KING or PRESIDENT? Approaching His Domain – Candidate, Joe Biden

Difficulties arise when attempting to predict the outcome of an election between several candidates because both or all individuals will be displaying multiple planetary aspects at the time of the intense competition. One might think that aspects with the benefic Jupiter, in contrast with Saturn, the more challenging planet, would indicate a favorable outcome, however, Jupiter has often been seen prominent in stressful and sometimes over-indulgent situations. Saturn, on the other hand, can point to positive responsibility thrust upon an individual and is not always referring to disappointing and limiting conditions. Also, to take into consideration is that the outer slow-moving planets that conjunct, square and oppose natal planets are not always unfavorable as signs of defeat.

These hard aspects are notorious for bringing about radical change and should not be feared as only harbingers of bad outcomes. Jimmy Carter, for example, had transit Pluto in orb of his natal Sun in Libra at the time he was catapulted into the limelight as the most powerful leader in the world. Pluto could just as easily have thrown him a crushing and defeating blow that would have negated any future desire to remain active in the political arena. regardless of aspect variables, astrologers are continually tempted to make predictions, even though it is tantamount to the art of guessing. With presidential elections, there’s a 50-50 chance of getting it right, and those are not bad odds. With all this being said, a look into the planetary activity in candidate Joe Biden’s horoscope, calculated for the time of the general elections on November 3, 2020, is in order. The candidate’s transits and progressions lean toward a favorable outcome.

  • Transits of Saturn-Pluto opposite natal Jupiter
  • Progressed Mercury Station
  • Mercury progressed station conjunct transits Saturn and Pluto opposite natal Jupiter
  • Progressed Lunation 2019
  • Transit sextiles of Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto to natal Mercury and Sun
  • Transit Jupiter opposite natal Pluto at the proposed time of inauguration


One of the most interesting features of Biden’s horoscope is the Sabian Symbol for his Sun degree, The king of the fairies approaching his domain. The degree shows a person with leadership capabilities focused on his own realm of influence, in this case, the United States. Biden’s career has spanned approximately forty-seven years of holding office as a United States Senator from Delaware and eight years as Vice President in the Obama administration. Biden is again on the campaign trail, and now with the hope of attaining the highest office in the land. He approached the presidency several times, running in 1988 and 2008, and now in his third attempt. There are multiple supportive planetary aspects in his dynamic1 chart that may assist his present pilgrimage to the domain of the White House, along with configurations of a challenging nature that could turn to his advantage as stated previously.

From The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones:

SCORPIO 28 The king of the fairies approaching his domain This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in a world of time and space. Implicit in the symbolism is the futility of man’s common reliance on people and things through some mere accident of contact. Outer reality takes the form with which he endows it as he exercises his sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms of his own imagination. The keyword is ALLEGIANCE. When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.2

Biden’s fairy degree symbol is one of a “handful” of Sabian symbols that exemplify spiritual characteristics.3 They signal that the native affiliated with the symbol must surrender their personal self-fulfillment for the expressed purpose of leading others to a release of theirs. Biden, as a lifelong politician, has dedicated himself to that goal, and in his way, continues to place the needs of the American people above his own. With this special degree, in Biden’s 12th house of inner psychological potentials, his otherworldly and lofty intent may not ever be truly seen, understood, or appreciated by the public, especially by those with a diametrically opposed agenda. Working behind the scenes is how a 12th house Sun functions at its best. With Venus as an ally in the same 12th house, the work he plans with Kamala Harris promises to be significant although discrete.


The somewhat ominous transiting Saturn-Pluto conjunction has been opposing the U. S. natal Mercury for most of 2020. The formidable pair are also in opposition to Biden’s natal Jupiter which is at the same time conjunct the U. S. natal Mercury. To add heightened emphasis to this aggregation of planets is Biden’s progressed Mercury at 24 Capricorn 56, pivoting to go direct in the same location as transits Saturn and Pluto. These combined planetary energies make this entire year and campaign period considerably auspicious for the candidate. This progressed Mercury will make its exact and climactic opposition to natal Jupiter in the latter part of 2021. This complex planetary scenario highlights the receptivity between Joe Biden’s Jupiterian persona and the minds of Americans represented by U. S. natal Mercury. The multiple transits and progressed oppositions, across the board, carry the potential for working out differences in an extremely polarized political environment.

