Burke Ramsey Speaks About JonBenet


Burke Ramsey, the 29 year old brother of JonBenet Ramsey, is nearing his Saturn Return. However, it is another Saturn aspect that is more telling of why he is speaking out now after 20 years of relative silence. It is the Progressed Saturn coming into Conjunction with his Natal Venus. It is time to tell the story from his point of view about the death of his sister.

It is not easy for Burke to speak out because in his Natal chart there are no two planets in Opposition to each other. Oppositions draw people out of themselves to connect with others, and in Burke’s case, because of the media frenzy, it is possibly a good thing that he is lacking that dynamic. It has allowed him to stay the introvert he was born to be. People without an Opposition in their charts often are not aware of how others see them. This is likely the reason that the public took concern over his apparently amused facial expressions in the Dr. Phil interviews in September 2016.

As well as the Progressed Saturn aspect, there is the Transit of Pluto very close to his Natal Moon position. Unfortunately, we don’t have a birth time for Burke, so we do not know the exact placement of his Moon. But there is no doubt thbr_pat with a Moon in Capricorn, that Pluto has or will make its presence known in Burke’s life while the planet journeys through Capricorn. The Moon moved approximately 15 degrees during the day that Burke was born. It moved from 3 Cap 19 to 18 Cap 25. Somewhere in between is his Natal Moon position. Transit Pluto is Stationary going Direct at 14 Cap 56 on September 27, 2016.

Burke’s chart with the Progressions on the outer wheel, show that in 10 years his Progressed Mars will be making an Opposition to his Natal Pluto. This is going to be a significant Progression because Burke’s Pluto is the Leading planet of his Bowl Temperament Type. The keyword for Pluto in its normal planetary role is OBSESSION. When it is in High Focus as it is here in his Natal chart the keyword becomes TRANSCENDENCE, and this is exactly what he has had to do since the death of his sister. He has had to step away from normal life experience at a very young age, and most likely has had to do some powerful soul searching that would not have been necessary if the tragic event did not occur.

His Natal Pluto is making a Square to his Natal Sun which becomes the Trigger of the horoscope. Without an Opposition in the chart, a Triggering Square activates the potentials. These kinds of sharp and poignant aspects present a whiplash-into-action to get going. He must be self-motivating since he has no Opposition, and the Trigger Leading planet is the Square that indicates internal battles. There is also a Jupiter/Saturn Square showing a Sharp Destiny. There may always be a shadow of doubt hanging over him with this aspect that shows tremendous internal, moral struggles.


JonBenet Ramsey has quite a different Natal horoscope. She not only has an Opposition in her chart, but there is a Grand Cross that is in Fixed signs and is confirmation of the cross she will have to bear in her short life. Mars in her 12th house takes part in the Grand Cross and shows that there is some potential for hidden sexual abuse perpetrated by hidden enemies, and it is exacerbated by its exact Opposition to Natal Pluto in the 6th house of problems to be solved. There are positive meanings in these types of aspects, but in JonBenet’s case it ultimately manifested in the form of a horrendous violent act. The Opposition is “caught” in an interception as well, creating more behind-the-scenes activity and making it almost impossible to uncover the truth of the crime and its perpetrators. The 12th house rules hidden, untamed and unruly entities and they are exceptionally obscured when planets are intercepted in house.

There is a Grand Trine that contributes to the ideal Splay Temperament Type. The Grand Trine indicates an evolved soul with a dynamic role to play in the world based on inner development. This configuration is in earth signs and shows that she is well established with her feet planted firmly in the ground of worldly success, although for such a brief performance. The Splay magnifies personality through a pyramiding development which she unfortunately was unable to fulfill throughout a normal lifespan. The exact Venus/Saturn Opposition builds on this premise and the Natal Mars opposite Pluto brought her sexuality to the public’s attention. Natal Mars is the Reins High Focus planet that drives the physical energies to an INDOMITABLE level, opposed to just having a strong INITIATIVE, as it would be if Mars were not prominent.

There is the Sharp Destiny again, but instead of the inner struggle jonbenetramsey_nof the Square aspect as in her brother’s chart, this time it is the Opposition that is the mark of the life being divided into two separate periods. The first being more superficial than the second half. Her role as the innocent little beauty princess is in stark contrast to the role she now plays posthumously; warning others of the possible dangers of flamboyant exposure without adequate protection. This little girl’s chart is a powerful one and no doubt had she lived she would have had a full and dynamic life. Sadly, there are sacrificial factors to sometimes take into account.

