The Beauty That is More than Skin Deep – Princess Diana

Planetary configurations in the birth chart of the Princess of Wales confirm the spell she had, and still has, on all people everywhere, no matter their gender, race or circumstances in life. The charts of other individuals born at the same time, may share symbolically, the potentials that only she in her advantageous circumstance could bring to fruition in a lifetime. 


Diana’s Moon/Uranus Opposition in the Leo and Aquarius polarity, shows that she has a Fixed Natural Disposition. This means that she is interested in the meaning of life and its ideals and principles – encouraging ethics to take precedence over self-gratification, or the fulfillment of others’ needs above one’s own. Preoccupation of self is the mark of a Cardinal Disposition, and the dedication to the welfare of others is a Mutable Disposition’s characteristic.

In her emotional battles with the royal family, it has been shown that she made her most important life decisions with the thought of how they would play out in the Fixed, abstract realm of right and wrong. And the challenge of the ubiquitous presence of her husband’s lover, forced her to take a traditional and moral attitude in regards to the institution of marriage. It was neither for her own nor her husband’s benefit that she had a mind to satisfy, but instead, it was her adherence to principle that moved her finally to acquiesce to separation and ultimately divorce. With the Sun and Mercury in Cancer in her 7th house, the Princess’ drive in life was focused toward finding a mate, sharing experience, and to hold family and relationships sacred. This was sadly, never to be fulfilled.

The Princess’ Temperament Type is a bit difficult to define, because the spread of the planets does not fit ideally into any of the seven typical patterns. At first view, it seems possibly that the pattern is a Splash, with the planets spread evenly around the wheel. However, there are six empty houses where there should only be three for the ideal of this typing. The possible See-Saw is ruled out because of the lack of a Core Opposition, and neither of the two segments is formed with a delimiting Opposition. A Splay may seem appropriate, but there are four instead of three segments of planets that normally signify the Type.

In the final analysis, the Splay Temperament is chosen over the other six possibilities, since with some effort on the native’s part, the Moon can be pulled into a Grand Trine with Neptune and the Sun. The Splay is based on the triangulation of the chart, and the Moon’s normal orb is 12.30 degrees and in the Princess’ case, it is a mere 30 minutes of arc over accepted orb. The validity of this choice of pattern is seen in the native’s avoidance of mediocrity and commonplace lifestyle. The Splay, with its pyramiding ease of self-making, motivates a native to blossom into a personage that can have a very real impact on the lives of others who witness their special brand of genius. The Princess was indeed a personage whose stature soared above the norm, giving confirmation of the benefit of the Splay’s Grand Trine potentials. Given time to progressively develop into a model of goodness and grace, the Grand Trine inevitably led the Princess to worldwide attention and homage.

But it is not the Temperament Type alone, nor any of the other myriad of planetary characteristics that made Diana into the overwhelmingly beloved personality. As inferred above, there is always the factor of heredity and environment to take into account and to integrate into a thorough reading of any horoscope, whether it be a celebrated individual or of an average citizen from any walk of life. In Diana’s case, it was her juxtaposition to power that gave her an advantage to influence millions. And this might not have been accomplished, had she not married a Prince, the heir to the throne of England. The Princess’ potentials were magnified by her own pedigree as well, but the marriage set those potentials into motion, even more so after the unfortunate divorce when she was literally on her own. This gave her the sympathy of the masses, seen astrologically in the well-occupied 8th house of other people’s approval.

Diana had a Sharp Destiny, which is testimony to the rigid limitations and controversies with which she endured throughout her too short life. But a Sharp Destiny often propels an individual beyond normal achievement, even when at the same time there are forces at play challenging the native at every turn. A Sharp Destiny is defined by the stress of a Conjunction, Square or Opposition of the Planetary Pair of Motivation; Jupiter and Saturn. In the case of the Princess, it is the Conjunction of the Pair in the 2nd house of personal resources, that when using them in service to principles of right and wrong, it gave to others, represented by the 8th house, the encouragement to do likewise.

