A Question about the Moon’s Nodes


A question from a German-speaking client:

Dear Sarah,

Two little questions:
My moon k/m (Ascending Node Northnode-symbol.svg Lunar node ) (what shows the destiny if i remember renee correctly) is in my birth horoscope not in 6th house but in 7th (relationships ect)? next year temporarily it should move there also. In about 10 years my moon (now in 11th house) should be in the 12th
house, right?

Hello, (Clients name omitted)

I hope I can answer your questions about the Moon’s Nodes although part of your question is not very clear.

The Moon’s North Node (NN) in your chart, shown within the purple circle is on the door (cusp) of your 7th house throughout your lifetime. It is the path you need to initiate which takes an effort on your part as opposed to an indication of a destiny that awaits you with no effort required. The NN in astrology shows what you lack and need to experience, and the SN is what has already been established and functioning on a subconscious level as programmed patterns of behavior.

The nodes cannot be taken on their own, separate from the whole theme of your life’s purpose. In your particular chart, there is a prominent pull between two strong tendencies. There is the urge to withdraw from society (12th house Moon in blue circle), and on the other side, there is an impulse to seek out ever-new opportunities for growth (NN 7th house). The placement of the Nodes in your chart supports that theme. The SN on the Ascendant (1st house) shows that there is already a developed set of skills in place from birth with its resulting reliance on your own personal, innate talents and abilities (1st house). The NN on the Descendant (7th house cusp/door) reveals the need to join forces with others to learn more about yourself and to seek out opportunities to work together along the lines of your life purpose.

If you would rephrase your question about the movement of the Nodes through the houses over the years, I will attempt to give a more adequate answer to that part of your question.



Robin Williams – a suicide – astrological indications of distress

Director Bobcat Goldthwait, left, and actor Robin WIlliams from the film "World's Greatest Dad" pose for a portrait in Los Angeles on Friday, Aug. 14, 2009. (AP Photo/Matt Sayles)

An analysis of the horoscope of Robin Williams shows that the transits on the day he took his life were engaged in an unusual number of planetary contacts of both conjunctions and oppositions to natal planets.

The planets that apply the most pressure for attention are the three outer planets of Significance; Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. All three are extremely slow-moving and are long-term transits that reveal that the problems leading up to Williams’ suicide were plaguing him for some years before the tragic event. There was an intense development of cosmic pressure up to the very end.

The three outer planets’ keyword is SIGNIFICANCE because when they are in an active aspect in a person’s horoscope very important opportunities for growth are synchronized along with their movements. They call for self-conscious awareness and consciousness expansion; however, when individuals do not understand the nature of these profound physical pressures, brought on by transits, and how to handle them properly, a Spiritual Crises can occur.

Astrology plays an irrefutable part in our lives, and if these difficult transit had been explained to Williams years before the day he took his life, he may have achieved a healthier psychological and emotional approach to his situation, which could have contributed to a more positive outcome.

The three outer planets call for transformation and awakWILLIAMS7ening. It is this enlightened perspective that reveals to us our shortcomings and gives us an opportunity for self-correction. When we do not have assurance as to the meaning of these necessary astrological times, we then walk blindly on the path, without knowing how to open ourselves and surrender to these personal and universal lessons. We are caught up short and fail under the enormous pressure to go through the painful yet cathartic process of ego death; an ego death that will bring new life into being, if only the spiritual techniques, so essential for success, were known.

Two of the Significant indicators of the long-term crises are the transits of Uranus and Pluto making exact opposition aspects to Williams’ natal Neptune and Mars/Uranus. As well, transit Neptune is Stationary Retrograde in conjunction with Williams’ natal Moon. Each aspect alone can cause the need to seek help. Having these three intense energies active all at once is something most difficult to experience. Only the forewarned and forearmed are able to pass through the fire of this refinement and come out at a higher level of consciousness.