Biden’s progressed Mercury station prophesizes radical change, as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones explains in his Scope of Astrological Prediction:

The phenomena in the secondary directions always identifies a subtle or psychological shift in the fundamental course of life, such as requires a critical regrasp of experience and often proves to be an adjustment over an appreciable span of time whether marked by some single sharp event of easy identification or by a complex syndrome of changes of less obvious interrelation.4

The general elections on November 3, 2020, will be the opportunity for the Mercury station to manifest as Jones describes it.

If Biden should experience a single sharp event such as winning the White House, to which his Sun symbol refers, it will not only transform his own experience, but as a surrogate leader, it will transform the lives of all Americans, who would then be “his subjects,” as any progressed station for a president or king could expect.


Biden announced his run for the presidency during the heart of his Progressed Lunation on April 25, 2019, shown circled in pink in the single progressed chart. A Progressed Lunation marks a pivotal turning point similar to a progressed planetary station, but in the case of a lunation, past experience gradually comes to a close, to usher in entirely new possibilities that the native may or may not foresee. It can be a period of time where the individual may feel in limbo and challenged by the undetermined path ahead. This astrological dynamic can span several years in its molting process. In Biden’s case, he has his sights set on a definite objective which clearly is achieving an ultimate position of power and authority. It is like a “kingship” of sorts that the role would offer a president if it were not a democracy.

Together, the progressed lunation and station-direct Mercury represent an underlying transformation in Biden’s daily life that continues to take hold now and for the next few years. Phenomenally, along with the progressed Mercury station, shown circled in red in the ephemeris graph, is Biden’s progressed Saturn, circled in blue, also in station-direct, and in this case in conjunction with the U.S. High Focus Uranus. Circled in green on the graph is Uranus, which will be following the same path as the other two in station-direct in 2023.

Looking to January 20, 2021, the day set aside for the inauguration of the next president, we can see the possibility of the swearing-in of Joe Biden, thanks to the transit of Pluto, the planet of Probity, advancing to within 10 minutes of arc of his presently high-profile, progressed Mercury, still within its transition from retrograde to direct, in opposition to natal Jupiter and the U.S. Mercury. If Joe Biden succeeds in winning the White House, one can point to all of these unique planetary aspects as the corresponding celestial counterpart to the fulfillment of his dreams.

Finally, on inauguration day transit Jupiter will come to an exact opposition with Biden’s natal Pluto at 7 Leo 14 in the Sabian degree of A Bolshevik Propagandist.

LEO 8 Bolshevik propagandist

This is a symbol of the indomitable expectation of the human spirit as it gathers strength from the innermost reaches of man’s own or enduring nature, here emphasized by the recurrent battles over social and political concepts. The exceptional dynamic involved is seen in the selfless energy developed to an extreme by the revolutionists of each new age. Implicit in the reversed symbolism is the need of the human community for a worthy cause to which to rally in every aspect of its potentials. The keyword is LEAVEN. When positive, the degree is a determination to share the soul’s vision and to make a permanent impact on history, and when negative, futile ranting against a multitude of superficial ills.5

Here is the origin of Republican fears, that socialist ideals will be at play in a Biden, Democratic administration. The symbol’s positive expression is “a determination to share the soul’s vision and to make a permanent impact on history.” Perhaps fate will support Biden’s pledge, which was made in his nomination acceptance speech, “to restore the ‘soul of America’ and erase the ‘darkness’ that has descended on the country . . . “6


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(2) Page 49, Scope of Astrological Prediction, by Marc Edmund Jones – Sabian Publishing Society, Stanwood, Washington, 1969

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(3) Demetri Sevastopulo, August 20, 2020, Biden’s presidential nomination acceptance speech. Financial Times article

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