There is a powerful T-Cross in Fixed signs in the chart showing Venus to be in Point Focus as a Focal Determinator for self- expression.  Her earthly beauty was matched by her heartfelt concern for others in a down-to-earth manner signified by the sign of Taurus.  In the 5th house, it reveals the demonstrative attention she always paid to her two boys, first and foremost. Her love, in terms of romantic entanglements is also a 5th house preoccupation, and like every other woman, personal love was for her a primary focus. Uniquely, in the Princess’ case, the Point Focus nature of Venus in the 5th, threw her relentlessly in front of the press and paparazzi, and ultimately into the face of constant public scrutiny. She was, because of Venus in Point Focus, gracious to others because of her own sensibilities. Venus’ keywords very clearly define her. Acquisitive is the basic keyword for Venus and its meaning points to the desires that drive a person to achieve their aims – this she did rather well. In Progressions, Venus is described by the word Sensitivity. Diana’s capacity for tender intimacy is also paramount, and is one of the reasons she will not be forgotten by average people who understand the importance of sincere caring; the trademark of a Venus reaching beyond normal expectations.

She didn’t think like those around her, being born with Mercury in Retrograde motion. And because of that the world had the “pleasure” of witnessing her battles with her own identity. She wasn’t going to be pigeonholed at any cost, and that may have contributed to her rejection of being a mere figurehead in royal life.

The groupings of the planets around the wheel are a series of Conjunctions that gave her the power to intensely impress her ideas and attitudes upon others – each planet giving the ones it stands next to more emphasis to influence outer circumstances.


The Sabian Symbols give penetrating insight into the mind, heart and purpose of the Princess’ life.
One particular symbol standing out above the rest is Diana’s important Point Focus Venus degree at 25 Taurus, A large well-kept public park. But the true glory of the symbol is seen in its original form, A magnificent public park spreads its charm before the eye in a vista that awes the loftiest spirit. Here in a sentence is the essence of Princess Diana, who can be described herself as a possession of the public in awe of the soul who humbly embraced even the lowliest among us.

Marc Jones’ refinement of definition literally tells the story of Diana’s dedication to society’s commoners. And high-lighted in bold below, is the positive expression of the purpose of her incarnation, as brought to the forefront through the all-important placement of Venus in this one of 360 Sabian Symbol degrees.

TAURUS 25 A large well-kept public park This is a symbol of the everyday integrity of society at large, and of the community divisions of labor through which each person gains the resources for well-being and self-enjoyment which obviously he could never create for himself through his own isolated efforts. There is here an emphasis on the common experience of mankind as the setting for an individual’s worth and achievement in their more characteristic lineaments, and for his consequent self-discovery and self-realization. The keyword is RECREATION. When positive, the degree is a high devotion to the practical welfare of all people collectively, and when negative, a complete surrender of personality to mass judgments and transient superficiality. 


The chart shows Progressions and Transits for August 31, 1997. The 8th house is framed in a pink square and shows the 7th house birth Sun and Mercury now Progressing through the 8th house of the ultimate transition. Very close to the time of death the Transit Moon was Conjunct the Progressed Sun, and the Transits of the Sun and Mercury were just moving away from their Conjunction with natal Pluto in the 8th. All this is a powerful emphasis of 8th house activity.

Diana’s all-important natal Venus Progressed to an exact Conjunction with her natal Mercury at her death, and this correlates to the close tie she had with Dodi Fayed and their recent engagement. Progressed Mars shown with the green arrow, is making a Trine with natal Venus for supportive Aspects that mirror the same intimacy potentials at the time.

Transits too had a significant impact on the challenge and intensity of the situation. All three of the outer planets were in tight association with natal planets. Transit Uranus and Neptune, shown by the two short red arrows at the bottom left, were respectively Conjunct Saturn and Jupiter, the planets identifying Diana’s Sharp Destiny. And Transit Pluto, indicated by the horizontal blue arrow, was in Square Aspect with natal Mars positioned in the ominous 8th house. Transit Pluto on the cusp of the 12th house reveals the dark cloud over the affair in both literal terms and of the matter of the conspiracy theory that the death was planned by the royal family.

For whatever the cause, the world lost a great soul on that tragic night in Paris. Had Mercury not been Retrograde on that fateful day, seat belts may have been used and could have diverted the tragedy. It is interesting to take note of the disturbing quality of the Sabian degree of Mercury Station Retrograde at 17 Virgo, A volcano in eruption, with its keyword EXPLOSION. And the Station Direct at 3 Virgo, Two angels bringing protection is sadly ironic – its keyword, SECURITY.

