Donald Trump & Robert Mueller Destined Together


Donald Trump and Robert Mueller share one of the 360 Sabian Symbols with the cross-tie between Mueller’s natal Venus at 26 Leo 27 applying to Trump’s natal Mars at 26 Leo 47. The mutual Conjunction is within a mere 20 minutes of arc, resulting in the symbol of Daybreak when the degree is rounded to Leo 27. Mueller’s Venus is the provocative, applying planet to Trump’s Mars that is separating from the Aspect to distribute the energies, in somewhat antagonistic fashion at times. Trump is known for his irritated reactions to the prodding Special Counsel investigation through the tweets he offers the public, ironically in the hours approaching the break of day.

The original Sabian Symbol of 27 Leo is more elaborately defined; Over at the eastern edge of night the streaks of dawn appear, gradually the mounting light wipes out the stars. This is a reflection of the imposing character of both men as they dominate and overshadow any and all other individuals or matters at hand.

Trump’s Mars is located on his Ascendant, which curiously is affiliated with daybreak. Here is where all planets break into the light of day as they commence their journey over the eastern horizon to orbit through the southern hemisphere. The Sabian Symbols are consistently validated, either by innuendo or uncanny likeness, as they surprisingly manifest from the phenomenal to the actual world.

Another cross-tie between the two charts, show by the short magenta arrow, is Mueller’s Saturn Conjunct Trump’s Mercury. Again, the motivating planet, by virtue of applying, lies in the hands of the prosecutor. The pressure of the probe into the 2016 elections, and Russia’s alleged influence, has weighed heavily on the mind of the President.

The Sabian Symbol of Mueller’s Saturn at 7 Cancer is Two fairies on a moonlit night. Its keyword ASCENDANCY  reiterates the idea of immergence of the eastern angle. Whether at daybreak, or in moonlight as the elfin degree describes, the two men are inextricably tied by combined potentials. It is Mueller’s responsibility through the Saturn impulse, to probe into the truth of Trump’s daily interactions and communications represented by his natal Mercury at 9 degrees Cancer in the symbol of A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish. The entire symbol is giving here because the content vividly reflects the actual nuances of Trump’s thinking and attitude, which are also an expression of Mercury.

CANCER 9 A tiny nude miss reaching in the water for a fish  This is a symbol of the eternal and unsullied freshness of soul as it enters every new experience with an unabated enthusiasm and thereby both substantiates its divine estate and brings enduring significance to whatever it may touch. Here is the absolute lack of inhibition which enables man to grasp the reins of control in every realm he decides to make his own, and the unquenched and simple curiosity which virtually makes it impossible for any potentiality of being ever to escape him. The keyword is INCLINATION. When positive, the degree is ingratiating and irresistible capacity for self-expression, and when negative, continual indiscretion as a bar to any appreciable achievement.

The first sentence of the symbol describes Trump’s enthusiasm as he took the helm new administration. The second sentence corroborates the natal potentials of his Uranus/Sun Conjunction, and refers to his untethered interactions with everyone, including foreign leaders. And the positive and negative descriptions speak loudly for themselves.


The total solar eclipse of August 21, 2017 at 28 Leo 53 and the even tighter partial solar eclipse at 27 Aquarius 08 in Opposition to the Trump and Mueller cross-tie amplified respectively the energy to this shared point.

The cross-tie interaction and resulting controversy between these men has been exacerbated by the eclipses in August 2017 and February 2018. The total solar eclipse was on the eastern angle of Trump’s chart and brought intensified attention to his impactful personal prowess while still in the midst of his first year in office. His natal Mars was activated by the eclipses, one a Conjunction within a few degrees and the other in Opposition to it. The stimulated initiative morphed into resentment when frustrated by the FBI investigation which ultimately led to the firing of then FBI Director, James Comey. Trump’s impulsive Mars reaction backfired into the more challenging Special Counsel now being led by Robert Mueller.

In general, a solar eclipse’s influence lasts for six months, so its advent can correspond to several important occurrences. In the case of these two powerful men, it includes the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 US presidential election, and the probe into the 1st house, private affairs of the President.


The Special Counsel, formed on May 17, 2017 has been in progress for a year, and there could be some conclusions drawn in the matter near the time of the up-coming Transits making powerful contacts within Mueller’s natal chart mid June 2018. When several Transits are simultaneously active, it amplifies the intensity of experience and can produce events of import in that person’s life.

These polarizing Transit Opposition Aspects interacting in Mueller’s horoscope signify a buildup and resulting release of tensions long in development. They are; Transit Saturn Opposite natal Saturn shown with the light orange arrow, Mars in Opposition to natal Pluto with the red arrow, and in blue, the Transit of Neptune in Opposition to natal Mars. Transit Neptune is of great import because it Stations to go Retrograde in exact Opposition to Mars June 19th.  Neptune’s Station activates the Sabian Symbol of Mars in the degree of, A volcano in eruption. This ominous symbol anticipates an impending explosion of facts. Putting more pressure onto this overwhelming display of planetary force is the Station of Transit Mars on June 27th while in exact Opposition to natal Pluto.   

The Special Counsel, in its quest to uncover the realities of the investigation, will result in the indictment of some and exoneration others, and the three powerful Oppositions may point to the time when more will be revealed.

For a look at the future, the ephemeris graph shows, that in just a few years Progressed Saturn will be Stationing Retrograde to suggest a time when Robert Mueller may consider retirement. The green line between October 19th and 20th is an approximate current Progressive year. The magenta circle clearly shows the coming Saturn Station, 76 days after birth and synchronous with Mueller’s 76th year of life.

Prediction is not an easy matter when a time of birth is unknown as in the chart for Robert Mueller. Without an exact time of birth there is no clear understanding of what situations and circumstances are being stimulated by Transits and Progressions and the basic potentials of the natal chart are not certain. But much can still be gleaned from the planetary configurations, in spite of not knowing the house positions of the planets.

Without the time of birth we are not privy to the Moon’s degree in the sign it occupies, which is vital in detecting its exact location when calculating Progressions. The Progressed Moon Aspects are a goldmine of information lets us know when the native is wholeheartedly involved in their own current affairs. Being engaged in circumstances in life is shown by active major Aspects of the Progressed Moon. When the Progressed Moon is not in a major Aspect the native may be in a holding pattern until its next major, applying Aspect. The Moon is the prime indication of the native’s degree of emotional connectivity with environmental circumstances and people. Planets, including the Sun are different in that they represent general developments taking a greater amount of time to manifest results.

Rod Rosenstein is the Deputy Attorney General who appointed Robert Mueller to the Special Counsel to investigate Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election. There is an interesting cross-tie between his natal chart and Robert Mueller’s.



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