Eileen McKusick – Mastering the Human Biofield with Tuning Forks

eileenMastering a subject and being an authority on its premise is shown through the 10th house of a horoscope. Anyone wishing to be an expert in their field must develop a skill that goes beyond common ability. The 10th house reveals the potentials for excellence and professionalism and its keyword is AUTHORITY. Personal ambition and its achievement that catapult an individual into the public eye has its indications at the Midheaven.

There are several house systems to choose from when setting up a chart for analysis. The particular chart under analysis here is in the form of a Standard wheel that puts the Sun and its unique configurations at the zenith which corresponds to and emphasizes the strong destiny involved in the life associated with it.

While speaking about astrology with Eileen McKusick at one of her Biofield Tuning workshops in San Diego, she mentioned that several astrologers had told her that “she was born for a specific purpose and that she was living it.” This statement is now the focus of this astrological interpretation, and the planetary Aspects confirming this potential are analyzed here. But first, a brief explanation in the astrologer’s words, as to the meaning of Biofield Tuning.

The theory has it that there is an electromagnetic field that extends approximately six feet beyond the physical body. This field is linked inextricably to the body’s core of energy vortexes aligned from the top of the head down through the center of the torso. The vortexes draw energy signals inwardly, through the mind and emotional responses. These environmental influences are then carried through the body’s neuromuscular system to then be assimilated into the etheric body. The reoriented electromagnetic state of the body is then naturally projected back out into the body’s aura with the new experiences now etched and recorded in its biofield.

Our mental, emotional and physical bodies are exposed to a myriad of outer forces that make up the foundation of daily life; the purpose being for our growth in consciousness, higher understanding and its accompanying correction, and ultimately for the enjoyment of life. As well as positive experiences, our daily routine can be interrupted by the significant stress of challenging circumstances. Both positive and negative events are marked off in time by the dynamic solar system’s Transits and Progressions to the natal planet positions in our personal horoscopes. The stressful periods, when not assimilated properly into the body’s system, are registered in the electromagnetic biofield as discordant vibrations in need of attunement. The spherical biofield is constructed like the rings of a tree revealing its age. The very outer edge of the biofield records memories of the conditions at birth, with a progression of life events revealed as one moves inward toward the physical body – present time being closest to the surface of the skin. Disturbances in the field are sensitive to, and ideally resonate with Biofield Tuning’s primary instrument; the tuning forks. When vibrating, a tuning fork registers affected frequencies at designated points along the “rings” of the biofield’s event history.

Both unweighted and weighted tuning forks are used to treat the locations of imbalance in the human biofield. To identify these disturbances, we need only look to our own aura for their cause and resolution. When a vibrating fork encounters a discordant signal, the continuous striking of the fork resets the sound vibration at that spot, and in turn, encourages the physical body to self-correct. Healing takes place through the body’s intelligent recognition of the need to adjust and transform existing imbalances.  Eileen McKusick has developed the techniques of combing and columning that can significantly increase one’s quality of life and well-being. There may be an immediate relief of acute or chronic symptoms as a result of treatment, or a person may experience a mild or severe cleansing crisis before wellness occurs. For more information on the subject of Biofield Tuning, visit: BioFieldTuning.com

There are multiple layers of electromagnetic energies abounding in the atmosphere and in space. We are immersed in these energies and respond to them continuously. We project outwardly our creative impulses as well, and that is the give-and-take of the universe where we live and have our being.

The natal horoscope is a planetary portrait of our own energy field and it reflects the soul’s journey on its path toward self-developing conscious awareness. Individuals are born at the specific date, time and place when planetary alliances in the solar system facilitate their particular needs and objectives. A horoscope reflects the record of a person’s past development, as well as maps the way to further evolution through the use of astrology’s interpretive techniques. The continuous orbiting of the planets at varying speeds produces Applying and Separating characteristics that further define the nature of the all-important synergy among neighboring spheres. Geometric patterns are perpetually formed and dissolved in association with mathematical divisions of the 360-degree circle. These mathematical measurements revealed in a horoscopic chart are called planetary Aspects. They are analyzed, in combination with other highly refined techniques, by an astrologer who assists individuals in understanding their personal potentials.

Planetary influences gain access to our earthly experience through the physical body’s energy wheels described previously. These centers are commonly referred to as Chakras. Each Chakra has a particular tone that reflects the meaning of each planet in our solar system. The separate Chakras of the body interrelate in a similar fashion as the planetary bodies do within the energy field of the solar system. These seemingly separate systems, appear to be located at great distances from each other, however, the two are connected as an organic whole, creating meaning for one’s life that is indelibly written in the “stars” above and the biological cells of life below. The message of the natal horoscope can be interpreted by analyzing the Aspects on the macro level of the solar system as they are mirrored in experience on the micro-plane of earthly existence.