Prognosis for a Marriage – Just Harry and Meghan

There are astrological techniques that can help couples make certain that their choice of partner brings about a fruitful and happy marriage. At the beginning of an attraction between two hopeful individuals comes a sense of emotional and physical euphoria. This often blinds the prospective couple with the belief that their match was indeed made in heaven, only later to find out that the realities are far different than what was expected. Astrology often reveals harsh realities, so it is wise for the astrologer to be sensitive to the feelings of their clients when it comes to revealing the facts about what is seen in the chart comparison data. This should apply in the case of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, previously known as His Royal Highness Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex, and actress Meghan Markle of Los Angeles.

The reason to be ultra-cautious in reading the potential cross ties and element comparisons between these two celebrated individuals is that the vital factors of effective exchange are significantly lacking. With missing astrological connections come continuous challenges that may hinder their union over time.

The following techniques are applied when assessing the potentials of any forthcoming partnership whether for personal or for business purposes.

Cross Conjunctions and Oppositions

Using a one degree orb, one needs to identify the planets in one chart that are in the same degree or opposite any planet in the chart of the other individual.1 If there are planets in the same sign and degree or opposite sign and degree, it is safe to say that the connection between the couple is potentially positive for an active and continuing relationship with minimal struggle toward that end. An analysis of the house positions and characteristics of the planets involved are considered in the interpretation as well. Oppositions of planets within one degree orb are favored more than a conjunction of planets because a magnetic stress develops with this polarizing aspect and assists in continuously drawing the couple together. It is essential at the same time to warn of potential conflicts due to the planets poised in stressful opposition to each other. The conjunction of planets from one chart to the other reveals the perpetual need to be in each other’s presence for the bond to continue in an ongoing manner.

If there are no cross conjunctions or oppositions between the planets in the two charts, the individuals in question will need to make a very concerted effort to establish and maintain a connectivity that promotes enduring fulfillment. With a lack of these cross ties, the parties concerned will be caught up in daily adjustments to compensate for the lack of synergy between them, thus leading to the perpetual reestablishment of their commitment to the relationship. On the other hand, when necessary factors are present and of a positive nature, the shared experience is primed for active interaction and vibrant, mutual exchange.

Compatibility in Triplicity

The planets of daily Efficiency are Mars, Venus and Mercury. These three indicators are compared (Mars to Mars, Venus to Venus and Mercury to Mercury) to determine if they are in or out of harmony by virtue of their sign elements. Earth and water signs are compatible as are fire and air combinations.2 If for example Mars in one chart is in an earth sign, in order to be compatible with the other person’s Mars, it must be either an earth or water sign.

The ideal potential occurs when two of the three planets of Efficiency are in harmonious elements, and one is not. Two pairs in harmonious elements allow for establishing general compatibility, while the single pair that is not in harmony establishes the stress and stimulation for growth and development in the relationship. Examination of the Suns, Moons and Ascendants in the same fashion, provides a comparison of the more personal characteristics between individuals.

Examining the Natural Disposition, Temperament Type, Sharp and Loose Destiny, and other Focal Determinators between the two charts can further reveal hopeful possibilities. Marc Edmund Jones states the following when the primary techniques explained above lack interactive cross ties and compatible elements:

When no sympathy is revealed by any of the three pairings considered for the general pattern of compatibility between two charts by TRIPLICITY, the basis of the tie between the individuals involved can be assumed to have no roots in the ordinary elements of experience through which people are likely to develop an intimacy for one purpose or another. This may indicate that other and deeper factors are the clue to the nature of a given relationship, and to the probable developments to be expected from it. Much more frequently however there is indication that the ties have no vital significance, or are not anchored in any basic reality of being.3

Chart Comparison between Harry and Meghan

Comparing Cross Ties

The chart cross ties between the Duke and the Duchess are nonexistent. There are no cross conjunctions or cross oppositions within one degree between the planets from one chart to the other. This leaves the couple at a disadvantage, unless they have an arrangement to be open to much time involvement with separate pursuits.

Comparison of Elements

When examining the elements between the charts of Harry and Meghan, the only harmony between them is at the Ascendants which are in earth and water signs. Their Suns and Moons do not show any compatible element combinations. This reveals that their Wills and Feelings are quite different and that their purpose in life (Sun) and the path that each will ultimately follow (Moon) is quite different than the other. Observing the couple, it is already apparent that there are many separate projects, events, and responsibilities that they do not share in common. If independent experience is acceptable in the daily manifestation of their marriage, their chance for happiness can be enhanced.