It is apparent in the chart above that the Transit Moon was exactly opposite a very sensitive point on the evening of August 10th, and set-off the other more long-term indicators. This shows that there was a possible provocation earlier in the day instigating the event that was to take place late that night. The sensitive point that the transit Moon activated is natal Mercury at 23 degrees Leo. Mercury is being multi-aspected by both transits and progressions. Mercury ruling mind and Mars indicating upset and perhaps anger and frustration are increasing as the aspects commence. When both transits and progressions synchronize there is a greater indication of the manifestation of eventful activity in a person’s life.

In progressions, the Moon is coming to square with natal Saturn. The pressure is building, although the exact aspect is yet to arrive. The progressed Moon in the 8th house of social approval indicates that the opinions of others had a direct effect on the native’s continence. Another sign of a long-term issue at the forefront of Williams’ mind is shown by the progressed Sun that passed over natal Saturn approximately a year previous to the date under observation. Several signs of concern can be seen by difficult transits and progressions both in the past and imminent. Progressed Uranus square with natal Jupiter indicates that Williams would feel a pressure to escape and be free of the difficulties he was facing, along with a heightened anticipation and resistance to the public learning of the multiple issues he was grappling with at the time. Here we are at a point where a brief analysis of the birth chart is revealing.



The Temperament Type is a technique showing the way the native approaches life in general. It reveals our psychological outreach in one of seven unique patterns of initiative. This technique was used by astrologers early in the development of horoscopy. The Temperament Types in use, before Dr. Marc Edmond Jones refined and added patterns, were the Bundle, Bowl and Splash. The patterns added by Jones are the See-Saw, Bowl, Bucket, Locomotive, and Splay.

The planets move in and out of geometric formations from a geocentric point of view, and at times a birth or event can be ‘caught’ between several ideal Temperament patterns. In Williams’ chart it is the See-Saw Temperament Type that is outstanding among the seven possibilities.

A first look at the geometric patterning shows a distinct separation defining two segments consisting of 2 and 7 planets, indicating that there is a division in the nature of personality. The opposing groups facilitate a fluctuation of attention between different points of view. A native of the See-saw Temperament has the capacity to unite very distinct and opposite perspectives with a willingness to cooperate and compromise between otherwise conflicting factors. There is an ability to penetrate into the minds of others, and by doing this, bridge the gap between the disparaging perspectives. The See-Saw is the communicator; the one who reaches out to engage the minds of others and draw them into relationship and thus maintain equilibrium. This does not only create an interaction with people, but integrates the divisions within oneself as well.

Looking deeper into the structure of the See-Saw pattern we need to define planetary oppositions of 180 degrees with a 10-degree orb of allowance on both sides of the aspect. An opposition aspect between the two planetary groups will facilitate a natural flow of energies from one area of activity to its opposite segment. In the See-Saw pattern there are possibilities for two distinct types of oppositions; a Delimiting Rim and/or a Core Opposition. Williams does have the required Rim oppositions to indicate an approach to the ideal patterning, however there is a lack of a Core Opposition so necessary for “backbone” to facilitate real strength of character when in the throes of mounting conflicts of interest. There is no Core Opposition because there are only two planets in one of the groups and it is essential to have a third planet that is buttressed by a flanking two. No Core shows the mark of inner weakness, yet offers flexibility of perception. This can lead to twists of perspective that were so apparent in Williams’ approach to comedic dialogue. Delimiting oppositions in Williams’ chart are the Moon opposite Venus and Jupiter opposite Neptune. The two delimiting oppositions allow for direct polarization and dynamic exchange in relationships, but the lack of a Core Opposition leads to insufficient inner strength which could have come into play at several challenging pivotal points in Williams’ life and career.