The ephemeris graph shows that on the day of her death Transit Mercury went Retrograde at 18 Cap 46. Mercury Retrogrades are always a sign of potentially boggled facts in murder cases like this one. And the O.J. Simpson case was also overshadowed by an disorganized police department functioning under the influence of an inadequately fact-finding Mercury Retrograde. Perhaps in the future, when Pluto Transits and Stations on 19 degrees Capricorn, we will have more information in regards to this tragic event. The astounding and quite literal Sabian Symbol for Capricorn 19 is A child of about five with a huge shopping bag.  Even more alarmingly revealing is the original symbol definition: “A little miss of about five has gone to the market with a huge shopping bag and is quite as adult as anybody.”

JonBenet portrayed in her competitions, a person far older than her tender years. This is apparent in the Opposition of Natal Saturn to Natal Venus, exact within 14 minutes of arc.


On July 9, 2008, the Boulder County District Attorney’s office announced that, as a result of newly developed DNA sampling and testing techniques known as Touch DNA analysis, the Ramsey family members were no longer considered suspects in the case. In light of the new DNA evidence, Boulder County District Attorney Mary Lacy gave a letter to John Ramsey that same day, officially apologizing to the Ramsey family:

This new scientific evidence convinces us … to state that we do not consider your immediate family, including you, your wife, Patsy, and your son, Burke, to be under any suspicion in the commission of this crime….

The match of Male DNA on two separate items of clothing worn by the victim at the time of the murder makes it clear to us that an unknown male handled these items. There is no innocent explanation for its incriminating presence at three sites on these two different items of clothing that JonBenét was wearing at the time of her murder…. To the extent that we may have contributed in any way to the public perception that you might have been involved in this crime, I am deeply sorry. No innocent person should have to endure such an extensive trial in the court of public opinion, especially when public officials have not had sufficient evidence to initiate a trial in a court of law…. We intend in the future to treat you as the victims of this crime, with the sympathy due you because of the horrific loss you suffered…. I am aware that there will be those who will choose to continue to differ with our conclusion. But DNA is very often the most reliable forensic evidence we can hope to find and we rely on it often to bring to justice those who have committed crimes. I am very comfortable that our conclusion that this evidence has vindicated your family is based firmly on all of the evidence.




Protest in North Carolina and the US Chart


From the Los Angeles Times, Wednesday September 21, 2016:

“The fatal shooting by police of a 43-year-old black man, Keith Lamont Scott, has stoked long-simmering tensions over race and policing in this city, with its large African American population and high levels of segregation. . . . . . And the officer who shot Scott, according to authorities, is black. Activists and Scott’s family have disputed nearly every detail that has emerged about Tuesday’s shooting, leaving residents of North Carolina’s largest city grappling with two conflicting narratives.”


Disputing details is par for the course with Mercury still in Retrograde on September 20th. Both the O.J. Simpson murders and trial, and the Jon Benet Ramsey murders took place while Mercury was Retrograde. Details are in a disarray during Retrograde Mercury periods. That is because Mercury is associated with the details and facts in most situations, and clarity gets blurred during these times. Mercury and the third house rule convenience and taken-for-granted experience. When Mercury is Retrograde all that changes and disorder prevails.

But the interesting fact in the murder of Mr. Scott is that both Transits of Mercury and Pluto (the higher frequency vibration of Mercury) were making their Stations to go Direct at the time. And Transit Pluto is, and has been, in Opposition aspect with the US Natal Sun degree for some time. This aspect confirms the astrological importance of this case and those that have recently occurred. The Black Lives Matter movement will be in the US public’s attention for some time to come.

The Sabian Symbol for the US ephemeris2016Sun is either 13 or 14 degrees Cancer. I am placing both symbol definitions here so that a decision can be made by the reader as to which is more fitting to the situation. There are several inaugural times given for the US chart, and the exact time of the incident on September 20 is not easily found on the internet either. So a grain of salt is taken in the exact degrees of some of the elements of each chart. The symbols themselves however, bring out interesting factors to ponder. 13 Cancer makes quite a bit of sense when compared to the perspectives on both sides of the issue.

