John Fitzgerald Kennedy – The JFK Assassination

At the time of Kennedy’s death, Progressed Saturn was 5 minutes from an exact Conjunction with his Natal Neptune. This dissolves his position as leader of the free world, and Neptune spells conspiracy, intrigue, deception in regards to the cause of … Continue reading

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Hitler’s Progressions at the time of appointment as Chancellor

1933: Adolf Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany and is welcomed by supporters at Nuremberg. (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images) The Conjunction of Hitler’s Progressed Moon directly on the midheaven is an interesting feature of the 6:30 pm birth chart. This … Continue reading

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Karl Marx Aspects at Death

Here we see that there are major aspects that are synchronous at the date and time of Marx’s death from bronchitis. The lungs are a 3rd house matter and the Transit Moon was just passing over Mercury the ruler of … Continue reading

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Rudolf Hess’ Flight to Scotland – Bad Timing

Apparently Hess was aiming for someone in authority (Natal Mercury in the 10th aspected by P. Moon), to contact as a result of his notorious flight to Scotland on May 10, 1941, with takeoff from Augsburg, Germany at 5:45 pm. The Progressed … Continue reading

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