A Question about the Moon’s Nodes


A question from a German-speaking client:

Dear Sarah,

Two little questions:
My moon k/m (Ascending Node Northnode-symbol.svg Lunar node ) (what shows the destiny if i remember renee correctly) is in my birth horoscope not in 6th house but in 7th (relationships ect)? next year temporarily it should move there also. In about 10 years my moon (now in 11th house) should be in the 12th
house, right?

Hello, (Clients name omitted)

I hope I can answer your questions about the Moon’s Nodes although part of your question is not very clear.

The Moon’s North Node (NN) in your chart, shown within the purple circle is on the door (cusp) of your 7th house throughout your lifetime. It is the path you need to initiate which takes an effort on your part as opposed to an indication of a destiny that awaits you with no effort required. The NN in astrology shows what you lack and need to experience, and the SN is what has already been established and functioning on a subconscious level as programmed patterns of behavior.

The nodes cannot be taken on their own, separate from the whole theme of your life’s purpose. In your particular chart, there is a prominent pull between two strong tendencies. There is the urge to withdraw from society (12th house Moon in blue circle), and on the other side, there is an impulse to seek out ever-new opportunities for growth (NN 7th house). The placement of the Nodes in your chart supports that theme. The SN on the Ascendant (1st house) shows that there is already a developed set of skills in place from birth with its resulting reliance on your own personal, innate talents and abilities (1st house). The NN on the Descendant (7th house cusp/door) reveals the need to join forces with others to learn more about yourself and to seek out opportunities to work together along the lines of your life purpose.

If you would rephrase your question about the movement of the Nodes through the houses over the years, I will attempt to give a more adequate answer to that part of your question.



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