Why So Famous? Michael Jackson

Corresponding to the overdose of “medicines” to assist him to sleep, was the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction from the 12th house of hidden procedures, in Transit Opposite Michael Jackson’s natal Retrograde Mercury, shown by the red lines in the chart. Also blurring his awareness is the natal Sun/Moon Opposition especially when the Moon is Conjunct the Ascendant. The moon on the Ascendant shows that his perspective is caught up in his own very limited scope of experience. The Moon needs to be further through the houses to show a sense of having had enough life involvement to make decisions based on previous consequences.

The Opposition of the Lights indicates inner conflict concerning being true to himself as opposed to his need to fulfill the public demands on him. The Sun is the self’s Purpose, which is its keyword and the Moon represents his Feelings toward others in general. The T-Cross to a High Focus Saturn on the midheaven gives testimony to the influence of the father in terms of his connection to the outside world and career and is virtually why he was catapulted into the public eye. Having a Conjunction of a planet with the Midheaven brings it into High Focus, and that planet being the Point Focus of a T-Cross as well is a striking astrological aspect leaning toward potential for fame.

The natal Sun Conjunct Pluto, shown circled in orange, is another indicator of his profound influence on others. A Sun/Pluto Conjunction is an expression of the King Complex, and in Michael’s case, he was literally the King of Pop. Elvis, the King of Rock n’ Roll, has the power of a Sun/Pluto Opposition and represents a variation of the King Complex and its power to influence generations. Added strength to the Complex is shown by Mercury and Venus also in Opposition, and Conjunct the Sun through its 17-degree orb of allowance.

There are multiple Conjunctions of planets around the wheel in Michael’s chart and some in Elvis’ chart also. This emphasizes the ultra-strength of combined planetary energies as directed outward to impress upon others the native’s potentials. In both cases, the performer’s influence penetrated deeply into the public’s psyche and on a global scale.

The Stellium of planets in the 6th house in Michael’s chart shows that there is more effort than usual needed to achieve his potential with continual adjustments in self required while finding his place in the background scheme of things. Planets in the 6th house require the native to carve out a place in life through plain and simple hard work. For Michael, the 6th also points to misfit idiosyncrasies and unusual illnesses and accidents that followed him throughout his climb to success, and this includes his failure to sustain the rigorous routine that led ultimately to his untimely end of medical negligence and drug dependence.

The Progressed Moon just leaving a two-month Square to natal Jupiter in the 8th house of ultimate transitions is the indicator of the inner stress and outer excess the singer endured in the months leading up to his death.


4 thoughts on “Why So Famous? Michael Jackson

  1. brownin329 says:

    He was born at 7:33 am according to his mother. You may have to redo your chart.

    1. PlanetaryDynamics says:

      Can you please give me a reference for the time of birth in addition to its coming from his mother. Is there a website referring to it?

  2. brownin329 says:

    He also did not die of drug addiction. He died of medical negligence.

    1. PlanetaryDynamics says:

      Thank you for the valuable information. I will edit the post in the near future. And thank you for visiting my blog.

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