The planets in the Solar System are paired by departments and each pair represents one of the four categories of Vitality, Motivation, Efficiency and Significance. The pairs are analyzed by determining if they are involved in a major aspect with their planetary partner. It is ideal to have two of the four pairs in major aspect and two not in major aspect to determine the Mode of Self-integration. The Sun and Moon in Williams’ chart are not in a major aspect with each other. Jupiter and Saturn are not in aspect, but Venus and Mars do form a Sextile aspect. Uranus and Neptune form a Square aspect and so the departments of Efficiency and Significance become the Mode of Self-integration of Conjunctive Activity. With this form of integrating oneself into life’s experiences, the native is able to draw all possibly extraneous factors into a coherent organized whole. Life is an adventure and game to be played with impish characteristics in this particular case. There is no detail too trivial to be left out of consideration. Everything needs to be brought into the fold to form an all-encompassing perspective and approach to life.


The Natural Disposition is determined by the quadrature of the oppositions. There is a Mutable and a Cardinal opposition in the chart, so the emphasis goes to the missing quadrature which results in a Fixed Disposition. There is an ambivalence between the two active oppositions which points the attention then to the missing quadrature. The Fixed Disposition reveals a capacity for deep penetration into the meaning of life, and the truth underlying all things and brings philosophical reasoning into everyday experience.


The Focal Determinator of importance in this horoscope is the T-Cross in Cardinal signs. The Point Focus of the T-Cross amplifies the characteristics of the planets Uranus and Mars. They put power into the 9th house of publicity and fame. Indeed the Sabian Symbol of Uranus is quite literal as it describes the nature of Williams’ form of entertainment. Uranus at 11 degrees Cancer is A clown making grimaces. To be even more graphic, the original symbol seen by Elsie Wheeler in 1925 is, A clown is making merry, gently caricaturing all manner of human traits with his grimaces and pantomimes. The Natal Mars and Uranus work together by conjunction, and while transit Pluto taps their potentials by opposition (seen in the chart at top) at the time of his death, Williams “stumbled” in an inability to grasp the nature of the planetary transit to natal challenge. The challenge being, to develop a better understanding of the scope of experience that the 9th house represents. An interest in a Uranus-ruled off-the-beaten-track subject like astrology could have filled that gap, and perhaps helped to give the native vital knowledge capable of offsetting his tragic end.

Pluto transits last approximately 4 to 5 years and develop through those years into the circumstances in life that lead to either successful living or failure on the native’s part to adjust to the demands of destiny as activated through planetary activities. In Williams’ case, it is obvious that with all his talent, he lacked the where- withall to comprehend the disintegration of his abilities in physical and psychological terms, and so sought to withdraw from life for unknown reasons, yet by private choice.




Uranus the Trail Blazer and Nonconformist


Uranus doesn’t rule astrology, it rules anything out of the ordinary. Since astrology is out of the ordinary at this time in the history of the subject, it falls under the influence of Uranus. Stepping out the range of Saturn we come to the planet Uranus, whose rotation is very different than all the other planets. It rolls on its side in its rotation around the Sun, making it the nonconformist of the Solar System. Whatever we identify as eccentricities of Uranus, we mirror that definition with what we see in ourselves that stands out from the rest of society. If there is a new trend to have purple hair among young people, with thoroughly tattooed bodies, we can definitely say that those individuals are acting out against the norms of society. And that certainly puts Uranus as identifying with that trend. However, if enough people color their hair purple, it becomes commonplace and no longer is identified with the planet Uranus. If we all become programmed to think this is a unique idea to have purple hair we are actually deluding ourselves. The one person who leaves their hair a normal color is truly the one who stands out in the crowd and is rebelling against the commonplace popular purple hair color. Eccentricity is dependent on being different, even if it appears that normal behavior is the one that is out of fashion.

