Eclipse Electrical Currents and Their Purpose

Ascension. Unique Gelatin Silver Print, 2016 by Jacqueline Anne Woods

Ascension. Unique Gelatin Silver Print, 2016 by Jacqueline Anne Woods

How does an eclipse influence our lives? When the light of the Sun or reflected light of the Moon is diminished by an eclipse event, there is a need to compensate for that lack of light-energy, because all life takes its cues from the intelligence inherent in that light. To compensate for the lack of normal and automatic responses, we need to focus our attention on the meanings and activities that correspond to the planet/s, sign and house where the eclipse takes place. The absence of light/energy is felt strongest when the eclipse occurs on the same degree or opposite a Natal planet position in a birth chart. An eclipse emphasizes the need of the native to explore the meanings and activities of those planet/s, sign and house placements. In this way we fulfill hitherto unrecognized needs of our mind, body and spirit. The effects of an eclipse are felt throughout its cycle (about 6 months), giving us time to reorder our way of handling the issues that come up for review.

If there is not a direct connection and strong activity caused by the eclipse with a Natal planet, the subtle effects of an eclipse will nevertheless be felt by everyone on Earth. They will have experiences corresponding to the house in the chart where the eclipse takes place.

Electrical currents and their magnetic fields are the matrix of planetary dynamics. The most powerful electrical charges between planets, including the Sun and Moon, are when they are in the same sign and degree location or are directly opposite one another. This allows a direct current of energy. It is through either a positive and overt emphasis or indicates a polarization, as is typical of any Conjunction or Opposition aspect respectively. Or it occurs at the time of Solar and Lunar Eclipses when there a reduction of the intensity of the electro-magnetic field.

Although invisible to the eye, the electrical currents that abound in the spinning and spiraling Solar System animate and give purpose to all life on Earth.  As the currents of electricity flow through a telephone cable or wireless system through the air, they carry vibratory frequencies that are ultimately intelligible to the person receiving the signals/messages. It is the same with planetary interrelationships; they carry messages from the electrical source, the Solar System, to its final destination, the human hearts and minds of all beings. There the information is decoded into thoughts and feelings, words and images, according to its cultural patterns and practices. This cultivated knowledge is then shared among its community members to support and further develop and enhance its particular principles and codes of conduct.

These source energies instantaneously prompt all life forms and geological structures on Earth, but the human mind and feelings is the most complex and therefore the most intriguing. Its ability to reflect upon itself and recognize that it is in the midst of brightening influences through conscious awareness sets it far apart from all other life forms. Either great joy or sorrow is the result of life on Earth, and the way to enlightenment is through a willingness to listen to the cosmic instruction of planetary activity and make use of its gentle or sometimes forceful and lengthy influence on each person’s personal growth.

We are born with the planets, signs and houses configured to further our particular need for fulfillment. The horoscope is a blueprint of where we came from and where we are going. That is why eclipses are so important, because they encompass the meaning of the Moon’s nodes, which literally point to the past (karma) and the future (dharma) as it is present in our astrological map.

Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 2016. Photo by Sarah Willey

Lunar Eclipse, Sept. 2016. Photo by Sarah Willey

Another feature of the cosmos is described by the elements of solids, liquids, gases and plasma. They relate respectively to the four elements in astrology of earth, water, air and fire. An eclipse temporarily blocks out the fire or plasma element and has an effect through its absence on earth, water and air. We are made up of these four elements, and our own body’s biosphere responses in synchronous fashion to the state of the Solar System’s electromagnetic field at all times.

The Gestalt configurations of the planets, signs and houses in our birth charts reveal the interrelationship of the elements and the energies they create that abound within and around our bodies. No astrological chart is in perfect balance. There are harmonies and disharmonies, and the purpose of life is to integrate these two factors just as when in the act of walking, when lifting one leg off the ground we are off balance in the act of going forward into balance by landing on the opposite foot – and then continuous repetition of that activity. It is a continuous movement of experience, first in one direction and then in another, continually moving toward a balancing of factors in our lives. Problems are exacerbated when we try to ignore the areas where we need development and try to only experience the pleasant and harmonious.

Eclipses are essential in that they point to the areas we need to work on in ourselves. Through the means of discomfort, our attention is lead to these issues. But when we reject the lessons to escape growth of this sort, we are left in a state disintegration. By focusing on issues that an eclipse on a planet in a particular sign and house is drawing attention to, we are lead to a deeper understanding of cause and effect. Traumas in early life are related to the Squares and Oppositions in our planetary structures. Eclipses point these out so that we can meditate on the painful points in order to resolve them to arrive at a peaceful resolution toward expanded consciousness.




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