Each individual’s time on Earth is likened to a time-release capsule of experience that is regulated and clocked by the Aspect activation of planetary Transits and Progressions. Potentials are stimulated and manifested predominantly during these provocative Aspect periods. Difficulties ensue when the soul rebels against these times of challenge for growth. The planets “speak” to us through discomfort in consciousness when we live below the expectation of our natal potentials. Conscience is assuaged when we surrender and follow the dictates of our higher, conscious awareness. Those who have worked toward developing their character often wish to assist others in the process of a deeper understanding of life and want to share with them what they have learned for themselves. This gives more responsibility and a broader purpose in life for these advanced souls, and there are obvious signs of this destined potential in the horoscope under analysis.

McKusick has researched, developed and now instructs her unique method of healing to students worldwide. Her natal horoscope reflects the qualities that can assist others to dissolve some of the blocks that perpetually stand between illness and health, between suffering and the enjoyment of life.

This following interpretation of a segment of McKusick’s horoscope shows a 10th house that is a powerhouse of potentials. Located at the top of the chart is her Natal Sun/Mercury Conjunction* with both planets within a 10-degree Conjunction with the Midheaven; making them both High Focus, Focal Determinators. As previously stated, planets in the 10th house point to an active career in the public eye, and when the Sun is present it is all the more indicative of a marker for success. But what makes this chart even more striking, in this already amplified promise of distinction, is the support it receives from additional features of excellence now to be described.


It is highly significant when a planet is positioned within 17 minutes of exact Conjunction with the core of the Sun. Cazimi, the Greek term meaning “In the Heart of the Sun,” is given to these heavenly bodies. Planets positioned 18 minutes and outward toward the boundary of the Sun’s 17 degree orb of influence are considered Combust. The Sun’s rays overpower these Combust planets and deem them subordinate in comparison to those highly honored as Cazimi.

Cazimi planets are super-powered by virtue of their intimate relationship with the solar system’s core. The planet becomes an ambassador for the reining power of Higher Will. In McKusick’s chart, Mercury is within a mere 3 minutes of applying to an exact Conjunction with the powerful solar dynamic. Mercury normally orbits closely with the Sun at no more than a 28 maximum degree distance, and so Cazimi with Mercury is a regular event. But in McKusick’s case, the elevation of the Sun and Mercury, along with its Conjunction with the Midheaven make it extraordinarily powerful for channeling purposeful information from within the heart of both the Sun and the native.

The Sun’s electrical impulses permeate the solar system. This electrified energy intelligence intermingles with the properties of the Sun’s satellites, and together they imbue the native with potentials represented in the birth chart. All the separate elements of a horoscope contribute to the wholeness of the individual, but it is the Sun in the chart that symbolizes a native’s “will to be,” and defines their specific purpose in life. Understanding the meanings of the sign and house where the Sun resides, and how the planets Aspect it with varying configurations, reveals the theme of the incarnation. The Sun in McKusick’s chart is in the 10th house of Honor, in the sign of Equivalence, with its Cazimi Mercury Conjunct the Midheaven. The Purpose of McKusick’s life is to stand out among others as a leader, with the authority to represent the mission of her own choosing.

Shown by connecting red lines in chart 1 is Saturn in the 4th house exactly Opposite to the Sun/Mercury dynamic in the 10th. It is the sole planet in the northern hemisphere and is the Handle of a Bucket Temperament Type** which can also be considered the Spout of a Funnel Temperament since the Bowl segment of the Bucket has no Delimiting Rim. Saturn’s keyword when in High Focus is Shrewd – intelligent and sagacious. The keywords for High Focus Sun and Mercury is Masterly and Inquisitiveness respectively. McKusick is the master of her own creative method of healing, which is and will perpetually be brought to others, through her personal responsibility which leads to public recognition.

There is yet another favorable indication to add to the already good fortune, and that is the Sun/Mercury Conjunction is positioned directly on the 23rd degree of Libra; the location of the benefic fixed star Spica. This particular star promises high rewards to scientists, writers, artist-painters, sculptors and musicians. McKusick speaks and writes eloquently about her chosen profession.


