Planetary Aspects – Their Properties and Purpose

When light is broken into colors by a prism it reveals our Sun’s chemistry that goes beyond heating and lighting our world. The colors that appear in the spectrum are evidence of the physical properties that make up white light. Ancient astrologers and meta-physicians connected these basic elements of light and life with the energies found within our own personal auras. These auras are related to energy centers, also known as Chakras, located at points throughout the head and torso of the human body.

If we compare our Sun to the nucleus of an atom, we can see that the planets play the part of the protons and electrons that circle its central-intelligence core. The instructions passed through the interaction of these three components are entangled in our cellular structure as well. The solar macrocosm and our earthly microcosm share the same intelligent impulses and work together as a unit; “As above so below.”

The mystery of the universe is that we can observe its phenomena without knowing the true nature of its source. We observe the physical laws that are immutable and at the same time recognize the quantum fact of free will. We live in a realm of fixed natural laws with an ever accompanying desire to be free of outer limitation and influence. Dualism is realism, and we are locked into, yet can rebel against the interplay of the Solar System’s natural mechanics. We are a part of, and at the same time apart from rule and order. We are the conscious animated creature, designed to awaken through a process devised by the multi-leveled universe, starting for us, by the astrological dictates of the visible Solar System.

The intelligence and instruction of the Solar System is translated into our lives through the powers of cosmic osmosis. The electromagnetic fields of each celestial body meld into a synergistic expression that our minds and bodies absorb and translate into thoughts and feelings on our level. The process is gradual and relates to the planet’s variable speed in its moving in and out of interrelationships. These geometric relationships are called Aspects and they effect the planetary configurations in our natal horoscopes in specific ways. They are promptings for growth and call out awareness on our part. Then we ourselves in turn become an influence in our own field of activity to encourage others to reach their specific potentials.

The planets, although orbiting within a 30 degree declination to the Sun, form 3 dimensional electromagnetic sphere patterns that affect their neighboring counterparts. These planetary Gestalt forms are mapped in the private complex of our 2 dimensional birth charts. When real-time Transiting planets interact with natal configurations, and/or when internal promptings occur through Progressed planetary movements, their time-release promptings, though sometimes painful, are felt in the human mind, body and soul levels of experience.

The purpose of the study of astrology is to reveal and activate our potentials for successful living, and ultimately for self-realization. The method of planetary influences described above is the core of how astrological science works. The natal chart acts as our personal script, with the Transiting and Progressed planets acting as the catalysts for the manifestation of our inner potentials on the outer stage of life.


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