Meaning of the Outer Planets; Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto

Usually a discussion of the outer planets, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto will incite caution and sometimes fear in the minds of those who are about to have aspects with these bearers of new dimensions in consciousness. Often Saturn is associated with disappointments, delays, and all manner of frustrations designed to put an end to the dreams, hopes and wishes of the native. These are generally emotional reactions to requirements of the “hidden” intelligence seeking to make adjustments to our routine and patterns of behavior so that we can explore the worlds beyond what we normally experience.

Obliquity of the Nine Planets

The planets are in one way symbolic representatives of a hierarchy of intelligence designed to assist the evolution of humankind. How do they do this? They do this by confronting us with challenges to our present mental and emotional states which have become a buildup of ego crystallization. These new and formidable experiences come at the time of Transits and Progressions to create change and growth in our consciousness. The ego’s resistance to these challenges to our “normal” routine and self-importance is the actual cause of our pain and suffering. If we surrender to the correction where these lessons lead us, we will then arrive at levels of consciousness hitherto unrecognized by our limited and ordinary state of awareness.

To achieve a greater understanding of the purpose of Transits and Progressions a self-contemplation and realization through proper meditation is required. Periodic and regular sessions of meditation separate us from our outmoded patterns of behavior that support our “rebellion” from the reality of who and what we have become and presently are that needs correction and development.

When we face the truth of ourselves through internal reflection and observation, the first thing we may automatically do is deny and resist seeing these painful truths. That is because the ego is adamant in its estimate of our value as we are, and not yet open to the need for further development and personal fine-tuning.

”Ego surrender is the key, and is the best approach toward the Light of the new era the planets usher in through major Transits and Progressions.“

Transits and Progressions act as guide posts for learning, and are harbingers of coming new knowledge and experience. We need to accept their guidance by following our developing understanding. The first steps however, may reveal to us that we are not quite ready to drop our defenses. The Transits of outer planets take long periods of time to complete their instructions, because they move forward, then Station to Retrograde and then back again over a Natal planet or oppose planets as well. This lengthy period of personal growth can, with some of the planets, last for years; allowing us to gradually accept the opportunity these planet markers offer. Perseverance, surrender and patience are important attributes to develop in order to pass through the challenging period successfully. The stress is in connection with observing outmoded thought-cycles that are bonded to disturbing emotional states that cause painful feelings. Recognizing the underlying cause of discomfort is half the battle won. When we see within ourselves thoughts and emotional patterns that need to be transformed, we are on the road to recovery and also the road to fulfilling the potentials that astrological configurations chart in the Natal horoscope. Horoscopes are like charts of the night sky to navigators on the seas – they point us in the right direction. We are navigators of our lives as we moment to moment, aspect by aspect, glean the meaning of the lessons taught by of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – each one pointing to a specific level of higher awareness and broadened consciousness.

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