The industrial revolution is synchronous with the time of Uranus’ discovery. That’s how we determine what a planet means, by the events on earth that occur at the time of their discovery. It isn’t that Uranus rules revolution per se, what it actually identifies is the idea of breaking away from past patterns, into the realm of the unknown and perhaps better possibilities. That marks the difference between drawing within the lines and limitations of Saturn’s accepted guidelines, and going outside the lines to break from tradition to enter Uranus’ new and unique realm. Freedom from bogged down responsibilities is what Uranus ushered in during the 1800s. But it didn’t do this for everyone and for all times. There has to be a continuing impulse in that direction to keep Uranus on its toes in forever opening new doors for the innovative to take hold. Keeping unique and odd things in a pattern returns that repetition to the realm of Saturn.




Hitler’s revealing Sabian Symbol Degrees

The Sabian Symbols developed by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler are a tool for researching the native’s individual character – sometimes revealing itself in literal fashion. The symbol degrees of Hitler’s Moon and Jupiter in the Natal 3rd house reveal his unfettered self-superiority.  The Natal Sun in the 7th house is in applying Trine aspect to his Natal Moon and Jupiter. Opportunities (7th) coming to the native are thus funneled with ease into 3rd house uninhibited expression and dominating communication skills. Hitler’s contact with anti-Semitic literature through specific individuals he met along the way buttressed his already latent capacity for an unhealthy sense of superior nationalism.

From the Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Cancer 7, Natal Moon: A veiled prophet of power. The keyword is SUPREMACY. When positive, the degree is unerring insight into the motives of men and a consequent gift for organizing the efforts along any given line of accomplishment, and when negative, inability to establish true values from false.

Capricorn 9, Natal Jupiter: An angel carrying a harp. The keyword is ATTUNEMENT. When positive, the degree is a special gift for inspiring others to accomplishment and for realizing the ultimate dreams of self as a consequence, and when negative, simple fantasy and uncritical self-superiority.

The symbols of the Natal Moon and Jupiter are quite revealing and give support to the words of Erich Ludendorff who had been at Hitler’s side during the Munich Putsch. He wrote to his wartime partner Hindenburg, who was then Chancellor of Germany:

By appointing Hitler Chancellor of the Reich you have handed over our sacred German Fatherland to one of the greatest demagogues of all time. I prophesy to you this evil man will plunge our Reich into the abyss and will inflict immeasurable woe on our nation. Future generations will curse you in your grave for this action.”


The red line shows the Sun in a lesser degree than the Moon/Jupiter conjunction, and thus the applying planet. Hitler’s Purpose (Keyword for the Sun) is to gather information from others (7th house) and translate it into his own emotional and outspoken communication (3rd house). Taurus 1 degree is A clear mountain stream flows steadily through a rocky defile. With ongoing, uninterrupted support from everyone, Hitler surmounted all obstacles in the path of his war mongering.

Green lines show that the result of emotionally empowered communication has a regenerative effect on others (8th house). Moon/Jupiter are applying with a Trine to the Venus/Mars conjunction, too close to the 8th to ignore its indication of death (8th) to those who oppose him.

The red circle around the High Focus Uranus on the Ascendant points to Hitler’s highly irrational personal prowess, and at the same time indicates his particular brand of genius for inspiring others to support his irrational point of view. Here is the ironic 20 degrees Libra Sabian Symbol of A Jewish rabbi. Uranus is the most prominent and powerful planet in the horoscope. To be contained in that specific degree of all 360 of them can only be described as a twisted and bewildering symbolic cosmic commentary. The “humor” of it can never be justified, as it symbolizes one who was the cause of the destruction of a whole way of life, and genocide of exactly this particular ethnic group. Even more ironic is the original Sabian Symbol that has the Jewish rabbi content with self and world. Hitler was anything but content with self and world.

The original symbol: In a tiny room ridiculously cluttered with manuscripts and books sits a Jewish rabbi at ease with self and world. True, in his early days he would devour reading material. But was he jealous of a world he could not enter, even with rumors of his own Jewish ancestry?

