Stanislav Grof weds again . . .



Congratulations goes to the newlyweds! Seems that Stan’s Natal Mars has been activated for awhile by a Transit of Neptune in Opposition to it. The Sabian Symbol of his Mars is “A bride with her veil snatched away.”  Quite a revealing symbol for a man with a stellium of planets in Cancer in his 7th house. It is no wonder that Stan would be a multi-groom in his lifetime. At 85 years of age, and in the middle of his Uranus Return, it is no surprise that this trailblazer would offer his followers a truly unique announcement of betrothal. They chose a nice Transit Moon Sextile to Transit Venus to marry, and Transit Jupiter hovering over Natal Mars must have been an activating factor for a pleasant and joyful event.


It will be interesting to observe events when Transit Pluto arrives at a Conjunction with Natal Saturn and Opposite Grof’s Natal Pluto. This important Transit Station occurs in April of 2017. Pluto Stations within a degree of the very tight Opposition to itself. From 1st to 7th, it should involve something with the relationship, but could also mean even more responsibilities with one to one and one to group counseling.




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