Comey Testifies Before the Senate – How Trump Fits into the Picture

The world is watching, or at least Americans will be, as James Comey testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee, June 8, 2017. It is certain he will be quite candid and divulge more than others witnesses have recently, because there are several planetary aspects to his natal horoscope that suggest it will be a dynamic morning. It will be interesting to know what other shoes will drop from the centipede Donald Trump nurtures every day on Twitter and behind the scenes in the Oval Office.

Comey’s birth time is unknown so the chart below is set up for noon December 14, 1960 and is in the middle wheel. Donald Trump’s chart has a correct birth time and so his chart is in the center wheel. It is best to put the chart with the correct time in the center so that at least one chart sets the location of the houses for the others outside that to be placed in their adjoining spaces. The outer and 3rd wheel shows the Transits.

For Comey it is the Transit of Saturn that stands out as the most important factor in the dynamic chart. It is also important for Trump as well because in a comparison of horoscopes, the two men have their natal Suns in exact Opposition. This is very revealing as it shows that potential for the two to be drawn together as in opposite attracting, but on the other hand it shows where all the direct conflict is coming from. This places Transit Saturn both in Conjunction with Comey’s Sun, and in Opposition to Trump’s natal Sun.

Saturn is the great timer of events and the Transit to the two Suns explains why this controversy is happening at the this time. The facts coming out now show that the two men are diametrically opposed to each other’s Purpose, which is the keyword for the Sun, and this produces a battle of Wills. Comey’s purpose is to get to investigate the allegations of collusion with the Russians and Trump’s reaction has him tweeting that his administration is a victim of a witch hunt.

Shown with the purple circle is another and even more underlying and powerful Transit is Pluto making a Conjunction with Comey’s natal Saturn, which has been passing back and forth over Saturn for several years. This is a particularly difficult Aspect because of the nature of the two planets separately and when they join forces they become even more powerful and sensitive. Pluto is associated with intrigue and the probe into the reality behind the accusations that campaign members colluded with Russian oligarchs. Two purple lines point to Comey’s Saturn and Transit Pluto that both make a Square Aspect to Trump’s natal Jupiter in the 2nd house referring to his personal finances and holdings. Trump’s natal Jupiter is exactly Conjunct Putin’s natal Saturn and so the probe may very well penetrate into an investigation of the financial dealings the two leaders had before Trump was President.

The purple lines at the left of the chart point to Transits coming in August which supports other indications that August will be a very active month in regards to these political issues. In this chart is the upcoming Mars Return for Trump and the activation of Comey’s Uranus from Transit Mars about the same time. There is also a brief Transit of the Sun and Mercury over Comey’s Pluto. Although Comey no longer is FBI Director, he is still involved because of his previous participation in the investigation.

One of the very interesting configurations aside from the comparison of horoscopes is Trump’s Progressed Uranus, shown at the top of the chart with a red line, in an exact Progressed Opposition with his natal Moon. And although Progressed Uranus will not make an exact Conjunction with Trump’s natal Sun, it is within orb of a bit more than one degree. The exact Opposition of Uranus to his Moon and the close Conjunction of his Sun gives testimony to why he is so emotionally sensitive and unpredictable. He expresses erratic tendencies that are normal with Uranus, but when the native is highly disciplined, there can be spurts of genius. What we are more likely to witness is a continual disregard of counsel other than his own, which is often proven by his Tweets, even at the risk of perjuring himself. He has always had the potential for this ultra-independent behavior, because he was born with a natal Sun/Uranus Conjunction Opposite his Moon. And Comey is caught up with Trump’s radical potentials, because his Sun position is strategically aligned within Trump’s natal Aspects.

The Sabian Symbol for Trump’s Moon is A Chinese Laundry. His Uranus is Two Chinese men talking Chinese. Is this repeated theme symbolic of a real foreign involvement? Could the word Chinese be substituted by the word Russian? Or will this symbol mean continuing negotiations with China because of their association with North Korea who is now in a position to threaten even the US with its growing nuclear power?

The Moon’s Sabian degree may very well refer to money being laundered instead of dirty clothes. This is a whimsical take on the symbols, however, reading the entirety of the two degrees may shed more light on the striking similarities with the real life drama of the Trump administration, whether it be with relations with Russia or China.

SAGITTARIUS 22 A Chinese laundry This is a symbol of complete self-refinement through the unsuspected or even generally unaccepted activities of the community, and of a consummation of the being through specialized interests which may tend to deny man his more superficial communion with his fellows. A richness of living comes from a concentration on goals with remote reward, and from an association in spirit with souls of very high achievement. Here is imaginative self-sustainment through unremitting hard labor. The keyword is SECLUSION. When positive, the degree is an unusual gift for maintaining poise and self-perspective in every unfamiliar or alien situation, and when negative, unnecessary acceptance of self-inferiority.

GEMINI i8 Two Chinese men talking Chinese This is a symbol of an everyday exclusiveness on the intellectual side of experience, the individual strengthened not as much by actual distinctiveness as by a continual co-operation with fellow enthusiasts in various special areas of interest. A species of uniqueness is idealized as a corrective for self-diffusion. There are here the potentials of high erudition and of an exceptional refinement of the personality along original or unusual lines. The keyword is DIFFERENCE. When positive, the degree is the effective mobilization of self and others for life’s more specialized objectives, and when negative, a thorough dissipation of selfhood through alien relationships.

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