For more on that subject visit:




Jimmy Carter – The Power of Sabian Symbols and Progressed Stations

The Sabian symbol (1) for the natal Sun in Jimmy Carter’s birth chart is Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. This symbol, at 9 degrees Libra, was well reflected at the Camp David Accords March 26, 1979. What is even more uncanny about the symbol is its keyword ACCORD, as it mirrors precisely the name of the peace initiative.


presidencialAnnouncementThe positive expression of the symbol is truly what seemed to have motivated Carter. “Bringing people together in appreciation of greater values in life” is what transpired at Camp David. Indeed, there were numerous occasions in which the three “master” leaders held conference before signing the peace treaty that led to a Nobel Peace Prize for Begin and Sadat.

The chart illustration shows Carter’s natal horoscope in the inner wheel, with the day of his announcement to run for president of the United States in the outer wheel. Transit Pluto had been hovering over Carter’s Sun position in the 12th house for some time, and gives testimony to his coming into power and points to the numerous and profound global issues he would address during his presidency. Pluto is the indicator of significant assumption of leadership and the Sun represents the role one must play in life.

Transit Uranus conjunct natal Saturn shows the incentive to break from the stale pattern of warring peoples to arrive at an innovative Middle Eastern world view, as well as to face other challenging foreign relations innovatively.

However, with all good intentions, Mercury was retrograde at the time of the signing of the Middle East peace agreement. This would be the red flag for any astrologer interested in the outcome of the fragile treaty. Unfortunately, turmoil continues in the region without resolve to this day. Often a Mercury retrograde can signal the solution of a problem pending, as when there are conveniences gone awry that need fixing. To initiate an idyllic agreement that reaches across the divide of racial and cultural differences often angers and empowers enemies that stand in the way of universal progress. In this case, it was the assassination of Sadat that put an end to the treaty’s hopeful outcome. However, these three brave men attempted to go where few dared go before. The three political leaders will be remembered for their courageous efforts, in spite of their inability to put to rest the Middle East continuing crises.

Monumental change is usually accompanied by astrological clues in the form of progressions in an individual’s horoscope. Indeed, Carter’s acts and initiatives were well supported by progressed stationary planets in 1979 when he was 55 years old. Shown in the ephemeris graph is November 25th as the corresponding 55th year of the native’s life. This is the exact year that progressed Neptune was stationary retrograde at 22 Leo 36, very close to Carter’s natal Venus, which accounts for the pleasant characteristics of the event and his dedication in bring things to a gratifying conclusion. The positive expression of 23 degrees Leo, A bareback rider, is uncompromising courage in the everyday business of living and a carefree assurance in meeting the problems of a modern society.

Progressed Uranus was also slowing to station going direct at 17 Pisces 36. The Sabian symbol degree is A gigantic tent. The positive expression of the symbol is a genius for organizing divergent capabilities in a common cause.

It is interesting to note that Carter’s attention was almost exclusively focused on the Iran hostage situation during the last days of his presidency. Just minutes after Reagan was sworn in as president on January 20, 1981, the hostages were released. Transit Pluto was stationary retrograde one week after the Reagan inauguration and was within just a few degrees of Carter’s ascendent, which is always an ominous sign. Years later, the news came out that it was actually Carter’s last-minute negotiations for the release of the hostages at the end of his term that free the hostages, although it appeared to be Reagan coming to power that led to their release. In politics and all interrelations among people, it is best to refrain from final judgement until all the facts are given time to emerge.

Controversy has stained many worthy accomplishments of this US president who has continued to be of service to the American people and to the world. Without Carter’s continued contribution to humanity, we would all feel a great loss.

  1. Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones pg. 159. All degrees are rounded to the next higher number.
  2. In 2015 there were several interrelated wars, most notably the Libyan civil war, Syrian civil war and the 2014–2017 War in Iraq.