CANCER 13  One hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb This is a symbol of that belief in his inherent supremacy over all other orders of nature by which man is characterized most fundamentally, dramatized by his quite normal confidence in his ability to deal with every eventuality of day-by-day activity and relationship. Any individual must rule his environment or surrender his own potentialities forever. Here is practicality brought to the point of ruthlessness. The keyword is DETERMINATION. When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness and a high sense of self-responsibility in every issue of the moment, and when negative, unnecessary aggressiveness and a self-defeating shortsightedness.

CANCER 14  A very old man facing a vast dark space to the northeast This is a symbol of the immeasurable reaches of past experience as a strengthening of the human spirit for its immediate destiny, and of the eternal rebirth through which man may discover that present aspiration and future achievement are without the slightest limitation in any terms of events to come. Here is an absoluteness of self as a completeness of expectation. There are no dark moments of outlook that cannot yield inspiration or assurance. The keyword is SANCTION. When positive, the degree is a highly effective enlistment of deeper and hidden elements of life for some momentary end, and when negative, lack of purpose and utter chaos in understanding.




Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – All the Universe is a Stage . . .


The universe is the stage and all the planets merely players. The planets are people. They represent the people in our lives that create the circumstances of the astrological houses where events take place.

In the news now is the parting of the ways of one of the most celebrated couples on Earth – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. How this shows up in their horoscopes is an interesting study. The comparison chart of the couple has Angelina’s chart in the center with Brad’s on the outer wheel. According to Marc Edmund Jones techniques of comparison, the couple is not in an ideal astrological partnership. The Venuses are compatible, but in a wide Opposition aspect. Mars and Mercury in comparison shows that they are not in compatible elements. aj_bp2In close contact they cannot easily integrate the mundane activities of their lives. They are prone to different schedules and responsibilities.

Their Suns are in compatible elements, however their Ascendants and Moons are not. This means that although they seem to be equal in terms of their value to each other, they are not emotionally in tune, nor do they see life from the same perspective. In a crises there is support, but the daily supportive emotional (Moon) balance is missing.

Brad’s Jupiter is making a Conjunction with Angelina’s Mars. Mars is a crucial planet in her horoscope because it is the Leading planet of a powerful Locomotive Temperament Type. This mutual aspect shows that Brad’s personality and enthusiasm stimulate Angelina’s energies both sexually and emotionally. In other words, she is/was turned on by who he is and his contribution as an upbeat personality to the partnership.

What once was a great turn-on factor for both has apparently evolved into an irritation because when Mars is not motivated in a positive direction the result can be frustration and anger. There may even be battles over who wears the pants in the relationship because Angelina’s Mars is in the degree of The president of the country.(1) The Cutting planet in a Locomotive in the degree of the leader of the country produces an enormous amount of energy and Initiative (Mars’ keyword) focused on trailblazing, especially when it is in the sign of Aries. Jolie’s worldwide travel and fame are indicated in the Mars, Moon, and Jupiter conjunction in the ninth and tenth houses and her position as an ambassador for the United Nations fits well into this planetary scheme.

There is no Grand Trine in fire signs to make this an ideal example of the Locomotive Type, and instead of the free-flowing and pyramiding energies, there are significant blocks in the psyche that have need of recognition. These blocks are in the astrological form of Squares between Mars, Moon and Jupiter with Natal Saturn. Here is the Jupiter and Saturn pair of Motivation in Sharp Destiny.ba_transits2 There was a prodigal and careless Aries outreach in the early years of Angelina’s life, but because of the Sharp Destiny the consciousness evolves to consider moral character as a valuable asset in the ongoing life process. There are public statements Angelina made that reveal harsh judgement concerning her father’s infidelity. The judgement of others comes in the aging process and often one does not recognize that one’s own life is filled with flaws. Life is a continuous struggle in terms of living up to the highest potentials with a Sharp Destiny. She can do this on her own, however, Brad’s Loose Destiny will typically downplay her “demands” for better performance on his part. Personal moral behavior is a serious issue in Angelina’s estimation, and this is the motivation for adopting children, as well as creating a film that is an example of moral character struggles as in The Land of Blood and Honey. 

