The Bromance of Trump and Putin – and the Phone Call, Jan. 28, 2017

There definitely is a strong connection from Donald Trump’s Natal chart to the Natal chart of Vladimir Putin. They have a Conjunction together that is exact to the minute! Shown circled in red in the chart is Trump’s Jupiter at 17 Libra 27, and Putin’s Saturn at 17 Libra 27′.  The Sabian Symbol of this degree is quite astonishing as well, it is 18 degrees Libra, Two men placed under arrest. The original symbol is: Two men are placed under arrest and taken away to give an accounting for their acts before a tribunal of society.  TRUMP_PUTIN2

LIBRA 18 Two men placed under arrest This is a symbol of the maximum demand that may be made of any individual for self-consistency, and of the absoluteness of compulsions on human nature to provide a balance between inner and outer capacities. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the importance of the self’s responsibility to its own essential characteristics, not as a limitation arising from the role it plays in life but as the necessity that the potentials of value in any given situation be brought to some point of immediate and effective function. The keyword is CONSEQUENCE. When positive, the degree is a heightened challenge to every special talent, and when nega­tive, total inappropriateness of impulse and act.

For Trump, Putin’s Saturn Conjunct his Jupiter in the second house has the potential to enhance his personal resources. However, Saturn’s influence slows down negotiations, as is seen in Trump’s failure to build a “tower” in Moscow.

Trump’s Jupiter is retrograde at birth, and this keeps the details of his financial interactions with others a very private matter. The normally open nature of Jupiter is reversed when retrograde. The planet does make an applying Trine from the 2nd house to his natal Sun in the 10th and gives supportive financial potentials to TRUMPputinJan28benefit his position of Authority in life in terms of business and leadership in general.

Donald Trump often remarks that it would be “nice to get along with Russia.” That statement seems to be in accord with the Head of State of the Russian Federation, Vladimir Putin. However, it has raised the question of whether there already is or has been a connection between these two men and the two countries. With Saturn being the planet identifying Putin and Russia, it would seem that there are very particular “requirements” that limit the scope of cooperative activity. Saturn is more withholding and analytical than the over-enthusiastic Jupiterian approach of the US under the Trump administration. But Putin’s discriminating Saturn may end up giving a definitive focus of where the energies truly point in this odd Bromance between the two.

The following gives a very succinct definition of the difference between Saturn contributing to Putin’s nature, and how Jupiter manifests in Trump’s character:

On Putin and Trump, Susan Glasser, journalist for Politico, states in an interview by Frontline PBS, that “On the surface, Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump are very different characters. Putin is controlled; he disciplined; he’s well-briefed. He’s a man of facts and figures. And again, he’s tightly wound, and he’s very disciplined. Donald Trump, take one look at him. He’s not disciplined. He’s the man who tweets at 3:00 in the morning. He goes on gut and on instinct. He doesn’t read anything according to those who are most familiar with him. And he certainly is not given to spouting precisely accurate facts and figures. But despite those surface dissimilarities, they have certain instincts that seem in common with each other, and one of those is to put the power of the individual over the institutions. . .” 1:26 

Jupiter and Saturn respectively, are the personal planets that share a zodiacal degree between Trump and Putin, who both in fact, are dedicated to personal advantage rather than demonstrating loyalty to either country’s institutions.

Susan Glasser interview.


On January 28, 2017, there was a phone conversation between Trump and Putin, and National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn was also on the conference call.  Chart #2 shows Transiting Jupiter activating Trump’s Natal Square between the planetary pair of Motivation; Jupiter and Saturn. This planetary pair in Square Aspect in a natal chart emphasizes an almost unrelenting moral scrutiny of the native’s behavior. Other examples of this configuration are Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. When in Conjunction, Square or Opposition in a Natal chart, the pair indicate a Sharp Destiny.* The native is continuously challenged to live up to a higher standard of moral behavior, and often they are “called on the carpet” by others to compensate for any lack thereof.

Apparently the rumors of an unlawful exchange of dialogue over sanctions, between Michael Flynn and the Russian Ambassador to the United States, had Trump concerned enough to contact the Russian leader himself.TrumpPutin That very day, the Transit Sun was exactly Opposite Trump’s Natal Pluto in the 12th house. The conversation was behind the scenes as the 12th house would indicate.

The conversation must have delved quite deeply into the issue of that which preoccupied the three participants of the call, because Pluto’s keyword is Obsession, or at the very least infers a preoccupation with matters that are beyond one’s personal control. The intrigue and suspicion engendered by the entire election-hacking scenario has everyone waiting to see more information surface, likely to include early March 2017, when Trump’s Progressed Moon opposes the US Natal Pluto.

Transit Saturn was in orb of Conjunction with Putin’s Natal Mars around the time of the ominous call, which is in a “convenient” Trine aspect with the Natal Mars in Trump’s chart. The aspect is exact February 18th.


This is the beginning of at least a fPutinTrumpour year run with Trump as President of the United States. Will Putin have something to do with Trump’s reelection in four years when his Progressed Sun comes to rest opposite Trump’s Natal Sun? See chart #3 and the red line pointing to both a Conjunction of Putin’s Progressed Sun coming to Trump’s Natal Moon in three years, and then to the Opposition to Trump’s Sun shortly after. What could this Solar exchange indicate for the future? Perhaps we will be getting a feel for what it means as things develop – we are just getting started. In this chart we also see that Putin’s Progressed Moon will be making a Conjunction with Trump’s Neptune in approximately five months. Then in about a year and a half, Putin’s Progressed Moon will be Conjunct Trump’s Natal Jupiter and it will set off the Bromance Jupiter/Saturn Conjunction between the two leaders.

To bring things to even more interesting focus, Trump’s Progressed Venus, shown in chart #4, comes to Conjunct the same Jupiter/Saturn Two men placed under arrest mutual zodiacal point at approximately the same time as Putin’s Progressed Moon, shown in chart #3, approaches the figurative degree.

For more on the Progressed Venus Conjunct Jupiter visit:


“Jupiter and Saturn in square aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually suffers very immediate consequences of even the least neglect or abuse of his own potentials. He finds he must fight continuously for the ideals in which he has come to take the most consistent interest, and also learns that his conscious well-being is wholly dependent on the moral struggles in which he becomes involved almost inevitably at every stage of his experience. . . . . Personal existence under this configuration can become either a great opportunity or else a gradual disintegration of the soul in the very core of itself.”  Page 124, Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones.



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