Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist

nassim_harameinThere is controversy within conventional scientific circles over the accuracy of many of the claims and discoveries shared with the audiences that gather to hear Nassim Haramein’s lectures. However, his insights and talks are stimulating because his point of view is logical and interestingly unconventional and nothing less than revealing the secrets of the universe.

Unfortunately, searching the internet does not reveal any indication of Haramein’s birth time, but his birth date and location of birth do appear on his Facebook page. Using that information, setting up a chart for 12 noon would present a reasonable picture of his astrological potentials even if it is not completely accurate. Many individuals do not know their birth times and yet an astrology chart can be set up for their birth as long as the astrologer remembers not to take the planet’s positions throughout the houses, or the exact Moon’s degree into consideration in the chart interpretation. Using Marc Edmund Jones’ techniques makes it possible to get a fairly valid reading because his methods transcend the otherwise limited tools of conventional astrology that are so dependent on the house placements of the planets within the chart. Planetary aspects then become the prominent factor to analyze as well as the Sabian symbol images and their descriptions.

The article is called Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist because he is causal in his approach and amiablenassimharamein2 in his demeanor, at least in the videos of his lectures available on YouTube. There are several websites dedicated to debunking Haramein’s beliefs in the hopes of steering his followers away from his innovative ideology. In their professional, and not-so-professional opinions, they claim Haramein inaccurately describes a model of the universe that disregards the views on which their approach to the laws of physics relies.

Haramein’s critics are doing a good job of trying to keep a balance between old and new ideas. However, they may themselves miss out on some very interesting dialogue that explains the universe in terms of new meanings for old symbols. Haramein’s descriptions and animations on the spiraling solar system, also put forth by the Electrical Universe – The Thunderbolt Project by David Talbott and Wal Thornhill, is a case in point. The understanding of the spiraling solar system, ever-moving out of previous space and into the new, not only gives astronomy a boost, but the idea of it brings clarification to the field of astrology as well.

Haramein’s horoscope is as fascinating as the videos he produces. For an analysis of the chart, the first technique is the Natural Disposition. A mutable disposition, defined by an opposition in mutable signs is people-oriented if the Fixed Opposition between Saturn and Mars is disregarded because it is a few degrees beyond the allowable orb. This would make him sincerely interested in the general public’s vision of the cosmos as it really is – at least in terms of Haramein’s understanding of it. A Mutable Disposition mentality has a concern for the welfare of others above one’s own. They tend to be the humanitarians in society.

The Temperament Type is a bit tricky because Mars is positioned just beyond the Delimiting Opposition of Jupiter to Uranus. This does put Mars as the leading planet of a Bowl if it were to be taken as one, and that points to the pioneering explorations Haramein has made within his own mind and the cosmos beyond. But there is another option that would not disregard the pioneer spirit and would account for his unique approach and character. That would be the Splay Temperament Type and always indicates an evolved personality and soul, which Haramein seems to fit into rather well. There are the three segments with empty signs between them to call for this typing, however, the Grand Trine is missing that would have brought even more reason to believe in selecting this Type over the Bowl. What is interesting is that the absence of the Grand Trine and the presence of the strong T-Cross gives testimony to the sheer hard work Haramein has put into his discoveries. The Natal Neptune Conjunct Retrograde Venus becomes Point Focus and REALIZATION becomes an important keyword in understanding the native’s joy of the process of research and discovery. The keyword for Scorpio is Creative, and together, the Retrograde Venus and the Neptunian subconscious emphasize Haramein’s impulse to search within for answers to the dominant questions that intrigue him.

Several of the Sabian Symbols are outstanding and literal, and here we see that the Leading Mars is in 18 degrees Leo; A teacher of chemistry. The entire interpretation is worth placing here:

LEO 18 A teacher of chemistry This is a symbol of the human mind’s illimitable power for penetrating into the deeper mysteries of an everyday world, and of the growing ambition of man to gain an effective control over all the processes of nature. Here is high organization of the intellectual faculties, and a special skill in the practical adaptation of scientific principles to commonplace problems. The individual is given a full sense of his creative responsibilities. The keyword is INSTRUCTION. When positive, the degree is exceptional self-confidence and a delight in subjecting all experience to the test of immediate application, and when negative, unintelligent dependence on supposition or rules of the book.

The alternative Sabian Symbol reads: An instructor in chemistry is conducting an experiment before his class, in the midst of a maze of apparatus.

dec_1962 The ephemeris graph shows three Stationary Retrogrades in Haramein’s life progressions (A fourth, Mercury, goes retrograde in later years). The first of the three we are discussing here is Uranus which retrogrades at the age of 21. This works in tandem with when Transit Saturn is doing its culminating Square to its Natal place before the Saturn Return in another seven years. Coming of age must have been important to Haramein, as these two planetary events occurring near the same time are indicating significant change in the life’s routine. This also leads up to even more significant developments at age 25 when Progressed Pluto turns Retrograde. At age 36, High Focus Leading planet Mars goes Stationary Retrograde. Unfortunately, there is not much information written on the internet that reveals the events in Haramein’s life that correspond to these progressions but pointing out these years will provide others who know him with some vital astrological information on the foundational aspects of his life development.

There are other interesting Sabian Symbols to point out and one that is as outstanding as the Mars symbol is the Haramein’s Sun degree at 28 Scorpio: The king of the fairies approaching his domain. This is a symbol of the eternal promise underlying all inner self-realization since any actual fullness of life is altogether independent of the passing state of affairs in a world of time and space. Implicit in the symbolism is the futility of man’s common reliance on people and things through some mere accident of contact. Outer reality takes the form with which he endows it as he exercises his sovereignty over its various potentials in the creative realms of his own imagination. The keyword is ALLEGIANCE. When positive, the degree is a special competence of inward vision and a consequent outward perspective of high effectiveness, and when negative, capricious self-indulgence.

Mentioned in other Planetary Dynamics posts, under the category of Sabian Symbols, are the few degrees that refer to otherworldly creatures. They are the “elfin” or “fairy” degrees. These confirm that the individuals whose planets are in these placements live by a code of life that differs greatly from those not as fortunate to have them. The “elfin” symbols refer to a subtle vibration allowing the native fewer constraints in everyday living and self-expression. On the other hand, nativities where these symbols play a prominent role, especially when they are the Sun or High Focus planet, show that the life must in some way be dedicated to assisting others in lieu of their own self-fulfillment. Those who bear these symbols in their charts are prone to living and thinking on levels of higher awareness. One might say that they have a more direct line to cosmic information and are the humanitarians of race.

In a YouTube video, Nassim and his wife Amber discuss, along with others, orgasms that can be experienced when giving birth. Amber apparently experienced one and is shown in the video with her face breaking into a blissful state. Haramenin’s Venus degree, which indicates the woman in his life among other things, is: A girl’s face breaking into a smile. View YouTube video for the Amber interview.   


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  1. Mary says:

    He was born in Geneva, Canada–not Switzerland

    1. All indications online show his birth was in Geneva, Switzerland, and that he grew up in Canada. Thank you for reading the post and commenting.

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