Rudolf Hess’ Flight to Scotland – Bad Timing


Apparently Hess was aiming for someone in authority (Natal Mercury in the 10th aspected by P. Moon), to contact as a result of his notorious flight to Scotland on May 10, 1941, with takeoff from Augsburg, Germany at 5:45 pm.

The Progressed Moon is in exact Opposition with his Natal Mercury. Oppositions materialize objectives, however in this case there is a great conflict of interest with a direct confrontation with the enemy. The untimely action led to his arrest and subsequent incarceration for the remainder of his life.hess
Progressed Mercury is making an exact Square to Natal Mercury, revealing his internal struggle over his projected personal point of view (P Mercury conjunct the ascendant) that challenged those above him, namely Adolf Hitler (Mercury in the 10th). This gives testimony to the misguided advice encouraged by the astrologer Hess consulted.

The Progressed Moon and Progressed Mercury create a Grand Cross with Natal Mercury and Natal Moon; an interesting configuration to say the least. Here is where the dissipating potentials of a temporary Grand Cross correspond to the reality of a case where the dynamic urge thessFlight2o make change, with the presence of Squares, meets with disappointment and disillusionment. The mind and emotions are at odds with each other and the outcome was the opposite of what Hess’ astrological adviser “promised.”

The Progressed Moon came to an uncomfortable Square with Natal Moon in the 7th house approximately 3 months after parachuting into Scotland. And the Progressed Moon making a conjunction with Natal Saturn in the 4th house 4 months later, tells of the severe emotional stress and tragic end to Hess’ career as the Deputy Leader of the German people.