Brad’s Mercury is Opposite Angelina’s Saturn and most likely, since their Mercuries are not in compatible elements, there are things that Brad verbalizes that Angelina would find offensive, especially in regards to her children, since Saturn is in the degree of; A hen scratching for her chicks.**

Angelina thinks for herself with a Natal Retrograde Mercury, and this is not easily accepted by Brad who has his Sun in the sign of Administration in a wide orb Opposition to her Mercury. Having both Conjunctions and Oppositions between charts would normally be considered an advantage, however, there are not enough mutual compatibilities as far as elements are concerned to have things function smoothly.

What makes September 2016 the end of the marriage? The Transits and Progressions in each of the charts will tell the story.

The charts of the couple along with the Transits of September 20th in the outer wheel shows Transit Saturn (circled in orange) exactly Conjunct Angelina’s Natal Neptune and Brad’s Ascendant. The planet Saturn has a disjunctive function, and its arrival at the couple’s Neptune/Asc Conjunction brings to the forefront a showdown as far as the circumstances of the children is concerned.

As of September 1, 2016, Brad’s Natal Uranus has been activated by Transiting Neptune, now exactly Opposite its position. On that same date, Natal Uranus experienced a Solar Eclipse just 42 minutes from exact Conjunction. The freedom and independence that Brad will now be experiencing is revealed in this aspect. Undoubtedly there are elements of this issue that have been a surprise to him, since the nature of Uranus is to act suddenly. There may be unrevealed issues that have brought this situation about, based on the activities carried on by Brad himself. Neptune may continue to place a cloud over the issue for a time. Neptune is known to be an indicator of lies, sex and drugs and alcohol. Time will tell.

The purple line showing Transit Pluto advancing toward an Opposition to Angelina’s Natal Saturn will no doubt expose more information concerning her health (6th and 12th houses) and also the ensuing struggles regarding the issues with her children and the divorce. I believe that there is going to be a long and hard battle over the divorce as it relates to the children, because Pluto is going to be actively passing opposite Angelina’s Natal Saturn for the next few years. This will be a focus on her ability to “scratch” diligently for her “chicks.” And it won’t be comfortable for Brad when Transit Pluto passes back and forth over his Natal Mercury.


The individual charts with the partner’s Progressions in the outer wheel shows very powerful and immediate stimulation. The chart on the left shows Angelina’s Progressed Sun and Saturn exactly opposite Brad’s Natal Moon and Venus. The Progressed Saturn alone indicates a severe reevaluation of the relationship. The Sabian Symbol for 23 degrees Cancer is; Meeting of a literary society. But the really interesting point is made with the keyword CRITICISM, which Progressed Saturn brings into the picture. The positive definition is “accomplishment through an exacting appreciation of common effort and a rigorous revaluation of private acts and attitudes.” Here is more indication of a direct insistence on her part to correct the activities that are undesirable on his. This is a focus on Brad’s public image and feelings toward family and finances (Moon family, 2nd house finances).


Angelina’s Ascendant and Venus at 29 degrees is; A Muse weighing twins. This is remarkable since Angelina gave birth to twins in 2008. Brad’s Progressed Mercury is now making an Opposition to her Venus. This Progression shows the open conflict (7th house) that is eminent. Angelina’s tenacious (Venus) hold on her children will definitely be contested.


*ARIES 11 The president of the country This is a symbol of high ego on the impersonal side, evident in the complete and naive dedication of the individual to some part he chooses to play among his fellows. Implicit here is the selection of such a role as will have a maximum breadth of recognition, so that the player may be established in a reality which he would be quite unable to sustain by himself. There is a subordination of all other considerations to one primary act of individual assurance. The keyword is IDEALIZATION. When positive, the degree is the self-sacrifice required of anybody who would become the creative representative of eternal value, and when negative, an often well-meaning but usually destructive assertiveness or vain pretense.

**CANCER 18 A hen scratching for her chicks This is a symbol of the maximum protection which life at large will provide for the individual in general, here given emphasis on the personal side. There are always high rewards for any effort which is self-consistent or industrious at base, and by the reverse implication of the symbolism it is always possible for human creativity to endow its own manifestations with a gift of self-continuousness. Normality is exalted in the simple business of self-being. The keyword is PROVISION. When positive, the degree is a marked capacity for meeting every demand of existence advantageously and with a persisting self-fulfillment, and when negative, idle bustle and unprofitable labor.




