What Makes Mueller the Man of Integrity? It’s His Sabian Symbols

Sometimes a horoscope tells a fascinating story, and this is what we see in the chart of Robert Mueller, the man appointed as special counsel to investigate Russia’s influence in the 2016 US presidential elections. More and more is revealed almost on a daily basis, and yet the entire truth is still obscured by several missing pieces of the puzzle that will inevitably surface when the planets align to do so, and when Mueller completes his investigation.

Mueller’s chart is especially interesting, because the Sabian Symbol degrees play a compelling role when telling his personal story. There is always a difficulty when the time of birth is unknown, because the Moon degree and the positions of the planets throughout the houses are undetermined and cannot give clues in an interpretation. But there are planetary configurations, defined by Marc Edmund Jones’ 16 Point Analysis that are not dependent on the time of birth and so can yield information that is quite revealing.

The red lines in the chart point to the possible T-Cross, Focal Determinator. Its validity is questioned, because one of the prongs of the Cross is the Moon that moves swiftly through the degrees in an entire day and may or may not be in orb of an Opposition to create the possible T-Cross. But when checking the Moon’s sign and degree placement throughout the 24 hour period, it appears that the transition from August 6th to August 7th, and up to the final hour on August 7th, the Moon stays within close proximity  of its 12.5 degree orb distance to form the Opposition to Neptune and Square to Saturn.

This Focal Determinator identifies Saturn as the all-important Point Focus of the chart. Astrologers eventually learn that aside from the frustrations, delays and disappointments for which Saturn is known, it is also the planet of integrity, responsibility, maturity, conscientiousness, and suggests a host of other characteristics that represent a person of sometimes great and honorable stature. These positive expressions of Saturn explain why Robert Mueller is known for his stellar (pun intended) reputation.

Multiple Sabian Symbol degrees in Mueller’s chart refer to the first light of day, or the Sun in general. They are symbolic of the revelatory effects of light as it reveals hitherto unforeseen factors otherwise obscured by darkness and devious means. These references to the light overcoming darkness or storm, point to the purpose for which Mueller has dedicated his life in service of truth and lawfulness.

Listed  here are the symbols referring to the Sun’s migration in several circumstances:

Neptune at 3 degrees Libra

LIBRA 3 The dawn of a new day, everything changed This is a symbol of the illimitable potentialities to be found when it comes to any personal participation in everyday affairs, and of the thoroughness with which each individual remains the recurrent expression of his own self-consistencies. There is here the necessity for an ultimate self-dependence, and the consequent need to blaze a path of special recognition for each particular characteristic of selfhood. The keyword is INNOVATION. When positive, the degree is man’s insatiable appetite for experiment and continuing self-discovery in every possible area of human experience, and when negative, inability to catch the challenge of living in even the most trivial matters.

Venus at 27 degrees Leo

LEO 27 Daybreak This is a symbol of the cycles of change as an ultimate assurance to the human heart, with an emphasis on reason as the means by which man knows the nature of his own continuance. No matter what may be the course of events in their over-all unpredictability, there is always dawn or spring­time as the promise of resurgence or a new potential in every manifestation of self and its world. Reality is ever a beginning in the sense of the immediacy it offers the individual. The keyword is GENESIS. When positive, the degree is an untiring capture and recapture of life throughout the constant and con­fusing shifts of being, and when negative, wishful thinking and satisfaction in a vague tomorrow.

The all-important Sun degree at 16 Leo

LEO 16 Sunshine just after a storm This is a symbol of per­sonal stability through man’s recuperative powers, emphasized in terms of his psychological or inner orientation. Here is na­ture’s inevitable return to enduring values as this occurs after every major issue of life, and the consequent opportunity for self to regrasp itself and to enlist every element of its environ­ment in some new effort or fresh approach to experience. Everyday stress and strain are found of high use, either as a clearance or a reconstruction in all human affairs. The key­word is RECOVERY. When positive, the degree is exceptional steadiness of perspective and fidelity to individual responsibil­ity, and when negative, continual upset over petty issues.

The Sun in a chart gives the clue of the PURPOSE in a person’s life. It is Mueller’s destiny to usher in the light, in answer to infractions that have held their sway over good. This he has done valiantly in his long career as a prosecutor and public servant.

One of the most delightful Sabian degrees taking part in Mueller’s natal wheel is 7 degrees Cancer, Two fairies on a Moonlit night. This symbol interestingly brings the Moon into the picture to compliment all the references to the Sun, and it takes prominence in the chart by being Point Focus of a T-Cross.

CANCER 7 Two fairies on a moonlit night This is a symbol of nature’s illimitable potentialities on the side of the release she offers man from his physical or psychological involvement, and of the necessity that he achieve some measure of lightness in self-expression as a balance for the strain of everyday existence. Here is exaltation of fancy as a dynamic factor in all self-realization, and of the quiet moments of experience as a real opportunity for self-orientation. The magic of selfhood lies in its ability to rise above whatever may threaten its well­being. The keyword is ASCENDANCY. When positive, the degree is a transforming sensitivity or a healing imagination, and when negative, a senseless retreat to make-believe.

A study of the symbols’ definitions allows the astrologer to penetrate deep within a native’s psyche, to reveal the theme of the life on its most profound level where planet positions only give vague clues. Cancer 7 takes part in a “handful” of elfin, fairy or otherworldly degrees that are part of the Sabian Symbols’ collection of visionary potentials.

Planets on these special Sabian Symbol degrees vibrate to a higher frequency, and encourage the native to reach beyond the conventional expression of planetary energies. Robert Mueller’s chart exemplifies the rich resources the symbols have to offer, buttressed by a dignified Point Focus Saturn.

Listed here are the symbols that take part in this unique category:

Aries 16, Brownies dancing in the setting sun

Scorpio 23, A bunny metamorphosed into a fairy 

Scorpio 28, King of the fairies approaching his domain

Cancer 7, Two fairies on a moonlit night

Virgo 5, A man dreaming of fairies




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