Uranus the Trail Blazer and Nonconformist


Uranus doesn’t rule astrology, it rules anything out of the ordinary. Since astrology is out of the ordinary at this time in the history of the subject, it falls under the influence of Uranus. Stepping out the range of Saturn we come to the planet Uranus, whose rotation is very different than all the other planets. It rolls on its side in its rotation around the Sun, making it the nonconformist of the Solar System. Whatever we identify as eccentricities of Uranus, we mirror that definition with what we see in ourselves that stands out from the rest of society. If there is a new trend to have purple hair among young people, with thoroughly tattooed bodies, we can definitely say that those individuals are acting out against the norms of society. And that certainly puts Uranus as identifying with that trend. However, if enough people color their hair purple, it becomes commonplace and no longer is identified with the planet Uranus. If we all become programmed to think this is a unique idea to have purple hair we are actually deluding ourselves. The one person who leaves their hair a normal color is truly the one who stands out in the crowd and is rebelling against the commonplace popular purple hair color. Eccentricity is dependent on being different, even if it appears that normal behavior is the one that is out of fashion.

The industrial revolution is synchronous with the time of Uranus’ discovery. That’s how we determine what a planet means, by the events on earth that occur at the time of their discovery. It isn’t that Uranus rules revolution per se, what it actually identifies is the idea of breaking away from past patterns, into the realm of the unknown and perhaps better possibilities. That marks the difference between drawing within the lines and limitations of Saturn’s accepted guidelines, and going outside the lines to break from tradition to enter Uranus’ new and unique realm. Freedom from bogged down responsibilities is what Uranus ushered in during the 1800s. But it didn’t do this for everyone and for all times. There has to be a continuing impulse in that direction to keep Uranus on its toes in forever opening new doors for the innovative to take hold. Keeping unique and odd things in a pattern returns that repetition to the realm of Saturn.




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