USA Natal Chart, its Retrograde Planets and Pluto Return

The Mercury Progressed Station of 2017 and the Transit of Pluto from 2017 to the end of 2023 are poised to make a profoundly significant impact on the future of the United States. These two planetary events, synchronous with the Great … Continue reading

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Edward Snowden, Updates and Predictions

Saturn is creeping up on Snowden’s Neptune to make a Conjunction, and will be Opposite his Natal Sun in December. The red lines in the chart show these Transits and the dates of exact aspect are: Transit Conjunct Natal Saturn April … Continue reading

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Is It True? Pluto = Probity – There are Levels of Truth

Planets are like appendages of the Sun. They are like the colors of the spectrum as light is broken into its more elementary characteristics. The Sun and planets work together as a cohesive whole. Each planet is representative of its … Continue reading

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The Bromance of Trump and Putin – and the Phone Call, Jan. 28, 2017

There definitely is a strong connection from Donald Trump’s Natal chart to the Natal chart of Vladimir Putin. They have a Conjunction together that is exact to the minute! Shown circled in red in the chart is Trump’s Jupiter at … Continue reading

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Trump’s Progressed Moon Opposite US Natal Pluto and its 248 Year Return

The United States birth chart acts as the template for the potentials and destiny of its people. The chart of the president of the nation also maps its potentials through forecasting events, policies and their outcomes through Transits and Progressions to … Continue reading

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