Adolf Hitler Suicide


It is assumed that Hitler committed suicide by shooting himself in the right temple. *It is also believed that he had taken cyanide along with his new bride Eva Braun. During the period of time Hitler was presumed to have shot himself, the powerful Progressed Moon at 26 Capricorn, shown in red in the chart, was exactly squaring his Natal Mercury at 26 Aries. Aries rules the head. The Progressed Moon is also making a conjunction with his Nadir, representing the final End of the Matter.

Since the Progressed Moon is deposited by Saturn, we need to look to the aspects of both Transit and Progressed Saturn, ruler of Capricorn. Here we find that Transit Saturn is in exact Opposition to Hitler’s Natal Moon. And one of the most interesting confirmations of an end by extreme pressure of circumstances is the ominous exact Square of Progressed Saturn to Natal Mars and Venus – these two planets representing the fuhrer and his new bride sharing the final struggle.

The Progressed Mars and Sun, shown in green, points to the assistance of a Sextile Hitler had with the removal their bodies after the suicides. Indeed he had several of his entourage faithfully carrying out the details of the cover-up. All the Transits and Progressions in exact Aspect are a corroboration and testimony to a very serious and stressful time and could easily match up with an event such as death.

Hitler’s Natal Venus is Retrograde and this gives testimony to the unconventional value system by which Hitler was motivated. The Progressed Venus in Square to Natal Saturn shows that the results of his unusual belief system backfired in the end.

*Quote from www.hitlerschildren.com:

“Since Hitler had known for many weeks that he was going to commit suicide, he had a plan in place. An SS doctor had instructed him that suicide by cyanide poisoning followed by a gunshot to the head was most effective. Therefore, he obtained cyanide for him and his wife and waited until the time was right. They both ingested the cyanide, and before it took effect Hitler shot himself in the head with his own pistol.”




Getting to know and making friends with Saturn

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope has provided images of Saturn in many colors, from black-and-white, to orange, to blue, green, and red. But in this picture, image processing specialists have worked to provide a crisp, extremely accurate view of Saturn, which highlights the planet's pastel colors. Bands of subtle colour - yellows, browns, grays - distinguish differences in the clouds over Saturn, the second largest planet in the solar system.

Saturn’s position in the solar system is at the threshold where the outer planets begin their journeys around the Sun. Saturn stands between the common experiences of man ruled by the inner planets between Earth and Sun and the potentials of transformative enlightenment ruled by Jupiter outwards. If one passes the tests that Saturn requires, one can go on to be challenged to higher states of consciousness ruled by the planets of Significance, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto.

Saturn’s tests occur in 7-year cycles, but the significant lesson of maturity is at the time that Saturn returns to its location in the horoscope at each person’s age of 29 and a half years, 59 and a half years, and 84 years. The story of Buddha is archetypal and points to the first Saturn return when the Buddha encounters suffering and struggle for the first time. He was 29 years old when he left his cloistered palace and entered the real world with its harsh realities.

Buddha’s first encounter with experience outside the palace gates was with old age. His attendant told him that it was only change. His next encounter was when he came in contact with a sick man and asked his attendant what that was. Then the third encounter was when he came in contact with death through seeing a corpse. Impermanence, suffering, and death are inevitable and they are brought to our attention through the teachings of Saturn through its 7-year cycles. We experience losing baby teeth and gaining adult teeth about the age of 7 when Transit Saturn is squaring its natal position. We attain puberty at about age 14 when Transit Saturn is opposite its natal position and at 21 years when we are considered an adult. Then Saturn returns to its natal position and a review of the first third of our life takes place. Here is when we encounter our present conscious state of awareness and acquired knowledge and resolve to live within the dictates of a more sensitive and mature conscience. It is a coming out of the innocence of early life, to take the first steps on the threshold of the second cycle of social responsibility and the beginning of wisdom. Here is the transition from youth to adulthood in the completion of the first Saturn return.

