Meditation is an essential practice that facilitates a greater understanding of how the potentials of our horoscopes can be actualized. With the daily discipline of sitting quietly, thoughts and feelings arise within the conscious mind to be observed with objective awareness that brings about self-realization and eventual guilt-free enlightenment. That is the essence of peace of mind and soul. It is the purpose of meditation to draw the contents of the subconscious up into the light of the conscious mind so that our deepest motivations and desires can be revealed to us. With the practice of self-observation we “see” who we really are and how conditioned reflex responses develop into patterns of unwanted programmed behavior.

It is these negative behavioral patterns that often block the positive astrological potentials in our charts from manifesting in our daily lives. Negative emotions like anger and resentment get in the way of a more productive means of communication with the world around us. And it is important to practice a form of meditation that includes instructions that counter the automatic responses that set negative cycles of thoughts and feelings in motion.

The Fifteen Minute Meditator (FMM) is a method that encourages a diminishing emotional response to people and situations we find stressful and challenging. Through non-emotional interaction with daily pressures, we can gradually dissolve the tension and blocks that we always hoped we could handle, but were unable because of the lack of a method to accomplish that goal. FMM offers the tools and techniques to achieve a real and lasting solution.

The subtle directives that are offered by FMM were known to ancient spiritual teachers, however, these principles of right-action leading to wisdom and knowledge have been lost through deliberate omission over centuries of time. It is also important to approach self-development techniques in a new way in order to meet the demands of a modern world and its specific needs. FMM is a non-doctrine concentration exercise that helps keep the mind in the moment and lets our developing enlightened conscience be our guide. Our conscience is nature’s living guidelines revealing to us, moment to moment, the right response, or nonresponse, necessary for each new situation confronting us. Trust in our higher awareness is paramount to successful living. Patience and understanding is its result.

Each person’s birth horoscope reveals their particular purpose in life, and a skilled astrologer is capable of bringing these personal attributes and potentials to the attention of the client. But without the practice of non-reactive living, these potentials unfortunately often remain dormant.

There are essential periods of development and states of consciousness that most of us have little knowledge of that lead to a state of beneficial sorrow. Through meditation, we can recognize accumulated wrong-doing, and from there be transformed by a cleansing of the heart and mind. This process results in illumination that has been referred to in religious texts as repentance; a concept that over much time has been lost, to the detriment of personal, conscious well-being.

Along with meditation, astrology gives us insight into the character and duration of important phases of self-development. We can look to significant transits and progressions to our charts for guidance, and use the knowledge of their cycles to ultimately affect our lives for good.

Practice the Free-of-Charge

For more information on the topic of meditation, visit where one can learn a simple non-doctrine meditation technique that will bring the seeker timeless benefits. Listen to the five-minute introduction, then start on the ten-minute meditation path to inner transformation and calm awareness. Astrology and meditation go hand in hand; together they facilitate a complete wholeness of being.


“I am sincerely grateful for Sarah Kalvin’s counseling that has saved me from emotional confusion and introduced me to a life of calmness, clarity, and joy. The greatest gifts she imparts in her teachings are the way to self-responsibility and emotional self-control.”

– Shelley Piser, Yoga Instructor