Then They Came for Assange

assangeImageJulian Assange hacked into Pentagon files when he was 15 years old. His curiosity about the mind of America is seen in the comparison of the birth chart of Assange with the US Natal Chart.

It is best to ignore the connections of planets to the Houses, Moon, Midheaven and Nadir, because the time of the US Natal chart is disputed, and the time of birth for Assange is questionable as well. But there is every reason to take note of the exact Conjunction of Mercuries between their charts, in fact this is the prime reason for the connection. Mercury in the US chart is Retrograde, showing a desire to keep sensitive material secret and for doing things in a subversive manner is shown by the US Pluto’s Retrograde movement Opposite its own natal Mercury. Pluto is synonymous with power and intrigue, but is also Probity. Mercury in Assange’s chart is Direct and his brand of truth is straight-forward and invasive, which challenges a country that prefers to do things in clandestine fashion.

In 1986, Assange was 15 years old and Transit Saturn was opposing his natal Saturn. **Every seven years Saturn makes the Square and Opposition aspects with itself in a person’s horoscope. But as well as being part of a Saturn cycle, transit Pluto was coming close to making a conjunction to Assange’s Moon position. The desire to probe, and the ability to do so, was intense because of the Pluto factor. The red lines in the chart below point out the transit Saturn opposition to its natal placement and its conjunction with natal Neptune.


The three blue circles show the segments that create a SPLAY Temperament Type; the pyramiding development of personality with a great potential for inner stability. Mars is by itself in one of the three segments, and that designates it as the High Focus Reins planet, which turns what would usually be capacity for Initiative into an INDOMITABLE source of direction. This gives the native a tenacious hold on anything that inspires and excites – he will never give up. Mars is in the sign of Loyalty, and anyone who is a friend, is a friend for life – any goal, is a goal for life.

The ephemeris graph for July 1971 shows that Assange’s progressed Sun on the 18th conjuncts not only his own Mercury degree at age 15, but it activates his connection with the US Mentality and its body of confidential information. Progressed, Secondary planet positions are calculated by counting each day after birth to correspond with each year after birth. Day 15 after birth corresponds to year 15 when the Sun is in 25 degrees Cancer.

The Sabian Symbol for the degree is, “A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder. The Keyword is DESTINY. When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.”

The Sabian degree encourages a motivation to make a mark on the world around him through any means he can. To read the complete and very revealing degree, see The Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones, page 264.


It is helpful to note that the green line pointing from Jupiter in 24 degrees Scorpio to Saturn in 2 degrees Gemini shows that there is a Sharp Destiny that Assange must recognize as part of his life organization. When the planetary pair of Jupiter and Saturn are in Square or Opposition the life develops with limitations that compel the native to follow a narrow and designated path. When the pair are in Conjunction, Sextile or Trine, the life is considered a Loose Destiny, and there is more freedom to enjoy a path according to one’s own dictates.

From The Essentials, page 124: Jupiter and Saturn in an Opposition aspect indicate an ordering of life’s fundamental motives through which the native usually is compelled to dramatize himself continually in the presence of his fellows, at least if he wishes to participate with them in any course of everyday experience. This necessity often tends to throw a given lifetime into two entirely separate periods, with the latter revealing a greater depth and continuity of realization as a perhaps unsuspected consequence of the mirroring it has given itself through some more superficial role-playing in the former. There may be either prodigal expenditure of the self’s resources, with their ultimate recapture in a refinement of soul, or a moral vacillation that accentuates every weakness of character and so encourages a surrender to a final and hopeless ineptitude.

The question now is, what were the astrological aspects when Assange was arrested Dec 7, 2010? The ephemeris graph of August 1971 shows progressed Mercury stationary turning retrograde and progressed Neptune stationary turningSnap8 direct to correspond with age 39. Most likely the arrest at age 41 was a result of developments from involvements corresponding to the Stations two years prior. A cloud seems to hover over the rape allegations thanks to the often obscured facts when Neptune takes part in the configurations. Mercury turning retrograde shows an inclination to retreat into oneself, harboring feelings of isolation. No doubt these feelings are real since being granted asylum and confined at the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

As of August 22, 2016, in one month, Assange’s Progressed Moon will conjunct the US Sun degree at 13 Cancer 07.  A progressed Moon aspect is a two month period consisting of the entering, exact and leaving dates, and may indicate further involvement and interaction between Assange and the United States.

Update: Added March 15, 2018:

The Assange Moon progression, conjunct the US natal Sun mentioned above, corresponds to the Wikileaks “dumping” of damaging emails just prior to the US Presidential elections that allegedly cost Hillary Clinton the presidency. Wikipedia puts the date at July 22, 2016, just two months prior to the exact Conjunction of Assange’s Progressed Moon on the US natal Sun. This is close enough to show real planetary activity, however it shows that the Assange natal Moon position can be off at least one degree as a result of a miscalculated birth time. This may be a perfect indicator to take into account for a chart rectification.

The 2016 Democratic National Committee email leak is a collection of Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails stolen by Russian intelligence agency hackers and subsequently published (leaked) by DCLeaks in June and July 2016 and by WikiLeaks on July 22, 2016. This collection included 19,252 emails and 8,034 attachments from the DNC, the governing body of the United States’ Democratic Party. The leak includes emails from seven key DNC staff members, and date from January 2015 to May 2016. The leaked contents, which suggested the party’s leadership had worked to sabotage Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign, prompted the resignation of DNC chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz before the Democratic National Convention

Further interesting Progressions come in 2020. On March 31, 2020 there will be a Progressed Lunation at 28 degrees Leo, shown circled in red. Progressed Lunations are an aspect that lasts approximately 3 years. One feels the aspect about a year and a half before, and the effect lasts about a year and a half after. This is an ending of a 30 year cycle and the beginning of a major change and seeds planted for a new direction in the life. It is not an easy aspect to experience, because of the letting go of the past that is associated with it. But in Assange’s case letting go of the time spent in confinement at the Ecuadorian Embassy could be a relief, if the Aspect outlines a positive experience. There may be a rewarding change as two months before the Progressed Lunation the Moon makes a Conjunction with Progressed Venus. Venus brings things to conclusion and Venus is in the Sabian Symbol degree of A rainbow. 


LEO 26 A rainbow This is a symbol of the over-all realization which comes to man for his guidance whenever he strives to reach his goals of a more enduring sort. Here is assurance of divine participation in the most unpromising of human relationships. The individual learns that there is a consistent ordering throughout the world in which he finds himself, and that nature will co-operate effectively with every vision he chooses to keep alive on his own account. The keyword is SIGNIFICANCE. When positive, the degree is a sense of very real spiritual power and presence in all personal effort and desire, and when negative, an uncritical acceptance of every passing hope or dream as something on which to depend.

Venus often is the harbinger of the finalization of issues. This may turn to a negative as easily as it could represent a positive indication. More research into the charts dynamic is required to give any form of prediction.

**Saturn phases: Transit Saturn at age 7 corresponds with the primary teeth coming out to be replaced by permanent teeth. The consciousness as well undergoes development. Age 14-15 is puberty. Age 21 is adulthood, and age 29 and a half is the Saturn Return, and full maturity in self-reflection and adjustments of character by self-analysis.






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