Jimmy Carter – The Power of Sabian Symbols and Progressed Stations

The Sabian symbol (1) for the natal Sun in Jimmy Carter’s birth chart is Three old masters hanging in an art gallery. This symbol, at 9 degrees Libra, was well reflected at the Camp David Accords March 26, 1979. What is even more uncanny about the symbol is its keyword ACCORD, as it mirrors precisely the name of the peace initiative.


presidencialAnnouncementThe positive expression of the symbol is truly what seemed to have motivated Carter. “Bringing people together in appreciation of greater values in life” is what transpired at Camp David. Indeed, there were numerous occasions in which the three “master” leaders held conference before signing the peace treaty that led to a Nobel Peace Prize for Begin and Sadat.

The chart illustration shows Carter’s natal horoscope in the inner wheel, with the day of his announcement to run for president of the United States in the outer wheel. Transit Pluto had been hovering over Carter’s Sun position in the 12th house for some time, and gives testimony to his coming into power and points to the numerous and profound global issues he would address during his presidency. Pluto is the indicator of significant assumption of leadership and the Sun represents the role one must play in life.

Transit Uranus conjunct natal Saturn shows the incentive to break from the stale pattern of warring peoples to arrive at an innovative Middle Eastern world view, as well as to face other challenging foreign relations innovatively.

However, with all good intentions, Mercury was retrograde at the time of the signing of the Middle East peace agreement. This would be the red flag for any astrologer interested in the outcome of the fragile treaty. Unfortunately, turmoil continues in the region without resolve to this day. Often a Mercury retrograde can signal the solution of a problem pending, as when there are conveniences gone awry that need fixing. To initiate an idyllic agreement that reaches across the divide of racial and cultural differences often angers and empowers enemies that stand in the way of universal progress. In this case, it was the assassination of Sadat that put an end to the treaty’s hopeful outcome. However, these three brave men attempted to go where few dared go before. The three political leaders will be remembered for their courageous efforts, in spite of their inability to put to rest the Middle East continuing crises.

Monumental change is usually accompanied by astrological clues in the form of progressions in an individual’s horoscope. Indeed, Carter’s acts and initiatives were well supported by progressed stationary planets in 1979 when he was 55 years old. Shown in the ephemeris graph is November 25th as the corresponding 55th year of the native’s life. This is the exact year that progressed Neptune was stationary retrograde at 22 Leo 36, very close to Carter’s natal Venus, which accounts for the pleasant characteristics of the event and his dedication in bring things to a gratifying conclusion. The positive expression of 23 degrees Leo, A bareback rider, is uncompromising courage in the everyday business of living and a carefree assurance in meeting the problems of a modern society.

Progressed Uranus was also slowing to station going direct at 17 Pisces 36. The Sabian symbol degree is A gigantic tent. The positive expression of the symbol is a genius for organizing divergent capabilities in a common cause.

It is interesting to note that Carter’s attention was almost exclusively focused on the Iran hostage situation during the last days of his presidency. Just minutes after Reagan was sworn in as president on January 20, 1981, the hostages were released. Transit Pluto was stationary retrograde one week after the Reagan inauguration and was within just a few degrees of Carter’s ascendent, which is always an ominous sign. Years later, the news came out that it was actually Carter’s last-minute negotiations for the release of the hostages at the end of his term that free the hostages, although it appeared to be Reagan coming to power that led to their release. In politics and all interrelations among people, it is best to refrain from final judgement until all the facts are given time to emerge.

Controversy has stained many worthy accomplishments of this US president who has continued to be of service to the American people and to the world. Without Carter’s continued contribution to humanity, we would all feel a great loss.

  1. Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Marc Edmund Jones pg. 159. All degrees are rounded to the next higher number.
  2. In 2015 there were several interrelated wars, most notably the Libyan civil war, Syrian civil war and the 2014–2017 War in Iraq.


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