The United States, Nixon and Trump – Compared

In US news reports the Trump administration has been compared to that of Nixon’s administration and Watergate. It would be interesting to compare the horoscopes of the two presidents to see if they have something in common astrologically. An examination of charts with synastry techniques includes locating planets that are either in the same degree or opposite each other across the wheel within no more than 2 degrees orb of separation. The charts of organizations and nations can also be compared with the charts of individuals.

The tri-wheel chart here shows Trump’s planets in the inner wheel, Nixon’s in the middle wheel and the US chart in the outer wheel. The connecting Aspect that the three charts share in common is an exact Conjunction of Nixon’s Neptune with the US Mercury, and both of these “sandwiched” between Trump’s Venus and Saturn. Nixon’s Neptune and the US Mercury are in the same Sabian Symbol degree that has been discussed elsewhere on this blog, but for convenience sake and because this particular degree is significant in its reference to leadership and power, it is shown here as well.

CANCER 25 A dark shadow or mantle thrown suddenly over the right shoulder This is a symbol of the irrevocability of man’s obligation to the reality of which he is a part, with the emphasis on his capacities of leadership as a revelation of racial stewardship on the more personal or spiritual side. Self-expression here is a release of his inner potentialities, and it becomes both an individual gratification and an expanding responsibility to all other individuals making up the social complex. The keyword is DESTINY. When positive, the degree is some dramatic manifestation of genius vital to the general welfare of man, and when negative, a tendency to unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.

Capacities of leadership and a manifestation of genius, as stated in the symbol’s description, is literal in that Nixon rose to the most powerful position in the United States and the world. Yet a rather “dark shadow” was cast over nation and its people because of the clandestine operation headed by Nixon himself, in what was called Watergate. 25 degrees Cancer shows the potentials to do great good, or to display the opposite tendency with “unwarranted presumption if not outright megalomania.” Nixon did both; he ended the catastrophic Vietnam War, but all along was plotting underhandedly against the Democratic Party in his desperate hold on power.

The mutual Conjunction between the US, Nixon and Trump is activated by a very special astrological event taking place in the US horoscope.  

The Progressed US Mercury is presently Station Direct. This Station in the US Progressions amplifies the shared Conjunction these two presidents and the US have in common. A Progressed Station is described by Marc Edmund Jones as a time of “a critical regrasp of experience.” We see this now in the turmoil over the Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, and also in the struggles in congress over the Republican promise to “repeal and replace” Affordable Care Act – also known as Obamacare. A critical regrasp of all features of the old and new plan is necessary for the nation to get hold of the reins of diverse factors and factions that in the end will facilitate the Station’s mandate for reorientation and reestablishment.

A transformation of sorts is necessary in the life of a person or nation with any planetary Station event. And it matters not whether the planet is going Direct or Retrograde, and whether it is in the Transits or Progressions. With Transits, the planet must be in either a Conjunction or Opposition with a natal planet within 2 degrees of orb. In Progressions the Station itself is significant regardless of its having contact with a natal planet. On the whole, the Progressed Stations are far more powerful for change than the Transit Stations, but both foretell vital developments in the life, corresponding to the dates they take place.

An emphasis for significant change is also coming from the opposite point of the triple Conjunction in the synastry of the charts. Transit Pluto is moving slowly toward an Opposition Aspect with the planets in the three charts at 24, 25 and 26 Cancer, shown circled in red. Pluto will Station several times as it approaches its Pluto Return at 28 degrees Capricorn in the chart of the United States. This will bring continuous controversies and direct challenges over policies to Congress, President Trump, but not to Richard Nixon.

The United States, experiencing these two momentous Aspects at relatively the same time; the Mercury Progressed Station Direct and the Transit Pluto Return, will turn this country around. The changes anticipated will continue well into the year 2023 when Pluto completes its Return. There will not only be numerous changes in policies as can already be seen happening at this time, but there will be an end to the ways and methods of the past, leaving an uncharted road ahead, much as it was in the days of Watergate. Read more about the Pluto Return at: USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return

Nixon’s Progressed Pluto was gradually coming into a Station in his 10th house at the time of Watergate, and this points to the rise to an elevated position, with the subsequent fall from a great height. The ephemeris below shows that Pluto was just entering the degree in which it would Station at the time Nixon resigned from his presidency. Pluto was 28 Gemini 39 Retrograde at his birth and the Station began when he was age 61. Shown circled in light grey is March 10, 1913, 61 days after birth, corresponding as it does in Progressions to his 61st year of life. The great fall from power is the significant event synchronous with the profound Pluto Station in Progressions. Read more about Nixon’s resignation at:  Watergate, Bob Woodward and Nixon’s Resignation

Planetary Aspects, whether in Transit or Progression, with or without Stationary events, have not had enough time to mature to predict possible outcomes in Donald Trump’s administration. However, an analysis of dynamic Transits and Progressions that show opportunities for great change and challenge are outlined in the post titled, August 21st Total Eclipse & US Destiny – a Prognosis 




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