JOBAMA – The Bromance of Barak Obama and Joe Biden

Why are Barak Obama and Joe Biden attracted to one another? It’s chemistry! And it can be seen with a comparison of their horoscopes. When planets in one horoscope makes contact aspects with the planets in another chart, it facilitates relationship … Continue reading

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US Inauguration Chart – January 20, 2017

A side note first: Take a look at Trump’s right hand which indicates the conscious mind and outward interaction with others in hand analysis. When the fingers are held closely together, there is a tendency to keep one’s own council … Continue reading

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Rupert Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic Field Theory as it Relates to Planetary Patterns

Planetary Patterns form as planets aggregate in unique groupings while orbiting the Sun. Seen from the Earth’s perspective, these seven recognizable shapes are the matrix for the five major aspects in astrology; the Conjunction, Sextile, Square, Trine and Opposition. The patterns are in … Continue reading

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