Rounding the degrees and minutes of the Sun/Mercury to 23 Libra reveals its Sabian Symbol, Chanticleer; the fictitious rooster in the 1390’s composition, The Nun’s Priest’s Tale, by GeonatalTransitProgression3ffrey Chaucer. The story focuses on Chanticleer being tempted by the fox, who previously tried to manipulate the rooster’s parents – who represent the source of his inborn talents. In the symbolism of the human psyche, the fox plays the role of the ambitious ego desire for greatness and the jealousy of others who are well-endowed, i.e., the rooster with his exquisite crowing announcement of the Sun’s arrival at the break of day. The human ego’s foxiness commonly plays tricks on its own gullible, self-absorbed lower mind represented by Chanticleer, who is prone to showing off its talents with gusto (the morning crow). When Chanticleer is in the act of his egotistical performance, the fox snatches him from his perch. The story proceeds with Chanticleer then tricking the fox which leads to his freedom. Thereafter, he is no longer fooled by the fox; his own uncontrolled ego, that has now transformed into a mature public servant. This is the story of learning from our naivete and awakening to a principled life of true humility.


Chanticleer This is a symbol of the soul’s ultimate self-realization through a basic integrity of its own insights or judgments, and of the unchallenged acceptance it is able to gain for its particular role in human affairs. Implicit in the symbolism are the practical rewards which come from the more effectively dramatized distinctions of everyday living, and the enduring significance which the self achieves for itself through the place in life it succeeds in making its own. The keyword is FERVOR. When positive, the degree is a fearless self-affirmation which gains a sympathetic attention and wins immediate allegiance from the hearts and minds of everybody, and when negative, ill-starred conceit and ineffective bombast.

In Eileen McKusick’s chart, the symbol of Chanticleer’s morning crow speaks of the call to the world of the new dawn of energy-field transformation. The extremely well-organized method of healing, presented in her book, Tuning the Human Bio-field, along with a rigorous teaching schedule gives McKusick what she needs to propagate her message worldwide. Taking a cue from the age-old story, she’s learned the lessons of youthful folly, and is now well-equipped with integrity and wholehearted self-giving.

Saturn’s Sabian Symbol is A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load. McKusick is carrying the responsibility of bringing the public’s attention to the unseen world of energy vibration, and the usefulness of Biofield Tuning as tool for healing. Saturn in the pioneering sign of Aries is in perfect balance with her purpose in life, represented by the all-important Sun/Mercury Cazimi. Saturn in the 4th house of inner stability gives her the solid foundation she needs to go forth into the outside world that the packed 9th and 10th houses represent.


A woman in pastel colors carrying a heavy and valuable but veiled load This is a symbol of the soul’s basic anchorage in the privacy of its own functioning, and of the centering of real personality in the elements of its own particular genius. Implicit in the symbolism is the ultimate unim­portance of purely superficial distinctions among various in­dividuals, and the enduring worth of any experience for which the self accepts a complete responsibility. The keyword is RETICENCE. When positive, the degree is the unimpeachable integrity of the man whose fullness of life becomes a practical contribution to the circumstances in which he dwells, and when negative, a disinclination to participate at all fairly in everyday living.

Understanding how planetary energies interrelate and coalesce, helps us to discover our particular destinies. This is especially true for those who have a mission or objective to achieve during their lifetime. This is the mark of the Bucket or Funnel Temperament Type. When this Temperament Type has its bowl segment turned up side down, and the Handle or Spout is at the bottom of the chart in the northern hemisphere, it shows that the native has evolved to the point of needing to spill out its inner contents into the world. This inverted position of the planets shows spiritual accomplishment meant to be shared. The planet-filled segment is inverted in the chart of Eileen McKusick – it is confirmation of her higher purpose.

For a lineup of important past and future Transits and Progressions, view the list of color-coded Aspects at the bottom of Chart #2 just above (click on the chart to enlarge).

*The aspect between the Sun and Mercury is one that is called an Inferior Conjunction, because Mercury lies between the Sun and Earth and it is the closest that Mercury will ever come in proximity to the Earth. Mercury is always retrograde in an Inferior Conjunction. The Inferior Conjunction of Mercury with the Sun is much like the seed moment of a New Moon. This configuration of planets marks the beginning cycle of a message to be planted in the minds and hearts of those who hear the call from the one who is the designated sower. In this case, it is Eileen McKusick with the message of her sensitivity to the distortions that appear in the human bio-field and her knowledge of what those discords represent in the life of a client and how the sound resonating from a tuning fork works to correct these disturbances.

**Read more about Temperament Types : http://planetarydynamics.com/2017/01/14/rupert-sheldrakes-morphogenetic-field-theory/