Steve Jobs and Apple II

 Apple II was introduced to the public April 16, 1977. Steve Jobs’ Progressed Moon, an aspect with the duration of three months,  was exactly opposite his Natal Uranus at that time. Uranus is all things unique and out of the … Continue reading

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The Connective Electrical Planetary Powers and Human Receptors

The Sun is the central source of information/intelligence infused into the separate attributes of the circling planets. The reflected light and magnetic energies of the planets themselves in turn influence the final combination of signals received by humans on Earth. The … Continue reading

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US Horoscope and Presidents Past, Present and Future

March 20, 2003 is the date of the invasion of Iraq by United States and European military forces. At precisely 5:33 pm, the first bomb explosions were heard in Baghdad, Iraq. US government officials assured the American public that the initiative … Continue reading

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His Holiness the Dalai Lama

Throughout the long history of humanity’s presence on Earth, great minds have attempted to answer the mysteries of life; its origin, its purpose. As these penetrating minds gazed outward into the vast visible universe, and searched inside to view its micro-components, … Continue reading

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Churchill Becomes Prime Minister May 10, 1940

“From lowliness and obscurity to power and influence.” This quote from the I Ching – the Chinese Book of Changes, aptly describes Churchill’s life leading up to WWII and his appointment as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. Churchill was at a … Continue reading

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Planetary Aspects – Their Properties and Purpose

When light is broken into colors by a prism, it reveals our Sun’s chemistry that goes beyond heating and lighting our world. The colors that appear in the spectrum are evidence of the physical properties that make up white light. Ancient … Continue reading

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