Although their overall charts are not ideally compatible, the fact that their Ascendants are in accord with each other brings attention to their shared perspectives and approach to life in general. They will also find it convenient and supportive to rely on one another’s similar skills and abilities to handle any daily concerns coming their way. Each has a history of personal struggle that they share in common, and a continual vigilance that is armed with each other’s support promises a successful conquering of obstacles put in their way. They also have mutual experience in humanitarian projects that they can fall back on when more superficial pursuits fail to satisfy. Their partnership, as seen by the public, can be rewarding to them personally and can be a light in the lives of those to whom they give of themselves unselfishly. These are the strengths of mutual Ascendants in compatible elements, and hopefully this will be enough to establish a solid foundation going forward. It must be taken into account, however, that the sought-after ideal compatibility of elements is missing, so that no matter the similar approach to experience they may feel with like Ascendents, inevitable struggles may outweigh all common views putting the marriage at risk.

A look at the progressed horoscope of each individual will also shed light on the connections that are currently present and can be expected in the future. Comparing the progressed planets of one chart to the natal planet positions in the partner’s chart can give vital future perspectives. All of the major aspects can be brought into play for this revealing view of the marriage potentials. The Electional4 horoscope set up for the time and day for the marriage is also extremely helpful in creating the future success of the partnership.

The Marriage Potentials

The Electional chart for the marriage is set up for noon, May 19, 2018, and shows very good aspects within the layout of planetary relationship. The Temperament of the moment was Locomotive which indicates an expression of power in partnership. The Sun is elevated in the 10th house which prophesied parenting and all things done with public opinion in mind.

The rulers of the ascendant and 7th house are in trine, meaning that as individuals and in partnership there is a flow of cooperation and peaceful coexistence available to them. The Moon makes a gracious sextile to the Sun and is the very last major aspect made before leaving the sign where it is positioned. Giving a final note of good fortune is Jupiter on the 4th house cusp of home. Overall, this is a very gracious astrological promise for their union and may possibly make up for any deficiency in cross ties and element imbalances between their individual horoscopes.

Transits and progressions to the Electional marriage chart should be noted as they occur, especially with the long-term and powerful transit of Pluto as it forms its conjunction with the marriage chart’s Mars due to be exact March 2, 2024. Transits of Pluto are approximately four years in duration. This ominous transit of Pluto to Mars may declare the beginnings of a real need for a transformation and adjustment to each other’s energies. The Sabian symbol reveals quite stark possibilities in terms of physical well-being noted by the transit’s sixth house positioning:

AQUARIUS 2 An unexpected thunderstorm This is a symbol of nature’s potentialities as they lie beyond any individual control, as well as of the tendency of all things to come to some dramatic head in either physical or psychological terms. The primitive symbolism emphasizes the necessity that every living spirit remain wholly self-quickened within itself, and be alert to its more or less inevitable participation in every shifting pattern of events. The convergence of relations in some climax of experience is man’s real opportunity, for self-fulfillment. The keyword is ACCIDENT. When positive, the degree is creative opportunism and a genius for shaping all eventualities to some desired end, and when negative, complete temperamental instability.

While many people wish the couple well, there are formidable challenges for them to withstand in the overall compatibilities of this partnership. The nature of astrology is that it is the “science of probability” as Marc Edmund Jones notes, and because of this factor, the efforts individuals make can possibly overcome what otherwise may seem impossible.


  1. Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones, Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington 1970. Pg 335
  2. Fires signs are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, and the water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces.
  3. Essentials of Astrological Analysis by Marc Edmund Jones, Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington 1970. Pg 333
  4. Electional horoscopy is used when choosing a time to open a business, embark on an adventure or to sign contracts of any kind, including marriage. It is associated with the predictive branch of astrology.


Solar System: The Seat of Consciousness

Modern-day astronomers and physicists are exploring the great and the small realms in the universal manifold that the ancients referred to by the axiom “As above, so below.” In their research, it would be beneficial if they were to take note of planetary cycles and their effects on human life on Earth. Astrology is an age-old discipline often overlooked by conventional science. Fortunately, the everyday citizen has a grasp of astrology’s relevance, not only for a better perspective on future events but for an understanding of their life potentials as shown in their birth horoscopes. An increasing number of curious individuals are discarding over-simplified newspaper astrological fortune-telling in an attempt to go beyond where scientists fear to tread.

There are modern scientific theories that have given credence to the all-pervading intelligence in the universe. Some find it in what they call the morphogenetic field, others find a source of life and intelligence in oscillating water molecules and their geometric patterning, as well as other theories that pervade the world as generally interpreted by science. The rhythm of vibratory rates created by the rotation of the planets on their axes in combination with their orbital cycles of the Sun defines numerical tones referred to as the music of the spheres. The source of the universe, consciousness and life on Earth is concealed and remains a mystery for humankind, however, to quote the notable physicist Richard Feynman, It does no harm to the mystery to know a little bit about it.