Eclipse Electrical Currents and Their Purpose

Ascension. Unique Gelatin Silver Print, 2016 by Jacqueline Anne Woods
Ascension. Unique Gelatin Silver Print, 2016 by Jacqueline Anne Woods

How does an eclipse influence our lives? When the light of the Sun or reflected light of the Moon is diminished by an eclipse event, there is a need to compensate for that lack of light-energy, because all life takes its cues from the intelligence inherent in that light. To compensate for the lack of normal and automatic responses, we need to focus our attention on the meanings and activities that correspond to the planet/s, sign and house where the eclipse takes place. The absence of light/energy is felt strongest when the eclipse occurs on the same degree or opposite a planet’s position in a birth chart. An eclipse emphasizes the need of the native to explore the meanings and activities of those planet/s, the sign they are in, and their house placements. In this way, we fulfill the hitherto unrecognized needs of our mind, body, and spirit. The effects of an eclipse are felt throughout its cycle (approximately 6 months), giving us the time we need to reorder our way of handling the issues that come up for review.

If there is not a direct connection by conjunction or opposition aspect to any natal planets, the eclipse will nevertheless be felt by everyone on Earth. The sign and house that the eclipse falls in any horoscope then becomes a subtle influence for the duration of the eclipse.

Electrical currents and their magnetic fields are the matrices of planetary dynamics. The most powerful electrical charges between planets, including the Sun and Moon, are when they are in the same sign and degree location or are directly opposite one another. This allows a direct current of energy. It is through either a positive and overt emphasis or indicates a polarization, as is typical of any conjunction or opposition aspect respectively. At the time of a solar or lunar eclipse, there is a reduction of the intensity of the electromagnetic field, and because of the lack of energy intelligence a compensation of sorts takes place where attention must be placed on the planets if any, the sign, and house indicated for reset by the eclipse.

Although invisible to the eye, the electrical currents that abound in the spinning and spiraling Solar System both animate and give purpose to all life on Earth.  As the currents of electricity flow through a telephone cable or wireless system through the air, they carry vibratory frequencies that are ultimately intelligible to the person receiving the signals and subconscious messaging. It is the same with planetary interrelationships; they carry messages/information from the electrical source known as the Solar System to its final destination, the human hearts and minds of all beings. There the information is decoded into thoughts and feelings, words and images, in accordance with the entity’s cultural patterns and practices. This cultivated knowledge is then shared among its community members to support and further evolutionary development for the enhancement and alignment of humankind with higher principles and codes of conduct.

These source energies instantaneously prompt all life forms and geological structures on Earth, but the human mind and feelings is the most complex and therefore the most intriguing. Its ability to reflect upon itself and recognize that it is in the midst of brightening influences through conscious awareness sets it far apart from all other life forms. Either great joy or sorrow is the result of life on Earth, and the way to enlightenment is through a willingness to respond respectfully to the cosmic instruction of planetary activity and make use of its gentle and at times forceful and long-term influence on each person’s personal growth.

We are born with the planets, signs, and houses configured to further our particular need for fulfillment. The horoscope is a blueprint of where we came from and where we are going. Eclipses are especially important because they are linked to the meaning of the Moon’s nodes, which literally point to the past or karma, and the future dharma as it is revealed in the nodes’ placement in our astrological map.


Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 2016. Photo by Sarah Willey
Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 2016. Photo by Sarah Willey

An essential feature of the cosmos is described by the elements of solids, liquids, gases, and plasma. They relate respectively to the four elements in astrology of earth, water, air, and fire respectively. An eclipse temporarily blocks out the fire or plasma element and has a physical effect on life through the absence of its effects on earth, water, and air. We are made up of these four elements, and our own body’s biosphere responses in synchronous fashion to the state of the Solar System’s electromagnetic field at all times.

The Gestalt configurations of the planets, signs and houses in our birth charts reveal the interrelationship of the elements and the energies they create that abound within and around our bodies. No astrological chart is in perfect balance. There are harmonies and disharmonies, and the purpose of life is to integrate these two factors just as when in the act of walking, when lifting one leg off the ground we are off balance in the act of going forward into balance by landing on the opposite foot – and then continuous repetition of that activity. It is a continuous movement of experience, first in one direction and then in another, continually moving toward a balancing of factors in our lives. Problems are exacerbated when we try to ignore the areas where we need development and try to only experience the pleasant and harmonious.

