Solar System; The Seat of Consciousness

Modern day physicists are exploring the great and the small realms in the universal manifold that the ancients referred to by the axiom “As above, so below.” Yet most are ignoring the mechanics an attributes of the Solar System with its planetary … Continue reading

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A solar eclipse is a Super-New Moon. It is a time to “plant seeds” for significant change in the daily pattern of our lives. Light is not the only influence the Sun and Moon have on living things. All heavenly … Continue reading

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Planetary Aspects, the Electrical Connections of Intelligence

Ancient civilizations observed the night skies with awe and wonder on a nightly basis. They had no distractions from the starry vault by televisions, cell phones, computers and other digital devises, and so they dedicated their time to a comprehensive understanding … Continue reading

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Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field Theory as it Relates to Planetary Patterns

Planetary Patterns form as planets aggregate in unique groupings while orbiting the Sun. Seen from the Earth’s perspective, these seven recognizable shapes are the matrix for the five major aspects in astrology; the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The patterns are in … Continue reading

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The Discovery of LSD and its First Explorer Albert Hoffman

Albert Hoffman was the man responsible for the LSD generation in the United States, although he felt that it was a misuse of the drug, and that its primary useful purpose was in the field of psychiatry. Hoffman accidentally ingested a … Continue reading

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Nassim Haramein, The Freewheeling Physicist

There is controversy over the accuracy of many of the claims and discoveries shared with the audiences that gather to hear Nassim Haramein’s lectures. His lectures are interesting and stimulating because his point of view is unconventional. As far as … Continue reading

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The Man on the Moon – Neil Armstrong and Stationary Progressions

Neil Armstrong, a real American hero, took us to the Moon, and back safely to Earth. His Point Focus Venus of a T-Cross gives testimony and brings appreciation for his efforts that brought knowledge and accomplishment not only to the American … Continue reading

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