoubtedly propel her once again into the arena of public service in perhaps a more unique manner than usual.

*Read more about Temperament Types + Graphs




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Trump & Comey, a Failed Bromance

Seems the bromance has ended before the exact Transit aspects can take hold August 2017 that “promise” more intense events. On May 9, 2017, Trump fired FBI Director, James Comey, and thus set the stage for an even broader probe into the interference of Russia in the 2016 US elections. It looks a bit suspicious that the firing of the Director came at a time when subpoenas were being issued for records relating to Michael Flynn, the former national security adviser. Is Trump, in a transparent way, trying to obstruct justice?

Here is a quote from The New York Times, May 9 edition:

“In a sign of the F.B.I.’s intense interest in Mr. Trump’s advisers, a grand jury in Virginia issued subpoenas in recent weeks for records related to the former White House national security adviser, Michael T. Flynn, according to an American official familiar with the case. Mr. Flynn is under investigation for his financial ties to Russia and Turkey. Grand jury subpoenas are a routine part of federal investigations and are not a sign that charges are imminent. It was not clear that the subpoenas, which were first reported by CNN, were related to Mr. Comey’s firing.

Chart 1 shows Trump’s Natal horoscope in the inner wheel with Comey’s Progressions for May in the outer wheel. Shown with the purple arrow is an aspect that “follows the money.” We can see that Comey’s Progressed Venus is in the 8th house of joint financial dealings, directly opposite Trump’s Natal Neptune in the 2nd house of personal finances. Neptune in Trump’s 2nd house points to the smokescreen he nurtures to obscure his unfulfilled promise to reveal his tax returns, and his unwillingness to discuss the reality of his business connections with Russia. It is important to point out that political officials, including the president of the United States, engaging in personal and financial connections with Russia puts the entire country at a security risk. Their clandestine involvements and investments makes them vulnerable to pressure or blackmail. This is precisely why General Michael Flynn was fired. It’s counterproductive, not to mention that the US and Russia are adversaries.

Astrologically, Comey’s focus on Trump’s 2nd house circumstances is obvious, and his Progressed Venus shows that the inquiry into Trump’s business transactions is/was already well underway. This is clear by noting that Progressed Venus is passed the exact aspect. Oppositions are penetrating and polarizing, and Comey’s Progressed Venus in Trump’s 8th house of other people’s resources corresponds to the dogged probe to uncover the truth, and exacerbates the conflict between the two men. Trump’s Neptunian sense may very well have intuitively alerted him that Comey was hot on his trail, albeit in the smooth manner with which Venus expresses itself even when confronted by a challenge. Venus takes approximately a year to move in and out of a Progressed aspect.

There are also Oppositions between Comey’s Progressed Jupiter and Saturn to Trump’s Natal Saturn and Venus shown by the red arrows. Oppositions with Saturn are highly sensitive, and it looks like the two have been deeply concerned and entangled in a “love”/hate dynamic for awhile. Ending the FBI director’s career on May 9th was Trump’s way of breaking the tie in the hopes that the investigation would go away. But the interaction between the two is not over, as there is more to come in August 2017 when astrological factors increase, for Trump, Comey and the country as a whole. The Aspects include the Total Solar Eclipse across the face of the United States on August 21, and the Station of Saturn Conjunct Trump’s Moon and Opposite his Sun on August 26.

Chart 2 shows very strong Aspects with planets that have an even more powerful effect on the situation then the planets that were active during the time of Comey’s firing.

Not very easy for Comey, is Transit Pluto coming to rest on his natal Saturn in August (shown in the purple circle at the bottom right of the chart). The Squares from these natal and Transit planets put pressure on and activates Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 2nd house. Curiously, Jupiter’s Sabian Symbol degree of 18 Libra is, Two men placed under arrest. It is most likely that Comey’s irritation at being so gruffly handled sets the Squares to work trying to reveal incriminating evidence and bring criminal charges against this president. The Squares act in covert fashion, as opposed to direct confrontation characteristic of Oppositions.

It is also important to remember in regards to the activation of Trump’s Jupiter that it is in Square to its planetary pair Saturn and reveals a SHARP DESTINY.*

The eastern angel of the chart shows Comey’s natal Uranus “rubbing up against” and irritating Trump’s natal Mars – suggesting Trump’s vulnerability to anger through this interaction of cross-planets. An activation of this shared potential is due in late August when there is a Mars Return for the president. Out of the darkness of the hidden 12th house activity, may arise the information that Comey so radically desires to reveal.

At the top of the chart is shown a very stressful Opposition taking place between Trump’s Progressed Uranus and Comey’s Natal Sun at 21 Gemini 18. This brings to the fore and electrifies the head-butting and ultra-challenging Opposition of their Natal Suns. This is a direct conflict and confrontation of Wills, even though the Suns are in compatible elements. This type of Aspect, although magnetically drawing the two individuals together, also gives a keen and sharp awareness of each other’s PURPOSE, which in this case is diametrically opposed in their objectives. As well as being such a profound player in the aspect between the two individuals and their goals, the Progressed Uranus is also directly Conjunct Trump’s own Natal Sun, giving him that bigger-than-life, radical, iconoclastic and sometimes bombastic manner and approach to his presidency. Trump’s Progressed Uranus will be Conjunct his Natal Sun for the duration of his term in office as president of the United States. If he has only one 4 year term or is impeached for any reason, the Progression will follow him into his private life. Freedom is an attribute of Uranus. How long will he be in office?