Eclipses are essential in that they point to the areas we need to work on in ourselves. Through the means of discomfort, our attention is lead to these issues. But when we reject the lessons to escape growth of this sort, we are left in a state disintegration. By focusing on issues that an eclipse on a planet in a particular sign and house is drawing attention to, we are lead to a deeper understanding of cause and effect. Traumas in early life are related to the Squares and Oppositions in our planetary structures. Eclipses point these out so that we can meditate on the painful points in order to resolve them to arrive at a peaceful resolution toward expanded consciousness.


The Sabian Symbols; Electricity’s Final Destination

Sabian Symbols are the symbolic, image manifestation of the 360 expressions of electromagnetic impulses emanating from the matrix of the electrical Solar System. Electromagnetism abounds everywhere in the cosmos and also in our physical being. We are the ultimate receptors of information that comes to us through transmitted light and energy. This light and energy has purpose and intelligence that when it arrives at its final destination, the human consciousness, it is translated into images and thought-forms. Letters and words are the symbols that when laced together give thought its foundational elements. Communication is the offspring of language, and feelings and emotions are the conductors of that intelligent form of idea exchange.

The body is composed of 98% water, which physics explains is the compound, along with salt, that conducts electricity. No one disputes the electrical function of the heart. But the entire body is a receptor for intelligent impulses on its way to create images and thoughts in the human brain. The planets create an electrical charge as they orbit the Sun, thus giving life to the interplay of cosmic forces. This is how the planets actually influence life on Earth. The planets are not only symbols of aspects of life, but are the source and mirroring function of the entire biosphere. The missing link as to the connection between the planets and life on Earth is electricity. The Solar System is a closed circuit and all the parts are links through light/energy/intelligence.

There are 360 degrees in the astrological circle, and each point is related to a specific expression of cosmic intelligence. These are the piano keys that strike a cord of varying frequencies that form the unique songs of each individual on Earth.

The planets, as they move into mathematical alignments with each other, coalesce and set off electrical charges. These then may spark the plasma of the physical body represented in the Natal positions of planets in an individual’s horoscope. The first responses are emotional and egocentric. They are understood better when the individual is open to observing the content of the mind. The Sabian Symbol can help to literally decode the purpose of the aspect. Each planet has its own frequency and combination of frequencies when in major relationship with each other.

There have been several versions of symbols created throughout history that apply to differing generations and cultures of people. The most updated version of a 360 degree picture description of the ecliptic are those that were created by the psychic Elsie Wheeler through the initiative of Marc Edmund Jones. They were sitting together in a car at Balboa Park in San Diego, California in 1925. Jones handed an unlined index card with the sign and degree of each of the 360 degrees to Wheeler and she without looking at it, spoke what came into her mind. Jones hurriedly wrote those brief descriptions down on each card and years after elaborated on their meanings. This gave birth to the Sabian Symbols in Astrology published in 1953. This original version of the symbols is used on this website. The well-known astrologer, Dane Rudhyar, was a contemporary of Marc Edmund Jones as well as his student. He popularized the cyclic use of the symbols with his interpretations in the 1974 publication of An Astrological Mandala.

For a complete story of the origins of the Sabian Symbols visit: Sabian Symbols History




Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist

nassim_harameinThere is controversy within conventional scientific circles over the accuracy of many of the claims and discoveries shared with the audiences that gather to hear Nassim Haramein’s lectures. However, his insights and talks are stimulating because his point of view is logical and interestingly unconventional and nothing less than revealing the secrets of the universe.

Unfortunately, searching the internet does not reveal any indication of Haramein’s birth time, but his birth date and location of birth do appear on his Facebook page. Using that information, setting up a chart for 12 noon would present a reasonable picture of his astrological potentials even if it is not completely accurate. Many individuals do not know their birth times and yet an astrology chart can be set up for their birth as long as the astrologer remembers not to take the planet’s positions throughout the houses, or the exact Moon’s degree into consideration in the chart interpretation. Using Marc Edmund Jones’ techniques makes it possible to get a fairly valid reading because his methods transcend the otherwise limited tools of conventional astrology that are so dependent on the house placements of the planets within the chart. Planetary aspects then become the prominent factor to analyze as well as the Sabian symbol images and their descriptions.