How does Saturn test the soul and character in these sensitive aspects? In our youth, we believe we have the freedom to do and act as we like. We learn about life by stepping beyond boundaries set by those in authority over us and by the arbitrary standards set by society. We test the waters and experiment with life. It is only later on when we reach the time of Saturn’s Return in our late twenties that we are confronted with the results of the choices we have made in our youth.

Saturn is like a mirror set before us. That mirror is our own conscience. In the privacy of our minds we can view our mistakes by the pain we feel known as anxiety. A feeling of discomfort sets in when transgressions accumulate. We may not understand what is happening to us, and so we look for causes of anxiety in many ways that are not real. We think there is something wrong with us and that we alone, and a handful of other unfortunate beings, are suffering something unknown and mysterious. As society is not centered on a true understanding of right and wrong, and the consequences of proper and improper behavior, we have no easy way of understanding the process of accountability we are compelled to experience. This ignorance results in a guilty conscience and causes pain of mind, heart, and soul. Since we do not understand the process of catharsis; the elimination of our faults by viewing them, we end up seeking countless ways of distracting ourselves from problems and suppressing the uncomfortable feelings we have in private.

If we are not encouraged by those who have spiritual knowledge to face the pain of wrongdoing directly, we will seek ways of assuaging our guilt and anxiety through drinking alcohol, drug abuse, and involvement with co-dependency with those as lost as ourselves. All these ways are a distraction from the nudge of self-consciousness. Brave souls that seek Truth may be fortunate enough to find that there are many ways to confront ourselves and thus resolve the issues of a bad conscience. A state of being in need of correction does indeed have a way to lessen the pain of conscience, but it entails facing the truth of the ways that we have indulged in that have caused the unconscious mind to be disturbed with memories buried and awaiting review.

One method of enhancing self-awareness is to sit in the stillness we call meditation. Meditation is a tool that assists Saturn to do its job of reviewing past unacceptable behavioral patterns. The conscious mind is like a sentry blocking the entrance of unconscious content to the conscious mind. Meditation puts the conscious mind “at ease” so that the contents of the unconscious can slip onto the screen of conscious awareness. It does this by degrees. One can recall emotional responses backward in time, even as far back as the birth process and beyond.

By going through this process willingly, one stands firm in the face of truth about oneself. It may be a painful process as we may see that we do not measure up to our better conscious ideals. This enlightening process is a direct self-encounter that may cause a high degree of emotional pain for a time. Seeing the truth is painful to the ego who always wants to think it is right. Those who are not ready to see themselves as they really are may contemplate even more escape from reality, and even thoughts of suicide can enter the mind. It would be easier to go through this Saturn process if society were more familiar and supportive of the need for self-renewal. There are techniques that one can find that allow the process to proceed toward success and a clearer conscience.

Saturn is self-conscious awareness. With aspects of Saturn, we find we are in the times of self-analysis and we reflect on our own behavior. Right and wrong become important. Wrongdoing promotes a guilty conscience and when we follow our conscience we simply have an absence of painful conscience. The more fear we have, the greater the buildup of guilt. We don’t know where the uncomfortable feelings of anxiety come from, so we blame all kinds of outer circumstances for our anxiety rather than acknowledge that it is a direct result of accumulated wrongdoing. Mistakes and bad decisions create a guilty conscience and a guilty conscience produces feelings of fear. Fear is the way our higher selves can get our attention. When we do pay attention and acknowledge wrongdoing we go through a period of sadness and sorrow for having fallen away from a better path. When we know the truth about ourselves, that truth sets us free of guilt and fear.

Saturn marks the boundaries that are imposed on us from our own conscience, as well as with established societal conscience in the form of rules of behavior and laws of conduct. The cycles of Saturn point to the times when we have the opportunity to become more than what we were before.