The Sun lightens and enlightens by the power of electrical fire and by its magnetic properties it pulls the planets along with it through the galaxy in a spiraling path, heading into the unknown, ever forward as it continues on its cyclic journey.

The planets give clues to the conundrum through the geometric patterning they weave in their synergistic fields of perpetual motion. Our bodies and emotions are a vessel for this energy intelligence and are essential for conducting the messages from these forces into the fiber of our physical being. Each heavenly body in the hierarchy of the planets is associated with attributes of human character.

The signs of the year (zodiac) are the backdrop of meaning to our lives as we reflect their archetypal natures in our own being. They are a catalyst, not the cause, of how we interpret universal influences through the sieve of personal consciousness. Each of us is born into a culture that molds and programs our perception of life and holds us back unless we hunger for wholeness and enlightenment. The outer planets in aspect with our natal planetary configurations mark breakthroughs of divine intervention to guide us toward a life worth living.

From the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones:

LEO 7 The constellations in the sky This is a symbol of the infinite regression in all universal reality, not as a fact of some unreachable end in knowledge but rather as a demonstration that any abandonment of the known for the sake of the unknown is fruitless. The cosmos is illimitable in the sense that man’s questing may ramify in time and space to the extent of any given pertinence, but his assurance lies within his own being and experience. The stars are his confirmation, never his explanation. The keyword is SURETY. When positive, the degree is consistent effectiveness in understanding and self-ordering, and when negative, a loss of all present integrity through an unnecessary retreat to the remote or mysterious.

Alina Zagitova – Olympic Gold Metal Winner 2018 – Figure Skating


Alina at 15 years old captured the gold! A beautiful girl, and a gorgeous performance. Here are a few of the planetary Aspects to her natal chart from progressions and the Transits of the evening she skated her best. In the chart it is shown through the literally expressed Sabian Symbol of Mars, that Alina was destined to be on ice. Mars at 23Gem17, which rounds out to 24 Gemini is Children skating on ice.

GEMINI 24 Children skating on ice This is a symbol of the persisting imminence of adventure in experience, and of the constant danger to self in failing to sustain or order the complex of things as they are. Implicit in the symbolism is the value of an established reality as a foundation for further refinement of personal capacity and skill. The satisfaction of a successful self-expression always must remain a dynamic impetus to further achievement, and so never become a static aplomb or a surrender to self as it stands. The keyword is FUN. When positive, the degree is soul-satisfying experiment in the infinitely varying channels of possible self-discovery, and when negative, a tendency to live for momentary excitement.

Since Mars is the planet that tells the story in imagery, we can see that on the night Alina won her place as a champion, that very planet was Transiting in exact Conjunction with her important leading planet Pluto on the cusp of the 5th house of self-expression through sport. Pluto is in an Opposition Aspect with Saturn and shows the precision with which she executes her skills and the rigorous training she needed to accomplish her goals.

Other Aspects are supportive; Transit Neptune is in Trine to natal Jupiter. Although Alina’s time of birth is not presently known, it is interesting that in this solar chart, the Progressed Moon makes a Trine to Jupiter as well.

An interesting feature of Alina’s natal horoscope shows the three outer planets on one side of the chart, with all other faster moving planets on the other. Her Mercury in Retrograde shows a Sabian Symbol of An airplane falling. This she challenges each time, when she takes to the air with profound expertise and lands her jumps with ease.




Saturn & Pluto, Partners in Crime and Salvation

While Pluto shines light on our obsessive thinking, Saturn shows us the way to freedom from preoccupying thought through mindfulness. Meditation, governed by Saturn, refers to the training of the mind to concentrate on positive, present awareness, rather than the imagery that takes hold of the attention through an emotional need. Emotions take part in the threefold process of experience; stimulus, response, reaction. These correspond to the mental and emotional mirroring of outside stimulation that leads to a resulting reaction. There are two modes of response; positive/constructive and negative/destructive. If the personal ego feels a threat from the environment the emotional response is then recorded in the mental substance of memory. As these reactions accumulate, so does the build up of negative energy that remains unnoticed by the conscious Will. The experience is then etched into the unconscious and emanates out into the ectoplasm of the human aura. The process can be described in another way: A physical reaction to unwanted stress is a rejection of the experience, and is propelled by the emotion of anger. Anger is the ego’s way of separating from threat, discomfort and pain.