The article is called Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist because he is causal in his approach and amiablenassimharamein2 in his demeanor, at least in the videos of his lectures available on YouTube. There are several websites dedicated to debunking Haramein’s beliefs in the hopes of steering his followers away from his innovative ideology. In their professional, and not-so-professional opinions, they claim Haramein inaccurately describes a model of the universe that disregards the views on which their approach to the laws of physics relies.

Haramein’s critics are doing a good job of trying to keep a balance between old and new ideas. However, they may themselves miss out on some very interesting dialogue that explains the universe in terms of new meanings for old symbols. Haramein’s descriptions and animations on the spiraling solar system, also put forth by the Electrical Universe – The Thunderbolt Project by David Talbott and Wal Thornhill, is a case in point. The understanding of the spiraling solar system, ever-moving out of previous space and into the new, not only gives astronomy a boost, but the idea of it brings clarification to the field of astrology as well.

Haramein’s horoscope is as fascinating as the videos he produces. For an analysis of the chart, the first technique is the Natural Disposition. A mutable disposition, defined by an opposition in mutable signs is people-oriented if the Fixed Opposition between Saturn and Mars is disregarded because it is a few degrees beyond the allowable orb. This would make him sincerely interested in the general public’s vision of the cosmos as it really is – at least in terms of Haramein’s understanding of it. A Mutable Disposition mentality has a concern for the welfare of others above one’s own. They tend to be the humanitarians in society.

The Temperament Type is a bit tricky because Mars is positioned just beyond the Delimiting Opposition of Jupiter to Uranus. This does put Mars as the leading planet of a Bowl if it were to be taken as one, and that points to the pioneering explorations Haramein has made within his own mind and the cosmos beyond. But there is another option that would not disregard the pioneer spirit and would account for his unique approach and character. That would be the Splay Temperament Type and always indicates an evolved personality and soul, which Haramein seems to fit into rather well. There are the three segments with empty signs between them to call for this typing, however, the Grand Trine is missing that would have brought even more reason to believe in selecting this Type over the Bowl. What is interesting is that the absence of the Grand Trine and the presence of the strong T-Cross gives testimony to the sheer hard work Haramein has put into his discoveries. The Natal Neptune Conjunct Retrograde Venus becomes Point Focus and REALIZATION becomes an important keyword in understanding the native’s joy of the process of research and discovery. The keyword for Scorpio is Creative, and together, the Retrograde Venus and the Neptunian subconscious emphasize Haramein’s impulse to search within for answers to the dominant questions that intrigue him.

Several of the Sabian Symbols are outstanding and literal, and here we see that the Leading Mars is in 18 degrees Leo; A teacher of chemistry. The entire interpretation is worth placing here:

LEO 18 A teacher of chemistry This is a symbol of the human mind’s illimitable power for penetrating into the deeper mysteries of an everyday world, and of the growing ambition of man to gain an effective control over all the processes of nature. Here is high organization of the intellectual faculties, and a special skill in the practical adaptation of scientific principles to commonplace problems. The individual is given a full sense of his creative responsibilities. The keyword is INSTRUCTION. When positive, the degree is exceptional self-confidence and a delight in subjecting all experience to the test of immediate application, and when negative, unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

The alternative Sabian Symbol reads: An instructor in chemistry is conducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.

dec_1962 The ephemeris graph shows three Stationary Retrogrades in Haramein’s life progressions (A fourth, Mercury, goes retrograde in later years). The first of the three we are discussing here is Uranus which retrogrades at the age of 21. This works in tandem with when Transit Saturn is doing its culminating Square to its Natal place before the Saturn Return in another seven years. Coming of age must have been important to Haramein, as these two planetary events occurring near the same time are indicating significant change in the life’s routine. This also leads up to even more significant developments at age 25 when Progressed Pluto turns Retrograde. At age 36, High Focus Leading planet Mars goes Stationary Retrograde. Unfortunately, there is not much information written on the internet that reveals the events in Haramein’s life that correspond to these progressions but pointing out these years will provide others who know him with some vital astrological information on the foundational aspects of his life development.