Now that James Comey is no longer at the helm of the FBI, there is a candidate, Joe Lieberman, waiting in the wings to possibly take that now empty position. And Trump is attracted to Lieberman as a substitute for Comey, because he is aware of the gracious connection between Lieberman and his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn. We know this because Lieberman wrote a thoughtful and supportive testimonial for the first page of Flynn’s book, The Field of Fight, published in 2016. The two men obviously know each other and this acquaintance just might make for a more amiable interaction between the head of the FBI and the former security adviser who is now about to be “called on the carpet” because of recent subpoenas.

UPDATE: Because of controversial issues, Lieberman is no longer a candidate for the directorship of the FBI.

It’s possible that the big changes in Comey’s life are related to the Progressed Stations of Neptune and Mercury coming in the near future for the now unemployed civil servant. The blue highlight in the graph shows Comey at age 57 corresponding to year 2017. Neptune is already in the throes of a great turnaround, ultimately due in 2019. Neptune has such a slow orbit that there is no doubt that this is one of the factors carrying out transformation in Comey’s daily life even though 2 years away from absolute standstill before turning Retrograde.

Comey’s Progressed Mercury will go Retrograde in 2021 and will undoubtedly mark the time of a consciousness turning inward with the result of a more comprehensive understanding of life at the time he was so high profile. These important Stations, as well as the Transits in the offing, indicate a still very involved and lively career in store for the honorable, but sometimes dubious and very emotional ex-FBI Director. His Leading and emotionally charged High Focus Mars, in the already emotional sign of Cancer, reveals its intensity through his speech and mannerisms which can easily be witnessed through his testimonies at several Senate hearings shown on YouTube.   

“Jupiter and Saturn in square aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers very immediate consequences of even the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continuously for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience. . . . . Personal existence under this configuration can become either a great opportunity or else a gradual disintegration of the soul in the very core of itself.” (page 124, Essentials of Astrological Analysis)



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The Bromance of Mifune and Kurosawa

Toshiro Mifune and Akira Kurosawa had a collaborative destiny in film par excellence. Both were superb in the expression of their individual talents. But it is with Toshiro Mifune that we will focus our attention. We’ll look to see what it is in the heavenly bodies that reflect what took place during his lifetime.

Mifune was born in China to Japanese parents, and he followed in the footsteps of his father’s career, albeit in film as opposed to still photography. His first encounter with film was when he was a very young child when his father used him as a model. As he grew, he was catapulted into starring roles because of his larger than life prowess on screen.

His emotional power is easily seen in his natal wheel by the Grand Water Trine shown by connected orange lines. Pluto and Mars play an essential role in this triangular configuration that develops in pyramiding fashion over time. Grand Trines create momentum for good or for bad, depending on the grooves of experience with which the native concentrates their efforts. If a negative habit-pattern of activity is set from childhood, there is the possibility to break away from that downward spiral through an activation of any Squares the native has to the Grand Trine. That stops the momentum and Mifune has that capability to break negative cycles with the Grand Trine Mars participant also applying in Square to natal Jupiter/Neptune. Pyramiding High Focus Mars in Scorpio is in its rulership, and that endowed Mifune with ultra sex appeal, although his roles were played out in restraint, and that made him all the more desirable. Off a bit by itself, Mars becomes Excitation in keyword, as opposed to its normal keyword Initiative.

The Jupiter/Neptune exact Conjunction shows the potentials as a screen personality. The exact Conjunction is also the give-away indicator for the heavy drinking for which he was notorious. Neptune rules the screen of the mind and imagination, and a projection of that is imagery played out on the silver screen of the film industry. Jupiter expands that potential and makes it “bigger than life.”

Five planets are retrograde including Mercury, and that is likely the reason for his quiet internalized intensity for which he was known. The sympathy and compassion for his fellow actors, and the tender side he revealed to some, is shown by the three planets in Pisces. Uranus is the Leading Planet of his powerful Locomotive Temperament Type, and the pattern is fairly ideal with its Grand Trine and Core Opposition stemming from that High Focus Leader. The keyword for Uranus in High Focus becomes Experimentative, instead of the keyword Independence it would have been if remaining in a normal and less prominent role.

If Mifuni was born in the wee early hours of April 1, 1920, his Sun’s Sabian Symbol would be The president of the country.* The fascinating thing about the description of the symbol is the several references to playing a role among his fellows and of the impact that position would have in bringing the native notoriety. Powerful effects of one’s personality on others are shown in the chart through multiple Conjunctions. Planets that join forces amplify their potentials to the outside world.

The astrological connection between the two creatives is in the very tight Opposition of Kurosawa’s Jupiter, shown at the top of the outer wheel, to Mifune’s Sun at the bottom of the inner wheel. This is great good fortune for both of them, with Kurosawa being a Paternal (Jupiter keyword) figure to Mifune, and one that releases controls over what the other would express through his own Will; the Aries Sun Mifune was born to be. With a Natal Moon Conjunct Saturn, there more calculated rather than spontaneous method in his acting, and it is known he would prepare far in advance of performance. And the Trine to the Sun from the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction is all he needs for a smooth expression of his Aspiring talents; Aries keyword is Aspiration.

Major collaborative films were Rashomon, Seven Samurai, The Hidden Fortress, Throne of Blood, and Yojimbo.

*ARIES 11 The president of the country This is a symbol of high ego on the impersonal side, evident in the complete and naïve dedication of the individual to some part he chooses to play among his fellows. Implicit here is the selection of such a role as will have a maximum breadth of recognition, so that the player may be established in a reality which he would be quite unable to sustain by himself. There is a subordination of all other considerations to one primary act of individual assurance. The keyword is IDEALIZATION. When positive, the degree is the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would be­come the creative representative of eternal value, and when negative, an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.




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