Pluto rules the “underworld” or in modern terms the unconscious. Saturn rules self-consciousness, the conscious mind and conscience. Saturn’s process is one of selectivity. With the help of the meditative process, the conscious mind can examine the content of the unconscious. Thoughts rise up from the subconscious to be observed by conscious awareness for their value to the individual. Thoughts can be dispelled when deemed distractions, or preserved when positive and useful. Saturn is synonymous with concentration; the ability to focus the mind at a desired point of attention. It does this through practicing to concentrate on one point, such as the breath, the flame of a candle or a part of the body like the hand and fingers. Its process is disjunctive; it has the power to evaluate and compare right and wrong, and drop from existence thoughts too low in standard for acceptance. Self-evaluation is its purpose.


Pluto is like the hard-drive of the mind that stores information to be recalled when needed, and Saturn views and evaluates this data. Meditation has long been closely identified with the planet Saturn, because personal growth depends upon awareness and accountability for one’s actions and attitude. Saturn’s identification with meditation is the process of concentrating on an object or the breath, and through this passive activity the content of the unconscious rises to the level of enlightening recognition. If we are not aware of the root content of our thoughts and the need to correct negative motivation when it arises, we cannot be transformed. Self-awareness is the core of positive living, and is the ever-present guidance from within.

Meditation is simply a method of quieting the body so that the content of the mind can more easily be accessed. In this way we can view what the problems are as they rise to the conscious mind from the depths of the unconscious. When we react to stressful situations, it is an emotional response. Emotions are recorded in the mind and the body’s biofield.

The planets during Transits and Progressions draw situations and individuals into our lives to represent parts of ourselves needing fulfillment and/or transformation. This process works through the stress that others cause in our lives. For example, if a person demands something from us, we tend to blame them for the stress we feel when we cannot deliver. It is really our own inadequacy that we need to address, and then we can see that the stimulus of the other person is not the cause, but in reality is life’s method of showing us what is lacking in ourselves to maturely address the problem. People and situations are doing us a favor of playing the part that brings out our weaknesses. To avoid these situations is not the answer, and to be combative is equally inadequate. What is needed, is to realize that we are all here for the purpose of expanding awareness, and adversity is the key and prodding to advance us along the way.


It is important to restrain desire from too much indulgence. Nothing can be achieved without the desire to advance, but nothing can be enjoyed without a sense of boundaries and the peace of mind restraint can bring. To entertain both ambition and limitation, one must work toward balance throughout a lifetime, and meditation and concentration is essential for its manifestation. The dualistic mind: we think subjectively in terms of the self, and objectively in terms of environmental factors. But to keep these dual aspects of life functioning in a healthy manner, one must keep mindful of the present moment where the two features of mind take place. The method to assure a balance is through the practice of concentrating on the breath, the hand, a mandala or candle flame or any other object.  This is how the attention can be directed by the Will aspect of mentality. To be preoccupied by thought is a sign of not being in control of it. Learning to shift the attention from obsessive thoughts to a neutral object helps to interrupt the hold the obsessive thoughts have over the mind. Consolidating the direction of thought is governed by the planet Saturn. In contrast, the broadest range of thought is governed by Pluto. Integrating the two vibratory energies into a working coalescence is necessary for a productive life and peacefulness.

The distinct differences of Saturn and Pluto can coexist, just as all the planets have working relationships with one another in the Solar System. Look to the relationship of Saturn to Pluto in a horoscope and how it fits into the Gestalt; whether the two are in major or minor Aspect, or are not in a definitive aspect at all. These relationships reveal deep meaning, and are guides to help us understand our unique and individual destiny and purpose in life.

The positive and negative meanings of Pluto:

P: Transcendence, broadened awareness, equality, cosmic consciousness, spiritual power, truth and probity.  N: Intrigue, political manipulation, confusion and contrast between truth and lies, investigations for truth finding, criminality, mob and gang rule, hidden motives, hypnotic and compulsive activity.

The positive and negative meanings of Saturn:

P: Conscience, concentration, sensitiveness, maturity, wisdom, conservative, integrity, disjunctive analysis, endurance, patience, discernment. N: Frustration, guilt, fear, anxiety, sadness, self-destructive, isolationism, discrimination.  

To learn a method of overcoming the stresses of life with calmness, visit: