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Facebook has spread worldwide and thirty-four-year-old Mark Zuckerberg is its conqueror. But the worldwide web gives all young entrepreneurs the matrix with which to become leaders within the social media phenomena.

Facebook is a borrowed concept. Several American universities had what was called a Face Book that was designed to encourage students to get to know one another. It had a printed component as well as the elementary online version. Harvard University had a serious concern for privacy when using its online platform, but the service was virtually inadequate. This faulty situation prompted Zuckerberg to disregard the university’s privacy policy, and he turned to his own programming skills to create something more free-wheeling, exciting and user-friendly. The astrological configuration that identifies his indomitable drive and disregard for protocol is certainly the Mars/Moon Occultation.

As Zuckerberg proceeded to develop the software for what he called, controversy ensued, and he was threatened with expulsion from Harvard because of the alleged breach of privacy and other disconcerting mischiefs. Zuckerberg’s preceded, with its primary use for entertainment. It suggested that users compare students’ appearances for whether they were Hot or Not. The entrepreneur’s motivation was driven by his judgment that most student photos in the University-owned platform were unattractive. A comparison of one-verses-the-other is the dynamic characterized again by the native’s See-Saw Temperament Type with its numerous polarizing oppositions.

Young Zuckerberg was a computer and software programmer, thanks to his father’s foresight and financial investment in his son’s education. He had private tutoring sessions at a very early age in computer science, fencing, and was fluent in several languages.


The planetary configurations at the moment of Zuckerberg’s birth suggest a potential for the native to excel in the field of communications. The wheel forms a pattern called the See-Saw Temperament Type (1) because the planets are divided into two distinct groups opposing one another. At its best, this one of the seven planetary patterns epitomizes direct communication, compromise, cooperation, and the sharing of ideas across a divide or at its worst, encourages conflicts of interest, polarization, and noncooperation by resistance.

The See-Saw patterning depends upon the opposition aspect, and its magnetic effects, to act as a bridge between the two competing planetary segments. The opposing energies promote a mirroring effect of awareness, and in this case, the interest of the native is most alert to conceptual principles and abstract considerations, as suggested by his Natural Disposition in fixed signs (2). The Natural Disposition technique discloses the general interests of a person and how they are drawn out of themselves in pursuit of their life objectives. If the opposition aspect forms in cardinal signs, one’s focus of attention is in the immediate moment with a general self-serving lean toward opportunism. When the zodiacal signs of the opposition are mutable, there is an interest in the welfare of others and is an example of the humanitarian type.

The Temperament Type has a Skew in the See-Saw pattern, formed by the Delimiting Opposition (edge to diagonal edge of the two segments) of Mercury to Pluto. It reveals the extent to which the native can reject social norms and go beyond expected behaviors, especially in regards to the mental processes which are represented by the two planets. Unfortunately, this ability to depart from normal patterning can lead to blind alleys, creating a negative manifestation of the Skew. It reveals possible twists in the perception and perspectives, that can lead to a disservice to the self and others, when not acting as an asset to the individual.

The chart reveals a Loose Destiny (3) because of the presence of an exact, within 23 minutes, sextile between Jupiter and Saturn (4). The native has the freedom to associate with anyone and everyone, without too much regard for moral or political considerations or pressure, and this has been shown by Zuckerberg’s willingness to socialize with conservatives as well as liberals with whom he is more likely in agreement, and to put emphasis on free speech, while opposing the censoring of controversial Facebook posts on the appearance of political propaganda. In a speech to students at Georgetown University, Zuckerberg stated: I understand the concerns about how tech platforms have centralized power, but I actually believe the much bigger story is how much these platforms have decentralized power by putting it directly into people’s hands (5). Just as his See-Saw equilibrium should do, Zuckerberg supports both sides of an argument, and together with his Fixed Natural Disposition, he promotes the principle of independent decision making and free speech.


Three of the four Planetary Pairs are in major aspect, leaving the pair of Significance to play a major role in his psychological makeup and integration into society. With Uranus and Neptune being the sole pair not in major aspect, it emphasizes the need to compensate for the lack, with a compulsion to accomplish great things. Uranus and Neptune in focus by “negative” appearance present a scenario whereby the native must accomplish deeds of great import on the world stage. The success of Facebook is an obvious example.

It is ideal to have two of the four Planetary Pairs in major aspect and two pairs that are not, in order to define the Mode of Self-Integration (5). Zuckerberg’s chart is determined by weight however because he has three pairs in major aspect and one not. To determine the Mode of Self-Integration in these unusual cases, one must look for other factors, and in this chart, the planetary pairs of Vitality and Efficiency, cross the divide between the two opposing segments and result in the identification of Objective Function as the way in which the native must integrate himself. Adding to the emphasis of these pairs in opposition aspect is that they are also in conjunction with each other’s pair. Object Function obligates the native to take their cues from the environment for life direction, as opposed to Subjective Function where there is more of an inner dependence on the intuition. Circumstances in the life of Zuckerberg are more or less dictated by the needs and demands of others.



Opposition aspects cross and connect the 2nd to 8th and 3rd to 9th houses and emphasize the sharing of resources and communicating ideas. and includes the desire on the part of the native to support the fulfillment of the resources and capacities of others. In a speech to a graduating class at Harvard University in May 2017, Zuckerberg commented about meaning: “Today I want to talk about purpose. But I’m not here to give you the standard commencement about finding your purpose. We’re millennials. We’ll try to do that instinctively,” says Zuckerberg. “Instead, I’m here to tell you finding your purpose isn’t enough. The challenge for our generation is creating a world where everyone has a sense of purpose,”

The Sun in all natal horoscopes reveals the Purpose of the incarnation at its core. Zuckerberg’s Sabian Symbol for his Sun degree is A large well-kept public park, and as parks suggest, they are the playground for interaction with others for the simple pleasure of doing so. The park for this native is the online platform he created, that now connects anyone to everyone worldwide. Here the  Sabian Symbol describes the social joy of Facebook itself.

TAURUS 25 A large well-kept public park This is a symbol of the everyday integrity of society at large, and of the community divisions of labor through which each person gains the resources for well-being and self-enjoyment which obviously he could never create for himself through his own isolated efforts. There is here an emphasis on the common experience of mankind as the setting for an individual’s worth and achievement in their more characteristic lineaments, and for his consequent self-discovery and self-realization. The keyword is RECREATION. When positive, the degree is a high devotion to the practical welfare of all people collectively, and when negative, a complete surrender of personality to mass judgments and transient superficialities.


There is a unique formation in the chart that is held in high regard by astronomers as well as with astrologers. From the earth’s perspective, the Moon can temporarily block the appearance of any planet behind it, and when it is within 1 degree of orb, it can empower the planet in a way that differs from its normal meaning. In Zuckerberg’s case, it is Mars, the initiator and provocateur that in the negative sense, because of its hidden characteristic, it is brought to the forefront of attention by periodic blocking of the native’s initiative and at the same time encouraging a continuation of the explorative impulses that for example, gave birth to Facebook itself.

The normally outward, forward going energy and attributes are internalized, supported by all planets in the northern hemisphere in retrograde motion. This is a man of great inner inspiration and drive, attributed to the combined intense energies of the Moon and Mars in concert with each other. His fierce ambition is not often seen in his outward appearance, but it facilitates all he creates and does.


There is a lack of square and trine aspects in the natal chart, but an abundance of oppositions and sextiles. This is beneficial for striking a balance when engaging with others as oppositions encourage, and support and assistance come from others through friendly sextiles. The numerous oppositions polarize yet tie the separate segments together, but they don’t have a release of tension that would be provided by a squaring planet perpendicular to the opposition.  The three planets would form the shape of the letter T and becomes a Focal Determinator called a T-Cross (5). Unfortunately, with no squares in the chart, there is no possibility for antagonistic energies to divert attention in alternative areas of resolution. Oppositions without integral squares force the native to face head-on any conflicts at hand.

Multiple opposition aspects promote a virtual super-highway of conceptual thinking, either in cooperation or in confrontation with opposing parties. Most of all it reflects Facebook’s social networking as a platform for connecting friends, family, and local and global communities with each other. Oppositions are the ultimate vehicle for the communication of feelings and ideas – exactly the purpose of Facebook.

A preponderance of oppositions shows the chart’s symbolic propensity for real-life direct interaction, which includes not only flowing communications with others but perpetual conflicts of interest as well. Discord and contention have followed Zuckerberg throughout his youth and up to the present and more magnified disputes. The US government too is calling to account Facebook’s chief executive for harm done concerning the sharing of 87 million Facebook users’ profile data that ended up useful to Cambridge Analytica.

On March 24, 2018, Zuckerberg posted on his Facebook page: “We have a responsibility to protect your data, and if we can’t then we don’t deserve to serve you. I’ve been working to understand exactly what happened and how to make sure this doesn’t happen again.”