There are other interesting Sabian Symbols to point out and one that is as outstanding as the Mars symbol is the Haramein’s Sun degree at 28 Scorpio: The king of the fairies approaching his domain. This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in a world of time and space. Implicit in the symbolism is the futility of man’s common reliance on people and things through some mere accident of contact. Outer reality takes the form with which he endows it as he exercises his sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms of his own imagination. The keyword is ALLEGIANCE. When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.

Mentioned in other Planetary Dynamics posts, under the category of Sabian Symbols, are the few degrees that refer to otherworldly creatures. They are the “elfin” or “fairy” degrees. These confirm that the individuals whose planets are in these placements live by a code of life that differs greatly from those not as fortunate to have them. The “elfin” symbols refer to a subtle vibration allowing the native fewer constraints in everyday living and self-expression. On the other hand, nativities where these symbols play a prominent role, especially when they are the Sun or High Focus planet, show that the life must in some way be dedicated to assisting others in lieu of their own self-fulfillment. Those who bear these symbols in their charts are prone to living and thinking on levels of higher awareness. One might say that they have a more direct line to cosmic information and are the humanitarians of race.

In a YouTube video, Nassim and his wife Amber discuss, along with others, orgasms that can be experienced when giving birth. Amber apparently experienced one and is shown in the video with her face breaking into a blissful state. Haramenin’s Venus degree, which indicates the woman in his life among other things, is: A girl’s face breaking into a smile. View YouTube video for the Amber interview.   


Whatever Happened to Al Gore

photoAl Gore dropped out of site not long after he lost to George W. Bush in the US elections of the year 2000. Astrologers were divided then, as they are now, about who had the upper hand as far as aspects that show the candidate most favored by aspects. It wasn’t easy then and it isn’t easy now to determine who will be the next US president. That is because there are always several prominent aspects in each contender’s horoscope when they are engaged in a “battle” to win. It takes tremendous energy and a serious intent on the part of a candidate, and astrological aspects reflect the intense activity in each one’s chart. It has to manifest this way for each person running, and among all the aspects there are none that are fool-proof to predict the winner ahead of time.

Even in the case of Bill Clinton winning the election in the year 1992; the race was close and there were promising aspects for both candidates. And how many astrologers would have suspected that a Transit Saturn Opposite Natal Pluto on election day would thrust Clinton into the White House? Many would have thought that a Saturn aspect would lead to disappointing results. On the other hand, Saturn is often present when responsibilities are increased in a person’s life. And so it was in 2000, and is today, that it is difficult to predict which planets and their aspects will tip the scales.

And as outcomes go, astrologers lucky enough to be on the side of the winner of a fifty/fifty chance they are betting on, won’t prove to be much of an accomplishment. If there were 10 candidates to choose from, then picking the winner would draw more respect from fellow astrologers. Perhaps astrologers need to prove themselves in the primaries when there are more individuals in the race, and focus less on determining which one of only two contenders will get the brass ring.

Outcomes of competitions of all types can be determined by horary charts, however, if there is no personal stake in the conflict or competition, horary astrology sadly lacks the capacity to glean results.

Al Gore was Vice President of the US for eight years, and for those years he was the astoundingly literal manifestation of his 11 degrees Aries Sun (shown in the chart by the blue circleGORE_tri2); The president of the country. Although Gore did not take the reins as the supreme leader of the country, he did win the popular vote and so technically was the president in the hearts of the majority. But being Vice President was close enough to reveal how these symbols can be so profound in showing us that there is an uncanny mirroring of character and events in the relationship of Sabian Symbols to people’s lives.

The long red arrow shows Transit Uranus exactly Opposite Natal Saturn on election day, and in Gore’s case, this type of aspect brought disappointment instead of increased responsibilities as it was for Bill Clinton with the Saturn/Pluto dynamic. For Gore, the Progressed Saturn, Pluto and Uranus played a harsh trio for Gore at this time in his life. Both Saturn and Pluto in Progression returned to exact birth localities, and Uranus in Transit brought the picture into sharp and poignant disappointment.

Gore’s environmental activism and social responsibility shows up in the very tight Natal Opposition of 9th house Sun to Neptune in the 3rd house of Environment. This Opposition is in Cardinal signs and shows a lean toward activism and concern for critical and political issues. The Sun in the 9th house promises publishing possibilities and so it was in 1992 that Earth in the Balance had its debut.