A Costly Example of Mercury Retrograde


The Hubble telescope was launched into space on April 24, 1990. Little did astronomers know that the first images that would be transmitted to Earth by the reflective mirror would be blurred. That flaw in the mirror’s curvature was caused by a faulty instrument that had initially fashioned its surface. Astrologically, tools are ruled by the 3rd house of taken-for-granted utilities. The tool or instrument that fashioned the mirror left a small amount of paint missing from its surface, and this missing segment was just enough to create a problem of over-flattening its surface area. That oversight would cost NASA millions and was a great embarrassment. It needed several years of research to fix the billion dollar space telescope.

Looking at an ephemeris for the date of the Hubble’s launch, one can see that Transiting Mercury was Stationary going retrograde at that time. The public is getting used to hearing, “Mercury is Retrograde, stop the presses!” But why is it that Mercury Retrograde is a time of difficulties? Why is Mercury known for all things flawed, and a time to refrain from important purchases and new undertakings? It is because of two basic factors. One, because Mercury rules the mind, and planetary retrogrades turn the focus of attention inward, leaving the outer world of activity on “back burner” for a time. It’s a period of either mindlessness or a time for extra mindfulness.  And second, Mercury is the natural ruler of the 3rd house of CONVENIENCE. The 3rd house rules everything taken-for-granted in the function of daily living. Tools, appliances and anything that makes life easy to navigate is under the rulership of the 3rd house of routine conveniences of the environment. That means that when you walk out your door to get into your car, the car is there for your convenience. And when you start up the engine, it tmercuryurns over and you are on your way without a hitch. Unless there is a part about to malfunction, which can often be detected on a Mercury Retrograde. Issues in need of repair surface at these times, or items with high ticket prices can have hidden problems that will reveal themselves in the future. A myriad of daily activities that are relegated to doing things without obstacles to successful fulfillment are a 3rd house Mercury ruled circumstance. We may never be in a situation to invest billions or even millions of dollars in our projects, but it is wise to watch for potential malfunctions when the ephemeris shows a Retrograde on the way.

When Mercury is Retrograde, expect that if there is a problem that you are unaware of, under the radar of your conscious knowledge, you most likely will be confronted with it at the Station of Mercury and into the time of its apparent backward motion. Retrogrades are times of opportunity to fix problems of inconvenience, including health issues, and anything that indicates that we are not ready for smooth and unencumbered activity.

What actually happens when Mercury appears to have a backward movement from the earth’s point of view is virtually unknown. We cannot say that there is a change in the electro-magnetic field or gravitational pull emanating from the planet, because we know that Mercury is not actually stopping for a time to move in a backward direction. It only looks like it is standing still, which is called Stationing, and it is only an illusion caused by the relative speeds of the earth and planets we see that effects our visual perception. This gives us the clue that the source of the issue of Retrograde planets lies in the mind itself, and normally subconscious factors and flaws in the actually world of people and things become apparent during this time. Direct motion of the planets focus our attention on the outside world in a manner of getting things done without unnecessary concerns or blocks in expected accomplishments. That is convenience of the 3rd house in the horoscopic wheel.

It is important to note that discovery is part of the Mercury Retrograde phenomena. Retrogrades are a perfect time to uncover causes and cures for illnesses. If you are suffering from some bodily concern, try researching the symptoms you are experiencing at the start of the retrograde. By the time Mercury begins to Station to turn Direct once again, you may find that elusive solution to the problem you have longed to know and acquire.

If you are moving to a new location or abode on a Mercury Retrograde, it is likely that you will be staying in that place a shorter time than you expect. Remember that Mercury is ruled by the 3rd house of location, convenience and immediate environment. There will be something in the rental contract or deed that may need to be followed without neglect, or there may be several internal malfunctions in the building itself that need to be addressed at some point in the future.

It is important to keep living a normal life during Retrograde periods, but always be aware of the tendency to be seeing only a portion of what is going on before your eyes. Observe and be ready for unexpected changes, and bend to them as there is no way to avoid the message and lessons of Mercury; that it is important to correct problems that inevitably present themselves during these unavoidable shifting times.