Solar System: The Seat of Consciousness

Modern-day astronomers and physicists are exploring the great and the small realms in the universal manifold that the ancients referred to by the axiom “As above, so below.” In their research, it would be beneficial if they were to take note of planetary cycles and their effects on human life on Earth. Astrology is an age-old discipline often overlooked by conventional science. Fortunately, the everyday citizen has a grasp of astrology’s relevance, not only for a better perspective on future events but for an understanding of their life potentials as shown in their birth horoscopes. An increasing number of curious individuals are discarding over-simplified newspaper astrological fortune-telling in an attempt to go beyond where scientists fear to tread.

There are modern scientific theories that have given credence to the all-pervading intelligence in the universe. Some find it in what they call the morphogenetic field, others find a source of life and intelligence in oscillating water molecules and their geometric patterning, as well as other theories that pervade the world as generally interpreted by science. The rhythm of vibratory rates created by the rotation of the planets on their axes in combination with their orbital cycles of the Sun defines numerical tones referred to as the music of the spheres. The source of the universe, consciousness and life on Earth is concealed and remains a mystery for humankind, however, to quote the notable physicist Richard Feynman, It does no harm to the mystery to know a little bit about it.

The Sun lightens and enlightens by the power of electrical fire and by its magnetic properties it pulls the planets along with it through the galaxy in a spiraling path, heading into the unknown, ever forward as it continues on its cyclic journey.

The planets give clues to the conundrum through the geometric patterning they weave in their synergistic fields of perpetual motion. Our bodies and emotions are a vessel for this energy intelligence and are essential for conducting the messages from these forces into the fiber of our physical being. Each heavenly body in the hierarchy of the planets is associated with attributes of human character.

The signs of the year (zodiac) are the backdrop of meaning to our lives as we reflect their archetypal natures in our own being. They are a catalyst, not the cause, of how we interpret universal influences through the sieve of personal consciousness. Each of us is born into a culture that molds and programs our perception of life and holds us back unless we hunger for wholeness and enlightenment. The outer planets in aspect with our natal planetary configurations mark breakthroughs of divine intervention to guide us toward a life worth living.

From the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones:

LEO 7 The constellations in the sky This is a symbol of the infinite regression in all universal reality, not as a fact of some unreachable end in knowledge but rather as a demonstration that any abandonment of the known for the sake of the unknown is fruitless. The cosmos is illimitable in the sense that man’s questing may ramify in time and space to the extent of any given pertinence, but his assurance lies within his own being and experience. The stars are his confirmation, never his explanation. The keyword is SURETY. When positive, the degree is consistent effectiveness in understanding and self-ordering, and when negative, a loss of all present integrity through an unnecessary retreat to the remote or mysterious.

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