Crowds Coming Down the Mountain – Thich Nhat Hanh

As I write this post, Transit Mars is Stationary Direct on my Natal Sun position at¬†23 degrees Scorpio. Mars in Transit is rounded to 24 Scorpio. The Sabian Symbol for Mars at 24 degrees is Crowds coming down the mountain … Continue reading

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Hitler/Himmler, An Unlikely Pair – Himmler/Kersten, More Potential for Good

Here you will see only one line drawn between Hitler’s and Himmler’s planets. The two were of significantly different character, and that is reflected in the exact Opposition from Himmler’s Mercury applying to Hitler’s Sun. Although they are drawn to … Continue reading

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Aspects at Vincent Van Gogh’s Death

Vincent Van Gogh shot himself while¬†Progressed Mars was in Conjunction with his Natal Mercury. But more importantly, His Progressed Moon was exactly Conjunct his Natal Pluto. These aspects can have positive meanings, but in Vincent’s case we know that he … Continue reading

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