This was a prelude to April 10, 2018, when Facebook’s founder appeared before the US Senate in hearings on the subject, in the joint sessions of the Commerce and Judiciary committees. Corresponding with the Senate hearings is an emotionally charged square between the Progressed Moon and natal Venus. The very Venusian values the native lives by and promotes for others to enjoy are being scrutinized, as well as the mishandled resources Facebook has collected from its users. The graph shows a progressed series of challenging aspects continuing into February 2019, and especially active during the confrontation between the US Senate and Facebook, leading to Facebook agreeing to pay a £500,000 fine, the highest possible, to the Information Commissioner’s Office over the Cambridge Analytica scandal. This ended more than a year of litigation between the regulator and the giant social network. (Updated October 2019.)

The Progressed Moon square natal Venus in the progression list shows the immediacy of the issue in the native’s experience. Events can be matched with specific dates that clearly mirror the enter, exact and leave stages of the aspect representing a turning point brought about by internal struggle. The pressures of a Moon square Venus indicate a challenge to personal values and the adjustments necessary to align with the values of others. In this case, Venus’ rulership over financial affairs and values became the focus of the stressful string of progressed squares.

In a fashion that mirrors the chart’s See-Saw temperament, opposing perspectives came alive in October 2019, when Zuckerberg once again came before Congress to answer to new accusations of disregard for people’s rights. Confronted by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, the media quickly took the interaction as


Progressed Mars, in the middle ring at the bottom left of the chart wheel above, has traveled Retrograde throughout Zuckerberg’s lifetime and is now, while this article is being written, within 1 degree and 30 minutes of conjunction with natal Saturn. To add to the strength and influence of the conjunction of the dynamic activator to natal Saturn is the unusual and imminent turnabout of its Station Direct, shown circled in red on the graph below.

June 20th is thirty-seven days after birth and equal to the native’s thirty-seventh year. The pressures and sensitivities of conscience become intensified under the influence of a Station of any progressed planet, but when the Station is conjunct or opposite a natal planet, the dynamic aspect is exacerbated. It is certain that circumstances will develop that will correspond with experiences of considerable challenge. The Station of Mars at 11 Scorpio 42 on May 5, 2020, occurs within 22 minutes of natal Saturn. Marc Edmund Jones refers to Stations as a time when there is the need for, “A critical regrasp of experience.” One must prepare oneself for these rare times in progressions, to let go of current controls, in order to allow new avenues of experience to take hold. The turnabout in astrological events correlates with an appointed turnabout in life direction. The gradual buildup of pressures over time, concerning Facebook’s questionable mode-of-operations perfectly fits into the effective time period of the Mars Station on Saturn event.

The ephemeris graph shows a horizontal green line underlining the 34th day after Zuckerberg’s birth on May 14, 1984, which is equal to his present thirty-fourth year of life. Coming in the future is the significant dynamic aspect of Progressed Retrograde Pluto turning Direct in its Opposition potentials with natal Mercury. The Opposition polarizes the two planets of mind, the higher and lower; Pluto and Mercury respectively. By age fifty-five, just before Zuckerberg’s second Progressed Lunation and Saturn Return, Progressed Pluto will be Stationary Direct within ten minutes of natal Mercury. By that time, Zuckerberg should have all his “ducks in a row” just as his natal Mercury suggests with its Sabian Symbol at 30 degrees Aries, A duck pond and its brood. 

The blue circle at the bottom of the June 1984 ephemeris graph relates to the 46th day after birth and represents Zuckerberg’s 46th year of life when Progressed Mars conjuncts Natal Saturn.

Progressed Pluto’s exact Aspect is destined to occur. The Progressions of Mars and Pluto tell the story of an ambitious man caught under the combined influence of Pluto’s urge toward power and influence, spurred on by the aspirations of the indomitable drive of Mars. The keyword for a prominent Pluto is Transcendence, which is necessary when there is no alternative release of tension available through the squaring of the third planet to an opposition forming a T-cross The native will have to ultimately rise to the occasion and accept that he will need to face conflicts head-on.


The founder of Facebook has achieved a high degree of worldly success, beyond all expectations, which is revealed in his  Saturn Sabian Symbol degree.

SCORPIO 13 An inventor experimenting This is a symbol of the joy in effort put forth on the imaginative or intellectual side of life, and of the creative achievement by which the human individual is able to make a special niche for himself in some particular sphere of activity. Here is a complete dependence on the ingenuity and resources of self-hood and an emphasis on the fact that there is no area of reality in which it is not possible to expand man’s usefulness and to facilitate some unique contribution. The keyword is CLEVERNESS. When positive, the degree is a capacity for accomplishment beyond all normal expectation, and when negative, a superficial dawdling over things to be done and futile dreams of great genius.


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(2) Joseph Chancellor was one of two founding directors of Global Science Research (GSR), the company that harvested Facebook data using a personality app under the guise of academic research and later shared the data with Cambridge Analytica.

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